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4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Rohini (North Delhi)

4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Rohini North Delhi

Digital Marketing has seen a fervent boom in the past few decades and it is bound to grow more and more with mounting digitization. This calls for more and more students and professionals seeking a career in digital marketing. If you are one of those seekers on the lookout for the best Digital Marketing Courses in Rohini New Delhi, then you have struck your eye on the precise article. This article unveils the 4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Rohini New Delhi.

List of best Digital Marketing Courses in Rohini North Delhi India


Here are the 4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Rohini Delhi:

  1. DMSN: 

DMSN (Digital Marketing School Network) is working for a long time in this Digital marketing field and their motive is to educate the freshers who are new to his field and want to make their career in the Digital Marketing domain. Digital Marketing School Network uses different platforms for learning and attracts the clients to give them the best results to hold on to their business towards success while using different strategies, advertising, text marketing, brochures, etc.

Let’s see what DMSN Institute offers in their course:

Course modules: The Course Modules for the Digital Marketing Course are-

  1. SEO
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Inbound Marketing
  8. Web analytics


Eligibility: Graduates, Post Graduates, Professionals, etc.


Duration: The Duration of the Digital Marketing Program is 340 hours which includes 130 hrs (Practical learning), 140 hrs (self-learning), 70 hrs (Live Projects and assignments).


Certification: The Institute provides proper certification after completion of the Digital marketing course by the Institute- Digital marketing Network School.


The Institute offers 65+ modules with 18+ Certifications. Also, they focus on hands-on learning experiences with the help of live projects. Moreover, they offer to earn while learn to facilitate you to make the most out of your career alongside learning.


That’s why the institutes come in the first place on the 4 best Digital Marketing Courses in Rohini. Apart from this, they also offer digital marketing courses in Janakpuri.




  1. Digital Marketing Profs:

Another name in the list of best Digital Marketing courses in Rohini New Delhi is Digital Marketing Profs. With a firm motto “learn more-earn more”, they strive to provide an in-depth understanding of digital marketing to the candidates to make them ready for the practical world.


The Institute to become a job-ready professional in which they have following actions performed by them whiles this program:

  1. 45+ modules covered
  2. 100% successful placement
  3. 85+ tools
  4. 90% practical training
  5. Live project training
  6. Google certified faculty support
  7. Lifetime Student support
  8. 100% Job guarantee
  9. 100% successful placement
  10. Most affordable courses

             Course Modules: The below are mentioned respective Course modules for the Digital marketing course of the following institutes these are:

  1. Digital marketing overview
  2. Internet basic overview
  3. Keyword Research Advance technique
  4. SEO Content Creation
  5. Website Designing Basics
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Google Webmaster Tool
  8. Local SEO Marketing
  9. Social media optimization
  10. Search engine marketing
  11. Google analytics
  12. Youtube marketing
  13. Mobile marketing
  14. Email marketing
  15. Affiliate marketing, Google Ad-sense, and blogging
  16. New ways to make money online
  17. E-Commerce Marketing
  18. Public relation and online reputation management
  19. Content marketing
  20. Inbound marketing
  21. Lead generation for business
  22. Google tag manager basics
  23. Creating a Digital marketing strategy
  24. How to become a freelancer/ start an online business
  25. Interview preparation



Eligibility: Students, Marketing professionals, Career switchers, Business owners, It& Non-IT professionals, and others.


Duration:  The Duration of the following course is 3 months.


Certification: The Certification in the programs includes Google Ads Certification, Face book Blueprint, Hub spot, and Goggle analytics.


Career: SEO Executives, Digital marketing manager, Content marketing manager, Search engine marketers, Freelancers, etc.


The Digital marketing Prof’s Institute has a lot for learners through their Digital marketing course program that’s why they are very popular among the 4 Best Digital Marketing Course in Rohini (North Delhi).


Professional courses to check out

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course

GST Course

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course


  1. AD ZENTRIX:  

Adzentrix main motto is to provide quality education to the seekers who want to learn the Digital marketing program because the founder of the institute observes that there is a wide gap in the marketing if it’s come to provide quality education and their main motive is to provide top-notch education to the seekers.

Adzentrix provides various things during their Digital marketing program they are as follows:

  1. 13+ Training experience
  2. Lifetime doubt support
  3. 30% theory + 70% Practical.
  4. Latest and Customized Curriculum
  5. Live Clients Project
  6. Easy EMI Option for fees
  7. Study material and video lessons
  8. 100% job placement guarantee
  9. 1-year course validity
  10. 3 months Internship
  11. Average Placement salary Rs 21000
  12. Backup Classes
  13. Working with top MNC company
  14. 100% practical exposure

Course modules: Below it is mentioned the following Course Modules of the respective institutes are as follows:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Online Reputation Management
  3. Pay per Click marketing
  4. Content marketing
  5. Website Creation
  6. Email marketing
  7. Social media marketing
  8. Adsense & Affiliate marketing
  9. Lead generation
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Google Webmasters
  12. YouTube Marketing


Eligibility: Students, Marketing professionals, It& Non-It professional and others.

Duration: The duration of the course is 3 months.

Certification: The Institute provides 15+ Certifications for the Digital marketing Program also.

The Adzentrix Institute will provide the top learning among the 4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Rohini (North Delhi).



The Digital Marketing Saga Institute in Rohini Delhi always says that as it is a growing field and there are lots of aspirants also for the learning of the Digital marketing course. There are so many institutes also for this particular course. They said that the institute is having the trick for attracting the students that they provide the Crash course option to the students who are having any limitation of time with them and they want to learn fast.

The Digital Marketing Saga is having the following things included in their program they are as follows:

  1. Practical training on live Projects
  2. Learn from Basics to Advanced level
  3. Delivered by Google certified expert
  4. 50+ Digital marketing tools
  5. 3409+ professionals trained
  6. 100% placement record
  7. Demo class available
  8. Weekly test and assignments
  9. A-Z Concepts of Digital marketing are covered
  10. Interview preparation


Course modules: The below mentioned is the course modules of the following course they are as follows:

  1. Digital marketing overview
  2. Internet basics overview
  3. Keyword research advanced techniques
  4. SEO Content Creation
  5. Website designing and development parameters
  6. Search engine optimization
  7. Google webmaster tool
  8. Social media optimization
  9. Search Engine Marketing
  10. Google analytics
  11. YouTube channel marketing
  12. Mobile marketing
  13. Email marketing
  14. Affiliate marketing/ Adsense /Blogging
  15. Ecommerce marketing
  16. ORM
  17. Content marketing
  18. Inbound marketing
  19. Lead generation for business
  20. Creating a Digital marketing strategy
  21. How to become a freelance


Eligibility: Students, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs

Duration: 250+ Hours Duration of the Program.

Certification: 15+ Certification guidance by the side of the institute because it is a certification course.

Career: SEO executive, Digital marketer, ORM manager, Search engine marketers, Freelancer, Online entrepreneur, eCommerce manager, Social media executive.

The Digital marketing saga provides lots of learning to the seekers by their Digital marketing program which is best and comes under 4 Best Digital Marketing Course in Rohini (North Delhi).


Question: Which is the best institute for digital marketing in Rohini Delhi?

The best institute for digital marketing in Rohini Delhi is DSMN (Digital School Marketing Network) as it is mentioned in the above article.

Question: What is the fee for a digital marketing course?

The Fees for the Digital marketing courses probably start from 10000 INR Onwards. The one more important thing also depends upon the institutes.

Question: What is the eligibility for digital marketing

The Eligibility candidates for the Digital Marketing Course are Students, IT & Non-IT Professionals, Career changers, Business owners.

Question: What is the salary of a digital marketer?

The average salary of the Digital marketer Fresher is 3.0 lacs -4.0 lacs per annum. Further, it depends upon the level of the experience and most important the type of the Organisation.

Question: Is digital marketing a good career?

As the whole world is moving towards Digitalisation for that, I would like to say that nowadays according to the demand of the time its the best career to adopt. There are no restrictions on the background of education. Every job seeker would go for Digital marketing.



Digital marketing is a wide range for studying and the best part is that they are having lots of career approach by their side and there is lots of Digital marketing course trend also in the market nowadays. Everyone wants to be a Digital Marketer and for that, in the above article I have mentioned the 4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Rohini (North Delhi).


Rohini is the area in Delhi that has lots of availabilities. There are a number of top-class institutes offering the best digital marketing course. The students, graduates, postgraduates, professionals, business owner,s and all those who want to make their career in the Digital marketing field should go for the best course under 4 Best Digital marketing courses in (North Delhi) Rohini.

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