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BCA vs BBA: A Comprehensive Guide in 2022

It isn’t easy for students to post completion of their higher secondary education to pick one between BCA vs BBA. Either of the mentioned courses presents good opportunities thus making it very difficult to make a decision. In that case, a detailed comparison would help where the students shall be able to understand which course suits their requirements, the best.

Introduction to Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)-

With the tremendous advanced technology and huge growth in MNCs company, as well as IT sectors, the demand for professionals who are expert in the computer is also huge and it is increasing day by day. Therefore, choosing a career option in the field of computers who are attracted towards learning computers, going for BCA i.e., Bachelor of Computer applications is the best option for them. 

The course duration of BCA is three years comprising of the undergraduate program which comprises of providing detailed information related to information technology and Computer applications as well. This course also gives in detail knowledge about different types of computer applications and to study about on how to solve problems and give solutions which are related to computers and different types of applications which are used in it. Subjects covered in this course include Java, C++, different programming languages, structuring the data, networking, and other subjects as well. After completing the course of bachelor of computer applications any candidate will have enormous opportunities who want to work in the fields of the IT sector as well as in software companies in the future. 

With time this course has gained a lot of popularity and it is already in huge demand that is the reason this course is available for candidates who wish to pursue either through regular course or through distant programs whichever suits them as per their schedule and choice as well. This course usually comprises six semesters in total and candidates can choose any type of program as per their capabilities as well. 

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)- Course details: –

Some of the important information related to the Bachelor of computer application are as follows-

  1. Name of the course- Bachelor of computer application
  2. Duration of the course- 3 years
  3. Minimum eligibility criteria- Any students appearing for it should score at least an aggregate of 50% marks in their 12th standard.
  4. Entrance exams are required to pursue BCA- PESSAT, LUCSAT BCA, KIITEE BCA, IPU CET BCA.
  5. Admission procedure to pursue BCA- Some of the institutes take admissions based on merit that is the marks obtained to qualify for the exam. While some of the institutes take admissions based on the entrance level exams given at the national level, state level, or institute level.
  6. Fee structure- It varies from the different institutes. Approximately it is between INR 30,000 to 50,000.
  7. Option to obtain scholarship- Students who belong to the categories which are considered to be reserved or even belong to the categories which are considered economically weaker than they are eligible for scholarship programs that can be given by state government schemes. Some of the institutes also provide scholarship opportunities based on marks been scored in the merit examination. 
  8. Internship opportunities- In India there are enormous internship opportunities available to pursue after completing a course of Bachelor of computer applications. 
  9. Salary expectation- Average salary which a fresher can expect after completing the course is between INR 2.5 lacs to 3 lacs.
  10. Career opportunities available- There are many career options available after completing this course which includes the following-
    1. As a teacher or a lecturer in any college or institution
    2. As a computer programmer
    3. Candidates can choose to become software developers as well.
    4. As a marketing manager
    5. As a business consultant
    6. As a finance manager
    7. As a computer business analyst
    8. As a computer support analyst
    9. As a service support specialist


Eligibility criteria to pursue Bachelor of computer applications (BCA)- 

To pursue a course of Bachelor of computer applications any candidate needs to fulfill some of the criteria to be eligible for it. Let us know about it in details-

  1. Any candidate applying for it should clear their 12th exams in any stream from a recognized board or university.
  2. A candidate must have scored at least 50% aggregate marks in their exams. 
  3. Any candidate who is into their final year can also apply for admission in Bachelor of computer science. 

Syllabus covered under this course- 

There are different subjects which are been covered in each of the years which includes the following-

  • For year 1 it includes-
    1. Business studies
    2. Knowledge about organizational structure
    3. Statistics elements
    4. Cost accounting
    5. Details about computer laboratory
    6. Basic structure and concepts of database management
    7. About C programming language
    8. Management principles
    9. Practical projects.
  • For year 2 it includes-
    1. Accounting management
    2. Different types of networking
    3. Different types of numerical methods
    4. About management of human resources. 
    5. About basics of visual knowledge
    6. VB+
    7. C++
    8. RDBMS.
  • For year 3 it includes-
    1. Core knowledge about java scripts
    2. Details about advanced java
    3. Knowledge about Frameworks NET
    4. About internet programming
    5. Practical training
    6. About computer laboratory
    7. Different types of multimedia systems
    8. Different types of operating systems. 

Different career options available after completing the Bachelor of computer application course (BCA)-

As we studied before the demand for BCA is all across the world whether we take India or abroad into consideration. After the increasing dependency on technology, there are many MNCs who have invested in India hunts for people who are considered to be experts and professionals in the field of computers. Across all the IT sectors or software development companies need for a computer professional is increasing day by day. Therefore, for any candidate who pursues their interest in their field and is also attracted towards computers and different usage of applications then this can be one of the best options for them to pursue. With updated times, there are many applications which are used in different types of computers, therefore, working in the IT sector can always be challenging and will also provide them an opportunity to learn something new every day along with the growth of the company as well. 


Introduction to Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) –


Bachelor of Business administration or BBA is known to be a very popular degree course for any student to pursue after completing their 12th. It’s a course which provides with a lot of opportunities to get a job after completing it successfully. They can choose to work in different sectors such as the marketing sector, government sector, education sector, finance sector, sales field. These are just a few names that are mentioned but in reality, there are numerous opportunities for candidates to choose as per their interest and choice. Some of the important points that everyone should know before pursuing this course are as follows- 

  1. BBA is a three-year full-time undergraduate course in business management and this option is available to students passing their 12th in all three streams are arts, commerce, e, and science students as well.
  2. This course provides in-depth knowledge and training about how to manage a business, develop managerial skills and also learn about entrepreneurship as well. 
  3. While pursuing this course candidate gets a chance to learn in detail about the various parts of business management through theoretical as well as practical knowledge that includes internship programs which helps a candidate to have an experience of on -the job training.
  4. This course gives both the option of pursuing it which includes both through the regular course as well as through correspondence as per student’s choice. 
  5. BBA gives an option of specializing in various types such as-
  1. Finance
  2. Sales and marketing
  3. Human resource management
  4. Information technology.

      6. An average salary that a BBA student can expect is Rs. 3 lakhs and above. 

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)- Eligibility Criteria and types of entrance exams-

  1. Any candidate who has completed their 12th in any of the streams be it science, commerce or arts can opt for a bachelor of business administration course.
  2. A candidate appearing for this course should attain a minimum percentage of 50 and above in their class 12th exams.
  3. Any person who has completed their 12th exams successfully and is waiting for the results only can also apply for the BBA course. 

Entrance exams required to pursue Bachelor of Business administration (BBA)-

Generally, colleges and institutes select candidates based on examination results conducted by the. In the process of this examination, some of the colleges and institutes also conduct rounds of group discussion and personal interviews. And finally, after completing all the rounds a candidate is selected to pursue this course. Some of the entrance exams that are conducted are as follows-

  1. NPAT
  2. UGAT
  3. IPMAT
  4. AUMAT
  5. FEAT
  6. BHU UET

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)- Specializations available- 

There are a lot of specializations options available for anyone to pursue this course which includes the following-

  1. Bachelor of Business administration in Finance
  2. Bachelor of Business administration in Human resource
  3. Bachelor of Business administration in Foreign Trade
  4. Bachelor of Business administration in Banking and Finance
  5. Bachelor of business administration in Marketing
  6. Bachelor of Business administration in hospitality and hotel management
  7. Bachelor of Business administration in Information technology
  8. Bachelor of Business administration in Communication and media management
  9. Bachelor of business administration in hospital and healthcare management

Bachelor of Business Administration- Full syllabus and subjects covered-

The course of BBA is divided into a total of 6 semesters. In broad aspect total number of subjects covered under BBA includes Fundamentals of accounting, Business management, Business mathematics, Mathematics basics concepts and details about the same, organizational behavior, Business environment, Business Statistics, Marketing management, etc. 

Some of the subjects that are included in the full course syllabus include the following-

  1. Business laws
  2. Microeconomics
  3. Sales and distribution management
  4. Computer applications
  5. Retail Management
  6. Brief knowledge about how the market works
  7. Digital marketing
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. E-commerce
  10. Organizational behavior etc. 

Apart from the above theoretical subjects this course also covers practical subjects as well which includes-

  1. Conversational skills
  2. Writing skills
  3. How to consult problems and solve them accordingly
  4. Selling
  5. Soft skills and personality development etc. 

To know more details about the subjects covered please click on

Bachelor of Business Administration- Scope and career opportunities-

After completing the course of BBA a candidate has a large number of opportunities in various sectors and fields. To get into the details, a student of BBA after pursuing this course can apply for a job in the field of marketing and sales department. To start with their career and get experience of the same a candidate can choose to become a management trainee at the junior level so that they can learn many new things and how to correct the mistakes they tend to make. After gaining a certain amount of experience along with a BBA degree can also give an opportunity of attaining a leadership position in an organization. To startup with a fresher, a candidate can expect a salary of approximately 20,000 in the starting but slowly and gradually it tends to increase with a greater number of experiences they add to their CV. However, it also depends on the company wherein they are working. Sometimes they offer a high amount of package but sometimes it starts with a lower package too. It also depends on the candidate on the number of skills and talent they pursue to get a job in a particular field. 


BCA vs BBA: Which is Better?


Although BCA and BBA are considered to be similar in their different aspects there are still some differences that a candidate needs to have detail about before pursuing this course-

  • Duration of the course-

Both BBA and BCA are a three-year under-graduate program which is divided into 6 semesters in total which is again divided into 2 semesters in each year. In both these courses, it can maximum be extended into more than 6 months of duration. 

  • Course fees-

To compare the course fees of BBA and BCA, it all depends on the college or the university a student is applying to. If a candidate chooses to apply in any of the colleges which comes under top 10, then it means that the reputation of the college is high so accordingly the fees of both the course is also high. So, we can say that both the courses can be equally expensive as well as equally cheap too. 

  • The outcome of both the courses-

BBA and BCA both are courses that cover altogether different aspects and different subjects. Like BBA is a course that provides information about the management system, business administration, sales, and marketing strategies. Wherein, BCA is a course which is a technical course where a candidate gets complete information about the computer application and how to solve problems related to it. 

  • Specialization options-

Both the courses have their own specializations. While BCA does not have any specialization option but if anyone chooses to do BBA as an honors subject then they get an option of choosing specialization whether it can be in marketing, in banking and finance, or into sales depending upon their capability. 

  • Eligibility criteria-

Both for BBA and BCA the eligibility criteria are when a candidate completes their class 12th with a minimum percentage of 50 then they can apply for it. But the difference lies that in the case of BBA students for any stream can apply for it but in the case of BCA only science students can apply for it. 

  • Admission procedure-

Admission procedures for both the courses are different as it also depends on the college or universities, they are applying to. Some of the colleges might take admission only based on results of class 12th while some of them might consider the scores gained in entrance exams. 

  • Job opportunities-

Both BCA and BBA job opportunities are numerous and wide wherein students can choose to apply for jobs in any sector they want. But as we already know that BCA is a technical course so in comparison to it BBA has a greater number of options than BCA. But if an honors degree is chosen to pursue BBA then job opportunities in BCA increase tremendously. 

  • Salary package-

The Salary package for both courses can vary depending on the job title. Although, if we compare the salary package for both the courses then the salary for BBA graduates is more than BCA students as BBA is a course which is related to business management therefore, they are considered to be more important than BCA candidates. 


Again, if we compare both the courses then they both are equally good for any candidate to pursue. No third person can compare and choose which one is the best for anyone. It all depends on the person’s capability, skills, and interests on where they want to take their career direction.

As mentioned earlier also, both the courses are different in the aspect of teaching different things. One is related to the technical world which involves knowing computer applications wherein one is related wholly to the management decisions, organization behavior, entrepreneurship, managerial skills, leadership qualities. So if someone interests in the world of computers then they can choose BCA while if someone interests in learning management skills then they can choose to go for a BBA course. So, before pursuing any course they want and to know about the details of the course in detail one can choose to go through this article in detail. 

This was little from a lot about BCA vs BBA. They are one of the very potential courses which provide a good range of opportunities for the students, thus the students shall decide based on facts and precise info that has been reflected in the above comparison.

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