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10 Best Content Writers in the World in 2022

The Following Article Lists The Top 10 Best Content Writers In The World, In The Prevailing Times.


Content Writing is the skill of planning, preparing, and perfecting a script for blogs, podcasts, movies, books, copyrights, etc. The nature of the Writing and the Content of the script depends on the purpose of the Content Writing and its target audience. Content Writing, as the name suggests is the writing of the content of a given material, scripted situation, or an interview which can be for media, entertainment, education, or for infotainments.


With the increase in demand for better, skillful, and talented Content Writers, the popularity of  Content Writing Courses has boosted in today’s market. However, the presence and need the great content writers or creators have always been there in the industry of entertainment and media.


Where the definitions and methods have expanded when it comes to Content Creation in the last few years, the possibilities of exploration of Content Writer’ talent have also grown too. Now, the public holds a better reach to their favorite Content Creator’ or Writer’s mind by following their Podcasts, Online Seminars, Quick Articles, and Updates.


The scope and opportunities in Content Writing are gaining every day with the excess dependability on digital gadgets in our life. Your name can also come on the list of the top content writers if you learn from the best by learning the right skills, ability to make careful choices, and take advantage of the currently intensified growth of the content marketing field, and then by maintaining your improvement with the ever-changing demands.


The world of 2021 is of digitization and easy access to everything. Nearly all physical entities are expanding their scope to the online sectors, preferences in media are also changing and the entertainment sector is going under drastic changes which only benefits the content writers more and provides them the best time to enter and rise in this industry.


Before jumping into the pool of opportunities, you must know the names of the top leaders that dominate the Content Writing Industry. In this article, we are going to discuss the list of the top 10 best content writers in the world, at the current times from whose journey you can learn and understand various games and the tricks involved in the Content Writing Field.


With opportunities come multiple competitions and many competitors, trying to overtake you. Always striving to stand ahead of your rivals in such cases becomes necessary, and for this, you need to be fully prepared, skilled, and equipped to finally reach the top of the race.


The Best Content Writers in the World


1.    Vaibhav Kakkar


Vaibhav Kakkar is 32 years old, Delhi-based, Indian Entrepreneur with Digital Marketing Expertise.


Vaibhav Kakkar started his career to become one of the best Content Writers in the world by helping reputed brands with his lead generation techniques and affiliate marketing strategies. He was involved in providing leads to different educational institutions and was also blogging at the same time at his site Course Dekho, a free education consultation website for people searching for different courses online.


Vaibhav loves traveling, exploring, learning, and helping others which later encouraged him to establish IIM Skills, an educational platform that helps many professionals and students to acquire skilled knowledge of the top courses in demand. IIM Skills is one of the leading educational online intuitions in India which is expanding continuously, being one of the business entities that grew tremendously under the lockdown period, producing many skilled professionals into the business and corporate world.






Vaibhav is the author of the books-

  1. Word Castle, a book on steps to Build A Content Writing Business
  2. Becoming A Content Marketer
  3. The Secret of Online Businesses


  • He has been a contributor (Writing) for several publications, including Times of India, Write Right, Estorytellers, and Advisor Uncle.
  • Vaibhav first commenced his website Course Dekho in 2013.
  • He Founded IIM Skills that makes around $1 million.
  • Vaibhav has been featured at Top News Channels like Mid-Day, and Prime Time Zee News.
  • He also founded Advisor Uncle, which provides knowledge and information about various skills, and development programs for professionals and students.
  • Vaibhav Kakkar leads the Electronic and Digital Marketing department of Serco agency for American Express Banking Corporation.


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2.    Darren Rowse


Darren Rowse is a 49 years old Australian Blogger, online known as Problogger.


Darren started his career to become one of the best Content Writers in the world with his blog at, where he talked about life in Australia, Politics, Religion, and other topics that he had found interesting.


Darren Rowse is a religious man who enjoys Photography, Reading, Food, Wine, and Movies that you could see have been reflected in his work and content writing journey.




  • Rowse participates in around 20 different blogs.
  • His 2 main personal blogs get over $20,000 total ad revenue, a month-
    • Digital Photography School (Featuring photography tips)
    • ProBlogger (Featuring tips on blogging)


  • He was awarded the Best Web Development Weblog Blog Award in 2006 for ProBlogger.
  • ProBlogger was listed as
    • Number 2 on Technorati’s most favorite blogs list and
    • Number 40 on the most linked blog on 22 May 2009.


  • In 2005 He Co-founded b5media, the blog network that has over 300 blogs, and was one of the widest new media networks in the world with 1 million page views a day in 2006. (Is on sale now)
  • Darren Rowse has been named under the Forbes Web Celebrity list.
  • Darren has Co-authored the book, ProBlogger
  • He founded TwiTip— A blog dedicated to Twitter tips.
  • Rowse also is the Co-founder of the Third Tribe and The Problogger Paid Community.
  • He was a speaker at the Blogopolis Blogger Conference, in Melbourne, in 2011.
  • He has held two Problogger events in Melbourne, till now.


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3.    Anuraadha Tewari


Anuraadha Tewari is a 49 years old Indian Screenwriter, Director, and a Gold Medalist in Film Making, from the  Film School of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.


Anuraadha started her career to become one of the best Content Writers in the world with her working as a Chief Assistant to Mahesh Bhatt and working with Bhatt on his three movie projects. After finishing those projects, she decided to work as an independent Writer-Director and therefore, joined Anupam Kher’s Media based Company. Anuraadha is a spiritualist who loves Adventures, her pets, and Cinema Art.




  • Gold Medal in Film Direction from the Film School of Jamia, New Delhi..
  • Chiefly Assisted Mahesh Bhatt
  • Worked as Independent Writer Director
  • Worked as a Supervising Producer of Channel V
  • Anuraadha is the CEO of a Movie-based portal by the Walchand group
  • The Creative Business Strategist for Astral Star Asia and Vogue Entertainment
  • Played the role of The National Creative Director for Crest Communications.
  • Anuraadha has Worked as a Screenplay Writer for movies like
    • Rahul
    • Yaadein
    • Supari
  • She has written 12 successful TV shows
  • Anuraadha has also worked on the story and screenplay of the
    • Award-winning Fashion
    • Jail
    • Heroine
  • In 2017, she created Kosen-Rufu, a Company that forms a Writers’ Room for various Projects, with artists from all over the world.
  • Tewari is also The Curator of Film Festivals
  • Anuraadha Tewari has her own Certification Course in Screenwriting, which is administered in various countries.


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4.  Bhavik Sarkhedi


Bhavik Sadkhedi is a 29 years old Indian Storyteller, Writer, and digital marketer.


Bhavik Sarkhedi started his career to become one of the best Content Writers in the world after completing Mechanical Engineering and then going after for Creative Content Writing and Copywriting.


Bhavik is as he calls it “An explorer at the crossroads of philosophy and psychology”. He loves Rapping and preparing for his Stand Up Comedy.




  • Bhavika Sarkhedi’s published Books-
    • How to be a Great Storyteller
    • The C To T of Content Marketing
    • The Unproposed
    • Will You Walk A Mile?
    • and a book named, How to start your own Content Writing Agency


  • Contributing Writer to HuffingtonPost, Entrepreneur India Magazine, Yourstory, and 15 other esteemed blogs.
  • Bhavik Sarkhedi is also the founder of Write Right, Estorytellers, Taletel, and Dad of Ad.


5.   Ben Settle


Ben Settle is an Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur, Email Specialist, and an Author. Ben Settle Started his career to become a famous content writer with his business in marketing and sales. Ben loves a healthy life and has a keen interest in Twisted Fiction Writing. He has written many dark fantasy novels, which he works on after waking up at 4 a.m. and finishing his daily routine.




  • Ben is a well-known copywriter. Many reputed personalities have praised his skills and expertise in this field.
  • Ben Settle’s published books-
    • Persuasion:
    • Ben Settle’s Big Book of Business! Every Business-Boosting Word He’s Ever Published!
    • Copywriter’s Crib Sheet
    • Super-Villains of Persuasion
    • Villainous Weapons of Persuasion
    • The Copywriting Grab Bag
    • Crackerjack Selling Secrets
    • Why you should never give your dog a bone
    • Newbie Friendly List, and many other Fictional Books.


6.    Katie Martell


Katie is a startup CMO and an entrepreneur, serving as the Executive Director of Boston Content. Katie also practices as a speaker and emcee for industry events, internal meetings, and keeps dominating on lists of the best Content Writers in the world.


Katie, as she calls it “the beast” in her modified fastpitch softball league.


  • Katie Martell has published Trust Me, B2B, a book in her own name.
  • Ketie, as she calls it, has been named “One of the most fascinating people in B2B Marketing” on LinkedIn. The other names she claims to be given are-
    • Marketing Expert to Follow
    • Influential Software Marketer creating great content
    • A Top Marketing Voice
    • Influential B2B Marketer
    • (On Twitter)-
      • “Top Influencer in content marketing”
      • “A Top Millennial Influencer to follow”


7.    Nicole Dieker


Nicole Dieker is a Freelance Writer. Her work focuses on financial fields. Nicole has a keen interest in Music, Art, and cooking, which she uses in her work to continue on the list of the best Content Writers in the world.




  • Nicole’s work appears at Bankrate, Vox, Haven Life, and
  • Dieker has contributed her articles for The Penny Hoarder, Lifehacker, Popular Science, NBC News, The Write Life, Unbounce, and KlientBoost.
  • Nicole has been a Writer and an Editor for The Billfold, a personal finance-based blog. (A communication platform for money).
  • He published: Frugal and the Beast, which includes, as she calls it “financial fairytales” and many more.
  • She also teaches- Writing, Freelancing, and Publishing.


8.    Jay Baer


Jay Baer is a 51 years old American Writer. Jay Baer is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker and also acts as an emcee that helps him Co-Lead on the lists of the best Content Writers in the world.


Jay loves dressing and presenting himself in the best way. His array of very bold, very plaid suits is very popular among his audience.




  • Jay Baer’s published books-
    • Hugs The Haters
    • Talk Triggers
    • YoUtility
    • The Now Revolution
    • YoUtility for Real Estate
    • YoUtility for Accountants
    • New Rules for Business
  • Founder of Digital Marketing and CX Consultancy
  • Jay has worked with more than 700 companies (Including 36 of the FORTUNE 500 companies).
  • He also conducts keynotes and webinars where Jay teaches how to grow businesses.


9.    Terry Irving


Terry Irving is a Producer, Consultant, and an Author. Terry Irving’s journey to becoming one of the best Content Writers in the world started in 2013.




  • Terry has hired out the release, editing, and publication of various publications (Including Gold for San Joaquin by Cliff Roberts and Overreach by Jeff Ludwig)
  • Terry has his own Publishing Company, Ronin Robot Press.
  • He has done editing for Yasutsune Hirashiki.
  • He worked at ABC for 19 years.
  • He wrote, produced, wrote, and consulted for numerous media organizations, such as MSNBC, Fox News, TV on the Web, CNN, Bloomberg, and PBS.
  • Irving has worked as the senior producer on The Truth About Money and Rescue in the Philippines.
  • Books-
    • Freelancer
    • Freelancer 2
    • The American Wizard
    • The Unemployed Guy’s Guide to Unemployment
    • Warrior
    • Courier
    • On The Frontlines of the Television War
  • He is also working on his Autobiographical Series called On The Road.


10.   Mark Schaefer


Mark Schaefer is a 61 years old Speaker, Author, and College Educator. Mark loves Traveling, Music, and a healthy lifestyle. A balanced, happy, healthy lifestyle is much needed when you work on numerous projects that award you with the title of one of the best Content Writers in the world




  • Books-
    • How to Influence Your Audience with Blogs and Twitter
    • The Tao of Twitter
    • Return On Influence
    • Born to Blog
    • Social Media Explained
    • The Content Code
    • The Known
    • KNOWN
    • Marketing Rebellion
    • Cumulative Advantage


  • He has provided assistance to both start-ups and global brands such as Adidas, J&J, Dell, AT&T, U.S. Air Force, and the UK government.
  • He is the Co-host of one of the Top 10 marketing podcasts on iTunes, The Marketing Companion
  • Mark was the 7th-most mentioned person by CMO’s on Twitter and was among the Top 10 most retweeted marketing authorities in the world, in 2017.
  • Mark Schaefer was registered as one of the Top 10 authorities on Social Selling by Forbes.
  • He also works as a Keynote Speaker, Marketing Consultant, and Executive Brand Coaching. (SXSW, PR News, National Economic Development Association, Social Media Week London, Word of Mouth Marketing Conference Tokyo, and the Institute for International and European Affairs)
  • Mark has also lectured at Oxford University, Princeton, and several other reputable institutions.
  • Mark is also a commentator and has appeared on various national television shows and periodicals including the Wall Street Journal, Wired, The New York Times, CNN, National Public Radio, CNBC, the BBC, and the CBS NEWS.
  • He is a regular participating columnist to The Harvard Business Review.


Some other Worthy Mentions


  • Jeff Goins
  • Chris Brogan
  • Ryan Holiday
  • Ryan Holiday
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Joseph Robinson
  • Joseph Robinson
  • Nick Usborne
  • Michael A. Stelzner
  • Joe Pulizzi
  • David Ogilvy
  • Rand Fishkin
  • Julia E. McCoy
  • Joanna Wiebe
  • Ginny Carter
  • Ann Kroeker
  • Nicolas Cole


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Is there any demand for content writers?
  • Today’s world is a digitalized world and everything depends on marketing tactics here. That is why content writers are hired each and every day by a number of companies to market their products.


  1. What is the qualification of a content writer?
  • If you are a literature student or you studied journalism or mass communication, then you are quite eligible for building your career as a content writer. You have to learn basic marketing and SEO techniques and create unique content.


  1. Is content writing a stressful job?
  • You have to be responsible enough as a content writer and ensure that you will be delivering unique and plagiarism-free content. Otherwise, if you have a passion for writing, you can become a successful content writer.

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