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Top 10 Best Content Writing Courses in India With Placements

Looking for the best content writing courses in India? We have compiled a list of content writing courses in India and compared their features.


The image depicts the list of Top 10 Best Content Writing Courses in India


There has been a steady surge in the number of people aspiring to learn content writing. From the trends chart below, we can see that the interest in content writing has risen steadily, especially in the last 5 years. Many institutes in India, as a result, are offering content writing courses in India.


Many people have started to look into alternative careers as they cannot see themselves grinding the 9 to 5 life. Many people in the world are ready to let go of a small portion of their income if they get to work from home.

There are many reasons for this shift in job preferences in today’s age. Most great jobs are available in big cities. These are metros of the world. But it is difficult to afford a house in a big city.


The house rent in a big city is too high and can be as much as 50-60% of what a person is earning. This is daunting to a fresher looking to start their career in a big city.


In the quest to find cheaper flats, these professionals prefer to rent a house in the suburbs, away from the expensive business district. But this would involve a daily commute.


If a working professional has kids, their schooling is much more expensive in a large city compared to a medium or small-sized city.


All these factors add a lot of stress to people’s lives. And it has reached a point where a big portion of this working population is considering saving up quickly to move to smaller towns form where they can work from home and live a peaceful life.


This general trend has given rise to the gig economy that we see flourishing today. More professionals are adopting the freelance model of working and living the life they always imagined they would.


There are many benefits of the freelance work model. A freelancer can work as much or as little as they want as long as they can sustain themselves. They can take a holiday without asking any boss, anytime they want. They can stop working early someday and compensate for it the next day.


This helps them provide ample time for important things in life that city professionals so much miss. This can include spending quality time with friends, family, a family function, a sporting event, or can spend more time on their passion.


Freelancers can also work from wherever they want if they work from home most of the time. Content writing is one such job where most of the work is done online. Some projects may require professionals to meet the client but those meetings are rare.


This way freelancers can save themselves from the drudgery of commute. It would reduce stress and improve physical health. Content writing also allows professionals to work from wherever they want. This means they can travel while working.


The biggest monetary advantage of freelancing is that professionals can charge their clients what they think is appropriate. Professionals do not have to depend on a monthly salary. This creates the potential for much more earnings than a full-time job.


There is a lot of demand for content writers. But there are also many aspiring content writers. To cater to this trend, there are many content writing courses in India, both online and offline.


Some of these institutes are great at teaching all the skills needed to become a content writer but many are not trustworthy. This is why we have created a list of the best content writing courses in India. This way students can find information on various content writing courses and their features. And make a better decision for opting for the best content writing courses in India.


Best content writing courses in India


IIM SKILLS content writing master course (CWMC)

IIM SKILLS content writing course is the industry-standard course vouched for by thousands of digital marketing and content writing professionals. The coursework is regularly updated to stay at par with changing search algorithms and search trends.


IIM SKILLS is a group of expert content writers who have more than a decade of experience in content marketing and strategy. And they have come together to provide the ultimate content writing course to aspiring content writers who really want to become successful. Thus, they are considered the providers of the best content writing courses in India.


The content writing course features include:

  • 16-hour lectures
  • 60-hour practical assignments
  • Case studies
  • Content writing Certification
  • Internship
  • Placement assistance


The IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course is more focused on practical skills rather than theoretical knowledge and involves plenty of content writing case studies. This way students can learn what is prevalent in the industry rather than learn only facts. Students are expected to experiment so that they can learn the most from the course and be prepared for the job when they finish.


The course module involves web development and design as the first step. Here students learn how to develop a blog and how to employ various web design and UI/UX principles to create aesthetically pleasing and easily usable websites. Every student is required to start his/her own blog.


The next module contains learning how to perform SEO for the website. This module involves both learnings from various other successful websites as well as implementing those lessons in the student’s own website. Here students can learn how to rank websites in search results.


In this module, students will also learn how to build a successful profitable blog and how to monetize it or perform affiliate marketing. Students will understand how to get great content ideas in the long-term.


Another module in this content writing course involves content promotion where it is taught how to maximize the reach of a piece of content by using social media and email. The fundamentals of social media communication and how to use various social media tools are taught here.


Over the next few modules, students learn various skills like how to use different SEO tools, local SEO, keyword search, competitor analysis, how to find jobs in content writing, and how to build a career in freelance content writing.


Upon enrollment, students get access to free SEO tools worth Rs. 35k.


Over the whole course, which contains 12 modules, special emphasis is given to make a candidate’s writing skills more effective and more compelling. Content writing is after all a craft and professionals need to communicate to an audience and persuade them to follow an action most of the time.


Students can learn to write various forms of content in this course. For example, web content for blogs, landing page content, emails, social media promotion posts, press releases, interviews, infographics, Ebooks, product descriptions, ad copy, and so much more.


The whole IIM SKILLS content writing master course is an online course of 1-month duration. Any student living anywhere in the world can enroll in the course and master content writing. This content writing course is best for students, housewives, entrepreneurs, marketers, wannabe bloggers, and so on.


At the end of the course, exceptional students are selected for an internship at IIM SKILLS itself and get a chance to work with the experts and strengthen their knowledge. All students get placement assistance and those who want to work as freelance content writers are taught how to land gigs consistently.


The best part about this content writing course is that students get lifetime access to the course material. No other content writing institute offers lifetime access. And the icing on the cake is that whenever the course material is updated, as per new search algorithm updates, old students can also access the updated coursework.


This course not only teaches students how to write web content but also how to increase its reach. The content writing institute also helps a student receive the Hubspot certification in content marketing.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Other courses you might be interested in at IIM SKILLS are:

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GST Course

CAT Coaching

Digital Marketing Course


Coursera content writing courses

Coursera is another website offering online courses across various disciplines. But on Coursera, the courses are designed by universities, not individuals.


This means that all the courses on Coursera have been created by University professors who are also full-time teachers at the same university. This also adds a lot of credibility to the quality of the courses because the response to the course would also determine the image of the institute.


Different universities can often offer courses on similar subjects. Therefore, this is also the case in content writing.


Of all the courses in content writing The strategy of Content Marketing by the University of California, Davis is the most popular. It has been enrolled by over 140,000 students at the time of writing this article. It has been reviewed by over 2000 students as 4.5 stars.


The course instructor is Sonia Simone. The course deals with how successful content marketers plan and implement content strategies and how they convert users into customers. The content writing course also teachers how to analyze and measure the success of a content strategy and gain actionable insights based on concrete data.


This one is also one of the great content writing courses in India for aspiring bloggers looking to build a personal brand with their writing. They can learn how to write persuasive and compelling content and how to look for content ideas that bring viewers.


There are hundreds of other courses on Coursera that fit your level of experience and your other preferences.


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Udemy is a repository of thousands of online courses taught by experts. It contains many courses related to various fields of arts, humanities, marketing, programming, engineering, psychology, and so much more.


But content writing is among the most popular courses on Udemy. Since Udemy is a collection of courses offered by experts, there are more than one content writing courses that are often preferred by most students. Hence, it is you can choose as per your criteria for the best content writing courses in India at Udemy.


All courses on Udemy get ratings out of 5 stars and student reviews. The top courses are also the most highly reviewed and recommended.


The currently highest rated content writing courses on Udemy are mentioned here.


WordPress SEO Masterclass 2020 + Site audit checklist and tools by Sivakumar Kannan is the highest rated content writing course on Udemy with 4.7 stars, reviewed by more than 450 people.


The course teaches learners how to do a keyword search, the basics of content writing, how to build links to a website, how to improve website speed, and more.


The course contains about 5 and a half hours of video lessons. You can take the course on any device and anytime on-demand.


The best part of the course is that the content writing course is regularly updated after any major Google update.


Another great course on content writing on Udemy is the Copywriting for Digital Marketing – Write Copy That Sells! This course has got 4.6 stars and is reviewed by more than 200 people.


The content writing course focuses on writing compelling copy for ads, content for blogs, writing headlines that make people click, increase conversions, and so on. This course is inclined towards the craft of writing as opposed to the previous course which was more technical and SEO-oriented.


Together, these two courses make for the best combination of skills for content writing courses for anyone.


Online Idea lab


The Online Idea Lab is a Bangalore-based institute with courses in content creation, digital marketing, and data technologies like AWS and Blockchain. The institute distinguishes itself by providing the latest in technology and innovation to help its candidate provide effective content solutions for any business.


Online Idea lab uses creativity to create a meaningful impact on the market and the audience. The institute is a team of digital marketing and tech individuals with more than 5 years of skill training and education.


The institute runs both online and classroom programs. The classroom program can only be attended if there is a teaching center in the student’s city.


The team of Online Idea lab specializes in all forms of content creation and promotion like SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, Youtube marketing, and so on. The team is also trained in website creation and developing applications for smartphones. In addition to that, they are also skilled in creative ad copy and idea visualization. And students learn a lot under the guidance of such a team.


The Online Idea lab conducts courses on content creation, writing, marketing content, social media, email campaigns, and so on. Students get to learn from assignments and practicals.

The classroom courses are interactive due to fewer students per batch. The institute also provides placement assistance. The institute also boasts of great infrastructure and the coursework is regularly updated.


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ECT content writing courses


Education and Career Times is a recognized startup by the Government for its innovative teaching and business practices. ECT conducts courses on imparting various marketing skills like personality development, digital marketing, content marketing, language and interpersonal skills, and so on.


They have both online as well as classroom programs. For people interested in the classroom program, they have centered in Delhi and Noida. But anyone can learn from anywhere through their widely available online courses. Being a government-recognized course, it is one of the top-priority content writing courses in India.


The content marketing course includes features like a 3-month long course structure with 4-hr classes every week. This will give students enough time to implement their learned lessons in the real world. Students are encouraged to start an experimental blog and test their skills.


The course is also full of quizzes, assignments, and 4 live projects that the student has to successfully pass in order to get certified. Once certified, the graduates get total placement assistance to land an internship. For those wanting to work as freelance content writers, the course teachers how to get clients and earn a sustainable income.


The course in addition to lessons on technical SEO skills also focuses on the craft of writing effectively. Classes on basic grammar and phrasing lessons form a part of the course.


The courses are offered both online as well as offline. Select students who perform exceptionally well may get an internship offer from the institute.


People who’d like to know more about ECT can visit their Youtube channel and watch their free videos.




IIEDM or the Indian Institute of E-commerce and Digital Marketing is a digital marketing institute in Mumbai which offers certification courses in digital marketing, content marketing, and various digital tools.


The content marketing course at IIEDM is one of a kind. In addition to lessons on SEO, SEM, SMM, and digital tools, the course also gives sufficient weightage to writing skills, how to write effectively and persuasively, and how to bring more leads for a business blog.


Then the course teaches students how to improve their writing by repeated editing and proofreading, how to improve their grammar and punctuation, and how to write as per the tastes of the reading audience.


The course teaches various forms of content writing like blogs, press releases, ad copy, email, social media, corporate communication, ebooks, writing styles across different niches, and so on. It explains how to understand the psychology of the user based on the user intent and provide the content the user really needs.


The content writing course is conducted both online as well in classrooms. The batch strength is limited to promote active participation from the students’ side.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Digital Academy 360


This is a specialized content writing course that offers in-depth knowledge and practical skills in content writing. It teaches everything from CMS management with WordPress, website design, blog writing, writing style, as well as how to promote a blog.


The institute offers options in the timing of the batches. Students can attend either the daily batch or weekend batch as per their schedule.


The course features include over 60 hours of classroom lectures. These lectures include both theories as well as practical learnings on real projects. They further instruct students on how to utilize various SEO tools for effective blogging.


The students are assigned 2 assignments as part of the course. Successful completion of the assignments leads to a content writing certification from Digital Academy 360. Students also have the option of getting a certification from HubSpot.


This content writing course is full of case studies from real businesses and websites. This helps students understand what strategies work in the real business environment.


The institute fully assists in the employment of its graduates. Students receive training on how to get freelance content writing jobs or a full-time content writer position.


Students who wish to attend a classroom program would be delighted to know that Digital Academy 360 has more than 15 centers across the country.




Inventateq is primarily a computer application institute that holds certification programs in various programming languages, frameworks, as well as digital marketing courses. They have centers in Bengaluru and Chennai.


The course has about 15-18 classes of 2 hrs each but candidates must confirm the schedule before joining the course and choose their batch. The coursework includes various skills for content writing like blogging, SEO, writing styles, and content marketing techniques. Thus, making it one of the supreme content writing courses in India


Like many other courses, this one also focuses on different forms of writing and their characteristics. This includes blog writing, ad copy, press releases, product descriptions, marketing communication, landing pages, SEM, etc.


The course offers a free demo class for interested people. You can visit their website to book one.


IIM SKILLS India Content Writing Course invite


Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin institute offers various courses in different skills required by marketers. Their course range is quite wide as they offer certifications in various skills like marketing, law, finance, analytics, content creation, and management. Their content writing courses in India are of paramount importance to step a foot into a professional career.


The course in content writing certification from Henry Harvin Institute includes over 80 hours of sessions in which 50 are lectures and the rest consists of live projects.


Students can access the course material for one year from their date of joining and visit the course material multiple times.


Like other courses, this course also covers all the essentials like content creation, SEO, PPC, email, web landing pages, and so on. Students also learn to write various forms of written content.



  1. Which are some of the best content writing courses in India?

There are many distinguished content writing institutes that offer content writing courses in India both online and offline. IIM SKILLS is one of the best online courses that you can pursue from anywhere you want. It is a live immersive training pedagogy that incorporates all important elements of the content writing industry.


  1. What are some important topics for content writing in India?

Some important topics for content writing are blogging, best practices for writing, content writing tools, creating content for SEO, content writing for different formats, GMB, keyword research, social media writing, content marketing, and strategy.


  1. What is the course fee for content writing courses in India?

The fee for a good content writing course varies from 10,000  to 20000 approximately in India.




This article lists various content writing courses in India that are some of the best content writing courses in the field. We have provided various features of each of the courses that highlight their distinctions.


Students can read and compare different content writing courses in India and consider what institute fulfills their requirements.


For more information, visit their official websites.

Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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