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Top 7 Computer Courses After 12th in Delhi in 2022

The successful accomplishment of 12th paves a way for the candidates in the broader parameters of intellectual knowledge. A proportion of them is so quick-witted and optimistic that they start investing in their prospects before passing out the 12th exams. Whereas a bulk of candidates believe in devoting a phase of their life for themselves before settling upon anything, predominantly because they strive towards the fulfillment of their passion in learning particular skills such as computer-associated programs. This article decodes the top computer courses after 12th in Delhi for those who are aspiring to master the in-demand computer-associated skills.


As we all are aware of the digital transformation taking place at an unprecedented speed, possessing the knowledge of computer skills has become crucial to a greater extent. Since the onset of the 21st century, humans have left no stones unturned in establishing a prominent role in the field of learning technology.


For example, the career graph in information technology is witnessing a steady growth rate over the years and touts to be one of the fastest by the experts. Thus, understanding the imperativeness of possessing computer skills in today’s generation is highly commendable.


Let us understand the benefits of possessing computer skills in today’s generation:


  • The moment you become cognizant of the fundamental operations of the computer, the decisions on the effective management of financials are free of any influence by others. Dependence on others for a significant activity such as transferring money from or to your bank accounts reduces significantly.
  • The equipment of computer skills makes it possible to conveniently settle various payments, for instance, gas bills, electricity bills, etc one click rather than queuing up at premises. This results in an economy of time and effort.
  • Joining any course such as computer basics or digital media will help you get trained in the aspect of making your social media presence known, thus boosting your extrovert skills.
  • The option of working from home is gaining popularity in recent months, rendering it necessary to understand the usage of computer/laptop. You will be able to earn a decent amount of money provided you have basic computer skills.
  • Management of business from the comfort of your home and business growth is possible provided you have basic computer skills and a desire to learn any online marketing course.
  • Basic knowledge of software skills (for example, Microsoft Office Applications) besides basic computer skills will be beneficial to you in response to accomplishing tasks in a short duration of time. The constant leveraging of these skills ensures to enhance your potential rent for career development.
  • In case you are upgrading yourself with hardware maintenance skills by participating in any course directed towards the skill, the hassles of troubleshooting and repairing several electronic accessories get are solved without forming lines at service centers.
  • In the case of micro-enterprises, leveraging computer technology to the maximum extent possible would mean streamlining its operations aimed at curtailing the loss of productivity that occurs once the personnel gets accustomed to the computer technology while working. Moving ahead, it’s time to unravel the top7 computer courses after 12th in Delhi.


The Top 7 Computer Courses after 12th in Delhi


1. Microsoft Office Course


MS Office is a principal desktop software designed to stimulate arranging, handling, and rolling out the information in a systematic manner. MS Office proclaims to be the lifeblood of any computer user. The utility of this course is not restricted to a particular sector. Instead, it equally employs in various other sectors.


For example, MS PowerPoint leverages extensively in the field of education for creating presentations. Microsoft Excel leverages in the field of finance for computation purposes. This course tops the chart that one can think of considering for the top computer courses after 12th in Delhi.


The core apps/services under MS Office are as follows:


  • Microsoft Word (word processor)
  • Microsoft Excel(spreadsheet editor)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (presentation program)
  • Microsoft OneNote (notetaking program)
  • Microsoft Outlook (personal information manager)
  • Microsoft OneDrive (file hosting service)
  • Microsoft Teams (a platform for meetings)


Microsoft Office Courses will enable you to get enlightened on the following:


  • Directing the appearance (size, font, color) of text in your document.
  • Formatting the content presented in the document.
  • Placing tables in documents.
  • Dealing with rows and columns in Excel.
  • Dealing with worksheets in Excel.
  • Engaging formulas and functions for computation purposes.
  • Creating presentations using PowerPoint.
  • Working on illustrations, video/audio files.


Once well-equipped with the usage of Microsoft Office, there are abundant opportunities available for you to explore as mentioned beneath:


  • Computer Operator
  • Computer Office Administrator
  • Online Internet Operator
  • Billing Operator
  • Accountant
  • Data Entry Operator


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2. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)


BCA degree course has managed to secure a spot for itself among the list of top computer courses after 12th in Delhi for a student who is exploring an uninterrupted career in the domain of Information Technology (IT). The 3-year degree program for freshers strives to ensure that you remain updated with the fundamentals of computer application and software development.


Talking about the eligibility norms, an aspirant who has cleared Class 12 exams from any stream with at least 45 percent in aggregate[or even higher as per the different college requirements] is eligible to join the BCA course.


Before joining a BCA course, you need to first analyze yourself with the following skills:


  • Proficient enough with the knowledge of programming languages.
  • Thorough knowledge of computers and IT.
  • Conceptual clarity of databases.
  • The potential to build applications for practical outlook.
  • Analytical skills/thought process.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Creativity and philosophy of teamwork and mutual support.


The diverse job roles to portray, for example, computer programmer, software developer, project assistant, network engineer, data scientist, etc makes the BCA course even more enthralling.


3. Web DevelopmentCourse


Web developers are the ones who are responsible for developing the core structure of the website with the help of programming languages like jQuery, JavaScript, etc. In other words, the coding knowledge acquired by the developers will be channelized into the designer’s innovative visionary. Next time you visit any appealing website, remember the work done off the record for a pleasant experience.


This, in a nutshell, summarizes the varied roles portrayed by web developers:


  • Back-end developer


The back-end is where the design of the fundamental structure of the website takes place. The programming hotshots are carefully selected for coding on the web servers and databases that are usually invisible to the users. Briefly, their task is to create functional and logical websites with the help of several programs. They are also known for investing time in testing and rectifying glitches.


  • Front-end developer


They are popular with relevance to client-related development. The usage of software languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), etc to create things as per the user’s need that is visible to them, for example, the client lead form summarizes the work done by the front-end developer.


Concisely, just like back-end developers, front-end developers also keep themselves equipped with coding skills, but their job is to build a framework for user interaction.


  • Full-stack developer


Whenever there is a mention of web development, the reason behind labeling the full-stack developers as an all-encompassing package is that they are an expert in various fields. They deal in both front-end and back-end activities. They are accountable entirely for a user-friendly and smooth experience. Given the diverse roles to represent, the web development course weighs up as one of the top computer courses after 12th in Delhi.


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4. Web Designing Course


Web designing refers to the field where the caliber of an individual rests on creative thinking. Companies have been employing web designers in the task of website/pages creation that is:


  • appealing in nature.
  • representing the company’s brand and viewpoints/perspective.
  • confirming to the user-feasible standards for a better experience.


Companies have been deploying web designers on board to work towards the appearance and predominantly towards the functionality of the page/website by resorting to software like Photoshop tailored to match the website’s visual elements. The varied choices are available for web designers to eclipse renders it as one of the top computer courses after 12th in Delhi.


  • User Experience(UX) Web Designer


A UX web designer’s task is to retain the website’s audience. They are inarguably the best people possessing the knowledge of the website creation process that the targeted audience will rejoice at. UX web designers diligently execute website prototype testing first-hand representation of a website to receive inputs from various quarters before the release of definitive version] and site restructuring.


  • User Interface (UI) Web Designer


A UI web designer’s task is to contribute to enhancing the way users connect with the website they are using for communication. And interface supports the website used for communication. Simplifying a complicated brand idea/value into a website establishes a high degree of straightforward version.


The underlying difference between UX and UI is that the former is dedicated to building a sturdy base for a user experience that augments conversion and engagement whereas the latter inclines itself towards the aesthetics part (appearance, functionality) of the actual website.


  • Visual Designer


A visual designer’s task is not limited to enhancing the user’s journey by employing coding and innovative skills alone, but also extends to figuring out issues on design. Chiefly, the blend of UX and UI specialization entitles to label them as a jack of all web design trades.


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5. Graphic Designing Course


The Graphic designing course deals with training an individual to express an idea in the form of text and visuals or pictorial representations and hence it comes under best computer courses after 12th in Delhi. In this domain, the organization expects you to create fresh/original designs, graphical posters, banners, a replica for the digital marketing team, etc. The Graphic designing course is commended as one of the top computer courses after 12th in Delhi.


The sequence of work pursued by graphic designers is drafted beneath:


  • Interacting with the client.
  • Deciphering the client’s needs/requirements.
  • Concept visualization.
  • Delivering the client with an appropriate design that describes their idea.
  • Catering to the core designing principles (aesthetics) and informational demand of the client/audience.


The basic outline of the course curriculum is penned below:


  • Fundamental introduction on graphic designing
  • Color theory and models
  • Understanding resolution
  • Understanding various image formats, image layout, and image effects
  • Color balancing
  • Adobe Flash
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • HTML/Java
  • Vector Graphics
  • Visual Communication
  • Computer Animation


In recent times, the notion of uncanny resemblance between the two professions namely, the visual designing course and the graphic designing course are going unnoticed and are perceived as identical. This is because of the emphasis laid on aesthetics by the duo. It is very essential to learn the differences between them for informed career decision-making.


  • Graphic designers are reserved on board to develop a customized message for each project in which they are involved. The voice, look, feel(aesthetics) will keep on fluctuating as per the project requirements. Whereas visual designers’ role is of representing a unified image/voice for the brand across digital platforms. The voice, look, feel (aesthetics) will remain constant for the brand altogether.


  • Graphic designers were heavily dependent on traditional print media such as magazines, newspapers as a medium of communication that they have transformed by shifting to web design in recent times. Whereas visual designers have always placed their reliance on digital platforms for their work.


Thus, the best advice would be to do thorough research, weigh the pros and cons of each course before picking up any random course.


6. VFX and Animation Course


Animated videos have been a pioneer in successfully presenting the innovative idea of animations to the world. On similar lines, superhero action flicks have contributed to the rise of VFX. The process of altering pictures, drawings, sketches, etc by employing computer software to create a fantasy of progressing objects and uniting them into a video is referred to as animation.


VFX is an art that is created by employing a process named visual effects wherein the imagery is developed out-of-context of a live-action shot (animated imagery) and then the animated imagery is integrated with the live-action shot to adapt the theme of a script that would otherwise be unreasonable or too risky to accomplish.


Animation is expanding its horizons high and low by embracing sectors like education, filmmaking, entertainment, etc. Animation is widely used by YouTubers and independent bloggers in their work process.  Likewise, VFX is also gaining importance in recent times wherein themes ranging from short films to big-budget Hollywood films are shot extensively by the filmmakers using the VFX technique.


VFX and Animation course is extremely popular among the masses, thus rendering them as one of the top computer courses after 12th in Delhi. Of course, if you have made up your mind to shape up a career in VFX and animation courses, there are scores of opportunities available to excel in which are penned beneath:


  • Animator
  • Compositor
  • Photo Studios
  • Lighting Artist
  • Rigging Artist
  • Roto Artist
  • Texture Artist
  • Matchmove Artist
  • Digital Matte Artist
  • Modelling Artist
  • VFX Director/ Supervisor/ Team Lead
  • Render Wrangler


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7. Cyber Security Course


Cybersecurity is the biggest tribute that the IT industry can ever have owing to the explosive rate at which cyber-crimes are happening. And as a result, cybersecurity as a profession is booming. The Cyber Security course deals with prepping the candidate with the requisite knowledge and computing skills to safeguard the computer networks, data, and operating systems from the potential risks of cyber-attacks.


As organizations across the globe are making a paradigm shift to online mode of making transactions or carrying matters that are highly confidential in the form of data, the requirement of a Cyber Security professional to protect its data from miscreants also becomes extremely important.


Cyber Security Course is reckoned as one of the top computer courses after 12th in Delhi for reasons obvious to mankind, being the scope arising out of this course never fizzling out as the online mode of performing activities is gaining prominence.


The Cyber Security course harbors a host of job opportunities for those driven by passion and enthusiasm in this field which is listed below:


  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Security Auditor/ Manager/ Consultant/ Administrator
  • Vulnerability Accessor
  • Penetration Tester
  • Incident Responder
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Specialist
  • Cryptographer
  • Source Code Auditor
  • Security Analyst


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What are the other computer courses after 12th in Delhi that can be considered?

  • Digital Marketing course
  • Tally ERP course
  • AutoCAD and 3D MAX course
  • Hardware Maintenance course
  • SEO Course for beginners
  • Programming course


These are a couple of other computer courses after 12th in Delhi that can be considered apart from the above-mentioned courses.


2. What are a few healthy cybersecurity practices that one must be aware of?

Few basic cybersecurity practices that one must be aware of are drafted beneath to take cognizance of:

  • Emphasis should be laid more on restraining a hack rather than restoring a hack.
  • Creating a strong password and two-factor authentication.
  • Secured, encrypted, and concealed Wi-Fi network.
  • Offline backups.
  • Installing anti-virus software.
  • Always be careful/alert by refraining yourself from suspicious links/ clickbait.


3. What are the advantages of hiring a full-stack developer?

There are many perks of hiring a full-stack developer such as

  • As full-stack development is a blend of front-end development and back-end development, shifting from client-side tasks to server-side and vice versa is seamless.
  • Assurance of a high degree of flexibility.
  • The cost of employing separate developers for the front-end and the back-and economizes.
  • End-to-end project responsibility.
  • Delivery of the project within deadlines.
  • Easy maintenance and regular updates.




The significant development in digitization is the force that is gaining influence across the globe. Most of our work stint is processed through computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. With digitization gaining momentum at breakneck speed, upskilling yourself with computer courses do come in handy so that your work stint is not affected. The article strives to throw light on top computer courses after 12th in Delhi with a genuine hope that it will be useful to all the lovely readers out there.

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