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Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore With Placements

Are you looking to learn content writing in Bangalore? Do you know the best content writing courses in Bangalore? Find out here.


Content Writing Courses In Bangalore


Bangalore is the tech hub of India. It is the home of many start-ups and the playground of technological geniuses. But what many people don’t realize is that it is also home to a sizeable media industry including content writing agencies. And due to that, there are many content writing courses in Bangalore to serve the needs of the tech industry.




Bangalore is the base of about 67,000 IT companies. But a city, with so many IT and tech companies, also needs symbiotic relationships with the media industry for their marketing and branding needs.


The literacy rate in Bangalore is more than 88%. This is much higher than the national average. This also implies that there is a higher per-capita consumption of written content than in other parts of India.


These facts point towards the fact that Bangalore has both demand for content creation as well as consumption. And this calls for a great demand for content creators and content writers.


There is a big requirement for content writers in Bangalore. Companies in Bangalore fancy hiring services from a media house having physical proximity. Given the nature of the industry in Bangalore, the need for technical content writers is even more than in any other city in India.


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A professional who is aspiring to build a career in technical content writing must head for Bangalore. The city has abundant employment opportunities for anyone interested in technical writing.


However, there is a peculiar situation with content writing in Bangalore. This is especially true of technical writing. Technical writing requires professionals who understand the depth of technical concepts and ideas. But they also need to possess a great writing flair and the ability to express thoughts into words distinctly and coherently.


Now, most content writers have good writing skills. But technical skills are something that can only be acquired from a technical course or a degree. In the particular case of Bangalore, the tech companies require a large number of professionals who have a technical background.


This is why for content writing needs for the tech and IT industry, tech professionals who have a few years of work experience naturally start working part-time or full-time as technical writers. They have the required technical skills and understanding of concepts.


These professionals form a big part of any batch in content writing courses in Bangalore. They typically work to write content for technical blogs for their company but also product guides, internal communication, press releases, promotion for technical products, pitches for clients, web copy, and more.


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Their experience in tech and flair in writing makes them indispensable to the IT and tech industry. Once they acquire communication skills in writing content, they can directly benefit the company in sales and branding. Due to these facts, technical writers are paid a hefty salary.


This also makes content writing courses very popular in Bangalore. Many content writing has come up recently seeing the trend and demand.


But more the choices, more is the confusion.


This is why we have prepared a list of the top 7 content writing courses in Bangalore. So you can compare the features of different courses and decide on the one that fits you best.


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Why content writing is in demand?


Both content writing courses, as well as content writers, are in huge demand in recent times. The demand has been rising steadily since the dawn of the century. But in the last 5-6 years, it has seen an unprecedented rise in interest in the Indian subcontinent.


The content writing industry in India is a part of the service industry. Therefore, it has similar reasons as the tech industry as to why it became so prominent in India. More popular than any other nation in Asia and most of the world.


The service industry, including content writing as well as the IT industry, has benefitted from a variety of reasons that are commonly prevalent in only India. The leading content writing courses in India help students to benefit from the course and offer soft skills training, resume preparation, and a host of other features.


One of them is cost-effective labor. For clients in western countries, services outsourced to India involve cost-effective rates. This is due to the difference in the strength of the currencies and the Purchasing Power Parity between Indian and western economies.


A client in the US can outsource a service to India, and hire workers who will work for much less than their US counterparts. For Indian workers, they charge higher rates from US clients than they do from Indian clients. So it’s a win-win for both.


Another important factor is that Indian workers are proficient in English. There are many nations in Asia with hardworking and talented professionals but Indian workers are the only ones capable of having direct communication with western clients. This helps in ease of understanding project requirements and building business relationships.


There are some other reasons why professionals all over the world are interested in content writing. The biggest is the dynamic nature of employment as a content writer.


As a professional content writer, you can work either full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer. This gives a lot of flexibility to the professionals. All the while earning a good income.


A freelance content writer enjoys the most benefits. They do not have any fixed hours to report to the office. They can work at any time and from anywhere as long as they finish their projects. So they are spared of the daily commute and the 9 to 5 grind.


Freelance content writers also earn more than full-time and part-time writers for the same amount of work. Sometimes they can earn even more than corporates do. But this comes with the added work of finding new clients all the time and doing a lot more than just writing content.


Full-time writers earn less per unit work but they do not need to look for clients all the time. Part-time content writers usually work from home and work for only 3-4 hours a day. This form is suitable for college students, stay-at-home parents, working professionals, and bloggers.


Content writing has made the dream of becoming a writer for many. Before the internet, it was hard to earn money as a professional writer but today, content writers earn a very handsome salary in a very respectable job, all the while doing something they love.


Now, let us discuss various content writing institutes in Bangalore.


Content writing courses in Bangalore




IIM SKILLS is the most renowned content writing course widely accepted as the standard course for content writing in Bangalore. The institute has expert professionals who have more than a decade of experience in content strategy and marketing for various brands in India and across the world.


IIM SKILLS has trained more than 5000 professionals in more than 35 countries. They have offices in all the major Indian cities and state capitals and even abroad.


The main features of the IIM SKILLS Online Content Writing Course:


  • 16-hour live online classes
  • 60-hour assignments and case studies
  • Practical-oriented lessons
  • Free SEO tools worth INR 35k
  • Industry-recognized certificate
  • Placement assistance
  • Internship program


The IIM SKILLS content writing course in Bangalore is categorized into 12 modules, each containing one major skill.


IIM SKILLS content writing course modules


The first module starts with web design and development. Here students learn how to buy a web domain, hosting plan, and use various tools used for designing a website. The next module teaches UI/UX principles so students can learn the principles of aesthetics and design. And hence they can create a visually pleasing layout with smooth user navigation.


All students are required to start their own blog. They are taught how to find a profitable niche so that their blog has some value for the users.


The next module explains various types of writing including content for blogs, ad copy, landing page content, website copy, social media posts, email, newsletters, press releases, and eBooks. Each form of writing requires considerably varying skills. For example, eBooks count on the ability of a writer to express an idea in detail, while an ad copy requires conveying maximum meaning with minimum words.


Over the next few modules, the course consists of lessons on keyword search by analyzing market competition and using various tools. Then, candidates learn how to write content by learning various stages of content planning, research, outline, creation, proofreading, editing, and publishing on the web.


They learn to use various tools that assist the writer in grammar and phrasing. This helps in improving the readability of content and creating a smooth error-free flow to the content. Plagiarism checker tools help the writer identify if any duplicate piece of content has inadvertently crept in. It should be removed without fail.


After the lessons on writing, this content writing course in Bangalore shifts its focus on marketing and promotion of content. Students learn how to perform content marketing using email and social media. They are taught how to use these channels to get maximum clicks. Candidates learn the common do’s and don’t of these channels.


The course teaches students lessons on how to use various social media tools for content management and auto-posting in the next module. Candidates then learn how to set up Google local for small businesses in this IIM SKILLS content writing master course.


The last module overlooks how to gain employment and earn income as a content writer. Those who wish to work as freelance content writers learn how to look for new clients and how to make a pitch to them.


At the end of this content writing course, students who perform exceptionally have a chance to get an internship in the sister companies of IIM SKILLS. This way they can learn even more and gain insight into how the content writing industry operates.


IIM SKILLS course is one of the few content writing courses in Bangalore that focuses on case studies and has a practical-oriented curriculum. Once the candidate is certified, he/she is completely ready to begin his/her career.


Students get lifetime access to the course material. IIM SKILLS is the only institute that provides such as facility. Not only that, whenever the course material is updated, the old students also get access to the new course material.


The best part of the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course is that the classes are completely online. You can also choose from different batches and timings to suit your schedule. So maximum students can attend without worrying about transportation and distance. You can easily join a free demo class on their website.


Among other courses, IIM Skills also offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore. Since digital marketing is closely related to content writing, people prefer to enroll in both these courses for better discount offers.


Here’s a video of a demo session by IIM SKILLS that will help you understand what kind of training you can expect from the course


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

Other Courses:

Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching



2. Inventateq


This is also one of the widely recognized content writing courses in Bangalore. Inventateq is an ISO certified training organization with more than 40 professional courses in a wide spectrum of subjects. These subjects range from Digital marketing, AWS, .NET, NodeJS, CAD Autodesk, SAP, C, C++, and so on.


Most teachers at Inventateq possess more than 5 years of experience as professionals. They have trained more than 15,000 students and professionals across all programs combined. Inventateq also organizes courses for working professionals as corporate training programs.


The main features of Inventateq content writing course in Bangalore are:


  • 35+ hours studying sessions
  • Practical-oriented curriculum
  • Trained professionals as teachers
  • Job interview preparation and placement assistance
  • Weekday and weekend batches


The course is divided into various modules on different skills of content writing. The module starts with different forms of writing and teaches students variations between different formats.


Students are taught the basics of content planning and creation. They are told the right process involving content creation starting from a keyword search, content outline, writing, and delivery.


Students are taught the fundamentals of SEO, PPC, and SMM. They learn the technicals of content marketing and promotion to drive maximum traffic and generate value for blogs.


The Inventateq study centers are located in Jayanagar Center, Marathahalli Institute, BTM Lake Road, Rajaji Nagar, and Kalyan Nagar in Bangalore. Students who are looking for content writing courses in Bangalore have the option of choosing a study center that would not be very far from their place.


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3. Learn Digital Academy


Learn Digital Academy distinguishes itself by being claiming to be the only agency-based digital marketing and content writing course in Bangalore. The teachers here are also working digital marketing professionals with many years of experience and direct involvement with the industry.


The curriculum of the content writing course has been accredited by the Jain University Center for Skills. The major features of the course include:


  • 4 Live Projects
  • 80% Practical – 20% Theory
  • Placement Assistance
  • 2-month internship
  • Lifetime student support


The course contains over 40 modules that explain the complexities of SEO and content. The modules include various topics ranging from how search engines work, what are crawlers and indexers, how to perform SEO on a page, Google algorithm updates, and so on.


Then the course moves on to keyword analysis, competitor analysis, content strategy, various ranking elements, and off-page SEO.


The course is offered on weekdays, weekends, and online batches. Weekday classes are held 2:30 hours a day whereas weekend classes go on for 3 hours per day.


Students can pay the fees in easy installments in this one of the content writing courses in Bangalore. The Learn Digital Academy is located in J.P.Nagar and Marathahalli in Bangalore.


4. Online Idea lab


Online Idea Lab is a group of digital marketing professionals that offers professional courses in digital marketing and other disciplines. Online Idea Lab is also a digital marketing agency that provides marketing solutions to businesses.


Online Idea lab also has industry leaders as visiting faculty so students learn the latest trends in digital marketing. Their in-house trainers are professionals with more than 5 years of experience.


There are various content writing courses from Online Idea Lab depending on the level and expertise of the student. These are:


  • Content Writing Foundation Course
  • Advanced Content Writing Course
  • Copywriting Course
  • Creative Writing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • Instructional Design Course


The main features of this one of the content writing courses in Bangalore are:


  • Hands-on project
  • Placement assistance
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Lifetime support for students
  • Lessons on corporate communication


The foundation content writing course lasts for a month. Both classrooms, as well as online batches, are available options. Online Idea Lab has its center in Kempapura in Bangalore.




The LEADS Academy or Learning and Development Solutions Academy is another one of the best content writing courses in Bangalore. It began in 2006 when professionals from various fields such as marketing, human resources, and content, came together.


LEADS also conducts courses for corporate training for employees. The main features of this course are:


  • Weekly projects
  • Online classes
  • 12-week course


The content writing course begins with an orientation where an introduction into the content writing industry is provided.


Then students are taught both how to write great content as well as how to get it ranked on search engines. Students are explained various forms of writing and stages of content creation from planning to writing to editing and publishing. They are also taught how to make the content engaging and captivating.


The course ends with a module on professional skills in workplace that helps candidates learn and understand the professional atmosphere of the industry.




Digital Roy Academy originally offers digital marketing training but later began a course on content writing too. It also conducts one of the best content writing courses in Bangalore. Instructed by an organization of industry experts, Digital Roy Academy offers skills that are industry-ready.


The curriculum is updated regularly as per the search engine algorithm updates that happen every 3-4 months. The faculty has more than 5 years of first-hand experience in the digital marketing industry.


The main features of this Content Writing Course are:


  • A wide range of topics covered
  • Placement assistance
  • Updated curriculum
  • Lessons on marketing
  • Practically oriented lessons


The course begins with lessons on effective writing because that forms the foundation of any great piece of content. Candidates are taught everything about hosting, domain purchasing, SSL certification, landing pages, web design, web analytic tools, and more.


Students are also taught lessons on marketing such as AIDA, target audience, and sales funnel. They are also taught basic copywriting skills so that they can write catchy headlines and compelling content.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite




Talenteye academy is one of the institutes that have years of experience in teaching digital marketing and have recently started a content writing course by looking at the specific demand. It offers one of the best content writing courses in Bangalore.


The Talenteye academy puts its focus on imparting the student technical skills first. Lessons on effective and engaging writing follow later. The classes at this course are encouraged to be interactive and faculty attempts to drive healthy discussions.


Under technical skills, candidates are taught SEO, keyword search, competitor analysis, on-page ranking factors, and how to build links and increase the domain and page authority.  In the creative skills, candidates receive lessons on what makes a piece of writing great. Basis lessons on how to use correct grammar and punctuation are organized to ensure every student is on the same page.


The course is very practical-oriented and involves plenty of assignments. This builds the skills of the students and they remember the theory well. Students are also taught how to modify content on the basis of the target audience.


Various lessons on content planning and content strategy are taught followed by content marketing and promotion. Techniques for promotion on email and social media form the basics of lessons on content promotion.


The course involves 1 live project at the end. Students are taught to analyze the performance of their projects using analytics tools.


FAQs related to Content Writing Courses in Bangalore


Q. What is SEO content writing?

Ans- SEO writing (also known as “writing for SEO”) is the process of planning, creating, and optimizing content with the primary goal of ranking in search engines.


Q. Is content writing hard?

Ans- Having quality content that is informative and interesting is a crucial part of the success of any website. However, content writing is difficult. It can be challenging to understand the best information to inform your audience about maybe. Simply put, your website needs content in order to become successful.


Q. Is Content Writing in demand?

Ans- The demand for content writers in India is going to increase: … Still, in Pandemic, many found this as a growing field, and Jigar Saraswat feels content writers demand is going to increase with time as things are getting online in India too.




As we can see Bangalore is many great content writing courses. One may get confused after looking at the various options. That is why we compiled this list of the best content writing courses in Bangalore.


All these courses put a special focus on technical writing owing to the tech culture of Bangalore. Some institutes even have separate courses on technical content writing.


Aspiring content writers can compare these courses on the basis of the information given here and decide which course suits their interests the best.

Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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      Hello Krishna, IIM skills provide both weekdays and weekends classes also we provide lifetime access of session recording so even if you miss classes for any circumstances. You can visit and watch and your free time. You can check our demo classes via youtube and can contact us through our official website for any queries. Thank you!

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