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Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Kolkata With Placements

Looking to develop skills in content writing? Cannot decide on one course? Compare different content writing courses in Kolkata in this article.


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Kolkata is the capital of the state of West Bengal and is the largest city in East India. It was once the capital of the British Empire in India and has rich cultural roots in literature. Kolkata is home to 3 major universities of Calcutta University, Jadavpur University, and Rabindra Bharati University which attracts students from all over the East.


A big population always attracts a host of businesses. And these businesses also require marketing agencies to reach customers effectively. Consequently, Kolkata houses many digital marketing and content writing agencies. So there are many great content writing courses in Kolkata.


Since Kolkata is one of the major business cities in India and the largest business hub in the east, it attracts talent from surrounding areas as well as the whole of the East. This includes many college students, a big part of whom are students of arts, media, and literature.


Content writing is a great part-time job for students and working professionals. It allows them to earn extra income by working for just a few hours every day. College students prefer to be more financially independent and are always on the lookout for part-time jobs.


Content writing is one of the best jobs not just part-time but full-time too. One can work in an agency or work as a freelancer, enjoying freedom while also earning enough money. Even working professionals who wish to earn extra income can work as content writers.


Individuals from the art and media industry consider content writing as a way to practice their literary skills as well as earn through it. Working as a content writer for a few months would improve the student’s grammar as well as provide a deeper understanding of language.


Content writing can improve a person’s vocabulary and improve their writing style. They can learn to write compelling content that is helpful as well as engaging to the user. They will also learn to express their feelings in words in a more concrete way.


Skills to learn content writing


Content writing is not just writing. Apart from writing skills, a content writer also needs to possess some technical skills.


The aim of a piece of content is to help the user. This is true for all blogs. People look for articles only when they are in need of some information. In the process of searching for information, they come across solutions and new products.


Content can be of different types: content for blogs, ebooks, ad copy, product descriptions, press releases, emails, newsletters, etc. But in all these forms of content, one thing is common. They are all meant to disseminate information.


A content writer has to make sure that the content that has been written for a particular audience, reaches the audience. And for this reason, content writers need to learn a few skills.


Writing skills


These skills include the correct usage of grammar, impactful phrasing, and readability. The lack of errors and the use of words in the right context create a smooth reading flow for the reader. This helps the message get across perfectly.


Writing is a craft. Writing skills can only be improved by writing more. Just reading the rules of good writing is not enough. But knowing the rules helps the writer channel their efforts in the right direction.


Online tools like Grammarly help in improving grammar as you write. The Hemingway editor helps writers understand the rules of phrasing helping to improve the readability of the content.


For example, generally, active voice is preferred over passive voice. Another rule is to use shorter sentences instead of long ones. Rules like these help the reader focus on the message which is the purpose of all content writing.


If you are working as a copywriter, you would need to learn the skill of conveying more with less. There is a constraint to the copywriter, in the number of words so the writing must be packed with meaning. The message must also be very compelling and impactful.




SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technical side of content writing. SEO is a set of rules that help a search engine understand what the content is about. Once the search engines understand this, they can display the content in the search results when any user makes a relevant query.


SEO is not very straightforward sometimes. There is good SEO and there is bad SEO. The better the search engines understand the content, the higher they will rank the content in the search results. And it takes time to understand the SEO requirements in each niche.


Common SEO techniques include keyword search, competitor analysis, SEO audit, link building, keyword density, images alt tags, headings, meta tags, etc. Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. It considers more than 200 SEO parameters in order to index webpages.


SEO skills can be learned comparatively quicker than good writing skills. However, it still takes a few months for a student to get a grasp of SEO. Content writing courses in Kolkata would give special emphasis on SEO.


Link building


The other important technique to help content rank faster is to build links with other websites. Link building is like credits on the web. The more links mean the more credible is the content.


If a webpage is linked by many other webpages on other websites, search engines consider that webpage as trustworthy. It works the same as testimonials. If your boss tells someone else that you are a great employee it would have much more impact than you telling other people by yourself that you are a great employee.


The best way to build links is to write great content. Links help search engines find new content on the web faster. That is how site crawlers work.


But most practicing content writers know that writing great content is just a precursor to getting links. But it’s not enough. Content marketers need to actively reach out to other content creators and build collaboration and business relationships. Therefore, as a content writer, you would also be required to learn business communication.


Consumer psychology


Consumer psychology refers to learning the consumer psyche in order to understand their problems and design and put forth a solution. This is kind of an important one. To learn consumer psychology, it is important to be aware of the developments in your work.


Understanding consumer psychology is paramount to marketers. It directly relates to increased customer retention, and more sales and revenue. A good marketer understands or knows how to find out what the consumer desires.


Then they can design a product that perfectly satisfies those desires. In order to market that product, the marketer must know exactly which is the right audience, when and where to reach the audience, and what to communicate in order to make more sales. This is an extremely valuable skill for businesses.


For a content writer, a sign of a good understanding of consumer psychology is knowing what to write about. Finding a profitable niche and finding what subjects to pick for articles helps gain more readers. Another sign is a good call to action. If your blog is intended to sell a product, it is important to drive a reader to take specified action at the end of the article.






Content writing involves learning many skills as discussed above. In order to learn those skills in the shortest amount of time and begin a career in content writing immediately, it is advised that students join one of these content writing courses in Kolkata.




IIM SKILLS is the premier content writing course in India and is one of the best content writing courses in Kolkata. IIM SKILLS is a digital marketing and content writing institute that has trained more than 5000 professionals in more than 35 countries.

IIM SKILLS content writing course deta

IIM SKILLS content writing course is taught by industry experts who have more than a decade of experience in the digital marketing and content industry. The best content writing courses in India not only provide an excellent curriculum but offers a wide range of features to help you start and prosper in a career in content writing.


The main highlights of the IIM SKILLS content writing course are:


  • 1-month long course
  • 16-hour theory sessions
  • 60-hour practical assignments and case studies
  • Access to tools worth INR 35k absolutely free
  • Internship
  • Placement assistance for all students
  • Industry-recognized certificate


The IIM SKILLS content writing course is one with a highly practical-based strategy. Researchers acknowledge that the best way to learn any skill is to practice it in real-life conditions. And this course provides students the atmosphere to learn hands-on.


All candidates are required to start their individual blogs and implement all the lessons to be taught in the course. Not only this. Candidates also get to work on real assignments on content marketing. Additionally, they receive tangible lessons from real-world case studies on digital marketing strategies followed by actual brands.


The lessons in this content writing course in Kolkata start with learning how to start a blog, how to purchase domain and hosting, and how to develop a website. Students learn the various principles of UI and UX in designing a website that is aesthetically pleasing and provides a smooth navigation experience to the user.

IIM SKILLS content writing course modules

They learn how to identify a profitable niche. Moreover, they learn how to search for topics to write on so that a blogger always has a list of subjects. Topic search is not as simple as searching for popular keywords. The topics must also align with the goals of the blog. If the articles written on a business blog do not bring more leads for its products, they would be useless.


Here students also learn how to monetize a blog using either ad monetization or affiliate marketing.


The next module teaches the candidate how to optimize a piece of content for indexing by the search engines. Here they learn how to increase the rankings of any piece of content in the search engine results page. Students learn the principles of SEO and witness these at operation by studying ranking websites.


In the next module, students learn different types of content and the peculiarities in them. These forms include content for blogs, ad copy, press releases, product descriptions, landing pages, ebooks, emails, social media posts, newsletters, journals, etc. Students learn the differences in the structure and the purpose of all these types of content.


This is one of the content writing courses in Kolkata that focuses on writing skills too. Students are taught to differentiate between good writing and bad writing. They are taught how to use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway to improve their writing. Tips on better writing are provided for long-term practice since writing skills take much more time to develop.


A content writer not only has to write articles but also ensures that the content reaches its target audience. It is not a good strategy to completely rely on organic traffic. This course teaches students how to connect to their target audience on social media and email.


In the end, students learn about using various digital marketing tools like Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner,, and so on. They learn how to perform competitor analysis, and to use social media tools like Buffer.

Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course

Students learn how to find sustainable work as content writers. Those who are looking to work as freelance content writers learn how to pitch to clients, how to look for new clients, and how to build a business network.


The content writing course is completely online as students can learn from anywhere in the city. There is the weekend as well as weekday batches at different timings throughout the day.

Watch this video for more clarity

Candidates get lifetime access to the course material. Even when the course material is revised, the old candidates get access to the updated version.


Select candidates get internship opportunities at IIM SKILLS or sister organizations. All students get placement assistance and interview training.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


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Kolkata web academy is a complete digital marketing institute and provides related courses. They provide training in different skills of digital marketing such as Adwords, SEO, social media marketing through Facebook and Twitter, content marketing, affiliate marketing, site building, link building,


Students get to learn the fundamentals of content marketing and work on real projects to polish their skills.


Highlights of the Kolkata Web Academy content writing course:

  • 4 weeks course duration
  • Classes once a week
  • Internship opportunity


The course modules teach candidates the various skills required for content marketing. At first, students learn how to approach content creation through various stages like planning, research, outline, writing, proofreading, editing, and delivery. But then they do beyond content writing to provide the content maximum possible reach.


This requires skills in social media, email copywriting, and content syndication. This is one of the best content writing courses in Kolkata that teaches a comprehensive content strategy formulation process that delivers great value to businesses.


Students also learn how to use web analytics tools to measure content goals and track growth. Web analytics help the strategist gain actionable insights through detailed data and statistics.


The classes in this content writing course can be done online or in the classroom. The Kolkata Web Academy also organizes training for corporates. The only criteria for eligibility are that students must have basic knowledge about computers and operating the internet and how to use word processing software.


The lessons end with training on how to earn consistently as a professional content writer. Candidates receive the certificate at the end of the course and get placement assistance. This helps them set foot into the career of content writing smoothly.




One India Training Academy is an ISO-certified training organization. It is a branch of the Institute of International Teachers Training which provides a wide range of professional courses to train individuals. The portfolio of their courses includes graphic design, digital marketing, PHP training, web development, foreign languages, yoga, and fitness. This makes the academy a very popular training center in Kolkata.


The Academy has one of the best content writing courses in Kolkata. They use their state-of-the-art classroom facility to teach the most advanced and updated techniques in content writing.


The major highlights of the content writing course from One India Training Academy are:


  • 3-month course duration
  • The candidate is awarded a diploma
  • Training on live projects
  • widely recognized curriculum
  • Placement assistance


The course duration is rather longer than other content writing courses in Kolkata but that is not without reason. The course from One India Training Academy teaches various types of content writing including technical content, creative content, web content, and also includes lessons on proofreading, editing, and SEO.


The course has lessons that are centered around practical sessions. It ends with lessons on how to become a freelance content writer and get work. Students also learn how to find content writing jobs if they want to work as full-time content writers.


The institute is well connected with the industry and the course is widely recognized in Kolkata as one of the best content writing courses. The course is taught by experts having years of experience as a working professionals.




The Vision Upliftment Academy is a digital marketing institute in Kolkata. It is another one of the top content writing courses in Kolkata.


The institute provides dynamic schedules for students with different needs. Students can either join a batch with classes twice a week or join a fast-track course.


The highlights of this content writing course are:


  • 6-week course regular
  • Classes twice a week
  • Job interview training
  • Placement assistance
  • Small batches enhance class interactivity


This institute distinguishes itself by helping candidates prepare their portfolios and ready them for job interviews. Freelancers are taught the techniques of client pitching and such.


The course is taught by Google-certified experts who have years of experience in the industry. The course has lessons on content creation, content planning, research, editing, as well as the marketing side of content writing that includes social media, email, PPC advertising, web design, and SEO.




Dimensions Academy is a one-of-a-kind institute of content writing and digital marketing. Dimensions are one of the most unique content writing courses in Kolkata. It aims at creating professional writers out of its students at a very early age.


Dimensions is also a content agency that understands the needs of the market and modifies its curriculum to fulfill those needs. It focuses on teaching its students content strategy and content ideation with the purpose of user engagement.


They are the only institute providing content writing courses for kids. It focuses more on the writing aspect and encourages the early development of various soft skills as well as a deep understanding of language.


Highlights of the Dimensions content writing course are:


  • 3-month course duration
  • 80:20 mix of theory and practical
  • Free demo class
  • Writing for different niche
  • Placement assistance




Indus Net is primarily an internet marketing consulting company. It provides various services to clients like web development, content marketing, mobile application development, and so on. It provides digital marketing and content writing courses in Kolkata.


Indus Net Academy has professional trainers with considerable experience in training as well as the industry of digital marketing.  The classes at this course are interactive and full of discussions. Students are encouraged to ask questions as it helps cement the concepts.


The highlights of this content writing course are:


  • 4-month course duration
  • Writing skills receive special focus
  • Expert faculty
  • Writing different types of content
  • 100% placement assistance


The content writing course contains live projects so that candidates can learn the various content marketing skills hands-on.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite



This is one of the more industry-recognized content writing courses in Kolkata and puts special emphasis on making entrepreneurs out of writers. All the courses organized by Compete Infotech have special modules where candidates are taught how they can operate their own business by providing them the necessary perspective.


Compete Infotech has many courses ranging from digital marketing, PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing, and content writing. Students get special guidance if they desire to start their own ventures in digital marketing.


Some of the course highlights:


  • Expert faculty
  • Free demo class
  • Practical approach
  • Various types of writing training
  • Entrepreneurial approach


The course begins with an explanation of various forms and niches of content. These mainly include technical, web blog, creative, promotional, affiliate content, etc.


The certification of content writing from Compete Infotech is widely accepted. This is one of the distinguished content writing courses in Kolkata.


The classes can be attended online which provides feasibility to many students who find it hard to commute.



Q. Where can I learn content writing?

Ans- The Internet is the best place to learn content writing as long as you know what things to look for. But if you want to learn it quickly in a professional way and scale a career as a professional content writer, then I would suggest you try a course.

Q. Tools for content writing?

Ans- There are several tools for content writing such as UBERSuggest, SEMrush, Moz, and more.

Q. What are the content writing practices?

Ans- There are several practices followed for good content writing, and some of them are keyword research, understanding buyer persona, content structuring, on-page SEO, etc.



Kolkata has a fairly big media and marketing industry and there are many professionals seeking work in these industries. This has made it viable for many content writing courses in Kolkata to flourish.


Students can identify their needs and requirements from a content writing course and compare features of the courses from this article.


We hope you found this article helpful.

Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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