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Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Pune With Placements

Searching for content writing courses in Pune? Not sure which one is the best for you? Use this article for a comparison of their various features.


The image describes the top 7 content writing courses in Pune


Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra with a cultural and artistic backdrop. But recently, it has become one of the largest IT hubs and a manufacturing powerhouse in the country. There are numerous institutions of technology as well as the arts. The modern co-exist with the traditional.


There are many writing enthusiasts in both worlds who dream of becoming a writer. To practice their skills, there are tons of content writing jobs there. To impart these skills, there are many content writing courses in Pune.


Pune has been widely considered as the study capital of India. It houses many recognized universities, including the University of Pune. It is the largest university in India, according to the number of affiliated colleges. Also, nearly half of all international students in India study in Pune.


So it is very natural for many Pune residents to be interested in writing. And content writing is one of the most common ways to enter into a writing career.


Why is content writing in demand?


Content writing as a career has seen a rapid rise in popularity and recognition. This rise has been attributed to the widespread availability of high-speed internet across various parts of the world. Another reason is the popularity of smartphones in day-to-day life.


People are increasingly using their smartphones for many purposes. These purposes include looking for products and solutions online. This search often ends when the user finds a piece of content that satisfies their curiosity. This content gives them a solution to their issue, in the form of either information or a product.


This is where content writers enter the scene. Content writers are professionals who create these forms of content. They are employed by businesses that are selling products online. The product can be anything from a tangible entity, a service, or an idea. And content writers create content that is aimed at leading a user towards buying the product.


Content writers are highly paid depending upon their skill. It is a sustainable career that pays great income and also provides work that is more dynamic. Content writers can work either full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer.


Another reason content writing has become increasingly popular as a career option is due to the rise in the gig economy. The gig economy is when professionals provide a one-time service in return for a fee. This is in opposition to the full-time model of employment where professionals are paid a fixed income disbursed monthly or weekly.


The gig professionals, or freelancers, earn more for an equal amount of work. This is justified since full-time workers gain employee benefits in the form of insurance, allowances, and several perks.


They also enjoy more freedom in employment. They can work anytime and any number of hours in a day. They can accommodate their life events in their day much better compared to full-time employees. If they are aware that they will be busier for a few days, they can reduce the number of working hours per day for a few days.


Freelancers can also work from anywhere they want. They can be traveling and still be working on their assignments. Even big companies have become more accustomed to working with talented freelancers with a great portfolio.


Content writing is also preferred by many people who are looking to improve their writing skills. It is a great way to practice skills while also being paid. This is a great option for college students, stay-at-home parents, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.


Content writing has seen more interest in India and the other countries in the subcontinent. There is a very simple reason for this. All the countries in the Indian subcontinent have English as one of their official languages. This makes it feasible for western clients in the requirement for content writers to hire from here.


This is also one of the reasons India has such a massive service industry. Clients from western countries outsource their content needs to content writers in India. This helps them get the work done at cheaper rates.


Content writers in India are also willing to work with overseas clients. This is because they pay more than businesses in India. Usually, the currencies in the US, UK, or UAE are stronger than INR. When converted into INR, the remuneration is very attractive for freelancers in India.


The trend for interest in content writing jobs has been increasing since the dawn of the century. But it has seen tremendous growth in the last 5 years. Indians have higher speed internet and the network depth has also increased. India currently has more than 600 million Internet users. That’s a very big market.


Indians are using the internet more and more to look for solutions to their problems. It is also the go-to medium for entertainment. For example, the world’s most popular Youtube channel is Indian. This gives a lot of perspective about the potential for content creation in India.


Keeping pace with this trend, Indian businesses are increasingly investing in an online presence. This was a space that was, until recently, thought of as a prerogative of only big brands. Various medium and small businesses in India are hiring content creators for their digital marketing strategy.


The digital advertising industry is growing at a pace of 27% in 2020. The overall advertising industry is growing at 9%. This means there is a lot of potential for professionals who are looking to start their content writing careers.


To cater to this demand and interest in content writing, many content writing courses in Pune have come up recently. But for students wanting to join a course, there is no way to know the details about the courses. But here you can compare various content writing courses in Pune. Let’s begin.


Best content writing courses in Pune




IIM SKILLS is one of the most recognized and widely accepted institutes for content writing and digital marketing courses. It has trained more than 5000 professionals in more than 35 countries. They have a team of expert faculty that has more than a decade of experience in the industry.


The IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course is one of the best content writing courses in Pune as well as India.


The course highlights include:


  • 16-hour live training
  • 60-hour assignments and case studies under the supervision
  • Free access to digital marketing tools worth INR 35k
  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Internship
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Industry-recognized certificate


The content writing course has 12 modules. The course is practical-based and all students are required to purchase their own domain and develop their own website or blog. The lessons they learn in the class are to be implemented on their blog. This will be assessed at the end of the course.

IIM SKILLS content writing course deta

The first module begins with how to start a blog. Students are taught how to purchase a domain and how to host their website. The next module teaches basic UI/UX principles. Both modules help students design their own websites for aesthetic appearance and smooth navigation.


Students are taught how to find a profitable niche for their blog. They are also taught how to monetize their blog through Adsense and affiliate marketing.


The third module explains the different types of content. Students learn the differences between content for blogs, ad copy, press releases, emails, product descriptions, brochures, technical writing, creative writing, academic writing, and so on.


In the next module, students learn how to perform SEO on a website and a blog. They learn the skills required to increase the page rankings on the search engine results page. They also learn various ways to increase the page and domain authority. Students witness techniques used by real brands that have successfully built a strong online presence.


Over the subsequent module, students learn how to use various tools that help improve their writing. There are tools that help in flagging grammatical mistakes as we write and there are editing tools that help make the content engaging and easier to read. Since writing skills take a longer time to improve, students are taught various long-term practices to follow as they continue on their careers.


After the students have learned about writing a great piece of content, they learn how to promote it and expand its reach. Social media and email are two powerful media to help drastically improve the reach of the content. Students learn about how they can leverage these media for content promotion.


They also learn various social media plugins that help identify patterns through analytics, to help in growth and user engagement. They also learn how to build a personal or business brand over social media through content. Candidates can learn to drive traffic to websites using both organic, social, as well as through paid ads.


There are various digital marketing tools like Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, Ahrefs,, that help in developing a content strategy. These tools facilitate SEO audit, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, user profiling, as well as many tools that help detect plagiarism. Students learn these tools worth INR 35k in order to facilitate better content generation.

Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course

In the least module, students learn how to secure content writing jobs in the future. Those who are interested in freelancing learn how to do client prospecting, pitching, content strategy for specific brands, and new client search. Lessons on sustainable earning as a content writer are explained here.


The IIM SKILLS content writing course is one of the most unique content writing courses in Pune. A student who once joins the program gets lifetime access to the course material. Even when the course curriculum is updated, all the students, even the old ones, can access the revised course material.


Selected students get internship opportunities with IIM SKILLS or one of their partners. All students get placement assistance.

This video will help you through the very details of the content writing course by IIM SKILLS


Anyone can attend a free demo class by contacting them through their website. All batches are online. This way any person anywhere in Pune can attend the course anytime.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite




Living Bridge course is another one of the top content writing courses in Pune. The institute has various courses in creative arts including film-making, photography, creative writing, and so on. It aims to provide a nurturing atmosphere for creativity and talent. This holds true for all the top-grade content writing courses in India. 


The content writing course at Living Bridge puts a special focus on creativity to create engaging content. The experts at Living bridge are of the opinion that due to high competition in the content writing sector among professionals, creativity is the X-factor that will help distinguish them from others.


Living Bridge was established in 2012 by media professional Kalyani Sardesai. She holds 17 years of experience and now works as an independent copywriter and mentor. Under her guidance, the academy provides an interactive and free-thinking space for learning and development.


Highlights of the content writing course:


  • 2-day intensive workshop
  • Small batch size encourages active participation


The workshop is packed with modules shedding light on different aspects of content writing. It answers common questions in content writing such as

  • How is blog writing different from other forms of writing
  • Finding a niche
  • Monetizing a blog
  • Increase readership
  • How to improve writing
  • Qualities of a good content writer
  • Part-time blogging


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DigitalTITA is a digital marketing institute with courses in various branches of internet marketing.  It has 3 centers and has trained more than 500 professionals. DigitalTITA focuses on marketing skills that are valuable for today’s businesses. The courses are taught by experts with years of experience.


Its content writing course is one of the most widely recognized content writing courses in Pune.


The highlights of the course are:


  • Project-based learning
  • Fee payable in monthly installments
  • Free tools
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Internship opportunity


The content writing course has various batches on weekdays and weekends so students can choose as they see fit.


The course trains students in-depth about SEO. It puts special emphasis on analysis with the help of tools available to modify and improve the content strategy. Students learn a great deal about how search engines work and how indexing happens. This helps them understand what really goes on in the background.


The course has more than 30 modules dealing with each and every aspect of SEO and content writing. Throughout the course, students work on live projects and gain insights from professionals.


At the end of the course, students have the opportunity for an internship for 2 months. They obtain certification in various skills such as SEO, content creation, PPC, social media advertising, and so on.


Students can opt for a free demo class by contacting their office. The institute also organizes seminars in digital marketing, which students can also attend.


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Digital Skills is one of the well-known institutes offering courses in various branches of digital marketing. But it also has one of the best content writing courses in Pune. The courses at Digital Skills are recognized in the industry as highly relevant. The institute aims to impart skills that make students readily employable in the job market.


The highlights of the course are:


  • 30-hour course duration
  • part-time course
  • Hubspot certification
  • Industry-relevant courses


The course can be taken both online as well as in the classroom.


The course begins with an explanation of how content originated and what is its purpose. Why do people need content and what is the role of businesses in content creation?


Then students are taught various techniques in content marketing and enlightened upon ‘search intent’. These skills are becoming increasingly important in the content creation space.


The course curriculum is catered to while keeping in mind the needs of the industry. This is why this content writing course in Pune is well-accepted by the companies. Their years of experience in serving numerous clients have helped them understand the needs of the business pretty well.


Students are also taught about various challenges in the content marketing sphere and how to deal with them, like resource inadequacy, lack of coordination between business verticals, and so on. The course also teaches using analytics tools to measure ROI and generate insights from various other performance indicators.


The course ends with certification for successful completion. Students also gain a content marketing certificate from Hubspot on giving a test.




Nestsoft is a digital training institute with more than 18 years of experience. They started out by offering training in various disciplines but later began a content writing course. They claim to have trained more than 35000 students among the various courses they offer. Their courses range from programming, UI/UX, web application development, various digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, SMM, etc.


The Nestsoft content writing course is another one of the top content writing courses in Pune. The highlights of the course are:


  • Flexible timing
  • Live project-based training
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Expert faculty
  • Customizable course


The course has 6 modules. It begins by explaining the basics of writing, why do we write, and what is the use of writing for businesses. Students are taught the benefits of writing irrespective of their career goals.


Then the course explains how to do content planning and various stages of content creation. The course tells students how to create content that is engaging and relevant to the user. Plagiarism detection and proofreading are also taught. The course teaches the right method of editing, and what is the purpose of editing.


The course ends with technical skills like SEO and content marketing skills. Students are taught how to write content for the web that gets ranked. They are also taught how to increase traffic to the page through both paid as well as organic methods.


The course is ideal for tech professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and literature enthusiasts.




Callidus academy conducts courses for the needs of the industry. It aims at providing readily employable skills to the candidates so that they get hired immediately. The courses at Callidus have been designed keeping the requirements of the industry and the latest developments in consideration. They have trained more than 1000 professionals in various courses.


This is also one of the top content writing courses in Pune. It prepares the students not just for the content writing industry but also for writing for Radio, TV shows, anchoring, digital media, and ebooks.


The course highlights are:


  • 2-month course
  • 2 classes per week
  • Taught by expert writer Mr. Shivraj Gorle
  • Special focus on creative writing


The course puts more emphasis on the creative aspects of writing. If the student is interested in writing drama and screenplay, this is an ideal course. The course is taught by a practitioner himself.


This course teaches students the art of copywriting, how to write news, feature, and column. Special focus is given to developing the student’s unique writing skills.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite




Symbiosis center offers options for distance learning in professional courses like digital marketing, content writing, and creative writing n English. It offers a diploma in creative writing. These courses are provided by Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning, which began in 2001.


The SCDL’s aim is to provide quality courses in professional fields through distance learning. Anyone can join these courses and learn from anywhere in the country. Being accessible to even remote places, this course is one of the top content writing courses in Pune.


The course highlights are:

  • 1-year program
  • Widely recognized and accredited program
  • leads to a diploma


The course is useful for the student who is interested in seeking employment in journalism, mass communication, advertising, and public relations, or in creative writing and the publishing industry. The course aims to stimulate creative thinking and writing in students.


It also includes lectures or lessons from prominent writers of today. The course enlightens students on various concepts associated with creative life.


Students learn how to write various forms of creative writing like poetry, fiction, drama, short stories, and so on. They learn to identify what makes good writing.



Q. What is content writing?

Ans- The craft of developing content in a way it brings genuine organic audience attention to a website, page, product in order to generate leads and sales is called content writing.

Q. What are some of the content writing practices?

Ans- There are several practices followed for content writing and some of them are on-page SEO, keyword research, keyword stuffing, and content structuring as well.

Q. What are some content writing tools?

Ans- There are lots of content writing tools and some of them are UBERSuggest, SEMrush, etc.



As we can see, content writing courses in Pune put more emphasis on creativity and art. This can be attributed to the city’s historical roots in art. Many schools of film and arts find a home in Pune.


But Pune has another side that is tech-oriented and has definite needs too.


There are enough content writing courses in Pune for students with all interests. We hope this article helped you in making a decision.


Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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