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Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Surat

In today’s digital age, content writing is one of the most demanding careers. Content writing is an excellent choice if you have a passion for writing or want to demonstrate your writing abilities.  For any website, content is the foundation. To advertise their companies, a lot of online businesses hire efficient content writers. But are you unsure how to turn it into a career? Don’t worry, there are several online courses and platforms available that can help you improve your writing skills. But choosing the proper institute is very important. Do you live in Surat and are in search of content writing courses? This article will inform you about the content writing courses in Surat. You may work from anywhere because content writing is one of the occupations with a lot of freelance opportunities. Simply improve your article writing abilities and begin your career as a content writer.


What Exactly is Content Writing?


There are thousands of websites available each serving a specific business purpose. Creating a website isn’t enough for any business but driving the right customers to your site is crucial. When any visitor visits your website for a purpose, providing them with the right and reliable information is important.


Here comes the role of a content writer. A content writer’s job is to provide engaging content for websites to increase sales and build customers for a company. Content writing is a professional form of creating content mainly intended for attracting an online audience.


Understanding the audience is the main key factor in content writing. Writing relevant content that appeals to customers is a challenging factor. Content not only aids in improving sales but also helps in building positive relationships with customers.


Content writers help in increasing brand awareness with their inspiring content. Content writers create, edit, publish and promote the content. The content they produce can be in any form like blog posts, video scripts, social media posts, white papers, e-books, etc.


Scope Of Content Writing


If you wish to work in the field of content writing and start your career as a content writer, there are several career prospects available. Content writing is a skill-based career that requires creativity. In India, the field of content writing has a lot of potentials.


Content writers create content for websites, write product descriptions for e-commerce sites, write articles for newspapers and magazines, create blog posts for companies, write press releases, effective business communications, email writings, different kinds of white papers, technical content for IT companies, social media copies, creating effective audio and video scripts, crafting engaging podcasts, advertising campaigns f, etc. Finding your area of interest and honing your skills will pave the way for a successful career in content writing.


Skills Required for A Content Writer


A few basic skills are necessary for a successful content writer. Writing engaging and quality content needs expertise. Understanding the audience’s mindset and delivering appropriate content is important.


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Essential Content Writing Skills


  1. Adaptability
  2. Ability to do in-depth research
  3. Creativity
  4. SEO knowledge
  5. Communication skills
  6. Social media understanding
  7. Staying updated with the latest trends
  8. Creating quality content
  9. Editing skills
  10. Time management
  11. Planning the work


Types of Content Writers


Depending on the type of content they create, there are different types of content writers. Each content writer is distinct since they specialize in a specific niche. Depending on the business’s objectives, content can be created in a variety of formats.


Some Popular Content Writer Types


  1. Blog writer
  2. Social media writer
  3. Copywriter
  4. Ghostwriter
  5. Technical writer
  6. Brand journalist
  7. Email and newsletter writer
  8. Long-form content writer
  9. Ad and promo writer
  10. Scriptwriter
  11. SEO content writer
  12. Editorial and publication writer
  13. Report writer
  14. Feature writer
  15. Marketing and communication writer
  16. Research writer
  17. Business writer
  18. Web content writer
  19. Article writer
  20. E-commerce writer
  21. Grant writer


Now Let’s Have a Detailed Look Into the Content Writing Courses in Surat


Rank# 1. Content Writing Courses in Surat


1. IIM Skills


It is one of the leading online education platforms which offers various skill development courses. IIM Skills aims to give World Class Education at a reasonable price. IIM Skills programs are ranked number one by Top Education Blogs Such as Career360, Course Report, Advisor Uncle & Course Dekho. IIM skills provide a full-fledged Content Writing Master Course through live online and self-paced learning.


Features of the Content Writing Course

  • 4 weeks of live course
  • Guaranteed three months internship
  • Flexible teaching hours.
  • The training period consists of live lectures and internship sessions.
  • Freelance work opportunities
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • IIM Skills Certification
  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification


Benefits of This Course

  • Guaranteed internship for 3 Months
  • Start a content writing agency
  • Lifetime assistance
  • Portfolio creation for job and freelance
  • Guide you in publishing your first E-Book on Amazon Kindle and Google Books.
  • Write your first blog post for publications like the Times of India.
  • Submitting your first press release to an online news portal.


Why IIM Skills Content Writing Courses in Surat?

  • IIM Skills students are hired by top writing agencies, media firms, and businesses, including Fortune 500 companies.
  • Write-Right, Naukri Learning, Contentholic, Careers360, Course Dekho, Advisor Uncle, and other top content writing agencies and education blogs have ranked this as India’s No. 1 Content Writing Course.
  • Global Accreditation and IIM Skills Master Certification
  • Live online training lectures.
  • Offer internship assignments and industry case studies for a practical learning experience.
  • Access to key content information via a learning management system.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


The Course Content Includes


With the help of this course, you will learn different writing methods. The course curriculum is divided into 12 modules which include the following topics.


  1. Web development
  2. UI / UX interface blog creation
  3. Introduction to content writing
  4. Content keyword research
  5. Start writing content
  6. Content writing tools
  7. Duplicate content detector
  8. Content distribution using Email
  9. Google local pages setup
  10. Content marketing using social media
  11. Exploring social media tools
  12. Freelance content writing


IIM SKILLS, which is recognized as the best content writing course in the world, provides expert training that enhances your writing abilities. In today’s world of global competition, IIM Skills will assist you in achieving your career goals. You may want to check out the list of the best content writing courses In India to learn about the features offered by the top institutes.


Other Courses


Rank# 2. Content Writing Courses in Surat


2. Coursera


Coursera is a worldwide online learning platform that provides access to online courses and degrees from world-class universities. Coursera collaborates with over 200 premier universities and companies to provide flexible, affordable, job-relevant online learning.


Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng created Coursera in 2012 to give great learning experiences to learners all around the world. Coursera provides a variety of learning opportunities, including hands-on projects and courses, as well as job-ready certificates and degree programs.


The Most Popular Content Writing Courses Offered by Coursera Are

  • Good with Words: Writing and Editing:
  • The Wesleyan University- Creative Writing:
  • The University of California, Irvine- Academic English: Writing:
  • Memoir and Personal Essay: Write About Yourself:
  • The University of Colorado Boulder- Effective Communication: Writing, Design, and Presentation:
  • The Michigan State University- Write Your First Novel:
  • Writing Effectively with Complex Sentences:
  •  The University of California, Irvine- Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation
  • The University of Pennsylvania- English for Journalism:
  • The California Institute of the Arts- Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop:


The Strategy of Content Marketing

This course is recommended for people who want to begin their content marketing journey. You will specifically learn how to plan, organize, and implement a content marketing strategy. You will also learn how to put the ideas taught to you into action and use content marketing to establish your brand.


The Course Syllabus Includes

  1. The Content marketing ecosystem
  2. The strategic context (The 7A Framework)
  3. Crafting a content marketing strategy
  4. The strategic types of content
  5. Managing your content


Rank# 3. Content Writing Courses in Surat


3. Udemy


Udemy is the perfect place if you want to learn or share what you know. It is a global destination for online learning and offers a wide variety of courses. The courses are primarily useful to improve job-related skills. Courses span over 65 languages with instructors from all around the world.


Udemy’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California, with offices located in Denver, Colorado, Dublin, Ireland, Ankara, Turkey, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Gurugram, India. Udemy is listed on Fortune’s Change the World List for 2020. Udemy offers several courses in content writing.


  1. The content writing course
  2. Better business writing skills
  3. Complete web content writing masterclass + power words eBook
  4. The complete content writing course for 2022
  5. Copywriting
  6. copywriting for SEO and sales
  7. Content creation and content writing for B2B content marketing
  8. Ultimate content writing course for beginners


If you want to start your career as a content writer Ultimate Content Writing Course for Beginners will be useful with the aid of this course, you will be able to:

  •  Understand the fundamentals of content writing
  • Start a freelance career in content writing and launch a successful freelance content writing business.
  • Meet the needs of digital marketing and SEO content.
  • Blog writing, article writing, web content writing, SEO content writing


Content Writing Courses in Surat Syllabus

  • Introducing content writing
  • Why be a content writer?
  • Types of content writing
  • Structure of a blog
  • Blog title
  • Blog introduction
  • The body of the blog
  • Blog conclusion
  • Glossary of content writing term
  • Work process in content writing


You will receive a certificate after the successful course completion. A 3-week action plan is provided to help you get started with your content writing freelancing or agency business. This course will help you establish yourself as a reputable content writer.


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Rank# 4. Content Writing Courses in Surat


4. Digital Academy 360


Mr. Yogesh Shashi, a visionary founder, and a young, energetic, and smart digital marketer, founded Digital Academy 360 to redefine India’s education system. Digital Academy 360 started in 2015 in Bangalore as a digital marketing training institute. Digital Academy 360 was quickly recognized as one of India’s greatest Digital Marketing Institutes, and the Indian Education Awards 2019 even named it the “Best Digital Learning Institute” of the year.


Though it began as a Digital Marketing Training Institute, digital academy 360 has expanded its courses to include Content Writing, Graphic Designing, UI/UX, and Animation. The courses are designed for beginners as well as working professionals looking to advance in their careers.


Salient Features of the Institute

  • Providing in-depth courses
  • Course curriculums are being validated by leading industry professionals.
  • Five top domain experts are available for mentoring and consulting.
  • Mentoring and doubt-clearing sessions on a one-on-one basis
  • Access to workshops and seminars
  • Free LMS provides quarterly updates on courses.


Skill Diploma in Content Writing

It is a Classroom / Online delivery Program for 3 Months.


The Course Offers

  1. You can learn from expert academics in real-time online seminars and self-paced learning through pre-recorded videos and other comprehensive materials.
  2. Bootcamp and courses in physical mode will give you more practical experience.
  3. Pre-recorded audio-video lectures and materials such as PDFs, Videos, and pre-recorded Case Studies are available on the LMS platform.
  4. The academic project and many assignments will give you a thorough understanding of each module.
  5. Get real-time practical exposure to premium tools used by industry professionals and multiple case studies featuring growth strategies in various domains.
  6. Learn and master your skills by attending webinars hosted by top industry professionals from across the world who will offer their real-time subject expertise and experience.


The Course Curriculum Includes

  • Discover how to write, publish, share your content
  • Understanding a Content writer’s writing cycle: The Complete Guide
  • How to create content for improved search rankings (SEO Concepts)
  • Set up a website using WordPress


Content Marketing Experts with a minimum of five years of experience and industry experts from prominent MNCs will teach the course. This course will help you write various forms of content and learn how to write for various industries and domains. Digital Academy 360 will give you a certificate after successful completion.


Advantages of This Course

  • The best learning experience with live projects and case studies
  • Top-notch professionals will mentor you and provide personal attention to all your queries.


Rank# 5. Content Writing Courses in Surat


5. Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader is a research and career consulting organization committed to helping you achieve your career goals. It provides a wide range of courses that promote building a strong career foundation.


Highlights of the Institute

  • Quality training
  • Expert advice and guidance on different career options
  • Updates on recent trends
  • Live projects to provide real-world experience.
  • Flexible online courses
  • Career-related queries
  • Help Desk for Q&A


Skills Upgrader Offers a Content Writing Courses in Surat that Include:

  • Four-week live online classroom training
  • Practical assignments
  • Three-month internship
  • Lifetime support
  • Freelancing opportunities
  • Portfolio development
  • Dedicated placement help
  • Content writing certification



What Should You Enrol, in their Content Writing Courses in Surat?

This course will cover the fundamentals of content writing, such as website content, blogging, ad copy, and social media posts. Apart from that, you’ll learn about blogs, videos, podcasts, social media postings, emails, webinars, and infographics, among other things. The main curriculum of content writing is organized into 15 modules.


Practical Learning Assignments Will Be Given in the Domains of:


Students, graduates, aspiring writers, bloggers, marketers, content marketers, digital marketers, and many others will benefit from this course.


Rank# 6. Content Writing Courses in Surat


6. Education and Career Times


ECT is a startup company recognized by govt of India that provides online courses in the fields of content writing, digital writing, communication, and personality development. ECT offers three months content writing course with live online training.


Benefits of Content Writing Courses in Surat

  • Exercises to assist you in setting and achieving writing goals
  • Earn a globally recognized certificate from a government-approved training center.
  • Training Program for 3 Months which includes training and internship.
  • Interesting and informative writing assignments
  • Opportunity to work on live projects
  • Help you create your own blog/website.
  • Be a skilled content marketer
  • Every training participant receives personalized feedback.
  • Developing your capacity to write content on the most difficult topics.
  • Improving your vocabulary and linguistic skills
  • Develop graphic design and video editing abilities.


Mode of teaching

  • Offline content writing in Delhi
  • Live Online training from anyplace


The Course Syllabus Includes Thirteen Modules That Cover the Following Topics of Content Writing

  • Introduction to content writing
  • Boost your vocabulary


Learn Writing Tools, Tips, & Techniques

  • Hone your creative non-fiction writing skills
  • Learn fiction writing
  • Master business writing skills
  • Learn technical writing
  • Hone your academic writing skills
  • specific pieces of content
  • Master content marketing
  • Monetize your writing skills
  • Publish your book


With the help of this course, you may begin a freelancing career, become a well-known author, expand your business, work with international clients, and much more.


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Rank# 7. Content Writing Courses in Surat


7. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a global education technology company established in the United States and India, with customers across 97 countries. Henry Harvin is a career development institute also referred to as an Online University providing more than 200 Programs to build your skills. It is one of the top 500 Education technology firms in the world and one of the top 100 Edtech companies in India.


Public programs, college programs, corporate programs, skill development programs, books, consulting services, and assessments are some of the business domains of the institute. Henry Harvin is the best among the fastest-growing Edtech businesses in India.


Post Graduate Program in Content Writing

Henry Harvin provides this course which will help you to get ahead in your career. This course is recognized by the American Association of EFL, Content Writing Association of India, UK Cert, UKAF, and MSME.


Learn Writing Tools, Tips, & Techniques

  1. Training 2. Projects 3. Internship 4. Certification 5. Placement 6. E-Learning 7. Bootcamps 8. Writing Hackathons 9. Gold Membership is all included in this 9-in-one program.
  2. Get a master’s certification in content writing from the prestigious Henry Harvin, which is internationally recognized.
  3. Obtain Hands-on Projects for practical and in-depth study of the courses during the training.
  4. It is a six-month course followed by a six-month internship. The curriculum was created by industry experts to ensure that students have a thorough understanding of the subject matter.
  5. Offers 6-month internship, weekly job support, and interview skill enrichment sessions
  6. This course provides you with a comprehensive overview of the subject.
  7. Capstone project for the specialization of knowledge and skills
  8. Trainers with a minimum of 12 years of industry experience and global certifications will give you the training.


Will You Learn in their Content Writing Courses in Surat?

  • Learn the fundamentals of several styles of writing, such as technical, creative, Academic, Business, and more.
  • Be well-versed in all aspects and approaches of fiction writing, scriptwriting, and screenwriting.
  • Write poetry and create creative writing
  • Master English terms used by expert writers
  • To write clearly and concisely.
  • Know all of the essential ethics for research communications and how to apply them.
  • Learn the necessary ethics for medical communicators as well as the principles of medical communication.
  • The importance of scientific background and terminology.


The Course Curriculum Includes

  1. Digital content writing course
  2. Creative writing course
  3. Technical writing course
  4. Medical writing course
  5. Digital marketing course
  6. Copywriting
  7. Simulated content writing projects


Advantages of Taking This Course

  • Live online interactive training
  • Mentorship from award-winning trainers
  • Gold membership for one year
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Bootcamp session every month
  • In membership, you can attend an unlimited number of live sessions.
  • Get lifetime access to all batches’ recordings




1. What are the educational qualifications required to be a content writer?

If you want to start a career as a content writer, you only need is to understand the fundamentals of writing. Specific educational qualifications are not necessary.


2. What will be the scope of freelance content writing?

For aspiring authors, freelancing content writing is an excellent career choice. Simply identify your writing niche and start building a portfolio around it. You can work on a variety of platforms as a freelance content writer.


3. What are the tools used in content writing?

Because content creation requires a great deal of expertise and research, there is a need for some basic tools that will make the content writer’s job easier and more efficient. Grammarly, Yoast SEO, Hemmingway Editor, HubSpot blog idea generator, Google documents, SEMrush, and Canva, are some popular tools used by content writers.




If writing is your passion and desire to make it a career the best way is, to improve your writing skills with the help of a reputable institute. In recent years, content writing has undeniably been one of the best career options. A systematic approach and clarity in thinking will definitely pave a way for your career.


There are several job prospects in content writing all across the world. So be confident, and prepare to begin your content writing profession. Make a difference in the realm of writing by unlocking the various career advancements with your personal writing style. We hope that this article on content writing courses in Surat will assist you in finding the correct institute for learning content writing.


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