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Courses After 10th – The Ultimate Guide To Career After 10th

Which are the best courses after 10th? This question keeps ringing the young minds who are pursuing the 10th standard or have recently qualified for the grade. Well, it is a critical decision to make as it will define how the academic career will be.

In India, the 10th standard is a big deal. Students get to experience board examinations, career-defining responsibilities, and many other things for the first time in their lives. The process can be really overwhelming sometimes.

Therefore, it is important to have clarity about what exactly they want to do and how exactly they’ll be taking their academic career ahead. Students, who have aspired to become something for long 9-10 years of their academic life, actually get to choose.

Some students want a career in the banking sector. In contrast, others want to be doctors. Some other students like journalism and literature, while the rest may like engineering or hotel management or any of the hundreds of career options they have always aspired to achieve.

After completing the 10th standard, the students are presented with 3 core options to pursue their 10+2 or the 12th standard. These include science, commerce, and arts. Besides continuing their studies through the 12th standard, they may wish to pursue Diploma courses or ITI courses.

What after the 10th?

The 10th standard happens to be a crucial academic benchmark for every student. This is when the students actually get the exposure to make serious academic decisions. They are presented with several streams to pursue their higher education.

Considering the future opportunities, competition, and many other factors, many students are confused about which course is best after the 10th standard. It is a very valid question to have in mind as it will be responsible for how your academic and even professional career is going to be.

There are 3 ways they can take their academic journey after completing the 10th grade:

  1. Pursue 12th standard
  2. Go for diploma
  3. Study in ITI (Industrial training institute)

By the time students appear for the 10th board examinations, they should have a planned blueprint in their mind around which options they shall be considering. The mentioned options come with a very diverse set of choices, and depending on what the student actually wants, they can go for the options accordingly.

Let me frame this in a slightly more detailed way.

  • 10+2 or the 12th Standard

The first and one of the trendy options for 10th class students wondering which course is best after 10th is to pursue 12th or the higher secondary education. It’s basically a 2-year course, usually referred to as 10+2.

The 12th class or grade in India is the higher secondary education students can pursue immediately after completing their 10th standard. Like it is mentioned, this option comes with a very diverse set of choices.

However, the choices made will result in the kind of academic career they’ll be leading. The most general options for students who want to pursue 12th standard include Science, Commerce, and Arts.

+2 Science or the students who took science as the primary subject for their higher secondary education are further presented with 2 options: computer science and biology. They have to choose either one of them as the key subject.

The students may wish to keep maths and physical education as the secondary subject with biology, or they may also go for 2nd or 3rd language subjects like Hindi. However, they won’t pursue engineering if they do not have mathematics as a subject during their higher secondary education.

Images for courses after 10th


A diploma is the second most popular opinion for students in grade 10 or those who have already passed the 10th standard and have no idea about which course is best after the 10th standard.

The diploma is one of the trendy and preferred choices for education after 10th in India. The diploma is mainly meant to guide the students through the vocational training in the trade they choose. There are primarily 4 streams of professional studies to choose from while pursuing a Diploma after 10th in India.

The streams include electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics and telecommunication, information and technology, modern office management, and pharmacy diplomas.

A diploma is very suitable for those who want to learn professional skills in a particular domain. It is the perfect way to find exposure to the industrial aspects of professional studies one is interested in. The diploma courses are not limited to just engineering, management, or pharmacy. Rather, there are many subjects like cinematography, beauty culture, and much more to choose from.

  • ITI (Industrial Training Institute)

Another very potential option for students wondering which course is best after 10th is going the ITI courses.

ITI is an entirely professional course for the students after the 10th standard. There are several courses in ITI that the students can go for. The professional courses in ITI include a range of industry-related training, some of them are:

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Electrical engineering
  3. Motor Mechanic
  4. Pump Operator
  5. Draughtsman (Civil and mechanical) engineering

These are only some of all the professional courses in ITI for students who have completed their 10th standard. The duration of these ITI courses varies depending on the nature of the course. The students may opt to pursue a diploma through lateral entry after completing ITI. They might as well find jobs as technicians and operators as the course guides them through the practical and professional aspects.


Education after 10th in India: Detailed Comparison of 10+2, Diploma And ITI

While the mentioned were some of the much-known options, you must be wondering which one you shall go for. All these mentioned courses come with a different set of benefits, and you must understand how each of them is different from the rest.

Here’s a small comparison to help you understand which one fits you perfectly. If you’re clueless about which course is best after the 10th, then you might as well find these comparisons fascinating and insightful.


How Is 10+2 Or 12th Standard Different From Diploma?

While 12th is a higher secondary education course, the diploma is more inclined towards the vocational training of the students. Both these educational courses after the 10th have their own perks. If you are pursuing the 10th standard and confused about which course is best after the 10th, then here’s a comparison that might be of interest to you.

There are several degree courses and university programs that you can pursue only if you have qualified for the 12th standard. For example, the eligibility criteria for most BBA colleges require the candidate to have passed the 10+2 from the state or central board. However, a diploma wouldn’t be considered in this case.

Earlier it was not possible for Diploma holders to find admission at national and tier 1 colleges and universities in India, for they all required 12th board passing certification. However, in 2018 several provisions were introduced based on which the Diploma holders might attend the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Mains).

The diploma is considered the 10+2 or 12th equivalent; however, the exposure to professional aspects is much more in Diploma compared to that of 12th. The employment opportunities for students who have completed their 12th standard are relatively less than those who have completed their Diploma.

These were some perks and disadvantages that a student should consider before considering any of these educational courses after the 10th standard in India.

How Is Diploma Course Different From ITI?

Although the ITI and Diploma are vocational and industry-related training courses, they also possess a good set of differences. If you are wondering which course is best after the 10th, this comparison might be helpful for you.

The ITI courses are very much professional specific, and therefore the employment opportunities are very much restricted to that particular position. For example, if one has completed their ITI training for plumbing practices, they’ll only find employment opportunities as a plumber.

However, as a Diploma graduate, one has exposure to a much broader aspect and employment opportunities. The students who have completed their diploma in engineering can find jobs as maintenance engineers, machine operators, junior engineer trainees, etc.

Apart from the type of employment, students shall also be aware that the remuneration offered in ITI is quite less compared to that in Diploma. These were some of the significant perks and disadvantages of courses that every student wondering which is the best course after 10th.

Best 10+2 or 12th Standard Courses after 10th

There are not many options to choose from if you opt to pursue the 12th standard after the 10th. Here are all the courses after the 10th that you might want to take if you choose to pursue 12th after 10th.

  • Science

Science is further divided into 2 major subjects, computer science and biology. The students may opt for computer science or biology. However, the remaining subjects like Physics, Chemistry, English stay constant in either choice.

  • Commerce

The students who aspire to have a career in the banking industry, or maybe want to become a CA or even a GST practitioner, etc., can consider taking commerce courses after 10th. However, the students are given a choice to pursue courses with or without maths as a subject. The subjects in commerce courses include accounting, economics, English, etc.

  • Arts

Students who like literature, history, political science, or even those who want to have a career as a journalist or writer can consider taking arts as their major subject in 12th. Career opportunities in the arts are emerging. It is definitely a potential option to lead a wonderful professional career as a lawyer, a civil servant, professor, lecturer, administration, writer, etc.

Best Diploma Courses after 10th

If a student wishes to pursue diploma courses after their 10th standard, they have a massive library of courses to choose from. Let’s take a tour of some of the top-rated Diploma courses after the 10th.

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Electronics and Telecommunication
  • Information Technology
  • Beauty Culture
  • Modern Office Management
  • Pharmacy

These are only some of all the courses involved in Diploma and are quite a popular option for most students after 10th. However, there are several other courses that the students may consider depending upon their career choices and interests.

Some of the other diploma courses to pursue right after 10th are:

  • Cinematography
  • Photography
  • Interior design
  • Fashion Design
  • Journalism and Mass communication
  • Food Production
  • Hotel Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Computer Application
  • Computer programming

The list goes endless. Students with specific interests may lookup up the internet and find the best possible diploma courses for themselves right after completing their 10th standard.

Best ITI Courses after 10th

ITI courses are very profession-specific, and the students need to be very clear about their choices before going for any ITI course right after completing their 10th standard examination. Some of the most popular ITI courses are:

  • Electrician
  • Refrigerator and AC mechanic
  • Plumber
  • Fitter
  • Mason
  • Foundry Man
  • Letter Press

These are only some of the top-rated ITI courses that most students preferred after the 10th. Although there are several other courses and based on the availability, the students can search courses according to their interests and find institutions that offer the desired ITI courses.


The courses mentioned above are very much mainstream and are quite known to the normal audience and students. However, several courses guide and train the students around a particular skill, helping them become employable.

Usually, these courses are initiatives started by the government of India and come under the Make in India program. The basic idea is to endorse local skills and entrepreneurship to help citizens from the remotest corners become self-sufficient.

These courses have a range of training programs that mainly focus on training students around a specific craft, skill, concept, or technology. However, there are no restrictions for who can or cannot take the course.

This allows not just 10th standard students but absolutely anyone to skill up and makes them self-sufficient for a normal living. Courses like these have immensely helped people from the tribal regions with no proper resources for higher education.

Such a course has also been helping women to become financially independent and earn their livelihood.  The courses involve training in all types of skills, starting from coffee harvesting, manufacturing incense sticks, clay pots, candles, ready-to-bake food items, and more.

Students, particularly those who have recently completed their 10th standard and those who are already in the 10th grade, might find some technology-based courses. Some of the top-rated courses include:

  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Entrepreneurship and Management
  • 3D Design
  • Tool operation

These are only some of all the courses available for learning. If you are clear about your career choices and want to pursue a professional course for early employment opportunities, you easily find them by browsing them on the web.

There are several government portals on the web which contain sufficient information about such courses.


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Courses by the Government of India for 10th Pass Out

The government of India has been taking initiatives to improve the employment rates in the country. One such initiative is the Central Tool Room and Training Centre (CTTC), managed under the MSME ministry.

courses after 10th by MSME

This initiative was introduced as a result of successful collaboration with the government of Denmark in the early 90s. This training center has been established in 6 cities in India, with extension centers in several other cities across India.

The Central Tool Room and Training Centre also has a dedicated manufacturing unit that develops tools and equipment for the Indian space research organization. Organizations trust it for upskilling their employees with the latest technologies.

There are a variety of courses that offer diploma and advanced diploma certification in this institute. However, specifically for the students who have completed their matriculation or the 10th standard, quite a few courses might be of student’s interest.

Some of the top-rated courses that the students can consider after 10th are:

  • Diploma in Tool and Die Making
  • Diploma in Mechatronics
  • ITI Machinist
  • ITI Fitter
  • ITI Electrician

The duration of these courses ranges from 6 months to 4 years, depending on the nature of the course. Students willing to take professional courses from a reputed government institution with placement opportunities shall consider CTTC courses an important resource for upgrading their careers.

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Professional courses to apply for 

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course

GST Course

CAT Coaching

Digital Marketing Course

Content Writing Course


What are the career options after the 10th?

The standards of education have changed over the years. In fact, because of the pandemic online classes and courses have become the new norm. Students have started to trust online mediums of education and the results are also quite effective.

It wouldn’t be very difficult for students to find the best courses after the 10th that will shape their academic career for the rest of their lives. From higher secondary education to professional courses and even industrial training, the 10th-grade students have massive exposure to opportunities.

If you’re among students wondering which course is best after 10th, then you might as well find enough information on the internet and government portals to compare different education programs and courses to know what suits you well.

Students who want an immediate career after 10th may find plenty of vacancies as Group-D employees in:

  • Defense Forces (Army, Navy, Air force)
  • Railways
  • Police Department
  • Data entry operator
  • Storekeeper


Q. What is the best course after 10th?

Ans- There are several courses, the students can consider pursuing right after completing their 10th standard such as a diploma in engineering, pharmacy, etc.

Q. Are there any professional courses after 10th?

Ans- Yes, there are many professional courses after 10th starting with ITI courses such as carpentry, masonry, etc and you may choose to pursue a diploma in engineering as well. Other than this, there are several government-hosted skill-based educational courses that can also get you placements.

Q. Are there any jobs after 10th?

Ans- Considering your skills, qualification and eligibility, there can be some jobs for students who completed their 10th standard, however, it becomes easier for the students to find jobs after pursuing a professional course.

These were some of the best courses after the 10th that you may consider. This guide takes you through every little detail about the courses available at the career scopes are in each other.

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