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Best Game Development Courses: Details, Career, Salary, and More

In the last couple of years, there has been a sudden rise in the gaming industry and that might be the reason behind the increased interest in game development courses in India.

The Gaming and Game Development Industries

Gaming has turned out to be a very emerging industry in recent times, especially in India. It was quite expected right after the internet revolution in India that the gaming industry would start to boom in a few years.

Earlier, when the internet wasn’t accessible that easily, Indian gaming was limited to PC games and there weren’t many people who were actively gaming. Total overdose, counterstrike, project IGI, Need for speed, etc were some of the very popular games of that era. However, the internet revolution entirely changes the gaming scene in India.

India hit record sales in 4G mobile phones, and more devices that were capable of handling heavy games were launched into the market. The Indian gaming industry is worth over $1 billion in 2021 and it is expected to double by the year 2022.

Now that gaming and streaming have become an irreplaceable part of the content industry it has achieved tremendous amounts of attention and is being loved by the Indian audience. Considering these developments and the rise in the gaming industry in India, it is very obvious to know that the game development companies are also at their peak and still growing.

The incredible love for gaming in India comes as a boom to the game development companies. More mobile and pc games have been developed in the recent 4-5 years than in the entire history of game development and the surge in gamers has brought unmatchable success to the gaming companies.

Tencent, the company that developed the very popular game PUBG reported a 28% year-on-year growth in revenue making around $73.9 billion. Considering all these reports, it is clear that the gaming industry is on a rise and that it will keep rising for a good long time.

It is one of the finest times for aspiring game developers to learn the craft and skills, to find themselves a nice job. Game development companies are expanding like never before and clearly, there are good employment opportunities in the game development sector.

This is just the starting of the rise in game development companies and the gaming industries that we’re yet to see. So, it appears to me that there is going to be a good career for the game development professionals especially the ones who are starting at this point.

The future of gaming and game development is very advanced. The use of AI and other technology is expected and with that, the need for people with such skills and knowledge will also increase. There couldn’t be a better time even for people without relevant skills, to learn the skills and be a part of the growing industry.

What is Game Development?

Video game development is a process of developing video games by an expert developer or a whole team, whether situated in the country or outside. The game development takes a variable time to get accomplished, depending upon the complexity, of course.

The game industry has seen a new market upsurge in the past few years. Much new online software has risen to facilitate the gaming industry. Earlier, the games were being played on PCs/laptops but now it is accessible to even mobile phones, both Android and iOS. These games are being played using consoles, mobile phones, laptops, and many more. The developer has to be creative as well as passionate to develop a good video game.

Career prospects in the gaming industry

Playing a game online on a mobile phone or a PC is a favorite pastime for almost every individual. We never get tired from playing. So, one thing is for sure that the gaming industry will never see a downfall in the whole lifetime. Now the time is digital with the vast and economical internet packages, so data usage is now not an issue. This is certainly a growing industry with an enormous amount of career opportunities.

These career opportunities are available everywhere both in India and abroad. The gaming industry is rising and will only grow further. Besides the high career opportunities,  this industry also provides a good amount of salary and a great pay scale. The growth of any educational industry means a parallel growth in the number of colleges and institutes providing training in the relevant sector. With the simultaneous rise in the number of colleges and institutes, the number of recruiters has also increased, recruiting a great number of individuals.

Once upon a time, game designing was considered as an extra option besides graduation. However, the time has changed and people have started taking up game designing as a professional course. Earlier, people thought that no specific knowledge was needed for becoming an expert, but today an in-depth knowledge and highly proficient skills are required for pursuing this course.

People have started opting for this as an important career opportunity and becoming professionals in the same field. With a change in the perception, the gaming industry has started to attract more companies from both India and from abroad. More and more companies have started to hire potential candidates with definitely a handsome pay scale.

So if you are also considering this as a professional career opportunity, you should go for a professional course to stand out from others and lead in the prevailing competition. In this article, we have accumulated some amazing game development courses from renowned institutes to aid you in your research and getting yourself a highly paid job.


Advantages of pursuing A game development course

Below are some amazing advantages of pursuing a game development course-

  • You get an opportunity to find a good job.
  • It’s a challenging course.
  • If you are creative, you can do wonders as a game developer.
  • The salary or the pay scale is worth considering.
  • The companies recruiting game developers are on the higher side and will rise further.
  • You can land yourself in a good-paying job.
  • The gaming market will never see a downfall as people hugely indulge themselves in the gaming pastime.
  • Almost every individual plays a game online whether on his mobile phone or the PC/laptop.
  • The industry is still growing and will only grow further.

Game Development Courses in India

As we have stated, the gaming industry is rising and in the sky. To differentiate yourself, you can pursue various gaming courses. These courses will ensure a good career opportunity for the individuals. Also, these courses are available in a wide variety of course levels, such as certification courses, diploma courses, courses at the master’s level, as well as graduate-level courses. People can opt for any course according to the eligibility requirements. Let’s discuss various types of gaming courses that are available in the market for people who are looking to make a career in game designing.

Game development courses

Certification courses in Gaming Development and Designing

The certification course in Gaming development and design comes in two different types –

  • Certificate course in gaming
  • Certificate course in-game art as well as design

The certificate course in gaming provides a certificate in only gaming development while the certificate course in-game art as well as the design provides a certificate in development as well as designing. Any person can opt for this and get hands-on practice of gaming experience.

Diploma Courses in Gaming Development and Design

These are the diploma courses available in taking development and design. These are great options for those who want to learn this gaming development course but also don’t want to spend much time. The eligibility criteria to get admission in these courses is being the 12th pass from a recognized board. Below is the list of available courses available for a diploma in gaming design and development-

Diploma in Animation

Diploma in Animation and multimedia is a Diploma program offered to those who have a keen interest in the animation sector. The course provides basic learning in the field of animation and multimedia with their applications in the real world. Admission to this course is offered based on a minimum score obtained in the competitive exam. It is an undergraduate-level course providing an Average salary of about 200,000-1,000,000.

  • Eligibility– 12th pass in any stream from a recognized board.
  • Duration- The course duration is of 1 year.

Diploma in Game design

This diploma is for learning Game designing. These are the backbone of any game and these thrive on newer ideas to develop a new game. This course will groom you to become an all-rounder Game Designer, a Level Designer, a 2D & 3D Game Artist, or a Gameplay Programmer who can design and develop a new game idea.

  • Eligibility- Students should have passed 10+2 or its equivalent qualification with a minimum of 60% marks from a recognized school board can opt for this diploma course.
  • Duration- The duration of this course is for 1 year.

Professional course in-game art

In this course, the students start with the basics, right from strengthening the fine art skills covering various elements of Game Art development, allowing the students to get detailed knowledge about relevant software functioning, tools techniques she student learns on how to learn the basics of game art.

  • Eligibility – 12th pass in any stream with 60% from a recognized board.

Advance diploma in-game art and development

This course allows the student to get advanced knowledge of both game art and development. The advanced diploma in-game art and development mainly focuses on the practical aspects of game developments and all other skills involved and its duration is also less as compared to that of regular diploma courses.

The course requires candidates to have completed their higher secondary education from any recognized board with at least 60%. Some colleges might allow students who have secured below 60% as well.

  • Eligibility – 12th pass in any stream with 60% from a recognized board.
  • Duration- 1 year

Advance diploma course in programming related to game design and development

This is an advanced course providing greater knowledge of game design and development.

  • Eligibility – 12th pass in any stream with 60% from a recognized board.
  • Duration- 1 year

Advance diploma in 3D art and design

This course provides a deep knowledge in the 3D and designing of a game.

  • Eligibility – 12th pass in any stream with 60% from a recognized board.
  • Duration- 1 year

Courses at the Graduation Level in Gaming Development and Design

Here is a list of the courses that are available as a graduate-level choice and the person with a vast interest in gaming and designing can pursue this.

Bachelor of Science in graphics and game art

The B.S. in Graphic Design & game art will educate pupils for pursuing careers in design and creative game art. The program’s strict curriculum focuses on hands-on design practice and integrating the building of creating game designs using the software.

  • Eligibility – 12th pass in any stream with 60% from a recognized board.
  • Duration- 3 years

Bachelor of technology in-game art

It is an interdisciplinary graduate-level degree course that enables the students to combine technology with creative designs to ensure the availability of the best game designs.

  • Eligibility – 12th pass in any stream with 60% from a recognized board.
  • Duration- 3 years

Bachelor of arts in animation

BA in Animation is an undergraduate Degree program. This course combines the art and science of animation to ensure the best Animation and Graphic Design of the games.

  • Eligibility – 12th pass in any stream with 60% from a recognized board.
  • Duration- 3 years

Bachelor of arts in digital marketing

It is a course that educates individuals to be aware of the current companies’ marketing campaigns. Students also learn how to properly evaluate global markets and their strategies.

  • Eligibility – 12th pass in any stream with 60% from a recognized board.
  • Duration- 3 years

Bachelor of science animation, game art, as well as game design and development

It is an undergraduate program that focuses on the design and art of animations and games. The student gets to learn a perfect amalgamation of all, from basics of the game to animation programs, 3-D modeling, 3D modeling and animation, graphic design skills Etc.

  • Eligibility – 12th pass in any stream with 60% from a recognized board.
  • Duration- 3 years

Master-level courses in Gaming Development and Design

We got to know about the graduate-level courses, the course also extends up to the Master level. These courses are pursued only after completing graduation in the relevant stream.

Master of Science in gaming and game art

This is a master-level course that enables students to learn, design, and develop games. The duration of the course is 2 years and the students who have a degree in either computer science or game development will get the opportunity to specialize in the subject of gaming and game art.

  • Eligibility – Graduates
  • Duration- 2 years

Master of Science in graphics and animation

This is a master level course providing a deeper knowledge in graphics, animation, and 3 D art. etc.

  • Eligibility – Graduates
  • Duration- 2 years

Master of science multimedia

This is also a Master’s level course enabling the student to learn graphics, designing, etc.

  • Eligibility – Graduates
  • Duration- 2 years

Master of science game design

A master level program allowing the students to learn the basics as well as detailing of gaming, designing, 3 D, art, and many more other skills. It is an interdisciplinary course encompassing a wider scope of gaming and designing.

  • Eligibility – Graduates
  • Duration- 2 years

So, we can see that a person has such a wide range of options available to pursue in gaming and designing. These will allow a person to learn a lot, from the basics to detail. Everything is available. If you want to spend more time then you can pursue graduate-level and master-level courses. For learning just the basics you can go for certificate and diploma courses.

Job profiles

Once the person has completed his training, he or she is eligible for working as the below-mentioned designations in renowned companies or institutes.

  • Game developer
  • Art designer
  • Game modeler
  • Game tester
  • Animator
  • Scriptwriter
  • Game designer
  • Level designer

One can opt for any designation depending upon the level of experience and skills. If you have a keen interest then you can opt for any course mentioned above and it will surely land you in a good job with a handsome salary.


The salary offered to these individuals largely varies but it is on the higher side, so one doesn’t have to worry at all. However several factors decide the salary slip, such as the amount of experience, the course that Is undertaken,  knowledge, the confidence of the person, and many more. A graduate-level course will land you in a better job than a diploma or a certificate course. So various factors that decide your salary. On average, a game designer earns a starting salary anywhere between 2-7 lakhs per annum with increasing as per your experience. The packages offered are quite good and worthy. The course is indeed a job provider.


So now we can say that the ming industry is a booming sector with handsome salaries offered presently. With time, the craze and the scope will only rise further with a simultaneous increase in the salary of the individuals.


Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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