Top 8 Prominent GST Certification Courses in Gurgaon

Are you looking to update your financial knowledge about the biggest tax reform in India? Here are some of the prime GST certification courses in Gurgaon to help you up to your GST game. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect and value-added tax, applied on the supply of goods and services and ultimately paid by the consumers. While GST was employed globally by countries starting from France, later followed by many European countries too in the 1970s and 1980s. India joined in 2017 under the reform of ‘one nation, one tax’.


GST in India was introduced to eliminate several taxes and employ only one. It is a single tax levied on every step of manufacturing any goods or services. This price is then included in the price which the consumer pays. The main aim of this tax was to unify different taxes into one. 


GST is a destination-based tax because it is employed in states where goods and services are consumed and not manufactured. Rather than taxes which were earlier done, this tax will be a consumption tax. GST is paid by consumers at the time of purchase of any goods or services. 


Absorbing all other taxes which were earlier levied. GST will now be a sole tax, absorbing central taxes such as central excise duty or service tax and state taxes such as entry tax or luxury tax. Simply tossing away a host of other taxes and uniting them to one tax is what Good and Services Tax is.


It is of Three Types:

  • CGST- Central goods and services tax which is levied by the central government 
  • SGST- State goods and services tax levied by the state government. 
  • IGST- Integrated goods and services tax levied on inter-state supply of goods and services 


How does GST work?


The introduction of GST was the biggest economic taxation reform for India. Before this reform, the production of any goods or services had to pay several taxes to the central as well as state government. After GST was introduced, this scenario shifted. 


Taxes are included at several stages. Such as raw material, manufactured, distributor, retailer, etc. Under GST taxes are to be paid at the end of this circle. The consumer at the point of consumption of any goods or service is supposed to pay this tax. Thus relaxing tensions in between all these processes. 


The cycle naturally occurs in the following:

  • Raw material
  • Manufacturer 
  • Distributor 
  • Retailer/ wholesaler
  • Consumer 


Now to understand deeply with examples and more clarification, a course can be of help. Inside any GST course, you’ll find the basic introduction to the last step of filling registration all included and explained in depth. Thus helping you gain an edge over others. Following listed are the top 8 GST certification courses in Gurgaon. 


The Importance of GST Courses


With this new development, many are still in the process of learning it. Being able to master it will be an advantage for all. With the forthcoming economic industry and their constant ongoing changes, the need for such experts will be increasing in numbers. The curriculum and content the below-listed courses provide are very intricate and essential.


Especially for all those who want to succeed and ace the finance industry. The importance of GST courses is the same as joining any other course. The expertise added advantages, knowledge, experience, and many more such values which an individual without a course wouldn’t have. Choosing a course best suiting to you will always be an asset.


The need for a GST practitioner is always present. This is the reason why many private and government institutions are increasing the supply of GST courses. Therefore it is marking the way to success. 


Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Gurgaon  


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills brings you one of the best online GST certification courses in Gurgaon under which you can learn the ABCs of GST. IIM Skills is a leading and trusted brand encompassing several online courses. With the finest online teaching methodologies, the courses provided by them are exclusively designed by professionals.


The GST course by IIM Skills is jam-packed with extensive information and knowledge. With an emphasis on GST, it makes you an expert from a beginner. Providing you with 100% practical training, this GST certification course will sharpen your knowledge. 


What You’ll Learn in GST Certification Course

    • An introduction to GST and its concept
    • Meaning, Framework, and Structure of GST
    • Registration and its process
    • Invoicing rules and regulations 
    • Filling system 
    • RCM (Reverse charge mechanism) and ITC (input tax credit), etc


Advantages of Choosing This Among All Other GSTCertification Courses in Gurgaon

    • Best trainers
    • Updated and GST relevant course content
    • Lifetime access and validity to its study material 
    • Live query sessions
    • Flexible learning
    • Favorable increase in job opportunities 


You will gain insights on the overall work of GST, from its history, origins, implementation, compliance, et. You will have a thorough knowledge of the entire foundation of GST, helping you in understanding better. The industry experts teach you to make you experience practical training, hence this course is a complete package for you. More courses offered are financial modeling courses in Gurgaon, digital marketing courses, and many more. 


One of the perks provided by this course also includes no prerequisites or qualifications required for students to join this course. As claimed, they encourage beginners as well as professionals at different career stages to enroll in their courses. Whether it’s a student starting or a current accountant brushing up his knowledge. Among the various certification courses, IIM Skills has a different training approach that makes the institute one of the finest GST certification courses in Gurgaon. 


Course Duration: 16 hours of  (self-study)

Course Fee: ₹2900/- inclusive GST 


Other Courses


2. Udemy


Udemy is a very cost-friendly and time-friendly online teaching platform. A series of courses are offered through recorded video lectures. With its rates very subsidized, it encourages more students. Offering a wide variety of GST courses from basics to advanced levels, udemy has it all to choose from.


You can choose a course which suits your understanding level of choice. The complete GST certification course offered by udemy is a beginner’s guide to GST. Encompassing all details and basics of GST, it builds a great foundation for your knowledge. 


What You’ll Learn Inside This Course

    • Introduction to GST, its types and classification 
    • Online registration 
    • LUT registration 
    • E waybill 
    • ITC and filling, etc


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Advantages of Choosing This Course

    • Learning and understanding 
    • Teaching business owners to do the filling themselves 
    • Theoretical and practical knowledge 
    • Increase job opportunities 


Apart from this course, udemy includes GST master course, taxation course, comprehensive study on GST course and many more. 


Course Duration: 19 lectures 

Course Fee: ₹455/-


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3. Tally Academy 


Tally Academy is a prestigious academy under the government of India, ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship. The certified GST course under this academy is a thorough course on the ins and outs of GST. 


Understanding the importance which GST upholds, this course is designed for ongoing aspirants or professionals to keep up with their knowledge on GST. The GST professional training course is an intense course on all the details of GST. It is a two-month course with subsidized prices. 


What You’ll Learn Inside This Course 

    • CGST, SGST, and IGST
    • Basics of GST
    • GST authorities and payments 
    • Calculations and rates
    • New and latest updates on GST, etc


Advantages of Choosing This Course 

    • Teaching in English and Hindi 
    • Learn how to handle errors and mistakes regarding GST
    • Resolve queries 


The course is for accountants, legal consultants, lawyers, tax experts, CAs et cetera. The main aim of the course is to provide practical and theoretical training on all aspects of GST to everyone aspiring to be an expert on this topic. 


Course Duration: 2 months

Course Fee: ₹3000/-


4. CAClubIndia 


With the sudden historical shift in indirect tax structure with GST, it is really important to assimilate new information which is presented by GST in India. The certified course on GST by CA club India has the objective to provide practical knowledge on GST. 


At the end of the course, the students will be given a certificate, the course includes e-books and study material in English on GST. With its 61 hours of video lectures, the content from this course encompasses the latest GST council updates and union budget updates. 


What You’ll Learn Inside This Course

    • Detailed understanding of GST provisions
    • Practical case studies
    • Preparation, registration, and filing of GST
    • Understanding the recent amendments and implications, etc


Advantages of Choosing This Course

    • Practical training
    • Case studies
    • Training by CA Bimal Jain


Under the new regime presented by GST, this course enables the student to get an in-depth understanding of GST provisions and applications. 


Course Duration: 61 hours of video lectures

Course Fee: ₹6599/-


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5. ICAI 


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is one of the leading institutes to teach GST certification courses in Gurgaon since it’s an institution set up under the Parliament Act of India. The course is designed by industry professionals to help commerce students or other professionals. 


The course has a two-fold objective with the former being the ability to facilitate members of the industry with specialized knowledge on GST and its impact. As the world we live in is now shaped around GST, it’s important to understand every phenomenon associated with it.


The latter objective can be defined as the ability to make individuals analytical and possess problem-solving abilities. In the finance and taxation sectors, individuals play around with the most important aspect of the economy. Which is money itself. Hence to be able to have an analytical and problem-solving mind is always advantageous. 


What You’ll Learn Inside This Course 

    • Important definitions and classifications 
    • Overview of GST 
    • Domestic and internal services 
    • ITC and registration 
    • Maintenance, returns, and records 
    • Payments and refunds, etc


Advantages of Choosing This Course

    • Teaching guidance from current working professionals, such as CA, lawyers, and accountants
    • Weekend and weekday batches 
    • Members of ICAI get monetary benefits. 
    • Continuing Professional Education hours 


This course is eligible only for the ICAI members. Those who have enrolled in its CA course or are CA’s. So if you’re an aspiring or acting professional CA who is looking for GST certification courses in Gurgaon with professional guidance and expertise, this is the right choice for you.


Course Duration: 10days (option 1 weekend batch for 5 weeks, or option 2 weekday batch for 2 weeks) 

Course Fee: 

    • 14,000 +GST for Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad 
    • 12,600 +GST for all other cities 




Apart from ICAI, the government of India also has ICSI establishing a GST course. ICSI is the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, which has courses designed to help their fellow members or students to acquire more skills. They provide exclusive training that makes their students fully satisfied with their course content and teaching methodologies. 


Professionals or students are encouraged to join this GST course to enhance their value and knowledge linked to indirect taxes. The GST course offered by ICSI links the important relationship between Company Secretaries and GST. The role of CS in GST, the importance of GST, its implementation and application, etc are taught in their course. 


What You’ll Learn Inside This Course 

    • Comprehensive insights on GST 
    • Conceptual learning on GST 
    • Implementation 
    • Current developments on GST 


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Advantages of Joining This Course

    • Specialized knowledge of the role of GST for CS students
    • Examination to check 
    • Soft copy study material 


The members, students, and professionals of the ICSI program who wish to join GST certification courses in Gurgaon have beneficial access to this course. To enable maximum comfort for their students/ employees, ICSI has started a weekend batch to complement their program schedule. 


Course Duration: 5 weeks of online classes every Saturday-Sunday for 6 hours

Course Fee: ₹7500/- +GST


7. TaxGuru


TaxGuru is a very renowned name when talking about GST, that is why they are also be counted in the top-ranked GST certification courses in Gurgaon. TaxGuru Edu is an educational wing in TaxGuru institute, providing several courses on taxes and finances. The certified GST complete course is a detailed theoretical course providing self-learning content. TaxGuru encourages habits of de-learning and re-learning. 


What You’ll Study Inside This Course

    • Basic and constipation aspects of GST 
    • GST rules and amendments 
    • Conditions, time limit, and registration of ITC 
    • Reverse charge mechanisms 
    • Audits and annual returns, etc 


Advantages of Joining This Course

    • Teaching by CA Raman Singhla, who has successfully trained more than 30,000+ professionals 
    • Self-paced learning


This course encompasses live as well as online lectures to maximize course benefits. 


Course Duration: 30 hours lectures

Course Fee: ₹10,000 +GST


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8. EduPristine 


EduPristine is an educational institute, which is based in Delhi providing a very detailed and enriching course to all of you looking for GST certification courses in Gurgaon. The impact of GST, its applicability, terminologies related to GST, its use in current economic industries, and many more such areas are covered inside this course. The course is taken up by industry professionals in a classroom setting. Thus, this course again is one of the excellent choices if you want to go through the detailed learning process of GST and get the great advantage of the course.


What You’ll Study Inside This Course

    • Basics of tax
    • The taxation system of India
    • Introduction to GST 
    • Application of GST 
    • Time and supply
    • Tax invoice
    • GST returns, etc 


Advantages of Choosing This Course

    • 24/7 online support
    • Industry supported curriculum 
    • Online teaching
    • GST E-book and online access to study material 


With enough study material and e-book access, the students will have a neat and clean knowledge of GST and be able to secure a certificate too. 


Course Duration: 32 hours

Course Fee: ₹15,800/- 


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the scope of a GST practitioner?

According to statistics, your salary increases by 12% to 15% after having a certificate in a GST course. Added skills in finance and taxes. Increased job opportunities. Individuals can also be efficient in doing their filling out GST and its applications. Having all these advantages efficiently adds to your scope as a GST practitioner. 


2. Who is eligible to take a GST course?

Anyone, be it a beginner, a commerce student, a humanities student who wants to start a business. Professionals, CAs, lawyers, people from all professions are eligible to undertake this course 


3. Who is a GST practitioner and what roles does he have?

A GST practitioner is a person who is approved by the state and central government to perform GST taxation functions or other legal formalities. Such as filing GST, registration, application, refund, etc. 




Having training experience by doing GST certification courses in Gurgaon can lead you to great success in all your career fields. For entrepreneurs and businessmen, it can help you in filing your own taxes, managing your taxation system on your own. For beginners who are starting their journey in this field, it can up your game. Therefore this article is here for you to make a decision and choose a course to help you sharpen your knowledge. Choose from these 8 GST certification courses in Gurgaon to avail these new opportunities waiting for you. 

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