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Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Vadodara With Placements

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is one of India’s most significant indirect tax reforms. With the adage “One Nation, One Tax,” the Indian government introduced and implemented GST. Due to the substantial increase in compliances under the GST regime, where each registration is required every year to submit a minimum of 37 filings, there has been a surge in demand for GST professionals in the market. This blog will take you through a comprehensive insight about GST and educate you about the top-notch GST certification courses in Vadodara. 


Vadodara, Gujarat’s third-largest city, also known as Baroda, is the state’s cultural capital. Vadodara’s history may be traced back over 2000 years by a dedicated historian. It is a major educational center and the location of the Vadodara Stock Exchange (VSE). With such diversity, it’s only natural that Vadodara would have various educational institutions.


The GST certification classes in Vadodara are believed to be one of a kind because the city is home to several large-scale enterprises. The city’s revenue is mainly produced from taxes, and GST certification courses in Vadodara are competitive. One might wonder, why is there such a significant increase in demand for GST courses?


What has changed in the revenue system to drive the demand for GST professionals? Let’s start with the most fundamental term, “tax.” All involuntary levies, including income, capital gains, and estate taxes, are “taxation.” “Taxation” encompasses all compulsory levies, including income, capital gains, and estate taxes. The resulting revenue is commonly referred to as “taxes.”


What are the various kinds of Taxes?


Taxes can be broadly classified into two main categories: Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes.


Direct Taxes: As the name implies, direct taxes are levied by the government on an individual or an entity that is not transferable. The following are a few of the general public’s direct taxes.


  • Income tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Securities transaction tax
  • Perquisite tax
  • Corporate tax
  • Minimum alternate tax
  • Fringe benefit tax
  • Dividend distribution tax
  • Banking cash transaction tax


Indirect Tax: Indirect taxes are levied on products and services. They are not imposed directly on individuals but rather on items and a middleman. The person who sells these items gathers them. Some of the indirect taxes are:

  • Sales Tax
  • Service tax
  • Value-added tax
  • Customs duty
  • Excise duty


GST is an Indirect Tax. GST (Goods and Services Tax) is a relatively recent tax that has replaced several old taxes such as Sales Tax, Excise Duty, VAT, Service Tax, Entry Tax, etc. Because of the intricacies involved in interpretation and implementation, there is a lot of uncertainty and even litigation.


There was a need for more practitioners to figure out why there has been a significant increase in such lawsuits. Due to the significant increase in compliances under the GST regime, where each registration is required to file at least 37 returns every year, there is a demand for GST professionals in the market.


Increased GDP implies more business, which means increased demand for GST professionals. There are rather a few different types of goods and services, contrary to popular opinion.


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Types of GST


  • CGST (Central Government)

This tax, collected by the Central Government from a single state, helps the Central Government.


  • SGST(State Government)

This tax aids the state government. The state government collects this tax from a particular state.


  • IGST(Central government and state government)

This tax benefits both the Central and state governments, and it applies to products and services among two states or between a state and a Union Territory. The Central government collects it.


  • UTGST/UGST (Union Territory government) 

The tax is beneficial to the union territory’s government. It is collected by the Union Territory Government and is contained within a particular Union Territory.


Importance of GST in India:


  • Having a single tax means that every state applies the same rate to a specific product or service.
  • The GST merged all of the significant indirect taxes into one. It has substantially lowered the burden of compliance on taxpayers while also making tax administration easier for the government.
  • Because GST is a countrywide tax with a centralized surveillance system, the government crackdown on tax evaders is faster and significantly more efficient, reducing tax evasion and fraud to a large extent.
  • It contributed to the seamless flow of input tax credits across goods and services by reducing the transmission and distribution losses.
  • GST is an integrated tax on products and services that has expanded the number of tax-registered enterprises and broadened India’s taxable income.
  • GST procedures are virtually exclusively completed online, which significantly aided the general convenience of doing business in India and simplified voluntary tax compliance.
  • Removing interstate checkpoints would be highly beneficial to the sector to enhance transit and destination efficiency. Finally, it aids in the reduction of costly storage and processing expenses.
  • The uniformity of GST rates has contributed to overall competitive rates in India and worldwide. As a result, consumption has increased, and revenues have soared, achieving yet another crucial goal.


Becoming a GST practitioner is not as simple, and not everyone can become a GST expert. They need to be approved under section 48(1) as well a few requirements need to be fulfilled.  However, once the criteria are fulfilled, fresh graduates in law, commerce, or banking, accountants, professionals in the finance sector, and entrepreneurs can take up the GST certification course.


Registration as a GST Specialist necessitates extensive GST expertise. To become comfortable with the GST environment, you’ll need a lot of conceptual and technical understanding. GST experts are needed everywhere, from interim to post-GST day-to-day conformity. Hence, the selection of the right institution is a must.


6 Best GST Certification Courses in Vadodara


1. IIM skills


IIM Skills’s online GST Certification Course is a comprehensive and extensive program. It is among the best GST Certification Courses in Vadodara because the institute has a unique curriculum that satisfies market demands and offers 100 percent practical training.


The program starts with the origin of GST and evolves through the basics and essentials before concluding with GST practical applications. All trainees receive a lifetime GST Course validity of the course materials with a live online GST Course from IIM SKILLS.


The syllabus is updated regularly, ensuring that specialists have access to the most up-to-date knowledge whatsoever consistently without interruption. Subject matter specialists with decades of industry expertise serve as trainers. They are well-versed in the field and are well informed of its operational ramifications.


Modules covered in the course.


Module 1: The Genesis and theory of GST and its significance on business

Module 2: Framework and structure of GST

Module 3: Registration of GST: Criteria and Process explained

Module 4: Invoicing In GST

Module 5: GST return filing

Module 6: Composition scheme under GST

Module 7: Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)

Module 8: E-way Bill under GST

Module 9: input tax credit


Features of the course


  1. Online sessions with pre-taped content for comprehensive and practical GST training.
  2. Teaching strategies have been thoroughly explored with a curriculum that is up to date on the current advancements in the GST field.
  3. Leading industry experts conduct training coupled with case studies to give you engaging experiential learning.
  4. The training would clear up any misconceptions about GST and provide insight into its conceptual and applied uses.
  5. By completing the program, you would have learned everything there is to know about the new GST returns, how to do a GST scrutiny on your company, and how to identify the areas of risk so you can plan for uncertainties.
  6. Their discussion forum provides instant doubt resolutions for effective learning.
  7. After completion of the course, a certificate would be awarded to validate your competence.


Course fee: INR 2900 including GST

Course Duration: 16 hours


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Other courses 


2. BIT Baroda


BIT Baroda provides a professional GST certification course as one of the leading education training programs. Tally prime with GST is included in its GST certification courses in Vadodara. Bit Baroda is committed to providing extensive instructional training to get you more proficiently than ever before. They provide first-hand, real-time online, and in-house classes to accommodate any schedule or ability level.m The Trainers are top-ranked in their field of expertise.


Course Content


  1. GST Law from a Legal Perspective (practical point of view)
  2. Registrations for the GST
  3. Processing GST transactions and calculating taxes
  4. Creating GST reports is number four on the list.
  5. Adjustment of the GST Input Tax Credit (ITC)
  6. Making GST payments through the GST portal
  7. Offline and online filing of GSTR1, GSTR2, and GSTR3B returns on the GST Portal
  8. GST registration — keeping track of applications that have been submitted.


Key features of the course


  1. GST Certification Courses Vadodara in BITS offers 60 hours of instructor-led LED training in a live class setting.
  2. In addition, there are 45+ hours of training sessions. You will learn and master the material after 25+ sessions of coursework and research work.


Course fee: INR 6000

Course Duration: not specified


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3. Bright Computer Education


Bright Computer Education offers one of the finest GST certification courses in Vadodara, focusing on Tally Prime and GST. It’s among the premier tally schools in the country. This tally institute in Vadodara has been listed among some of the top institutes through industry specialists and computer facilities.  The All-India Computer Saksharta Mission is something that Bright Computer Education firmly believes in.


GST Trainers with more than five years of experience lead the GST Tally Course in Vadodara. Their staff consists of renowned, qualified, and competent specialists who would assist you in achieving your objectives. Bright computer education is regarded as Vadodara’s most reputable tally training institute. This academy offers the best tally training in the state of Gujarat.


Course content


  1. Cost Centres and Cost Categories are the first two items on the list.
  2. Financial Statements
  3. Tally’s Central Sales Tax (CST)
  4. GST (Goods and Services Tax) in Tally
  5. Tax Collected at Source (TCS)
  6. Tally’s Central Excise
  7. Tally Payroll Accounting Value Added Tax (VAT): (VAT)
  8. VAT-Included Purchase Voucher
  9. VAT-Included Sales Voucher.
  10. VAT Payments and Reports
  11. Tally Features for Billing


Features of the course:


  1. They Conduct coaching using industry-relevant software that is abreast with modern industry standards.
  2. Classes are coached by trained professionals who are also specialists in the industry and have designed and implemented their knowledge.
  3. They also provide accredited internship opportunities as part of their Institute’s services.
  4. Provide work placement opportunities and weekly evaluations to their learners.
  5. The GST Course will cover crucial topics based on hypothetical interview questions queried by their professional teachers throughout the recruitment process.


Course duration: 30 – 45 days


4. Shah computer class:


Shah Computer Class is among the best on our list of best GST certification courses in Vadodara. Since 2000, Shah Computer Class has been delivering superior-quality computer education. They have already impacted scores of livelihoods and transformed many people’s lives as part of their objectives.


Some of the courses they provide include Basic, Tally ERP 9.0, Bookkeeping, Accounting Practical, Live Income Tax Return, Live TDS Return, Advance Excel, Practical Account, Finalisation, and Balance Sheet Preparation. Classes are conducted by experienced and dedicated instructors who have a strong understanding of the subject and a passion for teaching.


They also work with various organizations and have expertise in GST/IT/TDS Advisory. They provide 100 percent technical experience with implementing changes and answer all participants’ questions.


Course content:


  1. Financial Entry for Regular Scheme – Manufacturing & Business
  2. Accounting Entry for Regular Scheme – Service Sector Accounting
  3. Entry for Regular Scheme – Expense Entry Accounting Entry for Regular Scheme – Expense Entry
  4. Purchase and Sale Accounting Entry for Composition Scheme (For Local)




  1. One of the best GST certification courses in Vadodara assists its students in obtaining the greatest possible job placement and compensation.
  2. Establish a connection between training and the market’s operational requirement.
  3. Flexi schedule for business professionals who need to balance their plans with their regular jobs, firms, and vocations.


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5. Shine education


Shine Education stands tall on the list of the best GST certification courses in Vadodara. Shine Education has been offering excellent computer training for over half a dozen years. Their goal is to deliver intelligent e-learning systems in their line of work to their trainees.



For specialized courses and topics, they offer highly skilled and proficient instructors. They keep the curriculum plugged in with the current market needs and upgrades. They also offer the most outstanding placement assistance to their students.


They offer a variety of computer courses, including Basic, Tally With GST, Advance Excel, Graphic Designing, Designing of websites, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Programming Languages, Video Editing, Multimedia, Hardware and Networking, and School and College Computer courses, among others.


Shine Computer Education is a digital academy and an Information technology firm that accepts projects from various businesses, allowing students to participate in hands-on practical training actively.


Course Content:


  1. Introduction to Tally
  2. Creating a Business
  3. Creating a Business
  4. Vouchers: different kinds
  5. Create inventory and categories for it.
  6. Budgeting and Control
  7. Price list
  8. GST


Key features of the course:


  1. The specialty of enrolling in one of the best GST certification courses in Vadodara is that they exclusively hire professional and skilled instructors who have a lot of expertise in their particular fields.
  2. Live project training to trainees.
  3. Updated course syllabus.
  4. Tie-ups with companies for best placement.
  5. Individual attention.


Course fee: INR 10,000

Course duration: short term


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


6. Henry Harvin


Their GST Practitioner Courses in Vadodara provide a comprehensive overview of GST legislation, presented by specialists featured on Aaj Tak, NDTV, and other well-known platforms. Henry Harvin is another name on the list of the best GST certification courses in Vadodara, which also offer a variety of certificate programs.


GST certification course by Henry Harvin incorporates popular content on GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, new e-Invoicing regulations, how to obtain ITC if it isn’t reflected, and other salient concerns are covered. Get hands-on experience with computer-based GST training. Discover recent amendments and the challenges they raise during and after the exercise, and clarify GST questions.


Course content


Module 1:

This module covers the numerous crucial features of GST. Understand everything about supply or levy, supply location, and supply value. Learn about export and import, as well as E-way Bills.


Module 2: 

It will guide you through the GST registration process in this module. Gain knowledge about the ITC04 and the Input Tax Credit. Understand all of the GST Transitional Provisions and Job Work.


Module 3:

This module will assist you in understanding GST Accounts and Records. Understand more about Invoice Tax Payments, Supply Time, Returns, and Refunds.



This module will assist you in managing GST litigation. Understand the GST Audits, Offenses and Charges, Demands, and Recovery. Get two complimentary modules on developing soft skills and writing a CV.


Salient features of the course:


  1. The GST certificate program contains an apprenticeship, coursework, assignments, accreditation, employment, e-learning, training workshops, workshop, and gold subscription all rolled into one.
  2. Gain practical experience with crucial components of GST laws, such as GST registration, tax returns, input tax credit claims, and refunds.
  3. a confirmed apprenticeship, video recordings, and a monthly job interview brush-up plan.
  4. Complementary skill-building classes worth INR 4,000 for one-year members.
  5. Their GST certification courses in Vadodara receive extra points because the mentors have been featured on the highest-rated shows.


Course fee: 9,500 INR

Course duration: 1 month


FAQ’s Related to GST Certification Courses in Vadodara


1. What is the scope of a GST practitioner?

GST/ Goods and Services Tax has clubbed together all existing indirect taxes, resulting in numerous job options.


2. What is the average salary of a GST practitioner?

A GST practitioner with less than a year’s experience gets an average salary of around 2.5 lakhs.


3. Which institute is best for GST courses?

Every Institute has its unique methodology of training its students. It is only advisable for the students to choose the best-suited method and strike a rapport with the trainer to get the desired result.




GST has provided a significant push to India’s economic prosperity, which has established the way for a new era of socio-economic development. It is imperative to understand everything about GST, including what it is, how it works, and how to apply for it. Everyone should be aware of GST and its role in business and everyday life. One can get expert coaching from any of the aforementioned GST certification courses in Vadodara.

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