How Legitimate IIM SKILLS Courses Are? A Real Guide

Hope we are all aware of how fast the world is growing regarding technology and Skills. A degree is insufficient if you want to excel in your career and grow financially. Learning a skill is like icing on the cake. Skill development not only helps in upskilling your current skills but it also helps in learning the new one. Also, it helps to improve your communication skills and helps in making better decisions in career life. While we speak of the importance of skill development, there has been an immense rise in skill development courses. One of the top recommended courses is IIM SKILLS. In this article, we will learn about how legitimate IIM SKILLS courses are.


There are many ed-tech companies that promise to offer the best courses. Ed-tech companies are education companies that use computer programs as a platform to train students and employees while they want to upskill their skills to grow.

IIM SKILLS ranks top on the list of ed-tech companies that offer the best online skill development courses in content writing, digital marketing, and also finance-related courses. IIM SKILLS initially started as an educational blogger, but after the growing response, they planned to launch their online training programs.

Their first-ever learning program was a content writing master course. And slowly they introduced training programs in various fields like digital marketing & finance. Since then they are most popularly known for providing the best online training courses across the world.


Let’s Further Understand How Legitimate IIM SKILLS Courses Are. 


Introduction- IIM SKILLS 

IIM SKILLS has its first foot in 2015 as an ed-tech company after having a great response as an educational blog. Their first ever online training program was Content Writing Master Course. After successfully reaching 1 million people through their blogs, they decided to launch their online training programs and they started with content writing.

As and how they started having responses they introduced a digital marketing course followed by other finance & digital courses. IIM SKILLS have their base in Delhi and they function digitally across the world. Since then, IIM SKILLS has been the highest-rated ed-tech company that provides the best pieces of training at a very affordable price.

Now before, we move to understand how legitimate IIM SKILLS Courses are? Let us know about the list of courses provided by them.


List Of The Courses Offered By IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS courses are divided into 5 categories as below.


Writing Programs:

  • Content Writing Master Course
  • Technical Writing Master Course


Marketing Programs:

  • Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Artificial Intelligence Marketing Professional


Finance Programs:

  • Business Accounting & Taxation Course
  • Financial Modeling & Valuation Course
  • GST Practitioner Certification Course
  • Certified Tally Advanced Course


Competitive Exam:

  • CAT Coaching


IIM SKILLS have been growing and expanding in leaps and bounds since 2015. Their only aim is to offer the best training at affordable prices so that the maximum number of people gain benefits and build a successful career. There is no doubt about how legitimate IIM SKILLS courses are since these courses are provided by the most trained and experienced mentors from different industries sharing their knowledge. IIM SKILLS strives to provide the best learning in this competitive world. 


Following Are The Reasons That Justify About How Legitimate IIM SKILLS Courses Are


Virtual Interactive Classes:

IIM SKILLS provides all the courses online. Their main purpose is that the course reaches the maximum without any boundaries. Being the digital world today, the best way to use this platform is to provide the pieces of training online. Online training has various benefits, it’s not time-bound. It offers flexible learning.

This means the participants don’t have to quit their jobs or college or any of their ongoing personal or professional commitments. Because they promise flexible learning, the recorded audio of the online sessions is shared with every participant so that those who are unable to attend the sessions can learn when they are available and can learn in their own comfort zone.

This flexibility not helps in better learning, but also helps the participant to continue with their ongoing personal or career commitments. Along with the online sessions, the participants are given weekly assignments to gain practical experience along with theoretical learning. So in this process, the participants are also trained for the practical world.


Top Ranked:

This is one of the top reasons that prove how legitimate IIM SKILLS courses are. IIM SKILLS ranks on the top list because they provide their students with full support and guidance throughout the session. Their sessions are conducted in small batches so that they can ensure the personal attention of each student to make sure they are guided well practically which prepares them for their professional growth.


Customers Delight’s Approach: 

IIM SKILLS not only strives to educate or train its students but also focuses on career counseling to support the right career path. They guide you in infographic resume preparations, and interview and also provides job placements. In short, IIM SKILLS not only guides their students during the course period but they extend their help and support even after the students finish course durations with them.


Expert Faculties:

Faculties are the most important people in any institute to run successfully. IIM SKILLS has the best expert faculties. They have the most efficient and experienced mentors who are very passionate about offering the right guidance and teachings to their students.

The faculties with IIM SKILLS come with more than 12 years of experience. Expert faculties are one of the top reasons that prove how legitimate IIM SKILLS courses are. Infact they can be considered the most important pillars that offers great guidance and support in career building to each of their students. 


Lifetime Access:

When you buy any product it always comes with a warranty or guarantee period. But with IIM SKILLS you are offered lifetime access. Which is a very rare quality that any ed-tech company assures. Plus the course fee is so minimal and economical that it can be affordable to any.

Because IIM SKILLS mainly focuses on making the course accessible and beneficial to everyone. The training materials, recordings & presentations are shared with the participants with lifetime access. This is the rarest quality that definitely proves how legitimate IIM SKILLS courses are.



Even if the course is economical, the course syllabus covers all the topics. The course syllabus is well-designed by the mentors personally. The course syllabus is continuously updated digitally with current trends. When we look for online courses, we want to be very sure that it is economical and most importantly the course is certified and government-recognized.

And this is why IIM SKILLS ranks at the top. All the courses are completely government-recognized and certified.  And the best thing is that all the courses are globally recognized. Isn’t it too much offered for the fees that they charge? And hence proved how legitimate IIM SKILLS courses are.


Guaranteed Internships & Job Placements:

Very few ed-tech companies will assure you internships or job placements after you finish the course with them. IIM SKILLS offers 100% internship & job placements. As already mentioned, the courses with IIM SKILLS are fully authorized and globally recognized, they also provide job placements with big corporate companies that will help you start your career and enhance your learning experience.

Not only job placements but also guide you to start freelancing. Basically, your career is well taken and shaped during and after you finish the course with them. For any ed-tech company to earn the trust of the participant requires a strong reason to invest their time & money, internship & job placements are one of the very strong motivations that indicate how legitimate IIM SKILLS courses are. 


No Location Constraint – No Time Constraint:

IIM SKILLS is an ed-tech company, which means they use technologies like computers and computer programs to educate their students & participants. Isn’t it the best thing in today’s world where everything is technology? The best part of being an online course provider is that students get to learn from any corner of the world in their own comfort. 

Not just location but one can learn at flexible times too. Since they share the audio recordings of every session students get to learn at flexible timings.

These two things make them the best as many participants are either students who are doing their college, some are housemakers and some are the working category so this gives them the flexibility to continue with their current commitments and learn at the same time. This no location & no constraint qualifies on how legitimate IIM SKILL courses are. 


Economical Fees:

There are many online training institutes, but still IIM SKILLS tops the list because they offer quality training at economical fees. Their training not only covers the course but also assures 100% internship and job placement which is very rare with other course providers.

High-quality training at economical fees makes them stand out as compared to other institutes. Also, lifetime access & support makes IIM SKILLS rank no.1. They mainly strive to provide quality training. All the above services are offered at a very minimal or economical fee by IIM SKILLS. 


Is IIM SKILLS A Good Institute

IIM SKILLS has been ranked on one of the top lists for content writing courses by Naukri, media houses, and many websites in India. Hence undoubtedly it authenticates how legitimate IIM SKILLS courses are. The courses provided by IIM SKILLS are all qualified courses.

Their most popular and recommended learning program is the content writing master course. If you are a housewife, a college student, or someone who is working for a corporate and want to earn self-income IIM SKILLS is highly recommended. As they offer the best courses at economical prices.

Also, their guaranteed internship & job placements help you start earning immediately after you finish the course. So in no time, you start earning as well. Those who wish to be a blogger or a freelancer also get full guidance and support from IIM SKILLS. 


Eligibility to Enrol

As mentioned in the article above, there are a variety of courses offered by IIM SKILLS. So the eligibility criteria are different for different courses. They offer premium courses which assure a highly rewarding career. If you wish to enroll with IIM SKILLS you can log in to their website and have a live chat with their executives who will guide you well for the courses you are willing to take. 


What Makes IIM SKILLS Rank No.1 

IIM SKILLS started in 2015. Since then they have launched many online learning programs. All the programs are government authorized and 100% globally recognized. The best thing about IIM SKILLS is that the course is designed personally by their mentors who are highly experienced.

The course curriculum is timely upgraded for better practical learning. The course fees are economical. They provide full support and guidance during and after the course. Since all the courses with IIM SKILLS are online, the students can learn from any corner of the world. 

Also, the audio of every session is recorded and shared with the participants which offers flexible learning. Along with the theoretical teachings, weekly assignments are given to each participant so they are already for practical learning experiences. 


Which Are The Most Preferred Courses By IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS has many skill development programs along with financial and other courses. IIM SKILLS began its journey as an ed-tech company with a content writing master course. Since then they have always ranked top for offering the best content writing master course. 

Their course curriculum is designed with more practical learning. The reason they have the highest-rated content writing course is that they have the best mentors who are experienced & are industry experts.  Digital Marketing is another preferred course by IIM SKILLS. They have the best course curriculum which covers all the topics.

The course has more practical learning than theoretical. These two courses being the oldest have become the most preferred courses by IIM SKILLS. Undoubtedly the other courses are also highly rated, and this assures of how legitimate IIM SKILLS courses Are. With time they are expanding and growing to reach out and offer the best courses in other sectors too.


Why is Ed-Tech Learnings the Best Thing

Today technology runs the world. Technology is growing in leaps and bounds. There is almost everything technology can do. Technology saves time and energy. 


Following Are The Benefits Of Ed-tech Learning and Reasons Whys One Should Opt For it:

Time Management:

We have been very familiar with the reason no time for everything & every time we are asked why we failed to do a particular task. Yes, though we feel that should not be the reason but practically we humans are also running with technology and failing to compete it.

Here is what makes ed-tech learnings the best thing to happen. It helps in time management because one gets the flexibility to learn and earn at the same time. Time is very important so it’s very important to utilize it in a correct way rather than missing out on things we could not do because of time. Ed-tech learning helps and enhances time management. 


Enhances Services:

We all know and accept technology is faster than human brains. When we think of technology we think of automation. Which means everything is automatic in technology. Now this feature allows customer service to work smarter and even more quickly. This means it improves the delivery quality for the customer. In short, the outcomes are fast and much improved than we humans can deliver. 

For example, if we had to do a particular project or say assignment in the early days like say in the 60s when there was no access to technology, humans had to read a lot of books get into design the project physically and present which would take days or months or sometimes even years depending on the kind of project assigned.

Now the same thing can be done in a blink of an eye with the right command input to the computer and the outcome is very quick. Now this quality improves the result & quality at the same time hence it enhances the services. This is applicable to Ed-tech learning too. You do not learn but you also know to use technology in a more productive and smarter way. 



Now this is the most important quality of technology. Earlier when we visited any government offices or banks or homes we all would have a corner where all the files and important documents were piled up and stored. This took a lot of energy, time and utilized physical space. 

Now a small chip, hard disk, or pen drive can save tons of files pictures albums documents you say and it can be stored without utilizing much space and not just storage it’s so easy to carry as well. This helps you store your learnings easier and can use repeatedly without much difficulty.


Reduces Frauds:

Just like storage in earlier days was messy and difficult the security of those important documents was also a problematic thing. There was always a fear of theft or robbery. With technology, this fear has almost vanished with simple security keywords or fingerprints that can save theft and robbery way better than early days. 


Easy Learning:

As mentioned earlier, just like time management technology helps to learn easily. Ed-tech learning provides a wider choice of learning tools. It also helps you digitally literate. The old traditional method was not only time-consuming but also outdated and boring. With the growing technology learning has become more engaging and exciting.


Easy Access:

You don’t have to run through pages like the old traditional methods of learning. You simply type for a particular topic you wish to revise and with a click of a button you can revise. You don’t need to physically carry your learning material like books and journal files etc. This helps the learners to easily access the learning materials from any location and any time as and when they want. 


Good For The Ecosystem:

Since all the information and learning tools are easily accessible at a click of a button use of paper is very rare and less. The usage of paper is cut down. This is a very small yet very important step that contributes to cutting off fewer trees for producing paper. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. I am looking forward to seeking a course in content writing, what is the duration and the best institute to enroll in? 

IIM SKILLS ranks no. 1 and has the best rating for offering the best quality content writing master course. Their course curriculum is designed personally by the faculty who have more than 12 years of experience and are also industry experts. The course module and learning materials are provided and offered with lifetime access. The mentors in IIM SKILLS not only guide you during the course but also will help you post the course in building the right career. The content writing master course is a one-month course followed by 2 months of paid internship.  


Q2. Will IIM SKILL guide me if I want to start my own blog?

Yes, of course, IIM SKILLS does not just help in creating your portfolio but also guides you well if you are interested to start your own blog. They are with you throughout and after the completion of your course duration. IIM SKILLS goes a little far than other ed-tech companies to help you build your portfolio and will also guide you on how to be successful. They are selfless when it comes to supporting their students to grow in their careers. 


Q3. Is the course certification valid across the world?

Yes, all the courses by IIM SKILLS are government recognized and fully authorized globally. You can use the certificate to seek job opportunities anywhere in India and outside India. Also, you can start your own business on the basis of IIM SKILLS certification. They are 100% approved. And on this basis, it is authenticated that how legitimate IIM SKILLS courses are. 



Hope the above article proves all the reasons how legitimate IIM SKILLS courses are. IIM SKILLS ranks no. 1 ed-tech company in India. All the courses by IIM SKILLS are certified and completely government-authorized. Unlike other ed-tech companies, IIM SKILLS offers assured job placements and internships which also helps the students to start their careers immediately after finishing the course. Also, there is lifetime access and support provided by IIM SKILLS to each and every participant where in they guide them in career building that makes them stand out. Hence, IIM SKILLS is the most recommended for ed-tech learning for its high-quality teachings at economical prices.

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