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IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Review

Looking for the perfect content writing course? Which is the best one today? Find out in this IIM SKILLS content writing course review.


IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Review



IIM SKILLS content writing course is one of the best courses for content writing available. It is difficult to come across a course that is so comprehensive, up-to-date, and relevant to the industry as this course.


Content writing work involves writing for websites, blogs, social media, email newsletters, ad copy, creating landing pages, product descriptions, promotional content, and so on.


Most of the assignments are published on the internet. But it is not limited to only online content.


Until recently, the Indian internet market was considered a low profitability market since a very small percentage of the population had a dependable and decently paced internet connection. But with the rise in internet usage in India, Indian businesses have increasingly become aware of the significance of content marketing for their growth.


Consequently, interest in content writing has risen rapidly in the last few years. Especially in the Indian subcontinent. Clients from India and also all over the world are outsourcing content creation services to content writers in countries like India.


It is only natural to take advantage of this opportunity. There is a huge demand for content writers because many old businesses as well as new are in need. But this demand is even more pronounced in India.


Clients from western countries prefer to hire content writers from India. This is because Indian writers can speak and write in English. And because of that, they can easily learn any skill. This would be difficult to teach and explain to a writer who does not speak the same language as the client, no matter how good he/she may be.


Also due to the difference in the strength of currencies, Indian writers can work at lower rates than their western counterparts. But for Indian content writers the income they get from western clients is much more than that from Indian clients. This is why content writing is also called one of the best careers today for Indian writers.


For writers who manage to develop their skills enough over a few years can easily earn more than what corporates get. Content writing pays way more for much less stress. And for people who enjoy writing, there is no better way. They get to earn while doing something they love.


Content writing has many big advantages over 9-5 jobs.


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Gift of time


Firstly, content writers do not need to follow any fixed schedule or time table. They are never late for work. and their boss never yells at them. Because there is no boss. There is just the client who doesn’t care what hours you work daily as long as you submit work on time.


There is also no commute. That daily drudgery that drains 2-3 hours while doing nothing productive. They could have easily spent that time with friends, family members, their kids, or doing their hobby.


Even research has proven that the daily commute is bad for the body. Over time it leads to many mental and physical problems as well as stress.


But for the most, it is at least a major time waste. People would much rather spend that time doing something more valuable. Content writers can do that.


Since content writers do not have to commute daily, they have more of their time in their control. They can choose to spend it in any way they want. Some work more to earn more money while others prefer to spend it with someone, or doing something, or learning a new skill, and so on.


Travel and work


A big perk of content writing is that writers can work from anywhere. It is possible to even work while traveling. Working and traveling simultaneously. Many content writers confess that this was one of the main reasons they chose content writing as a career.


Writers can take less work and plan in advance for a holiday. So they can work a little while also enjoying the new place.


Or maybe they can just work from a new city for a while. A little change feels nice.




In this generation, there are many aspiring artists and writers. Content writing allows those people to practice their craft. And an outlet to their creativity. As most people know, there is no other way to become better at something than practice.


Over time these writers become exceptionally good at producing fine content and expressing their opinion. They become skillful in organizing their ideas and making a clear explanation so everyone understands them.


Great income


Many new and aspiring content writers are worried whether content writing is a viable career option. How much do content writers get paid? How good is a content writing career? And such questions.


The answer to those questions is simple. As long as there are businesses, they are going to need marketing. And as long as users are looking for help over the internet, there will always be a demand for content writers.


Many content writers working in specific niches for a few years earn even more than many corporate employees. And without the stress of a daily job schedule.

Content writers can take a holiday whenever they want. If they have some activity to do in the evening, they can start early in the morning. They can take a week off for vacation. Good luck trying to get those benefits in a corporate job.


How to learn content writing


So now that we know how content writing is a great career and there is a high demand for content writers, we will see how one can become a content writer.


There are different ways to start working as a content writer. One involves doing small unpaid work, internships, and jobs at some content agency so that one learns the technicalities of content creation.


This process, even though costs nothing, is much longer. It can take up to a year to learn even the fundamentals of content writing.


It is much better and smarter to learn content writing from an industry-standard content writing course like the IIM SKILLS content writing master course.


IIM SKILLS is one of the leading institutes for content writing coaching. They have many years of training experience which brings with it many advantages.


IIM SKILLS content writing master course


IIM SKILLS have trained more than 5000 professionals in the field of content writing and digital marketing. They are an industry leader and their content writing courses are widely recognized.


They have a presence in more than 35 countries and trained individuals all over the world.


They have industry experts as teachers. These are professionals who have more than a decade of experience in content creation and content marketing. These experts have watched search engines and the market preferences develop from its infancy to today.


As far as the content writing course is concerned, it is hard to find a course that is more comprehensive, practical-oriented, and holds so much recognition as the IIM SKILLS content writing master course.


This is a 4-week intensive online course. The main features of the course are here:

  • 16 hours of theory
  • 60 hours of practical assignments
  • marketing case studies
  • Training on how to use digital tools
  • Internship and placement assistance


On top of that, the course also provides preparation for content marketing from Hubspot.


Since content writing is a skill, a practical oriented teaching curriculum is much better than a theory-based one. Many different coachings teach more theory. The problem is since students have not had practical experience, they do not undergo any challenge and finish the course thinking they learned everything.


Then when they begin working, certain roadblocks occur. But since the course has already finished, they cannot go back to the teacher and ask questions.


With the IIM SKILLS content writing master course, students get lifetime access to the course material. They can refer to it whenever they come across any issues during their work.


And with a practical and case study based approach, this course makes students ready for a job as soon as they are certified. This curriculum includes assignments that challenge the students. This helps them learn and internalize the lessons in content writing.


The case studies are actual examples from the business world. Through this approach, candidates also learn to look at content writing from a marketing perspective. This will immensely help students draw content strategies for their clients later.


The best part of the course is that as new case studies are added in the curriculum, the old students still get to access them. IIM SKILLS not only stands by their promise of lifetime access but also provides access to the updated course.


Let us take a detailed look into the IIM SKILLS content writing master course curriculum. We will discuss different modules or sections of the course and see how the IIM SKILLS approach is better than any other content writing coaching.


Web development


Any person who wants to start a blog will first need to start a website. Even with a free WordPress or Blogger blog, they will still need to design it. This includes the right name, right domain name, creating a landing page, homepage, put the right details in the right places, keep an appropriate theme, proper navigation, proper alignment of various page elements, embedding interactive media, and so on.


Web development is a vast topic and there is a correct way of doing things. Good user experience is proof of well-done web development. A website must provide a unique experience to a user, but in the name of uniqueness, it must not cause trouble.


There are many conditions as to what goes where on a web page. This system has evolved over many years of website development by various people and reaching on the most efficient consensus.


This is why web development is the first module of the IIM SKILLS content writing master course.


Here students learn the various development and design elements by actually working on a project. They also learn to use various tools to analyze different parameters of web development.




This is probably the most important skill to learn and also the trickiest one. SEO is a highly technical aspect of content writing and the expert teachers at IIM SKILLS do that job perfectly well.


SEO is done so that search engines can index and show our website and webpage for relevant queries. If the SEO is not done perfectly, all the hard work goes to waste.


The IIM SKILLS content writing course teaches students different elements of SEO like finding the perfect set of keywords, categorizing keywords into easy, medium, and popular categories, making responsive pages, using images, link building, and how to target users.


The keyword search is not as easy as finding popular keywords. The keywords also need to fit in the marketing strategy of the client’s website. If a popular webpage doesn’t help the brand sell a product, what’s the point of it being popular?


In this course, students also get to learn and use various SEO tools like Ubersuggest,, Google keyword planner, Google trends, Rank Watch,


The course also teaches how to build links to a website to increase its domain authority and page authority. Websites that have a high DA and PA have it much easier to rank pages than the ones that are new.


If a candidate is competing in a popular niche, it is essential to know how to build links so that search engines treat the website as an authority website.


IIM SKILLS teaches only ethical and white-hat SEO techniques to students. It is not a good practice to use black-hat SEO since it is detrimental to the ecosystem and cheats users. Moreover, search engines can ban a website permanently for dishonest SEO.


The problem with many other content writing courses is that there is not enough learning on SEO. Most teachers say to students that to rank a piece of content, a writer only needs to write a great, helpful, and relevant content. And the article will rank by itself without focusing on SEO.


The problem with this approach is that nobody knows what search engines consider great and helpful content. Nobody knows the right approach, the right length, the right words, and so on. So we need teachers who can tell us what works with search engines.


IIM SKILLS has these kinds of teachers who know what works. As the course is a case study based course, whatever lessons students get are completely practical and actionable.


The reason that there is so much focus on SEO is that a piece of content needs to rank high. It not only increases visibility. It makes all the difference. A SERP page 2 gets only 2% of the total traffic of page 1. Even on page 1, the first two articles, on average, get above 75% of the clicks.


If a piece of content does not rank on page 1, it is as good as dead. There will be hardly any traffic on that article from the search engine route.


Promoting the content


It is one thing to write the content and publish it. It is another to promote it on the appropriate channels. Just because we have written great content does not mean we cannot promote it.


The content writing course teaches students how to use various communication channels like social media platforms and e-mails o promote content. And get more viewers. The good thing about this technique is that even posts that do not appear on page 1 of SERPs can get good visibility.


Social media contains followers. These followers have specific interests and they are already interested in a product of they have followed a related account.


Social media is also a great way to communicate with a brand’s audience. It can tell a brand much more than a controlled study.


The course explains how social media can be used to bring an interested audience to a landing page. And how to communicate on social media. It will also teach how to schedule posting content to maximize reach.


Students also learn when to use which platform and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. For example, Facebook is much more appropriate for informal communication while LinkedIn is more suitable for formal and corporate communication. Instagram is great for selling merchandise and consumer goods, and so on.


Another aspect of social media is how to use social media paid promotion. Facebook ads and Twitter ads are quite popular due to the certain qualities the audience has and the great reach the platform provides.


In this course, students will get to learn how to run Facebook ads by learning from digital marketing experts and performing actual assignments.


They will learn how to optimize the ads for maximum reach and impressions while keeping a low budget. They will learn ways to create campaigns that will increase the return on investment for the advertiser.




No matter how much SEO, promotion, and analysis we do, the soul of the content is the writing. And this is a craft that takes much longer to develop.


At the IIM SKILLS content writing master course, students learn what type of content on the Internet is getting more page views and positive reviews. Once students learn that, they can know the user preferences much better.


These preferences vary across niches. For example, the vocabulary and writing style for a travel blog may be informal, exciting, and may radiate a sense of unpredictability but on the other hand, an accounting or legal blog needs to be professional and formal so that the customer can trust them.


Both of these customers may be the same actual person but the language they’d prefer in both the spaces would be drastically different.


In the course, students will learn how to choose the right keywords. The most preferred type of keywords is often long-tail and specific keywords or phrases. Often it happens that the simple and generic keywords have very high competition. It is much easier to rank for a long-tail keyword than a short-tail keyword.


Various online tools can help find us those long-tail keywords. The students can learn how to use these tools in the course.


The course also teaches how to perform a competitive analysis for a keyword, phrase, or even niche.


Another skill is to write original content that does not get flagged as plagiarism. This may hurt the indexing of the website and search engines do not like websites that steal other’s content. But sometimes similarities creep in without one’s knowledge.


To avoid such an issue, some tools can help a writer find duplicate content in their article and remove it. This can save a website if the duplicate content happens to be a big percentage fo the article.




To sum up, the IIM SKILLS content writing master course is one of the best content writing courses available. The teachers are experts who have field experience. They have seen search engines transform over the years and know perfectly how they work.


One great perk for choosing this course is that it is completely online. Students can learn the fundamentals and complexities of content writing from anywhere they live.


They also get lifetime access to the course material. This will prove handy once candidates start working and come across challenges. Also, any updates to the course curriculum are made available to the past students. How great is that?


If you are a new content writer or an aspiring one, or even someone who wants to use their free time to earn some extra income, content writing is one of the best career options. But to be a good content writer, it is also needed that you choose the right approach.


For this, IIM SKILLS is the best option.


Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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      Hello Shanaya, Thank you for the comment, IIM skills doesn’t hold any hidden Charges , nor charges for the tools . We provide 3months internship with placements guidance , for more Details please Feel free to contact us at given Number in our official website. We will be much obliged to clear all your doubts

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