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IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course Review

IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course Review 


As an online marketing consultant, I’ve frequently been asked why digital marketing is being given so much importance today and whether all the claims around success in a digital marketing career are true. The answer for both is yes. 


The fact is, digital marketing is the way forward for businesses of all sizes. And, you can have a greatly rewarding career in digital marketing. 


in the Indian context, it is all the more important because India is still a growing economy and we still have plenty of opportunities to explore the digital domain. Pursuing a digital marketing career can give you a lucrative form of income and job satisfaction. Today every product and service needs to invest in digital marketing to get visibility. 


All the brands that we see in different social media channels and digital platforms are visible to you only because of the work of skilled digital marketers. They create effective strategies that help a business become visible to its target and existing customers. This, in turn, helps the business to get leads and nurture these leads to turn them into customers and then brand advocates. 


We can see that the whole cycle of online marketing is facilitated by digital marketers. Hence, there is this humongous demand today for digitally proficient marketers. 


There is still a gap in the demand for competent marketers and the supply of such discerning professionals. This is precisely why we started the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course. It is with the vision to equip you with all the knowledge to excel in this field that IIM Skills introduced The Digital Marketing Master program. 


There are two very important points to consider. 1- the digital marketing industry is extremely dynamic and is prone to frequent changes. A marketing technique that works today might not work one month later. In the same way, it is also a very flexible form of profession where you can have a lot of perks by pursuing a career in this field. 


The IIM Skills Digital Marketing Master Course is practical oriented but includes a strong understanding of the theoretical aspects as well. This approach strengthens your core knowledge of the digital marketing components and helps to implement the modules more efficiently. 


The IIM Skills digital marketing course in its 180 hours of immersive learning and 12 weeks of digital marketing training will help you to master the most important 40 modules of the online marketing process.


You will also get access to tools worth more than 79000. You have a guaranteed three months internship in the program and soft skill training in the form of interview tips and introduction to different placement partners. 


You will also get training for 13 other significant certifications like Google, Hubspot, and Facebook Blueprint.


Whether you are a student who wants to master online marketing skills, a working professional looking for more lucrative opportunities, a small and medium business owner digital marketer, homemakers, or retired professionals you will benefit greatly from our IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course. 


We have divided the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course into 16 core chapters with more than 40 important modules in these chapters of the course content. 


IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course Curriculum 

  • Overview of Digital Marketing 
  • Website Development and Understanding of WordPress 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Web Analytics 
  • Blogging and Content Writing 
  • Media Buying and Planning 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Video Marketing 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Digital Infographics Resume Creation 
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy


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it is not just about understanding the different important modules for Digital Marketing but also having exhaustive knowledge of the tools, applications, and software that make the process of digital marketing far easier.


In our IIM Skills digital marketing course, we cover a variety of important tools and software that will help you in every step of the online marketing process.


Some of the tools covered are Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, YouTube Analytics, Twitter Ads, Moz, Semrush, Google Ads, Ubersuggest, Google Trends. 

Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course


Modules and Details

There are numerous hands-on assignments incorporated in our course for all the modules. 


You have 3 months of learning, and numerous hands-on practical assignments for 120 hours to help you implement all the concepts well. Our project work consists of submitting weekly assignments before the next session so that our trainers are able to assess your assignments and give you the necessary inputs and feedback. 


The Digital Marketing Course fee is 34900 + 18% GST. 

This video will give you a clear understanding of the course:

Now, that we have covered the overall idea of the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course, let’s dive into the details of the curriculum. I will walk you through the entire syllabus to give you an idea of all the areas we cover.  


Curriculum Details 

1. Overview, Concepts and Fundamentals of digital marketing 

This chapter will provide you with a complete understanding of what internet marketing is all about. You will get details about the course curriculum, how the sessions are conducted, the different assignments, exams, and the procedure for completing the course. 


2. Website Development and Understanding of WordPress 

In this chapter in the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course, there are two modules that IIMSKILLS provides to its candidates. You will get introduced to one of the most popular top content management systems – WordPress. And you plan and design your first website. 


You will also learn about the different benefits of a WordPress website. Securing your website, the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, how to secure your website will all be covered in this module. 


You will customize your site according to your preference. This chapter will introduce you to the tools and plugins that you need, to keep your website safe, secure, and to disseminate great content. 


Live Assignments

The live assignments for the web development training are for 15 hours. You will purchase a domain and web hosting, integrate the two to create a reliable, and secure website. 


You create a WordPress website in real-time and design your website according to your niche. You will also install all the necessary plugins and tools. 


3. Search Engine Optimization 

 In this chapter, we will help you understand what SEO actually is. 

You will delve into the technical aspects of SEO like on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and local search. This chapter will introduce you to the most important element of your website content – keywords and keyword research. You will cover all the different tools required for auditing and checking your website performance. 


Live Assignments

The live assignments for SEO comprise 25 hours of working on your website and understanding the different technical elements. There will be various assignments in the form of projects that will include understanding the essentials of Keyword research, optimizing your website speed, competition analysis, keyword density determination among others. 


4. Email Marketing 

If you want to consolidate your position as a thought leader in your particular niche, you have to leverage the benefits of email marketing. Emails are the most important aspect of your lead generation techniques.


Our email marketing is divided into four models that give you a comprehensive understanding of how emails are absolutely essential for your business.


The different areas covered are an overall understanding of email marketing, the different terms, and the glossary associated with email marketing. 


You will learn to set up your email marketing channel integrated with your website. You will get an idea about customer acquisition, lead nurturing, drip email, spam score checker. 


This chapter gives you knowledge on the several tools that will help to expedite your process of marketing and get you better results in less time. 


Live Assignments

The live assignments for email marketing also include 15 hours of intensive learning on how to plan an efficient email marketing strategy. You will learn how to engage with your target consumers, learn to run live email campaigns using one of the platforms like Mailchimp.


5. Search Engine Marketing 

Search engine optimization is the means of disseminating content and generating leads through organic means. Search marketing is the advertising aspect of your business and content marketing process in the web domain. 


In this chapter, you will learn about the different types of Google ads, the ad bidding process, and the different tools that you can use to measure the performance of the ads that you place on search engines. 


Once you get introduced to Google ads, you will see that there are a variety of advertising methods that you can implement to generate the best results. Search advertising, Display advertising, shopping ads, remarketing, video advertising are just some of the methods of using advertising as a promotion tool. All of this and more will be covered in the search engine marketing chapter. 


Live Assignments

The assignments for search engine marketing are 10 hours of understanding the fundamentals, and advanced concepts of Google AdWords. Google Adwords is a very essential part of digital marketing campaigns. They help to position your product on the first pages of the search engine thereby increasing chances of consumers noticing your ad and eventually your products and services. 


Hence it is included as a vital part of the IIM Skills digital marketing course projects. The live project will include designing ad campaigns on Google. You will also run paid ads on YouTube, display networks, and search. 


6. Inbound marketing 

Inbound marketing is the total of all strategies that you execute for your target consumers to find you rather than you reaching out to them. It builds credibility and a sense of trust. 


Inbound Marketing also involves the entire process of nurturing your leads to turn them into customers. In this module of the IIM Skills digital marketing course content, you will learn about funnel creation, CTA, understanding web visitors’ choices and preferences, the engagement aspect of web visitors, heat maps, and the entire process of conversion and delivery. 


Some of the tools we will use in this module are email marketing tools like Mailchimp, different social media tools and platforms, landing page creators, infographic tools like canva. 


7. Social Media Marketing 

The impact of social media is enormous today. Therefore, in our IIM Skills digital marketing course content, we have 6 modules dedicated to social media marketing and promotion. 


Applied correctly and efficiently, social media can be a tool to reach out to your target consumers like no other medium. 


The different concepts we will cover in this module involve social media marketing and its significance. We will go through the different social media channels that we can leverage, understand their unique properties and characteristics that will help us to create social media content tailored to that particular channel. 


You will set up your business profile on these channels, run your ads and plan for social media budget. You will also gain knowledge on the essentials of creating content that is going to resonate with your consumers. 


Live Assignments

The duration of the social media marketing assignment is 15 hours where you will learn about Facebook pages, LinkedIn business profiles, and Twitter accounts. 


The lessons will give you that knowledge about social media tools and how to engage in social listening, audience aggregation, customer acquisition, brand building, social media posting, and scheduling. 


8. Online Reputation Management 

Online reputation is paramount to your success in the online world. You have to achieve a consistently positive impression about your brand and business on the target consumers. 


In this module of online reputation management, IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course will give you an in-depth idea about four important elements in the online reputation management process.


You will get to know about the paid media, earned media, social media, and owned properties. Learn how you can strategize in these channels to have a positive perception of your business in the minds of the consumers. 


9..Web Analytics 

When you have a website you have to consistently measure your performance to know how you are doing in the online world. There are so many businesses that don’t employ the use of Google Analytics, or social media analytics well and hence suffer.


IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course will provide you with learning how to read Google analytics reports and different social media analytics. 


You will get an incisive idea about campaign building, traffic sources, budgeting, and analysis, how to measure growth metrics, treemap goal set up. 


Some of the tools that you will work within this module will be Google Analytics, LinkedIn ads, Twitter, Facebook pixel, Google for developers


10. Blogging and Content Writing 

The basis of all your digital marketing campaigns will be content creation and marketing. In the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Master Course, you will learn about the formats of writing, how to incorporate your keywords in your content copy, and how plagiarism works. 


Live Assignments

The content writing practical training comprises 30 hours of writing projects, keyword research, research for your copy, and blog writing. All the candidates will create different kinds of content in the form of blogs, web copies, copywriting, listicle articles in their writing projects. 


The lessons include several important topics and helps you to understand how to structure the content for organic ranking. You’ll also learn how to formulate social media content for maximum impact. 


11. Media Buying and Planning 

Media buying and planning are related to advertising your products and services. This will essentially encompass all the steps that are needed to purchase time slots for your advertisements. 


There are a lot of considerations when you want to start an advertising campaign. Your ad should reach your target consumers at the right time, the call to action should have power words, and there should be consistent monitoring of how your ads are faring in the online domain. 


These are fundamental aspects of running successful ad campaigns. This module will cover all these elements and will introduce you to the different media platforms for more awareness and visibility. 


12. Affiliate Marketing 

In this module, you will learn how you can implement affiliate marketing in your business to earn commissions. Affiliate Marketing is essentially your ability to convince your consumers to purchase a product or service. You earn commission from the product you are endorsing for every purchase made. 


This chapter will be very beneficial for you because it will also teach you how to generate money with your blog incorporating affiliate marketing in it. 


Live assignments

The affiliate marketing assignment is 10 hours of rigorous learning on how to ideate and implement affiliate marketing in your business. You will sign up for diverse affiliate programs and try to earn your first $100 while working on the live project itself. 


Important concepts such as integration of a bank account with a money transaction app like PayPal, the different documents required to become affiliate marketers, payment setup will all be covered in this hands-on learning module of the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course. 


13. Video Marketing 

The Video marketing chapter will essentially cover all the elements required to become a successful YouTube marketer. The prospect of video marketing is immense in the coming years. 


As per trends and numbers, people consume the most amount of content through videos. Before mastering a platform like YouTube and starting your own channel can be a very profitable way to earn income as a digital marketer.


You learn how to create videos, how to develop your brand into a name, and how to market your videos for maximum reach. Inadvertently, this lesson in the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course will give you the knowledge on how to become an influencer and build awareness about your product and services. 


You will learn how to read and analyze the analytics for video marketing and how to improve the parameters that are required to be successful in this domain.


Live assignments

The live assignments here comprise micro-video marketing for a duration of 10 hours. You create your own YouTube studio, submit your video marketing campaign. The mentors will assess that and send you the required feedback. 


You mainly focus on content development on YouTube, managing the different tools, creating and managing your infographics for video marketing platforms.


14. Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation is basically your initiative of automating your campaigns in a way that reduces the manual effort that goes into disseminating content or building the different digital marketing campaigns.


in this chapter, you will learn how to schedule your content for a particular time, how to execute several digital marketing strategies at the same time. For example, sending emails to a certain number of people at a particular time of the day, sending to a different group some other time, disseminating content on social media platforms at a definite time for maximum visibility. 


Some of the important components you will cover in this module are as follows:

  • Customer Relationship Management Integration 
  • Customer Lifecycle 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Campaign Management 
  • Landing Pages
  •  Marketing Analytics 
  • Mobile and Social Marketing Capabilities 
  • Engagement Marketing 
  • Email Marketing.


The marketing automation lessons will provide you with an overview of the process and strategy of disseminating content, the shelf life of each content that you distribute, and how your target consumers are an integral part of this marketing automation process. 


15. Digital infographics Resume Creation 

This lesson of the IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course will benefit you when you want to apply for a job. Resume creation is one of the most vital tasks when applying for a job.  


In this chapter, we have incorporated learning on how to create an interesting infographic resume that provides clarity. The right aesthetics in your resume can help you land that desired job by creating the right impression on your potential employers.


You will learn how to build digital infographics resumes, the science behind spacing, fonts, color. After the end of this module, you will be able to create a detailed infographic resume that will combine creativity and knowledge delineating qualities that make you stand out. 


16. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

An integrated digital marketing strategy combines all the important elements of online marketing to create a strong campaign that takes into account the flexible nature of the digital world and the different market trends.


You create a strategy combining all the modules like social media optimization, search engine marketing, local listings page, content marketing, and site development to create an integrated strategy for your online marketing initiatives. 


It will include understanding the relevance of your content, targeting the correct audience, structuring your content, and scheduling them properly. And finally, measuring the performance of your strategy. 


All of this will be covered in this lesson. 


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Important Note

If you are uncertain about how the course will be conducted, you always talk to our expert at the institute and take an online demo session. This will provide you with the required clarity on how the course is structured and conducted by the mentors.


Q. What is the course fees of IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master course?

Ans- The course fees of IIM SKILLS digital marketing master course is INR 29,900 + 18% GST

Q. What are the certifications offered in IIM SKILLS DMMC?

Ans- There are over 15 internationally recognized digital marketing certifications offered by IIM SKILLS through its digital marketing master course and these include Google, HubSpot and Facebook certification along with the IIM SKILLS Master Course certification.

Q. Does IIM SKILLS provide placement assistance?

Ans- Yes, IIM SKILLS provides complete placement assistance where the students get to learn about the best digital marketing career advice for them to scale a successful career.

Wrapping it up

The truth is, today, you need online marketing to reach out to people. The digital ecosphere provides innumerable opportunities for individuals irrespective of age gender, or field of work. All you need is the enthusiasm to learn new skills and keep up with the changing trends of the digital marketing world. 


Once you have that clarity in your mind, you can become an ace digital marketer after completion of the IIM Skills digital marketing course. 

Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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