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Best Physiotherapy Courses: Fees, Duration, Details & more

There are plenty of physiotherapy courses available out there that guide you through the very details of the skill. This article will take you through the very fundamentals of physiotherapy courses, career, and other details.

Lately, it has been observed that the demand for physiotherapy courses has increased. This is certainly a good sign that suggests that more people are becoming aware of physiotherapy as a profession. In this article, you’ll find some of the very important details about physiotherapy courses.

Before jumping right into physiotherapy courses, there are certain details you need to know such as career as a physiotherapist, the roles and responsibilities, job opportunities, future scope, salary and more.

India is a land of diversity. A major part of its population is owned by the students. The students who are studying in varying standards​. Be it a nursery or 5th standard or its life-changing 10th standard where according to CBSE or any other regional board where you have to select the subject. Again its 12th standard, at the end of which you have to decide the course you are going to pursue to make your life.

Students are free to choose science-based subjects, like physics chemistry. With these two subjects, one can opt for biology or maths or both depending upon the choice of preference. There is also a commerce-based stream where one learns about financial management. There is also an arts-based stream where one can choose many subjects like history, geography, sociology, psychologist, and many more. Depending upon the chosen subject, one can choose the eligible course accordingly​.

Also to enter into esteemed and government-recognized​ medical, engineering, law, and commerce colleges, there are competitive entrance examinations held annually. For entering into Medical colleges, you are required to clear a National Entrance Eligibility Test commonly called NEET.

This allows the student to take admission in some prestigious and renowned medical colleges. In India, the prestigious colleges for​ pursuing engineering are IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and NITs (National Institute of Technology). To take admission in these colleges, the student is required to clear a National level entrance examination known as JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) which he/she must clear to get into these colleges.

Whenever it comes to choosing a medical career, the most preferred choice of courses​ is MBBS and BDS. These courses come into the mind of a person as these allow the use of a prefix Dr. before the name and simultaneously allow the treatment of patients. However, there are various other courses that allow you to treat the patients​. One of the medical-oriented courses is physiotherapy courses.

You should definitely explore this course as it is a budding course and has a tremendous amount of opportunities in the sector. Also, it will fulfill the dream of becoming a doctor too. A doctor of Physical therapy. Considering this course can definitely be a good decision of your life. Here in this article, we shall discuss what are the types of physiotherapy courses, their eligibility criteria for getting selected into the course

What are the types of  Physiotherapy courses? What is the scope after taking this course?

Physiotherapy​ is a budding medical field. It is one of the most promising and extremely knowledgeable fields where you get a deep knowledge about the anatomy, muscles, and the associated​ movements​ of your body. You also get to learn about therapies based on manual manipulation and electrical. Based on this knowledge you treat a patient, giving him a combined treatment of exercise as well as electrotherapy.

The subjects are totally medical-based where you get to learn about your inner body deeply (anatomy), the functioning of your body systems (physiology), your body at the molecular level (biochemistry), the disease status and its orientation (pathology), microbes (microbiology), Medicines (pharmacology and medicine), bones related issues (Orthopedic), Brain and it’s functioning (Neurology), complete exercise therapy and massage, modalities related subject (electrotherapy), heart and its functioning, surgery, sports rehabilitation, psychology, psychiatry and many more. The musculoskeletal knowledge imparted by this course allows the therapist to treat the patients​ effectively.

The biggest advantage of Physiotherapy is that there is no use of medicine, that is the treatment is purely based on exercise and machines. So the chances of developing drug-related allergies are not an issue here with Physiotherapy. The person can work at many places.

The major traits that a therapist should have in himself/herself are empathy towards the patient, good vocal skill, good managerial skill, amiability towards the patient, great communication, a piece of deep knowledge, and expert hands. All these things will make a therapist an expert. The course has also a huge scope abroad too. If you are looking forward to relocating, this course is a must go.

What are the different Physiotherapy courses?

There are ample choices of courses that you can select for becoming a physical therapist by profession. All these courses are meant to be pursued right after the 12th standard. The course pursued​ right after 12th are bachelor or undergraduate courses. Then there are master courses that are meant to be taken after the bachelor course. There is also a Ph.D. course in this field, which is the highest course undertaken in this field.


Physiotherapy Courses


Undergraduate Physiotherapy courses offered


1)  Bachelor of Physiotherapy

It is a 4-year degree course. One of the top undergraduate courses for pursuing Physiotherapy. This is one of the highest chosen courses by any aspiring candidate. This course offers almost everything that a person requires for becoming a successful Physiotherapist. This course has everything from regular courses to access to OPDs, everything that a student requires to become a successful Physiotherapist.

Course details

This is a 4-year program teaching every minute detail to the student about Physiotherapy. The major subjects include Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology microbiology, pharmacology, exercise therapy, electrotherapy, Orthopedics, surgery, and many more required by the student to become a successful Physiotherapist.


The student must have passed 12th in the Science biology stream (Physics chemistry biology) from a recognized board. Every college accepts different scores so calling a minimum score would be 60%. After clearing the entrance test, the students will have to face a round of interviews for taking admission to the college. Right after clearing the interview, the student becomes eligible for taking admission into the college.


This course has huge scope and the scope will only grow in​ the near future. After pursuing this course the therapist is eligible to work at Hospitals, clinics, private practice, NGOs, freelancers, lecturers,s and many more. The salary too is good with a starting annual income of about 3-4 lakhs.

2)  BSc in Physiotherapy

One of the very popular Physiotherapy courses that a student can pursue right after 12th is BSc in Physiotherapy. Being an undergraduate program, this course also teaches everything to the student to make him a potential Physiotherapist.

Course details

It is a three-year course that shapes a student to become an adept and skillful Physiotherapist​. You get to learn all the methods and the treatment ways in order to mitigate the pain of your patients. You also get thorough clinical research and good patient exposure.


The student must have passed the 12th standard with a minimum score of 50-60% from a recognized board. The student must have passed his 12th standard in the science biology stream. The student must have cleared the entrance examination and the interview to take admission to the desired college.


The scope of this course is also huge. One can work at gyms, hospitals, clinics, start a private practice, become a Freelancer​ , and many more. One can also become a lecturer if one is interested in teaching.

3)  Diploma in Physiotherapy​

Next, we have a Diploma Course in Physiotherapy which is not like the above-mentioned courses as it is a diploma course. This is not much preferred as it inclines towards providing clinical knowledge more as compared to theoretical knowledge. But nonetheless, if you are looking for a short-term course to become a Physiotherapist, you surely should pursue this.

Course details

This is a 2-3 year course depending upon the institute. The course usually focuses on the practical approach more as compared to the theoretical approach. This course is pursued only after the 12th standard. The course teaches almost everything a person requires practically to treat any patient.


This is again an undergraduate program that is pursued after 12th. The student master cleared XII standard from a recognized board in the science biology stream. After clearing the entrance examination and interview of the desired Institute,  the student is eligible to pursue a diploma in physiotherapy. The duration of the course largely varies from institute to institute and it usually takes two to three years to pursue a diploma in physiotherapy.


The scope of a diploma in Physiotherapy is also very huge and it encompasses a clinician position, a lecturer position, and many more others. The person can also join Any hospital or clinic or even start his own practice.

These were some of all the physiotherapy courses at the undergraduate level. The basic eligibility criteria for almost all the courses mentioned is for the candidate to have qualified 12th science with biology as one of the subjects. The course duration is usually 3 years, however, it may vary depending upon the nature of the course.


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Postgraduate program in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is not only limited to undergraduate courses but is also is available in some post-graduate or Master level courses. Like any other course, the master course or the postgraduate program is a specialization course in that particular field. Likely, one can also pursue a post-graduate program in Physiotherapy to master his expertise in a particular specialization. Below are some of the post-graduate programs that one can pursue right after the graduation course in Physiotherapy.

1)  Masters in Physiotherapy

This is a specialization course allowing a person to master in one particular direction or subject of physiotherapy. The person can gather knowledge and become an expert in one particular subject, thereby allowing extensive experience in the relevant field. The program allows the person to master his skills in one particular direction only.

Course details

The course is of 2-year duration and is usually pursued right after completing a bachelor’s in physiotherapy or BSc in physiotherapy. The person can choose various streams or specialization subjects like orthopedics, neurology,  cardiology, musculoskeletal, sports, and many more.


The person must have cleared the bachelors in Physiotherapy or BSc in physiotherapy with the minimum score of 50 to 60%  depending upon the chosen Institute. After clearing the written exam and interview, the person is eligible to pursue Masters in Physiotherapy from the chosen Institute.


The person can work at hospitals, clinics, start his private practice, and even can become an assistant professor write after completing Masters in physiotherapy. Since the expertise of the person includes one subject, the person can work in the relevant department and can even become the head of the department. The scope is huge with a starting salary of around 5-6 lakhs per annum. After pursuing a master’s in sports Physiotherapy, the person can become a physiotherapist for the sports team at the national or state level. The person can also work as a house physiotherapist in ICUs.

2)  MSc in Physiotherapy

This is a master level program of Bsc in physiotherapy and is pursued in continuation after BSc. The course teaches everything a person requires to become a specialist in one particular field or subject. There are various master-level subjects that are pursued​ during MSc in Physiotherapy.

Course detail

This is also a 2-year program pursued after completing a BSc in Physiotherapy. The person should score a minimum required percentage at his  UG level. After having cleared the written examination and the interview process, the person is eligible to pursue MSc in physical therapy from the institute.


The person should have completed his BSc in Physiotherapy with a minimum score. Also, the person should have completed his six months of internship training before pursuing this course.


The scope of MSc in Physiotherapy is more or less the same as the Masters in Physiotherapy or MPT. The person is eligible to work at Hospitals, clinics, start his own clinic, or even become a freelancer. If interested, the person can also choose to become an Assistant Professor in a reputed Physiotherapy college.

3)  MD in Physiotherapy

The next in line is a highly reputed and skillful master level program of physiotherapy. This course allows the person to become an expert in one subject, thereby developing extensive skills for treating the patients. The person gets to learn about physiotherapy and its techniques in the most detailed manner.

Course details

This is also a 2-year post-graduate program teaching the person every minute detail. The person undergoes vigorous practice and clinical exposure. The specialization subjects may include various streams like cardiology, neurology, respiratory, orthopedics, and many more.


The person should have completed his bachelor’s in physiotherapy. Only after this, the person is allowed to pursue the course. The person has to crack the written examination and the interview to pursue this program.


The scope of this course is also the same. The person can work at hospitals, clinics, freelance, or start his private practice. The scope is huge and the person can even work abroad.

4)  PG Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy

If you are a  fitness freak and would love to pursue a career in this sector, then here is your best bet. This course is in huge demand due to the jobs in a sports team. Also, the job in the sports team provides a large number of perks like free traveling free accommodation, and many more.

Course details

This is also a 2-year program pursued after completing a bachelor’s in Physiotherapy​. The course provides everything that a person requires to treat the sportspersons and relieving them from their pain.


The person should have cleared his bachelor’s in Physiotherapy with the required minimum percentage. The person again has to crack the entry-level examination and the interview process, the person is eligible to pursue the course.


The scope of this specialization is huge and the person works at various sports corporations of India and abroad. The person gets to treat the sports teams and can even be hired as a personal physiotherapist of the player.  This is a very lucrative field with many extra added benefits. One profession that you can rely upon if you are a fitness freak.

So here was a brief essay on some Physiotherapy courses in India that can be pursued right after the 12th standard. Physiotherapy is a budding field and in near future, the scope of Physiotherapy will skyrocket further.

These were only some of all the physiotherapy courses that you can do post-graduation. A majority of such courses require you to have a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and the student is required to qualify the exam and interview rounds in order to get admission to one of such post-graduation level physiotherapy courses.


Considering the above-mentioned details about physiotherapy as a career and also the courses as well, we can derive some conclusions. Being a physiotherapist can be a very promising career as there is not much hassle involved in the process of pursuing a physiotherapy course. Having an academic background with biology as a subject makes it easier for one to become a physiotherapist.

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary of Physiotherapists in India is INR 3,53,000 per year which roughly rounds up to INR 30,000 per month. There are several physiotherapy programs as mentioned in one of the courses above, that allow students to pursue physiotherapy right after their 10+2.

Such courses will take the students from the very basics of physiotherapy to the core fundamentals of the skills. The duration of the course varies, however, most of the undergraduate courses are usually 3-year programs while most of the post-graduation programs are usually 2 years in duration.

There are so many types of physiotherapy courses just like any other professional course. These include undergraduate and post-graduation courses. On average, the normal fees of physiotherapy courses either undergraduate or post-graduation courses range anywhere between INR 1 lakh to INR 5 lakh.

Depending upon the nature of the degree, the duration of physiotherapy courses all varies. These were some of the lesser-known details that any student aspiring to take a physiotherapy course shall know about. A study suggests that people have started to prefer physiotherapy more than ever, and that is one of the main reasons behind the growth in demand for physiotherapy courses.

So, that was all about the best physiotherapy courses that you may prefer to do right after completing your high secondary education or graduation provided you had biology as a subject during your higher secondary years of education or in case you’re a graduate you need to be a graduate from physiotherapy or similar streams of education.

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