Top 5 SEO Courses in Greece with Certification

One of the founding fathers of the United Nations, Greece is a country known for its laid-back and rich cultural heritage. There is no doubt that people living in Greece like to live in the moment, not worrying too much about their past or the future, and enjoy the breathtaking views of their sunshine land. But what about its economy? Is it worth doing a business in Greece, especially with the market conditions? What business will be profitable in the country? Does the social world affect the Greek mentality in any way? In this article, you’ll learn about these questions and also about the SEO courses in Greece you can take to increase the profit margin of a business. Let’s take a look at Greece and its e-commerce market, and understand the potential of an SEO course.


The E-Commerce market in Greece is on a constant uprise. About 66% of the population is online and loves buying accessories online. The electronic industry is the most profitable with nearly one-third of the population buying electronic products and devices. Greek people also love partying, concert tickets and cultural events are a major selling point for the locals to go online. Google is the most used search engine there covering 98% of the market share in Greece. Therefore it is a huge plus point for SEO specialists to use their skills and increase the productivity of their business online.


What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to increase our visibility on Google’s search engine. You can rank your site on google by learning with these SEO courses in Greece and following the proper optimizations given by google. These optimizations are often small modifications made to your website.


They are made to enhance the user’s experience on your website and also improve your site’s performance in organic search results. The results that you see on the search page that aren’t paid are organic search results and are based on SEO practices. These results are helpful for the users because they show the relevant information on the top page according to the user’s search query.


These results help google find the best relevant content for users. The other results that you see on the first page are paid ad results. These are paid advertisements run by companies who pay Google to run their ads every time a keyword is used in the searches. These ad results are charged monthly by Google and are not preferably used unless you can afford to pay some huge amount every month. That is why an SEO expert is a better option for help in these situations. 


What Does an SEO Expert Do?


A certified SEO expert, from one of the institutes in SEO courses in Greece, uses SEO tactics to optimize the content on your website according to Google’s specifications. They are trained in keyword optimization to improve a site’s visibility on the search pages. Companies hire an SEO specialist who is trained to handle on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, etc.


Businesses hire an SEO specialist onboard or pay a freelance SEO specialist for their services and expertise in handling these processes. However, having an SEO expert on board is a better option for a business as it requires constant updating with new technologies and a working knowledge of handling the optimization of the web pages.


An expert can improve your site and save some time, therefore deciding to hire one is a responsible task. A careless expert can cause damage as well to your site. So choosing the services that an SEO can provide becomes important. Here are some examples of these services that an SEO expert may deliver:


  • Keyword research
  • Content development
  • Reviewing content
  • Campaign management
  • Technical advice on website development


Hiring an expert is a very responsible task so make sure you pay attention and understand what an expert brings to your company. 


Best SEO Courses in Greece


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills provides the Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course for students, business professionals, content writers, and anyone looking for SEO courses in Greece. This is a 4-week SEO training course. After the completion, you can opt for two months paid internship to familiarize yourself with the process and the practical knowledge of using SEO tools


You get a letter of recommendation along with placement and interview support from IIMSkills. This course will teach how to rank websites or blogs on top searches with the help of an SEO toolkit. And you will also earn certification to prove the authenticity of your learning once you complete the course.


SEO Course Details

  • 4 weeks of live training + 8 weeks of paid internship
  • 16 hours of live lectures
  • Placement support
  • Certification recognized by MSME Government of India 
  • Free tools worth 20K
  • Hands-on training with two live projects


Course Module


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


What you will learn

  • Learn to launch your SEO agency
  • Learn SEO in detail with online publishing
  • Launch career as an SEO specialist
  • Ranking your content on search engines
  • SEO tools used in the industry
  • How to perform keyword research on a topic


Course Type: Online

Certificates: Master Certification

Course Fees: 183.04 Euro


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2. Coursera


Founded in 2012, Coursera is an online course provider, started by 2 Stanford university computer science professors, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. Coursera has partnered with organizations and universities to offer courses online. They offer degrees and certifications in a variety of subjects.


One of their subjects is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization course delivered by two SEO specialists. The course is completely online with flexibility to study on your schedule. The course takes approximately 5 months to complete with 6 hours per day at the suggested pace.


Course Details

  • 100% online course
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Approx 5 months long
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Graded assignments and quizzes with peer feedback
  • Shareable certificate


Course Module

  • Introduction to Google SEO
  • Google SEO Fundamentals
  • Optimizing a Website for Google Search
  • Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO
  • Google SEO Capstone Project


What you will learn

  • Complete analysis on a webpage
  • Create relations and collaborate with influencers to analyze which content gets the most shares
  • Develop a successful relationship with the client
  • Create a final report to show your client the recommendations for SEO


Course Type: Online

Certificates: Certification from Coursera

Course Fees: Free Enrollment




IIENSTITU’s SEO course is designed by an expert who has taught many students how to become successful in online marketing worldwide. This course contains 6 videos and 6 classes along with quizzes and exams to help you learn SEO and use the learnings for practical use in the industry.


Along with it, in these SEO courses in Greece, you will get a certificate of completion after passing the final exam in which you will be tested on your knowledge of SEO gained. You will be able to take part in group chats and discussions during the course.


Course Details

  • 6 videos
  • 6 live classes
  • 2 practice exam quiz
  • 2 document
  • 1 quiz
  • 1 homework
  • Group Chat
  • Discussions


Course Module

  • Introduction to SEO- What is SEO, Why does it matter?
  • Audience building, defining your website purpose, and keyword research 
  • Content Creation and Website Structure 
  • Link building
  • Google Analytics and Reporting 


What you will learn

  • Understand search engines and optimize a website to better rank
  • Write google friendly copy
  • Use software tools
  • Using SEO research track and analyze data
  • Optimize image for better ranking
  • How to develop a strategy for client or website


Course Type: Online

Certificates: Certification from IIENSTITU

Course Fees: $15


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4. Koenig


Spread across the major countries in the world – USA, UK, India, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, Netherlands- Koenig is one of the most trusted training organizations in the world. 


Course Details 

The course can be taken in 3 weeks and with a 4-hour session every week. It provides live online training with 2 options for the course in which students study in Physical Classroom Training with 4 hours /8 hours or Ultra-Fast Track for 16 hours.


Course Module

  • Basic SEO
  • Understanding the importance of Keywords
  • Content Optimisation
  • Understanding Technical SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building
  • SEO Effectiveness
  • SEO for ECommerce
  • SEO for Local Search
  • Useful SEO Tools
  • Past, Present, and Future of SEO


What you will learn

  • Comprehend the Functions of Search Engines
  • Learn what is Search Engine Optimization
  • Comprehend Misconceptions and Myths about search engines
  • Learn what is Page Rank
  • Comprehend Search Engine Services and Tools
  • Build Accessible Sites
  • Measure and Track Success
  • Understand Indexing and Crawling


Course Type: Online

Certificates: Certification from Koenig

Course Fees: On Request



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5. Udemy


Udemy’s professional courses are aimed at both students and professionals. It is an online learning and teaching marketplace providing over 185000 courses and is trusted by 49 million students. The SEO course from udemy is a 38-minute on-demand full lifetime access video for business professionals, working professionals, and entrepreneurs. It comes with assignments and a certificate of completion.


Course Details

  • Learn how to determine the right keywords
  • Learn how to write a Title Tag
  • Learn how to write a Description Tag
  • Learn the top 10 ranking factors for search engines
  • Learn how and where to edit your site for Search Engines


Course Module

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Creating SEO Strategy
  • On-Page SEO
  • On-site SEO
  • Off-Site SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Tools for SEO
  • Search Engine Domination (SED)
  • Article Marketing
  • Project
  • Bonus Material


What you will learn

  • Determine the right keywords
  • Write a description tag
  • Write a title tag
  • The ranking factor for search engines
  • Edit site for search engines


Course Type: Online

Certificates: Certification from Udemy

Course Fees: 5.60 Euros


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q.1 What is SEO and how does it work?

Ans. SEO courses in Greece are simply used to improve your website’s ranking on the google search engine. Since the results that Google shows on these pages have to be relevant to the searches and help the person who has searched to find an answer on google, they have come up with some algorithms to determine the best possible answer to the query according to the searched keyword. 

How google works is when you hit publish for your content on google cache, crawls, and indexes and then rank the webpage according to the keyword?

  • Cache: Snapshots of all pages of your website.
  • Crawl: Records the pages and links on your website.
  • Index: Analyze the content on those web pages.


Q.2 What is the importance of SEO courses in Greece?

Ans. In today’s digital world, being visible is an even more difficult task than before. You have to compete with millions of other competitors online to market your brand. People nowadays tend to look up online for every answer they want to get and this practice has many different results. Therefore brands have now opted to use SEO practices to gain confidence in their brand and market their products better. People usually navigate to the first page for their search results. Hence the brands knowledgeable in SEO courses in Greece, use SEO to market themselves or their products/services on the first page to be visible to the customers when they search for a particular keyword.


Q.3 What is the average salary for an SEO professional in Greece?

Ans. An SEO Manager in Greece typically earns around 2,810 EUR per month. Salary levels range from 1,380 EUR to 4,390 EUR (from lowest to highest). The average monthly payment includes transportation, housing, and other benefits. SEO Manager salaries vary greatly depending on experience, abilities, gender, and region.


Q.4 What is the best way to get great rankings in search engines?

Ans. To get great rankings or to make yourself visible on the search engines follow SEO best practices, learned during your SEO courses in Greece, and make the content user-friendly for better results. Some of these practices are creating your content with the search intent in mind, i.e., what people will search on google you should have an idea about that. Writing compelling title tags and meta description tags is also useful when you want people to get your content as a result of the search pages. 


Optimize your pages, images, and content according to the keyword and make them user-friendly. Also optimizing the speed it takes to load your web page adds to a better user experience hence google will also recognize that and rank your website better. Adding backlinks is also a way to optimize your web pages for improving their credibility in google searches.


Q.5 Is SEO difficult?

Ans. SEO courses in Greece are straightforward courses for beginners. Since it is understanding google’s algorithms functions and optimizing the content according to them it is not that difficult to understand. However, Google is always changing or adding new things to its policies so it is difficult to keep up with them from time to time. 


Google is always updating its algorithms and keeping up with them can be a challenging task. So SEO should be taken by those who have an interest in digital marketing and want to learn the new ways to market the products online. It is exactly like the digital age where anything can happen and you can’t know the next thing that is going to make some significant impact. 




Since SEO is a demanding course, it should be taken by people interested in digital marketing and want to learn SEO. Professionals who have experience in this field can take advantage of their expertise and enhance their learnings as well. As SEO is ever-changing with the times it is only going to get better. SEO is slowly becoming the need of the hour as more people are going digital and the number is only going up. There is no doubt that Greece is also becoming a part of this digital age and slowly making an impact over the next few years.


Since it will take some time to recover from the economical crisis it suffered in the past, the process is going to be slow, just like their lifestyle, but it’s going to be worthwhile for them. A place that teaches the basics of SEO courses in Greece and all the necessary tools currently prevalent in the market is beneficial to take part in. Before enrolling in any one of these SEO courses, though, one should do some more research like searching for reviews on the internet and looking through their activities to get an idea of the institute and what they stand for in terms of providing a valuable study.


The e-commerce industry is booming in Greece with the population getting more involved with technology. The increase in the production of these goods is a good sign of growth in the market and the Greeks should take advantage of this situation as the competition is low and enroll in some SEO courses in Greece to gain an upper hand in the market. Since the use of modern-day technology is going to increase, the number of people on the competitive side will also increase and that means more difficulty in getting visible on the internet.

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