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Top 8 SEO Training in Hyderabad with Certifications

You can be a wanderer on the world wide web if you do not follow how search engines evolve and get smarter. Thus at the end of the day, SEO is directing the right traffic towards the business by submitting an optimized web page to the search engines. But how do you decode the business trick followed for SEO? You can resort to SEO training in Hyderabad to learn profitable and relevant search engine optimization practices. 


When skimming through various SEO training in Hyderabad, you must have understood that SEO is all about ranking on the search engine result page and that too organically. But is SEO the only way to index your website on the search engine? The answer is No! You can use SEM (Search engine marketing) techniques to rank your website. Search engine marketing(SEM) is considered part of search engine optimization (SEO). SEM means the paid result, whereas SEO means the organic result. 


The method that is comparatively beneficial for drawing the right traffic :


An intuitive wind blows in the digital atmosphere that boosts the audience’s confidence to rely on a website for their answers. SEO is the analysis of the traffic patterns, due to which the SEO content sounds relevant and genuine. SEO gives that intuitive nudge to the audience. Therefore, the SEM results are somewhat dependent on the organic results.


For instance, when searching for product reviews, we often fear paid results because we know there is no analysis behind the thoughts. However, when SEO and SEM methods are combined, they prove to be highly advantageous for attracting targeted traffic. But remember that the foundation is SEO.


What Do We Imply by SEO Skills?


If you are an SEO expert, you will be expected to have specific skills to drive the optimization process at ease. Some of the SEO skills are as follows-

  • Impactful and intuitive writing skills
  • Critical thinking (to find issues on the website and work on them )
  • Project management skills
  • Researching ability (to calculate and predict every aspect )
  • Critical analysis 
  • Decision-making capacity to beat the inconsistency in the SEO process. 
  • The ability to switch strategies before meeting failure. 


Top SEO Training in Hyderabad


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the perfect results for your search for SEO training in Hyderabad. You will be able to become globally significant. You will be in a position to work on real projects that will provide you with an understanding of the theoretical and the practical aspect of SEO.


Furthermore, IIM Skills provides live virtual training; so that you can participate in classes from any part of the world. Certified professionals will help you dive into the nitty-gritty of SEO and update your knowledge with various hacks and the traditional practices related to SEO. Therefore, consider glancing through the course syllabus. 


Course Name: Advanced SEO Course

Course Fees: Rs. 14,000+18% GST

Course Duration: 4 weeks Training+8-weeks internship


SEO Course Structure


  • An understanding of SEO
  • The various types of SEO
  • The need for SEO in digital marketing
  •  The time needed for an SEO practice to show results
  •  What are the expectations from the SEO practices?
  •  The importance of selecting the right Niche
  •  What is website credibility?
  •  An insight into the user interface and user experience
  •  Learning to create a website structure
  •  Mind mapping the audience
  •  Keyword research
  •  What is keyword competition
  •  The intention of keywords
  •  The various types of keywords
  •  Content for landing pages
  •  Comparative analysis
  •  SEO for local domestic and international pages
  •  How do image and video optimization impact any website?
  •  The meaning of the permalink
  •  Structuring permalinks
  •  The content structure
  •  The linking techniques
  •  The internal and external links
  •  What are alternative keywords?
  •  The idea of cornerstone pages
  •  Social sharing Optimisation
  •  What are meta descriptions and tags
  • The idea of 301 redirect
  • The 404 error
  •  What is a Canonical URL?
  •  Learning about the off-page SEO
  •  Backlinks and their types
  •  What are quality backlinks
  •  The 3.0 and 2.0 web strategy
  •  The cold email outreach
  •  Approaches for content marketing content marketing
  •  Thin and duplicate content
  •  Developing relationships with website owners
  •  Multiple domain strategies
  •  The content delivery network
  •  All about XML sitemap
  •  Broken links
  •   Implementation of schemas.
  •  Registering to Google search console
  •  Review of search console
  •  URL inspection
  • How to submit site maps?
  •  What is Google Analytics
  •  The process of registering with Google Analytics
  •  Comprehending the audience’s geography
  •  Analyzing the source of traffic
  •  Focusing on audience overview and traffic behavior
  • Designing in SEO report
  •  Freelance SEO reporting


The tools covered in the course are as follows-


  • Google my business
  •  Word counter
  •  Small SEO tool
  •  SEMrush
  •  Compressnow
  •  Convert case
  •  Duplichecker
  •  Quetext
  •  Keyword planner
  •  Answer the public
  •  Ubersuggest
  • WordPress
  •  Canva


The benefits of taking this course are as follows-


  • 2 months internship with incentives
  •  Becoming a certified SEO specialist
  • Establishing an SEO agency
  •  Knowing how to rank your blog or website
  •  Receiving a letter of recommendation
  •  Getting 100% placement support
  •  Interview support
  •  Post-training mentorship



Tel:+91 9911839503

Email: [email protected]


Other courses


2. Moz Academy 


While searching for SEO training in Hyderabad, many learners dream of learning SEO techniques quickly. However, this idea is no more a dream. Moz Academy has condensed the fundamentals of SEO into a 6-hour course that will not only make you proficient but a certified SEO as well.


Course Name: SEO Essential Certification (series)

Course Fees: $595

Course Duration: 6-7 hours


The 6 intensive package courses included in the series are as follows-

  • Understanding the fundamentals
  • Developing keyword strategies
  •  Apply on-page Optimisation strategies
  •  Build effective link strategies
  •  Create efficient report strategies
  •  The final exam


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


 After going to all these courses, you will be able to learn-


  • Developing a competitive SEO strategy
  • Learning the fundamentals of SEO
  • Keyword research
  •  Page Optimisation
  •  The Essentials in link building
  •  SEO reporting
  •  How search engines determine a site’s value
  •  Voice searching
  •  Identifying good keywords
  •  Prioritizing SEO tasks
  •  Determining valuable content
  •  Evaluating links
  •  Measuring the impact of SEO
  •  In-depth application of SEO


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When searching for SEO training in Hyderabad, a specific group of people looks for extensive online courses. IIDE will make you a part of an exhaustive online SEO course. Which in turn, will help you master various tools such as Google search console, rank math, Ubersuggest, and many more.


There will be practical assessments in their SEO training in Hyderabad that will take you to the dark trench zone of SEO. After which, the core concepts of Search Engine Optimisation will be at your fingertips.


Course Name: Online SEO course with certification

Course Fees: Rs.6355+taxes

Course Duration: 7-hours


The course structure is as follows-


  • Keyword research
  •  how Google SEO works
  •  finding the right keyword
  •  on-page SEO
  •  structuring the web pages
  •  learning about the on-page components
  •  SEO hacks for Website traffic
  •  concepts of Technical SEO
  •  importance of error pages
  •  off-page SEO
  •  importance of auditing
  •  using blogs and PR to improve the rank of the website
  •  Google search console
  •  measuring site’s search performance
  •  knowing about the Black hat techniques
  •  the impact of Black hat techniques on ranking



Tel: +919619958615

Email: [email protected]


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4. Web Training


Web training is the most suitable option when searching for SEO training in Hyderabad. It is the oldest Institute that is offering courses to help learners understand the online world. If you wish to pursue an SEO course ab training and check out the course syllabus for the same.


Course Name: SEO Training Course

Course Fees: Rs.8000

Course Duration: 3 or 6 months


The course structure is as follows


  • What is digital marketing?
  •  the difference between SEO SEM and SMM
  •  SEO benefits
  •  knowing how the search engine works
  •  the Google search architecture
  •  ranking methodologies
  •  understanding the search engine results page
  •  updates on search algorithms
  •  updates on Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird
  •  the basics of HTML and CSS
  •  importance of WordPress
  •  Google search console
  •  suggestions for HTML
  •  the parameters of URL
  •  keyword Research and Analysis
  •  the benefits of Keyword research
  •  the process of business analysis
  •  types of keywords
  •  Google keyword planner
  •  Paid keyword tools
  •  competitive metrics
  •  competitive analysis
  •   a Keyword list
  •  on page Optimisation
  •  guidelines for Google website
  •  optimization of the URL title tag and meta tags
  •  SEO content writing
  •  anchor links Optimisation
  •  Canon little links
  •  Schemas
  •  URL redirecting techniques
  •  off-page Optimisation
  •  guidelines for Google link building
  •  the linking methods
  •  link analysis
  •  local business listing
  •  guest blogging and commenting
  •  press releases
  •  Penguin recovery process
  •  Panda recovery process
  •  link pruning process
  •  website Position analysis
  •  Google Analytics
  •  the search console keyword reports
  •  client requirement analysis
  •  the AdSense guidelines
  •  website ideas for online learning
  •  the various types of AD formats
  •  Web monetization
  •  tracking multiple websites
  •  networks for affiliate marketing
  •  Core web vitals



Tel: 91 9871430039

Email:  [email protected]


5. Coursera


Suppose you are a novice searching for a specialization course on SEO, then post-error as a remedy for you. This transformational course on optimizing SEO is not only going to make you an expert but will help you dig the soil of SCO to understand its essence. Therefore if you’re looking for SEO training in Hyderabad, you can indeed consider course error as an option.


Course Fees: Rs. 3657+ taxes

Course Duration: 4-weeks


The course structure is as follows-

  • The content marketing ecosystem
  •   how do on-page and off-page SEO work together?
  •  the do’s and don’ts of obtaining links
  •  building optimize link
  •  creating the reputation and visibility of online
  •  building the audience
  •  social media influence on building relationships online
  •  social media marketing
  •  analyzing audience demographics
  •  selecting appropriate social media platforms to attract the target audience
  •  creating audience engagement
  •  influence marketing
  •  role of influence marketing in building reputation and visibility
  •   creating world-class content
  •  analyzing the content
  •  how successful partnerships can help in building content
  •  content marketing


If you desire to check the other specialization courses related to SEO peep into Coursera!


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6. Udemy


When the Horizons of the online teaching Marketplace heaps broadening, it becomes challenging to find the exemplary instructor. However, with Udemy finding the right instructor is not a concern but choosing a course from the plethora of classes is a challenge. The online SEO training in Hyderabad can give you a proper perspective on SEO and introduce you to the latest techniques used in the real world.


Course Name: Online Marketing: SEO & Social Media Marketing Strategy

Course Fees: Rs.455

Course Duration: 15.5 hours on-demand


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


The course structure is as follows-


  • Introduction to SEO
  •  Google keyword tools
  •  Google Voice SEO
  •  the dissimilarity in keyword density and keyword stuffing
  •  creating a list of keywords to rank better
  •  the 13th step SEO keyword checklist
  •  grey hat SEO
  •  how SEO can be applied to any business
  •  e-commerce for SEO
  •  promoting local services
  •  the Webmaster tool
  •  setting up Google search console
  •  creating the sitemap.xml
  •  submitting new URL’s
  •  query performance
  •  Google Analytics
  •  introduction to on-page SEO
  •  the intent match strategy
  •  methods and method distributions
  •  setting up the Yoast plugin for SEO
  •  Shopify SEO
  •  change of using meta tags in Google
  •  How to distinguish between no follow and follow links?
  •  the cornerstone SEO pages
  •  off-page SEO
  •  Google SEO for new websites
  •  getting links on Wikipedia
  •  ways to get good links through publicity
  •  what is the meaning of a good link for SEO?
  •  guest blogging for SEO
  •  introduction to link begging
  • Research on SEO competitor links
  •  the SEO mistakes
  •  SEO tools
  •  SEOQuake Chrome plugin
  •  keyword optimizer
  •  Google SEO trends in 2022
  •  the know-how of ranking factors
  •  combining on-page SEO with sales copywriting
  •  the myths of ranking factors
  •  setting up your website professionally
  •  choosing the domain name
  • Introduction to social media marketing
  •  the mistakes of social media marketing
  •  using advanced content
  •  writing better headlines to get higher social media clicks
  •  Instagram marketing
  •  Tiktok marketing
  •  Twitter marketing
  •  Facebook marketing
  •  email marketing
  •  having a social media calendar
  •  affiliate marketing
  •  strategies for event marketing
  •  identify key performance indicators
  •  web marketing strategies
  •  creating free infographics for creating engaging social and blog posts


If you wish to know more about them and connect with the instructor explore Udemy!


7. Internshala


Suppose you desire to be an ace digital marketeer. In that case, you need a sound knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation, search engine marketing, social media, Google Analytics, and much more. The SEO training in Hyderabad from Internshala is no less than a capsule with all the vital nutrients you need to better your SEO knowledge.


Suppose you want to learn from home and enroll in a beginner-friendly course. In that case, the digital marketing course can be just what you are looking for in the face of SEO training in Hyderabad.


Course Name: Learn Digital Marketing

Course Fees: Rs. 1349

Course Duration: 6-weeks


The course structure is as follows-


  • Comprehending web presence
  •  keyword research
  •  on-page and off-page SEO Optimisation
  •  online directories
  •  local and mobile SEO
  •  essential tools related to SEO
  •  the fundamentals of digital advertising
  •  and inside to Google ads
  •  the types of advertising such as (search advertising, display advertising, video advertising, and mobile advertising)
  •  smart ad advertisements
  •  remarketing advertisement
  • A/B testing
  •  introduction to Google ads certification
  •  the resources for certification
  •  social media marketing
  •  the Facebook marketing both organic and paid
  •  Twitter and YouTube marketing
  •  LinkedIn marketing
  •  significant social media platforms
  •  online reputation management ORM
  •  social media strategy
  •  introduction to email marketing
  •  email lists and content
  •  how to create an email campaign
  •  bringing and improvement in email deliverability
  •  all about inbound marketing
  •  the role of content
  •  the strategies of inbound marketing
  •  trends in digital marketing
  •  influencer marketing
  •  AI in digital marketing
  •  micro-moments marketing
  •  the final project
  •  SEO audit
  •  blog writing
  •  Google ad campaigns


8. Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning


The digital media landscape has considerably evolved over the period of time. Undoubtedly, knowing about the innovative technology and platforms to capture a wider audience has become imperative. Symbiosis center of distance learning has captured this idea and created a digital marketing course.


That will help the students understand the scope of digital media and the importance of SEO in it. Furthermore, the course will provide an insight to the students to enhance customer engagement with an interactive dialogue with people. Therefore, when searching for SEO training in Hyderabad, you can direct your attention towards Symbiosis.


Course Name: PG Certificate in Management (Digital Marketing)

Course Fees: Rs. 20,000

Course Duration: 1-year


The course structure is as follows-


  • Relationship management
  •  Supply chain management
  •  Web Optimisation
  •  Integrated E-Marketing
  •  Search Engine Optimisation
  •  Market research
  •  Search engine marketing
  •  Social media marketing
  •  Email marketing
  •  Mobile SEO
  •  Final year project



Tel: +91-20-6621 1000

Email: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can SEO courses be studied for free?

Yes! You can study SEO courses for free on platforms such as Coursera and Alison. You can also refer to blog posts, podcasts, and other study materials that are accessible online.


2. Are SEO certifications worth the time? 

In today’s time, with the change in the digital environment, search engines are also changing the ranking parameters. SEO has become an unavoidable method in finding the right audience for the business and, most importantly, analyzing the traffic flow. When there is a constant shift in SEO practices, enrolling in a course can never be a waste of time, especially when aspiring to become an SEO expert. 


3. Is there a need for coding in SEO?

SEO is analyzing and verifying web pages; therefore, you can do an SEO job without practical coding training.


4. What are the three types of SEO?

Out of the many types of SEO, the three main types are as follows-

  •  On-page SEO which gets focused on content Optimisation
  •  Off-page SEO That is focused on website promotion to impact the ranking of the page finally
  •  Technical SEO, which deals with indexing and crawling through the web pages


5. How can we learn SEO in digital marketing?

 The connecting point between SEO and digital marketing is that both intend to get visibility in search engines and convert prospects into customers. Therefore, any digital marketing course cannot structure the syllabus without the various SEO components. The reason is that the analysis and verification done through search engine optimization is a tremendous need in digital marketing. 




You are not relevant if you are not online. To build this online presence, by now, you very well know that SEO is one of the significant resorts. If you miss the opportunities that you can get through SEO, you will not receive the correct exposure and revenue. Indeed, there are no instant solutions to get a better ranking. Still, if you consciously practice SEO, you will get reliable and long-lasting results in the various SEO training in Hyderabad. You will learn tools that can act as a catalyst for working on optimizing your content for a website. Therefore it is imperative always to remember that SEO is the foundation.


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