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Top 5 SEO Training in Lucknow With Placement Assistance

Gone are those days when you opened your business store and waited for customers to come. You may get your local customers but that’s not sufficient to drive your business, you ought to go online or digital to make your business reach the farthest corner of the world. This is possible only by opening a website and driving traffic online to expand your business. But what is it that will drive customers online? What makes your website stand out from the crowd? It’s nothing but the content which makes your presence felt online. Yes, the saying is right “Content is King”, great content with the help of optimization will make wonders for your business. But how to do it? It’s done through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! So let’s understand what this SEO training in Lucknow is all about! What does it do! How does it do miracles! Why it’s important for you!


What Is SEO and What Does It Do?


SEO is a process to improve your website’s visibility, its presence, or its ranking on search engine platforms like Google.  A higher ranking will draw your brand’s visibility to the people who are searching different queries on the internet and it will make your business genuine. This visibility will be converted into traffic and a kind of recognition for your website, which will bring in prospects or desired customers to your business.


SEO-based content will optimize your web page based on the needs of a person who is searching and will get indexed on Google’s search engine result page (SERP) for the relevant searches a particular customer makes.


How Does SEO Work?


SEO works the same way as Karma work in our lives, you do good things in your life, and these good deeds will reciprocate in some way or the other back into your life. One has to understand what people search on the internet, and accordingly, you have to find the keywords with which you write and optimize your content according to the needs of the people. It’s like catering to the demands of the people or customers.


The only way this can be done is by writing content that is optimized to the needs of the potential customers using proper keywords and their usage in the article number of times makes the optimization process successful. Then when one performs a search on Google, the results are indexed in the order considering the complex algorithm of the search engine to position your results on the top of SERP.


SEO Works on 3 Important Processes


As we know SEO is designed using complicated coding and algorithms, it is not an easy process and is made up of 3 processes.

1.      On-page SEO

2.      Off-page SEO

3.      Technical SEO


·        On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a process to optimize the content on the page itself to make sure it’s search engine friendly. Here the optimization of every single element such as the URL, title, heading tags, competitive keywords, keyword density, internal links, images, videos, and the core content in general, are all optimized.


Some of the key attributes involved in optimization for On-page SEO include:



They are the specific words or a phrase that any customer uses while searching on the internet thus making it a crucial parameter for SEO. Using a correct keyword by doing extensive research to gain a higher search volume.



Whatever you write should be educating your target audience and at the same time should be engaging and shareable. The content write-up on your website will strike a conversation with your potential customer by imparting valuable information.


Image & video:

Any image or a video used must be renamed and compressed for its size so that it decreases the loading speed of your website and also the number of images used must be restricted to 1 image per 1000.



HTML has its code, rules, and regulations which have to be followed before uploading any content on your website.


Internal links:

These are clickable links to the different services you offer or different products or business options you provide other than the listed service. These are also called sitemap creation and optimizing these internal links improves the overall performance of your website, thus being a source of a user-friendly website interface.


Meta Tags:

These are like one-liner descriptions, describing the page which helps the search engine to index the article based on the keywords used. Understanding how to write it again comes under SEO best practices.


·        Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO technique involves link building also called backlinks from reputable or high traffic websites to your site. Such backlinks from trusted websites play a big role in your ranking position.


Some of the examples of Off-page SEO are:

  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Online free forums like Quora.
  • Guest blogging


By using these mediums you are driving potential traffic to your website in the form of backlinks.


·        Technical SEO

Technical SEO has got nothing to do with the content of a website or any optimization. It deals only with the settings one needs to configure to make the work of crawling easier. It’s only a one-time process and once set need not change again. The website optimization focuses on how to design a website and adjust the necessary settings such as the speed limits and how to design content for the Landing and Pillar pages.


One constantly needs to monitor their website performance with the webmaster tools like GTmetrics, and Google Console, to run it without any glitches as the algorithm of the SEO best practices, keeps changing frequently and one needs to keep updated oneself with it.


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Why is SEO Important?


SEO is important for online businesses as it plays an important role in attracting customers digitally. SEO is the heart of any digital business which needs to be acknowledged to grow your business. It’s important in many ways as;


Generates Web Traffic:

SEO increases your organic search engine traffic which in turn increases the number of visitors to your page on daily basis. This indirectly has a chance to increase the sales as the potential prospects who visit your site, the more likely you will sell your product or services to them. However, if your website is not SEO optimized, then potential customers may not find your website, thus sales opportunities may be missed.


Increases Growth:

Any brand or business grows many folds with SEO. The higher you rank with high-volume keywords, the more organic traffic will flow naturally to your site.


Builds Trust:

The higher you score on search engines like Google or Bing, this will increase visibility, which will then build trust among your potential customers. Google carefully determines which site would rank higher for a query raised in the search engine box using SEO. SEO helps in keeping the search results fair as each keyword used is unique and accordingly Google updates and indexes the search results serially.


There is no chance of manipulation as Google provides results in an unbiased manner specific to the needs of the customer. So to learn and understand all these processes of SEO, let’s look at the top 5 SEO institutes in Lucknow offering SEO training and look into what do they offer, why they are best, how their course will be beneficial to you and will help you in job assistance in detail;


Top 5 SEO Courses in Lucknow


#1 IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a globally-renowned institute that offers SEO training in Lucknow specially designed by SEO experts wherein they teach you a new skill by which you learn how to convert that knowledge and passion into money. Their Advanced SEO course in Lucknow is an online course, which can be accessed by anyone from anywhere around the world.


Why choose IIM SKills SEO Course


They have educated nearly 25000+ students since 2015 which is a milestone that speaks a lot about themselves. They are already rated #1 in digital marketing and content writing and offer one of the Best SEO courses in Lucknow. They are based in India with over 6+ years of training experience provided by the industry experts and are helping in interview assistance across 30+countries including India, Dubai, and Singapore.


The Course Curriculum for SEO Training in Lucknow:

SEO training in Lucknow is offered in 9 modules with a course length of 4 weeks and16 hours of live training including 8 weeks of a paid internship program.

Module 1: Introduction to SEO

Module 2: How to set up the right niche

Module 3: On-page SEO

Module 4: Off-page SEO

Module 5: Technical SEO

Module 6: Search console

Module 7: Google Analytics

Module 8: Reporting in SEO

Module 9: Bonus


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


Why one should opt for IIM SKILLS SEO Training in Lucknow! Just take a look at their appealing Salient features:

·         100% practical SEO guidance.

·         100% Live Virtual and interactive virtual Training on Zoom.

·         Select Batch timings according to your schedule.

·         Faculty of world-class certified professionals.

·         User-friendly learning management system.

·         Provides a shareable Master Certification for the SEO Course from IIM SKILLS.

·         Provides a two-month paid internship, to earn as you learn.

·         Provide free tools and lifetime membership having access to all the recorded sessions.

·         100% job assistance.


Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9911839503.


Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS:


#2 Max Digital Academy


Max Digital Academy is the award-winning Lucknow-based digital marketing institute. Silicon India, a Business Magazine awarded them the Top 10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Training Brand 2019 in India. They also bagged an award for the “Institute with Best Placement” by the Indian Glory Awards 2021. They offer government-certified comprehensive Digital Marketing SEO training in Lucknow. They update the course on a time to time basis and are designed by the industry experts having 20 years of experience in the field of Digital marketing.



The course syllabus is split into 5 modules:

MODULE 1: Introduction to SEO


MODULE 3: Off-Page SEO

MODULE 4: Technical SEO

MODULE 5: Google updates



This 3 weeks live online SEO course will teach you important aspects such as the;

·         Basics of Search Engine Optimization

·         Search Engines and their functioning

·         Benefits of Search Engines for Business

·         How to bring traffic to your website organically

·         How one can have their own SEO Agency

·         How to Generate high-quality Lead

·         How to set up and maintain Google Search Console & Analytics

·         How to Build quality backlinks

·         How to use paid SEO tools


Salient Features:

·         Qualified instructor-led Online/ Offline classes

·         Internship included

·         Specialized mentors for different topics

·         Full placement support

·         Help trainees become a successful Entrepreneur


Course Duration: 3 weeks


Phone: +91 988 931 1122

+91 9519000321

E-mail[email protected]


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#3 Deep Infotech


Deep Infotech is one of the top-ranking IT companies in Lucknow that provides the best SEO training in Lucknow with the instructors having 8 years of experience in SEO and related technologies. They understand the needs of the industry and provide more practical SEO training in Lucknow. They offer classroom training, online training, and corporate training to the students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, conducted during the week or on weekends.



Their course syllabus contains 5 modules:

Module 1: Search Engines & Basics

Module 2: Keyword Research & Analysis

Module 3: On-Page Optimization

Module 4: Off-Page Optimization

Module 5: SEO Tools


Salient Features:

They provide students driven features to help them gain a good understanding of the subject and perform better with all the necessary amenities at their disposal.



  • Small Batch Size
  • Well trained trainers with 9+ years of Industrial experience
  • Special Focus on Practical
  • 2 hours of session per day
  • Assignment Based Learning
  • 100% Placement assistance


Course Duration: 2 months

Phone: +91-7080346777

Email: [email protected]


#4 Debuggers


Debuggers are a well-equipped SEO training institute in Lucknow, which offers hands-on practical knowledge. Their goal is to transform every beginner into an expert in the respective field they choose for themselves.




The course curriculum is designed and managed by the industrial experts as well as the software developers having more than ten years of experience in handling SEO projects that will impart full knowledge by covering all the modules ranging from basic to advanced level SEO training.


Their Course Syllabus Includes:

·         Introduction to Digital Marketing

·         Search engine optimization

·         Content Marketing

·         Pay per click

·         Social media marketing

·         YouTube advertising

·         Analytics

·         Link Building

·         Blog Submission

·         PPT Writing and submission

·         Site map creation


Salient Features:

·         Offer programs based on the Current IT Industry Standards

·         Labs are well-equipped with the latest version of hardware and software

·         Training includes only practical sessions

·         100% job assistance


Phone: +91-9026200046

Email: [email protected]


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IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


#5 PromoSys Technology Pvt. Ltd.


PromoSys offers a range of web-related courses including SEO training in Lucknow. They provide basic to advanced level customized SEO training along with Industrial training. They have Google-certified trainers with more than 8 years of experience in digital marketing and SEO training and have trained around 3500 students.



They offer a range of services and add-ons once you enroll and help you gain thorough SEO knowledge. Some of their offers include;


·         Access to Digital Books

·         Free Softwares

·         Online support

·         1 Year Membership

·         Live Projects

·         Career counseling

·         Domain Registration & Hosting

·         How to CRACK Interview

·         Professional CV template building

·         100% Job assistance


To know more about the course and syllabus of the PromoSys’s SEO training in Lucknow, visit their website or contact the below-mentioned address.


Phone– 07880464999, 07880463999, 07523919999

Mail[email protected].




1.      What is the scope of doing SEO training in Lucknow?

In this new age where everything and everyone is going digital, one cannot go against the flow so learning how to build or grow your business digitally is inevitable. This SEO training in Lucknow will teach you how to optimize your online business practices in general.


2.      I am into a Catering business, how doing this SEO training can help my business?

Any business is profitable if you learn the correct techniques of SEO properly. SEO course teaches you the necessary fundamentals of optimizing the content and technicalities of your website to tell the people who are searching for say suppose a catering service like yours to reach them and make your business visible to them.


3.      I am a working professional and free only on weekends; can I still pursue this course with you?

Yes, you can. IIM Skills have specially designed the course timetable to help all aspiring working professionals in mind. Their SEO training in Lucknow offers 16 hours of live online classes for 4 weeks on Sundays with weekly assignments.




Original content along with SEO creates wonders to rank your site in search results. The content written, should be of high quality and optimized with proper keywords if you want to rank higher. In this competitive era, you have to invest time and knowledge to build a strong and reputable business for you to succeed. So learning SEO techniques is the most important by which you can identify your competitors, can analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and building your online reputation is of foremost importance. IIM SKILLS is a trustworthy institute with its commendable service in the field of SEO to propel your infinite aspirations to all new heights.


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