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Top 11 Prominent Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai

In this 21st Century where the world and especially India is swiftly moving towards superpower, it has become essential to learn technology to walk through the shoulder to shoulder with the greatest economies of our times. In order to grow as an Individual Technical Knowledge is important and to resolve the dilemma between which course to choose online and how to upgrade the technical skills we are all ears to your confusion and are here to help. Let’s find out the answers by reading this article as to what is Technical Writing? And what are the benefits of choosing it as a Career Option along with the list of Institutes offering Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai?


Technology is now a part of our daily routine. Previously Telephones were considered prestigious Instruments. The Person Owing one held a dignity in the Society and now with the passage of time Mobiles have replaced telephones and now it is one of our basic need now Mobile has been added to this list.


In order to be a skilled Technical Writer, you need to brush your skills by learning about them thoroughly. If you wish to pursue your career as a Technical writer you have landed on the right page. Let me through some light on the Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai.


What is Technical Writing?


Technical Writing is basically Product or Subject oriented. The content is mainly focused on a particular product; subject or process which includes Technical Information about the same. The basic goal of the Technical Course is to simplify the Technical Terms providing clear information to the Target audience. The writing pattern should be such that all the complicated technical terms are easily understandable to the layman.


It may sound easy but believe me, it is not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires technical knowledge and understanding of the product or services along with excellent writing and communication skills. Technical writers should restrain themselves from using Technical slang or lingos while writing.


What exactly is a Technical Writing Course, and what are the benefits of taking one?


Technical Writing courses in Mumbai will teach you the fundamentals of technical writing along with providing knowledge on the subject and will help you gain expertise in the Industry. The Technical Writing Course is appropriate for all age groups from students to aspiring authors.


Technical Writing is a deep ocean of knowledge. So before you consider enrolling in technical writing courses in Mumbai online you should understand why it is necessary. Before you learn everything there is to know about technical writing courses in Mumbai, let’s look at the benefits.


A technical writing course is one example of a course that will provide core knowledge by covering everything there is to know about technical writing and what it entails. It is beneficial for aspiring writers to dive into the depths of technicality before pursuing it and implementing the same.


The benefits of Technical writing courses 


  • To get knowledge about technicalities in a particular field.
  • It’ll assist you in improving your writing skills.
  • You will be able to write Technical documentation covering the Minute details with accuracy.
  • Certified Technical writers are highly welcomed by a wide range of industries thereby increasing the scope of hike in salary.


Taking up Technical writing courses online will provide wings to your career as many MNCs look up to Technical writers as an asset of their Organization. Being trained by subject matter specialists will offer you a leg up on the competition.


An expert technical writer might expect to earn between 5 to 9 LPA. Many people confuse Technical writing with Content Writing. Let’s just clear their heads by reading below.


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What’s the difference between content and technical writing?


Both Content and Technical writing are a part of digital marketing but there significant differences between the two.


Technical Writing


  • The main objective of Technical writing is to inform the intended audience about a particular product.
  • It is essential for the writer to be well versed with Technical language along with the Product.
  • The Writing pattern should be straightforward, genuine devoid of magnifications.
  • The writer must have in-depth knowledge about the domain of the product and should be able to provide the required scientific data to support the writing.


Writing Content


  • Content writing mainly focuses on the niche of the writer so there can be a wide range of topics like spirituality, sports, Politics, Food, Travel, Technology, Art and the list is endless.
  • The writer must have a vast knowledge of the subject because the scope is broad.
  • As there is already a lot of content available on every subject online these days the writing style should be attractive, engaging, and interesting to grab the reader’s eyeballs.
  • Some forms of writing such as blogging do not require any expertise or profound knowledge because it is primarily conveying the author’s thoughts and personal experiences.


It’s nice to have exceptional writing skills, but becoming a certified Technical Writer is the icing on the cake.


Purpose of Technical Writing Courses Online


A technical writer’s task is to develop specialist material (such as medical news, product details, software instructions, Aerospace, and so on) and transmit it to a specified audience as effectively as possible. Of course, the material provided by the writer must be complete and correct, with no gaps or opportunities for interpretation.


The material must be presented and revised in a user-friendly manner so that those with no prior knowledge of technology can understand it without difficulty. User manuals help guides, online courses, and other forms of technical writing are only a few examples.


You may have noticed that they use a specific writing style and formatting if you’ve ever come across one. Regardless, the goal is always the same: to educate and inform the target audience.


Types of Technical Writing


The following are some examples of documents that necessitate high technical writing abilities.


  • End-User Documentation
  • Medical Technical Writing
  • Traditional Technical Writing
  • Case Studies
  • Proposals and Pitches
  • Brochures
  • Online Articles
  • Press Releases
  • White Papers
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Reports
  • User help guides
  • Technical books
  • API Documentation
  • Technical descriptions


Job Prospects


Technical writers’ employment is expected to expand by 12% between 2020 and 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. Technical writers will have roughly 5,500 employments during the next 10 years on average. Many of these jobs will be created as a result of the need to replace workers who move jobs or leave the workforce for other reasons, such as retirement.


Living in an advanced era of Technology improving your writing skills with the help of Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai online will open the doors for improved Professional opportunities.


Freelancing: Freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork allow you to choose assignments based on your schedule, passion, and interest. It’s an excellent place to start if you want to make some extra money.


Full-time: Full-time technical writers have numerous opportunities in a variety of industries. For a peek of potential across industries, see the Technical Writing Scope portion of the article.


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What Sectors Require Technical Writers?


Technical writers are in high demand in the following field:


  • Insurance


Technical writers are in high demand by insurance businesses. In fact, they have separate writing and editing divisions. People who major in English are typically employed there. Some departments are solely responsible for ensuring compliance. You should have some Regulatory Compliance certification if you want to work there.


Knowing the rules and regulations is crucial because a single blunder may cost a corporation millions of dollars. Another thing to consider is learning about financial instruments; there are many courses available that address either this topic or financial writing as a talent.


  • Government Jobs


Technical writing specialists are frequently employed by the government for a variety of reasons. Creating documents about various government products or services is one of the most popular tasks for tech writers in the government. Inspection reports, administrative guidance, and policy-procedure documents are typically written by them.


This profession is unique in that such technical documents are written for a large readership. As a result, the primary attention should be on the language, therefore majoring in languages or communications would be a distinct benefit in this field. When writing for the government, the stakes are high, so thorough editing is required.


  • Engineering and Manufacturing Sectors


These fields are very popular with technical writers. When engineers attempt to create documents on their own, they frequently skip the section when all of the technical information is simplified and altered for a general audience. That is why these businesses now employ a large number of technical writers, as this greatly improves communication with their readers.


It goes without saying that in such businesses, technical writing success necessitates a deeper comprehension of the processes depicted. If you don’t have any formal education, you’ll have to accept the fact that you’ll have to collaborate with subject matter specialists on a frequent basis.


Technical Writing Requirements


Technical authors are continually honing their skills in order to meet the demands of the digital age. As their career progresses, so does the necessity for a varied range of technical abilities. The top technical writing talents that any technical writer should have after completing Technical Writing Courses Online are:


  • Communication Skills


A Technical writer should brush up on the communication skills:


Clarity—Technical writers communicate verbally and in writing in a consistent, concise, and clear manner.

Goal—they are well aware of why it is important to communicate in the first place, the purpose of what they are providing, and the problems they are attempting to solve for the end-users before they interact with the audience.

Openness—they keep their message in a generally upbeat tone, avoiding patronizing or disparaging remarks or commands.


  • Technical Skills


Technical abilities are a wide word that refers to the ability to comprehend industry-specific technology. Despite the fact that many technical writers pursue advanced degrees in technical fields technical writers’ technical talents pertain to their technical knowledge of their subject matter of interest.


A writer’s technical talents are an ever-expanding ocean of information in various domains of their interest and the company’s interests.


On a broader topic, here are a few in-demand technical skills:


  1. Management of Projects
  2. Development of New Products
  3. Languages for Programming
  4. Marketing
  5. Designing for User Experience (UX)


  • Research Skills


The procedure of a technical writer cannot begin without significant study. Each technical document is documented using feedback from end-users and subject matter experts. Technical research, on the other hand, can be classified into two main areas for a more precise overview:


Audience Analysis – this is the study they do for various technical information throughout the process. Understanding the target audience’s demographics, level of technical expertise about the product, and interests and demands are all part of the strategy.


Before you get started, keep in mind that technical writers don’t write for the sake of technology; they write for one and only one purpose: to make technology accessible. Mumbai the Economic Hub of India is known for its fast pace living. The City of Dreams is packed with dreamers who wish to conquer the World.


The B-Town of the Country provides employment to jobbers in various ways. Basic technological abilities are essential in today’s world; Mumbai offers a variety of technical writing courses online.


Top 11 Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai


1. IIM Skills


This is a well-known Indian institute that provides a wide range of programs including online technical writing courses in Mumbai. They provide a technical writing course that covers everything from etiquette to content development, white papers and journals, the DDLC, discourse writing, editing and publishing, API documentation, datasheets, and user guides, among other topics.


They provide more practical training than theoretical instruction with a learning management system. This is one of Mumbai’s most well-known technical writing classes, with a defined schedule. You will obtain an international certification after completing this course. The cost of the course, including GST, is Rs.14,900.


Curriculum for the Technical Writing Course:


  • Introduction
  • How to Compose
  • Developing Content
  • Reports on Technology
  • Journals/White Papers
  • Versioning & DDLC
  • Writing in a Conversational Style
  • Revision and Publication
  • Documentation for APIs
  • Application notes, datasheets, and user manuals
  • Writing that works
  • Writing in the Medical Field


The Course’s Objectives


  • To comprehend the significance of technical documentation and requirements.
  • To write technical texts that are effective.


Technical Writing Training is Ideal for anyone with a desire to study and a desire to pursue a profession in Technical Writing will benefit from IIM Skill’s online Technical Writing Training. Self-motivation and a desire to learn new skills in order to advance professionally will get you far.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Other Courses


2. Coursera


One of the most well-known learning technical writing courses in Mumbai is Coursera. It provides a number of courses that will teach you everything you need to know about technical writing. This course is being taught by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.


It’s an online course with a lot of flexibility in terms of deadlines. The course has four modules and is 19 hours long.  This course will teach you how to evaluate technical documents for quality and how to grasp the content approach. Technical definitions, technical documentation, technical report writing, and academic and professional research are among the topics covered.


3. British Council


The British Council is a global organization that provides technical writing courses in Mumbai to budding writers. There is a range of short-term courses available. Some of the benefits of taking this course are as follows:




  • Translate difficult and novel ideas into texts that are clear, logical, and technically correct.
  • Produce technical knowledge for audiences who aren’t experts.
  • Assist your readers in effectively taking action or making decisions.


4. Knowledge Buffer


This training institute has established itself by providing technical writing courses in Mumbai. Under the direction of the brightest and most experienced teachers, the institute offers a variety of certification courses. Technical writing and other relevant topics are covered by Knowledge Buffer’s professional training.


The institute developed the notion of a virtual classroom where people can learn a variety of skills through the use of E-learning. The training will last four months. The course is priced at INR 5000/-. The institute offers a 100% job guarantee as well as placement aid to assist candidates in landing their ideal job


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5. ibruk Consulting


ibruk Consulting is an established technical writing company and has distilled all of its experience into creating a practical, industry-focused Certificate Course in Technical Writing that will give you a strong foundation in this field. This is the course for you if you want to start a successful career in technical writing.


The 3-Month Certificate Course in Technical Writing (Weekend Batch) is held on Saturdays in Mumbai and covers the following topics:


  • Putting the Document Development Lifecycle into Practice (DDLC)
  • Creating Useful Content
  • Creating User Manuals That Work
  • Getting to Know Adobe FrameMaker
  • Creating Helpful Online Resources
  • Getting the Most Out of Adobe RoboHelp


6. Information Developers Foundation


One of the most well-known technical writing courses in Mumbai is Information Developers Foundation. There are 15 sessions in this course. Every session covers a different topic, and the last session includes an assessment. You’ll receive your certification once you’ve completed all of the sessions.


InfoDev members have access to new training, webinars, and blogs on the most relevant issues for technical communicators, content marketers, and bloggers once a month. Agile documentation, technical writing, ad copywriting, content strategy, and a variety of other topics are covered in the training and courses offered.


7. Blue Dot Consultancy


Blue Dots Consultancy Services specializes in Education Consulting, Managed Training & Capability Development (Corporate & Individuals), Product Documentation, Technical Writing, and IT Staffing Services. In 2017, it was named one of the Top 25 Most Promising Consultancies.


You’ll get hands-on instruction on technologies like Madcap Flare, Adobe Frame maker, Jira, DITA, and moreover the course of two months. On the basis of merit, you will be put in good companies. They work in a virtual and offshore environment. Here is a list of companies that hire Blue Dots Consultancy graduates:


  • ZOHO
  • Adobe
  • Nokia
  • BMC
  • HCL
  • IBM
  • Samsung
  • Oracle


8. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)


Since its foundation in 2001, Symbiosis Centre for Distant Learning (SCDL) has achieved remarkable progress in providing high-quality education to a large number of students, making it one of India’s few large and well-known distance learning institutions, providing technical writing courses in Mumbai as well.


This is an AICTE-approved curriculum that teaches technical writing both theoretically and practically. They’ll teach you how to write technical documents. The program is two years long. It is a four-semester course divided into two levels. Information development, writing style, and editing are all covered in the first semester.


Software tools, advanced concepts, project management in technical communication, and other activities are covered in the second semester. Business discourse, creative writing in business writing, and advanced communication are all covered in Semester 3.


The fourth semester includes the most up-to-date writing tools, the research method, and the final project. This course has a student-specific price structure. Application costs, major fees, and examination fees make up the course fee.


Indian students must pay 1200 INR, whereas international/SAARC students must pay 7,200 INR. It is one of Mumbai’s most well-known technical writing courses in Mumbai.


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9. Udemy


Udemy is one of the best online course providers, and as a result, it has a large choice of technical writing courses in Mumbai. Technical writing courses include a variety of topics, including technical writing approaches, document template design, document template strategy, technical document components, and quizzes and exercises to ensure consistent growth. You’ll earn certification once you’ve completed the course.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


10. K3 Infotech (K3I)


This company based in Mumbai specializes in providing Technical Writing courses in Mumbai as well as other cities in India. K3I is dedicated to providing clients with the greatest quality SEO services and expanding its sphere of influence to newer cities in India as well as around the world.


To get the optimum learning outcomes, they use a variety of training approaches such as training notes, case studies, hands-on exercises, and so on. The above was the Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai. Enroll to upskill your writing and communication capabilities by adding a pinch of technicality and making it worth the taste.


11. Henry Harvin Education


The institute focuses on providing courses that will enhance the professional and student employment profiles. The course is broken down into ten courses, with two additional modules that will help you prepare for the interview and job search. It also includes information on the many tools that are utilized in technical writing classes.


The course lasts for 20 hours. The training will familiarize you with scientific communication ethics. The training will teach you how to explain technical details to non-technical audiences successfully.


You’ll work on real-world projects and learn about programs including notepad++, Google Docs, snipping tool, Techsmith Snagit, Fireshot, Lightshot, Snagit, Adobe Photoshop, Grammar,, Canva, Piktochart, Venngage, Openshot, and VSDC free video editor.


Live online sessions, a CTW certificate, one-year Henry Harvin Academy Gold membership, updated and advanced technical writing material, video recordings of the session, placement support, and a CTW certificate with your hallmark name are all included.


FAQs related to Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai:


1. What exactly does a technical writer do?

Prepare operating procedures and manuals by planning, developing, organizing, writing, and editing them. Technical design specifications and test scripts should be researched, developed, and documented. In addition to hard copy instructions, create electronic documentation. Keep a complete glossary of technical terms on hand.


2. What kind of education is required to work as a technical writer?

Take charge of your skill development. It’s critical to focus on your skill development even before enrolling in a technical writing degree program. Concentrate your efforts on a single area of expertise. Learn and improve your web design skills. Make online courses for technical writers. Brush up on your coding skills.


3. What is a technical writer’s salary in Mumbai?

A technical writer’s starting compensation ranges from 4 to 6 LPA. Technical writers with five to six years of expertise earn 7 to 9 LPA on average. Those with sufficient experience as a technical writer can easily make anywhere from 12 to 15 LPA.




Enrolling in any of the technical writing courses in Mumbai listed here can help you improve your skills. If you’re a newcomer, you should be aware of the technical writing strategies. As a result, any of these courses will pay off in the long run. Having assistance at every stage of the way can help pave the way for a successful career.


Regardless of which degree from the above list you choose to follow, we recommend that you research the benefits and drawbacks of each one. It will assist you to understand what to expect from the course you are taking while also determining whether it is worthwhile. One of the certain benefits of taking any of these courses is that you will learn a lot.

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