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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Noida With Placements

Noida, a planned urban city dotted with picturesque skylines, concrete jungles, beautiful parks, and an epicenter for software and mobile application development enterprises, best describes one of the modern high-tech cities. The manifold increase in the launch of tech-savvy companies and the rapid expansion in the field of advancements led to the creation of numerous opportunities for career building in technical writing. This article unravels the top technical writing courses in Noida.


Before heading towards the top 5 technical writing courses in Noida, let us first have a brief understanding of technical writing.


A Brief Overview of Technical Writing:


The days have elapsed when people had little to no choice while purchasing products/services. The last decade has seen a growth spurt in technology, business, and the economy. With the advent of technology, there has been a hike in the purchasing options of the products/services that people deploy at residence and office.


For instance, Mr. A has purchased a recent hi-tech secured technological electric wheelchair from XYZ store. He has no clue of how to operate it. And the content that is drafted in the manual is also beyond his understanding capability as the company failed to recruit a writer who is well-versed in the field of technical aspects.


Thus, it is quite imperative to help people know how to use and understand the working process of their purchases. And that’s exactly where technical writing comes into the picture.


Technical writing is a field of study executed by a technical writer that aims to simplify complex ideas/terms into an understandable layman language considering the masses can interpret.


Technical writing is an audience-oriented medium of correspondence that serves the readers with unambiguous and quick access to information. In the business horizon, time equates to profit, and profit is the driving force behind all business networking.


What are the Skill Requirements to Become a Technical Writer?


Whenever there is a mention of technical writing, people immediately jump to conclusions imagining them as cryptic documents choked with abbreviations, intricate concepts, and whatnot.


But if the latest development – plain language movement is something to go by, technical writing replaces hard-to-read incomprehensible text for a large group of people.


Being a technical writer, you are expected to possess the knack of writing precisely, briefly to the point, and in a balanced manner without any bias. The responsibility also extends to drafting the salient points in a precise order by emphasizing the end user’s needs, thereby removing the inconvenience of reading word by word.


The first measure of advancing towards the path of a technical writer is holding a relevant bachelor’s degree, most preferably in English, journalism, engineering, computer science, or a degree focused on the communications tier.


The second measure is working towards polishing your skills by enrolling in a technical writing course that equips you with the important skills and education relevant to the technical writing field. This measure will also help you leverage a certification that gives a boost to your resume.


Upon the completion of the course in which you have enrolled, you also have a handful of your phenomenal works on your platter that you can exhibit in your resume by simply creating a portfolio.


Also, associate yourself with the technical writing fraternity and participate in seminars/forums to augment your network base. And keeping yourself informed of the technological advancements is very much essential in this field.


Now that you are familiar with the concept of technical writing, below is the list of the top 5 technical writing courses in Noida.


The Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Noida

List of the best technical writing courses in Noida


1.   IIM Skills


Some people are said to be truly insightful when it comes to analyzing and interpreting the online market trends in the field of education. This is exactly what the founder of IIM Skills, Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar has been preaching to the students over the past six years by helping scores of them master the craft of content writing, all thanks to IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course.


Encompassing all hurdles, the institute has expanded its horizons to miscellaneous professional courses such as Digital Marketing Course, GST Course, CAT coaching considering the favorable materialization of the Technical Writing Course.


An online technical writing course also has earned plaudits for its enriching experience imparted to the students. Let me give you a rundown of why this course tops the chart for technical writing courses in Noida.


  • The course is designed keeping in mind that you enjoy the significant privilege to be under the guidance of qualified industry connoisseurs who are well-versed with the established concepts of technical writing.


  • The talented instructors strive extensively for the benefit of students by providing abundant possible avenues to gain practical experience which is the core objective of the institute and portfolio building.


  • The course syllabus is diligently expounded after thorough research and review of the contemporary developments in the market.


The Course Syllabus is Penned Down in a Nutshell Below:



  • As a measure deployed towards simplifying the concepts learned while training, the tools such as MS Project, MS Visio, Scribus, Git, etc do come in handy.


  • Having a glimpse of lectures at any moment is made possible through the Learning Management System (LMS).


  • Zeroing in the concept of interactive sessions, prompt doubt clearance has been the consistent goal that the institute has achieved.


  • With the successful conclusion of the course, you gain a global certification which best serves the purpose of mentioning in a resume that highlights your skill base and knowledge.


  • The benefit of global placement assistance that the students derive from the course adds to the cherry on the cake. For the unversed, the institute has enriched tie-ups with notable brands like KPMG, Amazon, Dell, etc, to name a few.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


2.   Information Developers Foundation (InfoDev)


Set up by Rahul Karn in 2009, the InfoDev institute came into existence in the backdrop of online and offline (hybrid mode) revolutionary homes for technical writers and content strategists.


The Approach has always been Plainspoken one:

  • To permit individuals to build and foster passion-dependent communities.
  • To motivate epic thoughts that will transform the content world.
  • To instruct the folks about how to be the finest information developers in all likelihood- regardless of their approach.


The InfoDev institute has a plethora of courses in its kitty to offer that are worth mentioning:


  • Agile documentation
  • Technical writing
  • Copywriting
  • Influencer marketing
  • Blogging
  • Application Programming Interface (API) writing
  • Email marketing
  • Content writing
  • Content strategy and marketing


Moving forward, let us drill down the rationale behind the course ranking as one of the best technical writing courses in Noida.


  • Once you have subscribed to their free account, you instantly become a member of InfoDev institute.


  • The opportunity to access the latest seminars/ training/ blogs every month covering the pivotal topics is automatically unlocked once you become a member of the institute.


This helps you keep hooked on the latest trends that are observed in digital publishing.


  • An incredibly talented set of professionals is selected meticulously to guide the students in the domain of technical writing.


  • The course duration is of 90 minutes in the form of a live online bilateral training program that is free of any charges. Yes, you heard it right! The course is entirely cost-free.


During this Course, You Will Encounter:


  • 5 signs that technical writing might be just right for you!


  • How technical writing can be your gateway to life-altering independence and financial security.


  • The jaw-droppingly smooth approach captivated the attention of classical top employers.


  • The eminent platform of the IDF blog allows you to communicate your thoughts/ideas in the form of blogs and get them depicted across the world. Also, the technical blogs written for IDF can be exhibited as samples during interviews.


  • Pursue IDF certifications on an advancing intellectual avenue.


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3.  Google’s Technical Writing Course


The listicle is undeniably partial if one of the important technical writing courses in Noida – Google’s technical writing course is deprived of mention in the list.


The professional background of technical writers at Google is incredibly unique such that the work is accomplished in solidarity with journalists, lawyers, teachers, engineers, physicists, etc.


In a case where an applicant is talented with must-have technical skills but is lacking behind in a technical communication portfolio, the best suggestion would be to start participating in open-source projects.

The process is quite simple – just subscribe to free Google’s technical writing course on the Google Careers website and start learning.


The Apex Skills Required to Emerge as a Technical Writer at Google are:


  • Excellent writing quality.
  • Impeccable writing skills.
  • Swift learning potential.
  • The flair to comprehend complex technology.
  • Ability to demonstrate the potential of technology to a suitable audience.
  • Code understanding.


A detailed synopsis of why Google’s technical writing course is regarded as one of the best technical writing courses in Noida is summarised below:


  • The course aims to promote writing techniques in the technical domain targeted at software professionals and engineers, computer science students, and project managers.


  • The course is designed in a manner that aids both students as well as facilitators.


  • The course comprises 2 parts: pre-class lessons that make you familiar with the topics and the in-class lessons being instructor-led helps you integrate and try out those topics.


  • The pre-class lessons for students are split into 2 sections – section 1 which deals with fundamentals regarding the drafting of technical documents and section 2 deals with enhancing your documentation.


  • The time invested in learning the entire course (pre-class lessons and in-class lessons) in the case of students is 8 hours and 8.5 hours to complete in the case of facilitators.


  • Google’s technical writing course allows you to explore beneficial and wide-ranging resources.


  • Each section of this course is filled with an abundance of exercises and examples for a comprehensive understanding.


  • Imparts uninterrupted insights into topics such as grammar, words, and then finally with upscaling to sentences and paragraphs.


  • Section ‘Doc Resources’ proffers valuable insights on the editorial style guide.


4.   Education and Career Times (ECT)


Education and Career Times institute is one of the premier training institutes in the domain of education that sustains the status of official recognition granted by the Government of India.


With Delhi being the center of operations, ECT has achieved a remarkable feat of tutoring 950 students and 35,000 community members and assisting them in securing promising careers in renowned Indian and global organizations that have been the top priority.


The broader approach deployed by ECT materialized into a string of fruitful results in their Content Writing Courses, Technical Writing Courses, Digital Marketing Training, Communication Skills, and Personality Development Courses.


A combination of factors like routine inputs from the students and facilitation from the team to move forward in the career prospects, synchronized understanding, collaborative learning, and reciprocal learning in tandem with the instructor acts as a catalyst to register with ECT for technical writing courses in Noida.


An Abstract of the Course Structure is Outlined Beneath:


  • The tenure of the course is 3 months.
  • Offline/online training at the discretion of the participants for 32 hours intertwined with e-learning videos for 50 hours.
  • The fee structure of the course is INR 19,999/- (inclusive of GST).
  • You will be required to work on 6 assignments and 6 live projects.
  • You will be allowed to participate in 12 quizzes.
  • Some of the topics covered under this course include XML, JSON, DITA, API Documentation, contributing to open-source projects.
  • You will be granted a certification upon the successful completion of the course.


The above-mentioned course is an all-encompassing course for those who are seeking jobs at lower and medium stages.


However, when you cannot read the source code, particularly when you are entrusted with the task of documentation for developers, a basic knowledge of HTML or any programming language does come in handy. Hence, the need for autonomous courses arises.


A brief overview of the autonomous course with the title ‘Technical Writing Course + (HTML + CSS + JavaScript)’ is drafted beneath:


  • The tenure of the course varies between 3 to 6 months.
  • Offline/online training at the discretion of the participants for 96 hours intertwined with e-learning videos for 100 hours.
  • The fee structure of the course is INR 39,999/- (inclusive of GST).
  • You will be required to work on 18 assignments and 18 live projects.
  • You will be allowed to participate in 36 quizzes.
  • You will be granted 4 certifications upon successful completion of the course.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


5.  Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the leading ed-tech organizations that has carved a space for itself globally among the top 500 and the top 100 when it comes to the national level.


The award-winning institute has a myriad of courses in its kitty to offer for upskilling and reskilling such as content writing courses, digital marketing courses, medical writing courses, six sigma courses, etc, to name a few.


The 9 in 1 program that the institute is offering – 8 additional advantages besides the training that are meant to be enjoyed as a complimentary reckons it as one of the best technical writing courses in Noida.


The key takeaways of your investment in the Certified Technical Writing Course (CTWC) of Henry Harvin are summarized beneath:


  • Live online training for 32 hours.
  • The fee structure of the course in the case of a self-paced learning course is INR 13,500/- and in the case of live online training is INR 15,000/-.
  • The curriculum of the course is designed and structured in a student-friendly manner by the leading experts that help you in preparing to face the challenges posed by the global job market.
  • All the necessary facilities have been arranged for the participants for undertaking various projects in the process of documentation, technical writing software tools, etc.
  • Periodical boot camps at regular intervals scattered over the next 12 months.
  • Unrestricted access to #AskHenry hackathons and competitions.
  • Making the best possible use of the extensive tools, techniques, video content, assessments to the fullest potential is the need of the hour.
  • Gaining practical insights into the content that you have cultivated in yourself is achieved by the internship assistance.
  • 100% placement support confirmed for 1-year post successful completion of the course.
  • Earn alumni status to network with nearly 20,000 esteemed Henry Harvin alumni globally.
  • Globally recognized CTWC certification.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What are the other technical writing courses in Noida that can be considered?

Udemy and Coursera are a few other good choices for technical writing courses in Noida that can be considered in addition to the above-mentioned courses.


  1. As a technical writer, what are the different technical writing tools that you are expected to have a good grip on?

As a technical writer, you are expected to have a good grip on a few basic tools such as help authoring tools (MadCap Flare, Robohelp), graphics tools (Snagit, Photoshop), video recording tools (Camtasia), page layout tools (Word, FrameMaker).


  1. How is technical writing different from content writing?

In the case of technical writing, a writer is expected to have a knack for a specific technical subject that he is entrusted with writing on. The justification here is to enlighten and notify the focused audiences.


Whereas in the case of content writing, a writer is expected to be versatile with various subjects. The justification here is to make the content as engaging as possible (targeting a broader market).


Winding up Opinions:


The substantial development in advancements is the force that is dominating the globe. Most of our work stint and communication is outsourced to a gadget named technology.


As it is evident that no person is knowledgeable enough in all the sectors of technology, the onus is now on the technical writers. Eventually, technical writers are entrusted with the job of drafting technical guides and manuals to make things simpler.


Technical writing is a snowballing sector to invest in with potential career options knocking on your door. You can pursue any of the above-mentioned technical writing courses in Noida to start your journey in the industry of technical writing.


Last but not the least, now the ball is in your court, decide and choose carefully where and how you want to proceed ahead with.

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  • Hi, i read your article, you have mentioned – “relevant bachelor’s degree, most preferably in English, journalism, engineering, computer science, or a degree focused on the communications tier.” i have done mcom, m i not eligible for this course ?


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