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Top 10 GST Certification Courses In Chennai With Placements

There are plenty of GST certification courses in Chennai which makes it difficult to identify a good one. Here’s the list of best courses with details to help you choose the best GST course in chennai.


GST certification courses in Chennai offer to provide job seekers and experienced professionals with the knowledge of GST to expand their opportunities for career growth. Chennai is one of the most popular places for job seekers. Institutes in the city educate people from various fields especially accounts, law, taxation, and finance in GST.


We will take a look at the top GST certification courses in Chennai today. GST being the most prominent tax in India, we have to understand what a profession in GST entails. 


In-depth knowledge of GST is paramount to work in this domain is necessary to take on the responsibility of working as a GST practitioner for a business. 


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Here we have listed the top GST Certification Courses In Chennai based on the curriculum and the quality of the course overall. These Institutes offer post-course assistance and have an updated curriculum. The mentors are highly skilled and have years of experience in the finance and taxation industry. 



IIM SKILLS is one of the leading names in the domain of online education training providers. They offer a variety of courses in their online training programs. The programs include content writing course, digital marketing, CAT coaching, and GST training. 


IIM SKILLS offers one of the most compact online GST certification courses in Chennai. It is a comprehensive four weeks of interactive virtual classroom sessions. The course packs in 16 hours of lecture along with assignments, and hands-on learning on practical projects. You also get ample opportunities to apply for freelance jobs.


The course comprises a curriculum that teaches the essentials, fundamentals, as well as advanced concepts of GST. Additionally, you get free eBooks, invoicing tools, and software that help to make your work easier when you venture out into the professional world.


You can explore more into the taxation domain with the popular business accounting and taxation courses in Chennai.


Course Name: GST Course (Master GST Practitioner Certification)

The course fee is Rs 2900

The topics covered in the course as follows 

  • GST Invoicing, Rules and Regulations 
  • Framework and Structure Of GST 
  • Concept of GST 
  • Genesis and Impact of GST for different businesses 
  • Composition Scheme 
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism 
  • E-way bill Criteria and Process of Registration of GST 
  • Debit Note & Credit Note 
  • Input Tax Credit 
  • Procedure Of Payment Of Tax 
  • GST Return Filing


Some of the key features of the Institute are as follows:

You get a master certification along with lifetime access to recorded live sessions, study materials, and updated content on the learning management system. You also get to learn about the diverse tools, and software and how to implement and execute GST using them. They will enable you to work with several clients with absolute ease. You will also work on live assignments using the important invoicing tool and applications.


There is a 24/7 support desk that helps you to resolve all your doubts and queries. Once you get enrolled in the GST practitioner course, you get access to a community of more than 2000 professionals working in the GST domain. 


The teaching method is efficiently organized and combines a well-researched methodology that includes all the latest developments along with understanding the basis of GST. 


The course is primarily practical-oriented but will also give you in-depth knowledge on the theoretical aspects for you to have a strong foundation. You will equip yourself with advanced skills to work as a GST practitioner or consultant. You can take up freelancing work or apply for jobs in business enterprises. 


Contact 9911839503

[email protected] 


Other Courses at IIM SKILLS that you can enroll in are as follows:

Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching

Digital Marketing Course

Content Writing Course


GST Certification Courses in Chennai


#2. Spark Training

Spark Training Academy is one of the most eminent institutes offering diverse courses in the digital domain. They have one of the finest GST certification courses in Chennai that offers to educate finance professionals, accountants, lawyers, and bankers on the different concepts of GST.


The GST Training is in-depth, the curriculum has an updated syllabus with plenty of real-time segments that help you to understand how to implement GST in your professional life. 


The curriculum includes

  • The Fundamentals of GST 
  • Understanding Of Multiple Taxes and The Cascading Structure 
  • The Difference of GST With Other Taxes 
  • Compliance, Procedures 
  • The Different Components of GST 
  • Tax Structure of GST 
  • Advantages of GST 
  • Registration, Terms, and Conditions of GST 
  • GST Returns 
  • Input Tax Credit 
  • GST Invoicing And Payment


Spark Academy has so far trained more than 800 students and provides courses in content writing, accounting, payroll training as well. The mentors are highly qualified and have formulated a curriculum that complies with the industry requirements. 


Spark Academy also offers placement assistance for students in corporate organizations and named brands. Since they are registered with MSME, there is plenty of opportunity for students of Spark to apply for job interviews in different business enterprises. 


Contact 9677207445


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


#3. FITA Chennai

It is important to understand the different reforms that have taken place under the GST act. FITA is one of the leading names if you want to consider GST certification courses in Chennai. 


They have expert trainers, real-time projects, industry validity certificates, placement options, and reasonable course fees. FITA is regarded as one of the top GST training institutes in Chennai. 


You have classroom training as well as online classes. FITA GST course is ideal for freshers as well as experienced professionals to upskill themselves and look for career advancements. 


The syllabus includes 

  • Understanding of the GST 
  • Framework and Structure 
  • Overview of GST 
  • Understanding the GST Slabs 
  • Terms and Conditions Rules and Regulations 
  • Advantages And Calculation of GST 
  • How to configure GST in Tally 
  • Taxes and Invoices in Tally GST
  • Masters Creation, Alteration, and Deletion 
  • Purchase and Sales Voucher with GST 
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism.


The trainers at FITA help in immersive learning with a blended teaching methodology that comprises theoretical and practical aspects of GST. 


After completion of the course, you will have a clear idea about GST filing, taxation, and the different concepts related to the GST Act. FITA also offers soft skills training, and resume preparation. That will further increase your chances of getting the dream job for a rewarding career opportunity in finance. 



FITA has several branches in Chennai in Anna Nagar, Velachery, T Nagar, and Tambaram. You can contact them at 9345045466 to enquire about the training centers and more details on the course. 


#4. Institute of Company Accountants

Institute of Company accountants was established in 2004 by the SSI development society. It was supported by the MK audit services and served to help create trained professionals in the field of accounts finance and taxation. Today ICA has one of the most popular GST certification courses in Chennai. The most distinctive feature of the GST courses they offer a variety of courses in the GST training and tax practitioner course.


The institute offers courses in the following domains

  • Income Tax Technician 
  • GST Technician 
  • Accountant Course 
  • Tax Practitioner Course 
  • Company Accountant Course 
  • Professional Tax Preparation Course 


In the GST training, they have a plethora of courses. Some of them are: 

  • GST Training 
  • GST Course Certification Course 
  • GST Practitioner Course 
  • GST Practical Training 
  • Return Filing Course.


They also offer free classes in GST refund, e-way bill, and part-time courses in GST. Learning is flexible and they provide courses in evening, weekend, weekday, and part-time classes.


Let’s look at the GST certification course in detail. It covers the topics mentioned below: 

  • GST Basics 
  • Taxation Slabs On The GST
  • Administration, Registration, Payment, 
  • Accounting, and Record-keeping 
  • IGST 
  • GST In Other Countries 
  • GST And Law 
  • Drawbacks And Advantages Of GST
  • Deposit Change 
  • Threshold Limits 
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism 
  • Input Service Distributor 
  • GST Compliance
  • GST Invoices 
  • Refund Monthly Returns 
  • Annual GST Returns 
  • GST Valuation And Legal Provisions 
  • Miscellaneous Topics On GST 


They have the vision to nurture young minds into becoming proficient in accountancy and tax. Therefore, the course is more about practical training and implementation of the different tools in software required to carry out GST efficiently. They provide placement support to become more professional and ensure that you inculcate the prime values of an efficient Professional. 



i) No 714, 1st Floor MannurPet, Chennai 600050 Phone 755 006 5215

ii) Rohini Flats, Anna Nagar Chennai 600101 Phone 75500 85215


#5. GST Tax Academy

GST tax Academy conducts one of the premier GST certification courses in Chennai. The course is high-grade and helps students to upscale their skills with the latest developments in the GST and taxation sector. 


The course provides candidates with a certified professional GST course. That helps to get premium jobs as professional tax consultants. They can also work with affiliated firms. 


You can opt to work as a freelancer, as an entrepreneur, or for someone else’s business. This course is going to be comprehensive and will help you to become fluent in all the aspects of GST and taxation. 


The Course at GST tax academy is a beginners certification course. The course duration is up to 40 hours and you get an incisive understanding of all the GST concepts here. 


The syllabus for GST training includes the following topics

  • GST Return Filing 
  • GST Registration 
  • How To File GST Returns 
  • An Overview Of Goods And Services Tax 
  • Payment Of GST
  • Input Tax Credit 
  • Job Work 
  • Overview Of The IGST Act 
  • Time Of Supply 
  • Valuation And Payment In GST
  • E-commerce Among Others. 


Some of the most salient features of GST tax Academy Chennai are as follows

They provide dynamic e-learning on GST. They also offer direct training. You have on-campus programs and corporate workshops. The certifications provided are industry-validated and the course is formulated and propagated by chartered accountants approved by the government of India. They have a coordinated placement cell, affordable course fees, and expert faculties with years of experience in the field. 



New Number 7, Valluvar Kottam, High Road, Nungambakkam Chennai 600034 Phone 75500 95215


#6. Tally Training Chennai

Tally training GST offers one of the finest and most comprehensive GST certification courses in Chennai. The course is coupled with Tally training that helps to provide an even more in-depth understanding of implementing and executing GST for accountants and finance executives. 


It is a 100% practical training with in-depth course materials, live assignments. You have real-time company files to work on. They also offer online videos explaining the complex concepts of GST exhaustively. 


The course is structured in a way that is easy to understand for anyone who wants to garner knowledge on GST. The course is ideally suited to freshers, new career aspirants, lawyers, finance, and tax professionals, finance consultants.


Tally training academy has taught more than 30000 students with 41000+ courses. 


The curriculum includes the following

  • GST Rates On Percentage 
  • Ledger Creation In Tally Erp 9 
  • Customer Creation 
  • Supplier And Product Creation 
  • Types And The Difference In Tally Erp 9 
  • Tax Adjustments 
  • ITC Adjustment 
  • Credit And Debit Note Adjustments 
  • Different GST Forms 
  • Online Payment 
  • Input Tax Credit 
  • Tax Computation


The mentors are proficient in Tally as well as taxation and help to provide you with important strategies and advice on how to start a career as a GST practitioner successfully. 


The course provides intensive training in income tax, GST online Tally, GST filing, TDS, trial balance, profit loss, and balance sheet. There is also placement assistance in manufacturing, trading, and goods companies in Chennai. 


#7. ACTE

ACTE offers one of the top-notch GST certification courses in Chennai. They are a reputed training provider with both classroom and virtual online sessions. 


The courses are created by eminent thought leaders and industry experts. ACTE has been mentioned as one of the most influential education brands by LinkedIn. 


They conduct excellent training in their 27+ branches in 7 countries. They have 350+ placement tie-ups with different corporate organizations. 


The GST certification course in Chennai is a comprehensive program for both beginners and advanced-level professionals. There is hands-on training and resume preparation as well as interview tips for GST positions. 


You get access to students’ portals, recorded sessions, study materials, videos, presentations, interview questions, and answers in the learning management system. 


The e-portal is accessible to everyone for a lifetime and the course curriculum is updated according to industry standards.


ACTE has trained more than 12000 students by experts who have more than 9 years of experience in the finance and taxation domain. 


The curriculum includes:

  • GST Fundamentals 
  • Concepts And Basics Of GST
  • Invoicing, Return, Valuation, And Legal Provisions 
  • Input Tax Credit 
  • Scope Of GST
  • GST Training Prerequisites 
  • Understanding Of The Previous Tax Structure 
  • Advantages Of GST
  • Preparation Of Vouchers 
  • Trial Balance 
  • Valuation Of Stock 
  • Accounting Using Tally 
  • Inventory Valuation Of Stock 
  • Filing GST Returns 
  • Inputting Tax Entries 
  • Banking GST Components 
  • Tax Structure 
  • Creating GST Invoice 
  • MIS Reports


You get online training, classroom training, and customized training for professionals according to their needs. There is one-to-one training too for particular modules. 


The duration of the course is 40 hours and by the end of the GST certification, you are ready to apply for a GST consultant job. 


There are several branches of the institute in Velachery, Tambaram Main Road, Porur, Anna Nagar, T Nagar, Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur, Siruseri, And Maraimalai Nagar.


Contact 9092799991, 93800 99996


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


#8. Jaffy Academy

Jaffy Academy is regarded as one of the most top-rated GST certification courses. It is one of the most reliable institutes in Chennai offering a variety of courses that adhere to the industry standards and are meant to equip professionals with advanced knowledge in different finance and taxation domain. 


Their mission is to deliver the highest value and exemplary education that will help professionals to build a successful career and make a name for themselves. 


The GST course is for one month and involves 100% practical training. Other than the GST course they also have a Tally course and Income Tax course which are for 1 month and 2 months respectively. 


The curriculum for the GST course at Jaffy includes the following core topics

  • Overview Of GST
  • The History And Fundamental Aspects Of The GST Act 
  • The Five Types Of Registration 
  • Company Closure In Migration In GST
  • Debit Note Credit Note 
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism 
  • GST Forms 
  • Refund Procedures 
  • E-Way Bill 
  • Online And Offline 
  • Filing Of GST


Jaffy Academy understands the importance of learning GST if you have a business or want to make a career in the finance domain. The course is intensive and in one month, you understand the essentials of GST with complete clarity. 


No: 103, Perambur High Road, Kumaraswamy Street, Perambur, Chennai 600011

Phone 9962701235, 8939 341 235


#9. Genesis House of Accounts

Ever since its Inception in 1999, Genesis house of accountants has been instrumental in changing the lives of job seekers for different financial sectors. Whether it is job counseling, accountancy, skill development, Tally training, or GST Genesis house of accountants is the front runner in offering exemplary training.


After the implementation of GST Genesis has formulated one of the top GST certification courses in Chennai that includes all the fundamental and complex concepts of GST in the curriculum. 


You also get access to numerous books, videos, and classes to help you understand how to implement GST. Knowledge of tools required for efficient handling of accounts is also provided by the institute. 


Genesis conducts GST Certification Courses in Chennai along with office automation and Tally ERP 9 for school students. The duration of the course is 42 hours and comprises 7 days of learning for 6 hours per day. 


The syllabus for the course includes

  • Accounting Basics 
  • Introduction To Tally Erp 9 
  • Accounting Masters In Tally 
  • Inventory Masters In Tally 
  • Accounting Vouchers 
  • Inventory Vouchers 
  • Receivables And Payables Management In Tally.


The GST training is for 6 hours and includes the following concepts

  • Objectives Of Taxes 
  • Classification Of Taxes 
  • Meaning Of GST 
  • Merits And Demerits Of GST 
  • Types Of GST
  • GST Council Tax 
  •  Assessment, Filing Of Returns 
  • Computation Of GST Through Tally


The office automation training is also included in the course and is a comprehensive guide to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and G-Suite.


The fee for the online class is Rs 6300. 

They also have a Genesis skill certification in Indian GST computation and compliance to Tally. The course provides education on GST exhaustively and is for the duration of 21 hours with each session lasting 3 hours.


The sessions are divided into 7 parts. They are as follows:

  • Introduction To GST In Tally 
  • Inward Supply Of Goods And Services With GST
  • Accounting Of GST Liabilities 
  • Input Tax Credit 
  • Outward Supply Of Goods And Services With GST 
  • Advance Transactions Related To GST
  • Import Of Goods 
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism 
  • Model Exercises.


The skill certification is provided based on your competence. The certification provides great value and increases your opportunities to get premium jobs. The test and examinations conducted are free of cost. After passing the examination, you can get a certificate for a minimal amount of Rs 270.


There is also a free GST training that is for 6 hours, every alternate week. It covers the basics and some of the advanced levels of GST. Some of the topics covered are taxation, administration, the structure acts, and rules that govern GST, dealers registration, GST returns filing, introduction to free induction training on GST, application of GST in Tally ERP 9.


Contact 63819 33811, 8939 633 448


#10. Vettri Education

Vettri education is one of the premier institutes offering GST certification courses in Chennai. They have customized courses for students for skill development that includes internship projects and placement assistance. They also have customized courses for institutions, for their faculty that include workshops and seminars. 


They offer a plethora of training and certification programs. Some of them are as follows:

  • Tally Certification 
  • GST Course 
  • TDS Course With Tally Prime. 


The GST course is for Rs 3999 and includes the different important concepts like an introduction to GST, e way bill, GST reports, GST returns filing, recording advanced entries, understanding how to incorporate GST using tally. 


Graduates, law professionals, accountants, finance professionals, CA, company secretaries, small and medium business owners, can benefit from this course. 



0733 8707 535. 


Q. What are the 3 types of GST?

Ans- The 3 types of GST are CGST (Central), SGST (State), and UGST (Union) however, there’s one more type of GST called the IGST (Integrated).

Q. What is the Full form of GST?

Ans- Good and Services Tax

Q. How GST works?

Ans- GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is an indirect tax imposed on the supply of goods and services. … Goods and services are included under a single domestic indirect taxation law for the whole of India. In this regime, tax is charged at each point of sale.


The above-listed GST certification courses in Chennai offer some of the most intensive curriculum with efficient trainers. They also include a lot of real-time projects and practical assignments that help you to get an idea about how GST can be implemented in the real world. The institutes also provide help getting job opportunities and give you the post-course support that is very much needed for professionals today.


Go through the curriculum of each of these GST certification courses in Chennai. You might have busy working hours and some students may have classes. Select one that is best suited to your schedule and preference. 

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Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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