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Top 10 Technical Writing Courses In Bangalore In 2022

Numerous technical writing courses in Bangalore have come up to equip students and professionals from diverse industries to upskill and create better job opportunities for themselves. 


Some of the most premier institutes provide technical writing courses in Bangalore. It should come as no surprise since Bangalore is the hub of technological developments. 


Various industries have been set up in the Silicon Valley of India especially in the technical and manufacturing sector. This has led to the demand for Technical writers who can communicate effectively to the target reader about the brands’ products and services. 


Merely being able to communicate the distinctive features of the brand is not enough. They have to create content in a way that disseminates information that delineates how the target consumer is going to benefit from the product or services provided. 


You need proper sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary to communicate the core points of your business, its objectives, and its vision to the target consumer. 


This is the work of capable technical writers who understand the pulse of the consumer and create content accordingly. They are concerned with simplifying heavy words and sentences for commoners so that they can comprehend the features of the business and its products and services. 


Here we have listed the top 10 technical writing courses in Bangalore that help you to master all the concepts of this domain exhaustively. 



IIM SKILLS is one of the leading names for online technical writing courses in Bangalore. Regarded as an institute that prioritizes students over everything else, IIM SKILLS is an online training platform that gives you a comprehensive education in content writing, CAT coaching, GST, and web marketing. 


The course is of high quality involving all the fundamental and advanced concepts of the technical writing process. The mentors are all highly qualified and active in the technical writing domain creating content for eminent organizations. 


The Online Technical Writing Course is for the duration of one month in an interactive online classroom setup. There is ample opportunity for brainstorming and discussion in the vibrant interactive sessions conducted by the institute. 

The course fee is 14,900+GST


The course curriculum includes the following aspects of technical writing

  • Overview Of Technical Writing 
  • Audience Analysis 
  • Understanding Of How To Choose And Research Topics For Presentation 
  • Content Creation 
  • Technical Report Writing  
  • White Paper, And Journal Writing 
  • Conversational Writeups 
  • Publishing White Papers & Journals 
  • Medical Writing 
  • Case Studies 
  • DDLC, And Versioning 
  • Competition Analysis 
  • Formatting, Structuring, And Understanding The Tone Of Communication.


In this one month of intensive training, you will hone your skills as a writer and understand the different facets of the technical writing procedure. 


The most prominent feature of this Institute is that they provide internship opportunities for technical writing candidates. They can apply their learning in a practical setup by creating documents and articles. Whether it is a technical blog, a scholarly article, or a detailed white paper, you will have the opportunity to produce your own content and assess your progress. 


There is a free demo available for you to understand how the IIM SKILLS designs and plans the course for the candidates. You also have the option of installments for fees. There is the guarantee of getting your money back after the first session if you are not satisfied with the way the course is formulated. 

Watch this video to understand more about the IIM SKILLS content writing course

The learning management system has access to all the recorded live sessions, course materials, updated content, case studies, introduction to newer tools as and when introduced. The LMS is available to you for free for lifetime access. 


Contact 9911839503


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#2. Black and White Training 

Black and White Tech Writing is a consulting and documentation services agency whose motto is commitment, dedication, and providing stellar services in the form of training as well as content writing.


According to the data available, there is tremendous outsourcing of technical writing content to countries like India. This is precisely the reason why Black and White Tech Writing has started training in technical writing and marketing communications.


The technical writing program is aimed at experienced and new career aspirants who want to make it big in the world of technical writing.


B&W covers important formats like the different technical writing concepts, how to effectively communicate information, tools used in technical writing, grammar, and vocabulary, efficient writing skills, format style, tone of technical documents.


The course is a combination of theoretical and practical aspects. The lab sessions help you to grasp the concepts of this niche content format well. 


The batch sizes are small allowing the trainers to focus on the students sincerely. After the completion of the course, you will turn into a competent technical writer able to create stellar copies. Every month they start a new batch.


Contact 0804 9540 466, 98802 20007


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


#3. Winprotech Bangalore

Winprotech Solutions was established in the year 2011 and has been one of the top companies offering technical writing courses in Bangalore. They are a top-rated training provider conducting comprehensive, customized, high-grade courses in the IT sector. They have been providing education since 2007 in the soft skills and IT space. 


WinProtech has combined creativity and innovation and has a training methodology that provides in-depth learning to the candidates. The course is designed by the in-house technical team incorporating all the latest practices and trends prevalent in the IT industry. There are classroom and practical sessions that provide an overall understanding of technical writing. 


The different areas in which they provide training are as follows:

  • Technical Writing Training 
  • Cyber Security Program 
  • XML, And DITA Training
  • Advanced API Documentation.


Technical Writing Training Course Structure

The technical training covers four intensive models that give you information on all the characteristics and features of documentation. There is a 2-hour orientation test to assess your theoretical understanding. 


You have live interactive sessions. group discussions. and organized assessment tests to you understand how much you have progressed. You have 30 hours of practical, 30 hours of theory, and 20 hours of assessment with the trainers for 2 months. 


The study materials will be provided to you along with access to the knowledge center for all courseware. They also provide soft skills training and interview tips that enable you to gain confidence and apply for job interviews with full self-assurance.


Their services are in the category of the following:

  • Finance And Accounting 
  • Business Services Support 
  • Payroll Processing 
  • Human Resource 
  • Data Maintenance And Support.

Contact: 8041664222, 9740390242 


Here are the Top Technical Writing Courses in India 


#4. Information Mapping 

Information mapping offers one of the highest quality technical writing courses in Bangalore. There are various modes of training like virtual, blended, on-site, e-learning, and public learning. You can choose according to your convenience among the training modules available with the company presently. 


All kinds of technical writing starting from proposals to statement of purposes (SOPs), information mapping, and creating content for all types of documents are provided at the institute. 


You get hands-on learning, analogies, examples of case studies to understand the points well. They provide 360 solutions for software training and helps to organize, manage, and structure effective documentation.


You learn about different software like FS Pro for word, business, standard, outlook, confluence, and Technical support. 


You also learn how to create content effectively. The institute teaches you to tailor content according to the needs of the consumer by a method of research, analysis, innovation, and creativity. 


We are today in a situation where most of the courses are conducted online. So let’s look at the distinctive features of e-learning, and virtual, training modes of learning offered. 


The e-Learning method is self-paced giving you the liberty to study at your own convenience. You join a network of thousands of students and enjoy interactive e-learning sessions. 


The virtual training has very high-grade course materials with tailor-made projects and assignments. You get a certificate of completion after sitting for the information mapping certification exam. 


Contact: [email protected]


#5. Triumph India 

Triumph India not only has one of the best technical writing courses in Bangalore, but is one of the top 5 technical communication companies in India providing technical documentation services. 


The work encompasses content writing, and creation, maintenance, and publishing of content. They are mainly concerned with technical writing and their work area includes diverse industries and sectors of software, information technology, and manufacturing. 


Triumph India was founded by Usha Mohan who herself is a specialized technical writer. She is dedicated to providing the required guidance, tips, and strategies to budding technical writers for them to start a promising career in the field. The commitment and enthusiasm have turned Triumph into one of the top brands with over 200 skilled and committed team members. 


The technical writing training is divided into two parts the corporate training and retail training. At Triumph India, they have customized batches and workshops for students to maximize learning and productivity. 


In that course, you learn about the most basic to the most advanced level of specialized concepts. Learning and implementing them can turn you into an expert and thought leader provided you are committed to evolve and be open to the dynamic nature of the technical writing space. 


The curriculum for the corporate communications program (CCP) is as follows:

  • Types Of Writing 
  • Effective Writing Skills 
  • Understanding Different Types Of Content Like White Papers
  • Business Letters And Abstracts 
  • Technical Report Writing 
  • Email Response Composition 
  • Proposal Writing 
  • Creating High-quality Value-packed Presentations. 


The Retail Training comprises the following categories

  • Essentials Of Technical Writing
  •  Advance Program In Technical Writing 
  • Professional English Training 
  • Instructional Design Program


Other than the technical writing training, they provide a host of services in the domain of Engineering, product, and business process documentation, smart learning, content consulting among others. 

Contact 918067920733, 9180 2353 8887


#6. The Writers Block (TWB)

The Writers Block is known as a global leader in everything that pertains to technology content. They have some of the most efficient technical writing courses in Bangalore that help you to gain exhaustive knowledge on everything technical and helps you to get faster results in the job market. 


Writers Block has trained more than 20,000 professionals from different sectors and designations. In over 450 batches, the students have been extremely content with the course curriculum and the mode of training. 


You have customized training for different industries as per requirement. You also have personalized training for understanding the concepts and implementing the tools. Whether it is structured writing, research reports, or scientific reports, you gain knowledge on the methodologies and tools that make writing in these content formats easier. 


The curriculum is also updated frequently comprising the latest trends and developments. TWB also makes sure that they formulate the content in a flexible way so that future trends are also analyzed, and incorporated seamlessly into the syllabus. 


Whether you are high ranking executive, working in mid-level and entry-level jobs, the training and certifications provided at TWB will help you to prosper in your career and make your dreams of a promising career come true. 


The most prominent feature is blended learning which combines classroom training as well as online training to help you gain the maximum knowledge. 


The methodology that constitutes blended learning helps in enhanced understanding of concepts. You become more discerning to the changes that occur in the web domain and can quickly make changes in your strategy of content creation in the technical writing space. 


Real-time live interactions are enriching and provides you with transformative knowledge in the area of technical writing. You have email newsletters, forums, discussion platforms, and instant messaging that facilitate the process of doubt clearance.


Learning material is provided in the form of e-learning software, digital textbooks, multimedia presentations. You have plenty of assignments and practical learning that helps you to understand the intricacies of technical writing content. 


You build confidence and strive towards creating a sustainable career in technical writing. The detailed syllabus is available on their website. You can download the brochure. 


Contact 968 605 9020, [email protected]


#7. Blue Dots Consultancy

Blue Dots Consultancy conducts one of the most well-reputed technical writing courses in Bangalore. They are an excellent training, and capability development company based in Bangalore. 


Blue Dots hosts several professional training and education services for individuals to upskill themselves and look for more lucrative career opportunities. 


Their most salient features are enumerated below:

  • The syllabus consists of an industry-mapped curriculum that brings in all the important information trends that are prevalent in the technical writing sector.
  • The mentors are highly qualified, working in the software industry. The placements are provided based on your merit and understanding of the subject matter.
  • You have a variety of programs in the form of offsite, virtual, and onsite programs that help in flexibility and convenience for professionals and students.
  • The Technical writing course is an intensive program spanning 2 months covering the different concepts, terms, documentation software tools, and applications that are required to excel in the field.
  • The courses are not just industry-validated but are customized according to the needs of the students. Professionals already in this sector will benefit from the course considerably.
  • The different tools covered are FrameMaker, Captivate, Madcap flare, Confluence, XML DITA, And others. 


Blue Dot consultancy has taught more than 2000+ candidates and achieved a stellar percentage of 90% in placement opportunities. By the end of the course, the students become well equipped with handling the different complex processes and projects in technical writing and hence get the most lucrative jobs in the industry. 


Blue Dots consultancy also has tie-ups with several big eminent corporate brands like HCL, IBM, Nokia, Mahindra, Hewlett Packard, Agile Point, Qualcomm. 


Contact 9900171161, 9148519012


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


#8. Tech Total 

Tech Total conducts one of the best technical writing courses in Bangalore. They also offer training in several professional services related to technical documentation to big corporate organizations globally.


The course is suited to medical transcriptionists, lecturers, professors, research scholars, IT professionals, call center, professionals, and executives, software engineers, technical writers, graduates, and postgraduates engineers.


A variety of job avenues will open up in the biotechnology, electrical, electronics sector, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and information technology domains. 


The certificate course in technical writing is conducted on weekends. There is a normal track course that is for one month (30 Days) and a fast track course for 15 days.


The different course modules covered are

  • Technical Writing 
  • HTML And XML 
  • Software Development Life Cycle 
  • Document Delivery Life Cycle 
  • Project Planning 
  • Microsoft Word 
  • RoboHelp, FrameMaker, Snagit 
  • PowerPoint Photoshop
  • Style Guides 
  • Standards To Maintain While Writing Technical Content 
  • Software Tools & Application 
  • Resume Preparation And Certification Among Others.


You get practical projects and live information technology exposure that helps you to understand how the industry works. You get placement assistance based on your skills and acumen after completion of the course. 


They also conduct demo sessions for you to understand the overview of the course. 

Contact 080 4117 9782, 9663 015 166


#9. Astep Bangalore

Advanced Systematic Training for Managing Professionals or Astep as it is popularly called is one of the finest training services offering impeccable technical writing courses in Bangalore. 


Astep is a Pioneer in the field of technical publications. and design catering to a diverse range of audiences These revolves around aerospace designing, engineer training, and technical writing career-oriented programs.


The Software technical writing certification course is an intensive curriculum spanning 8 weeks program that is bound to transform your career and turn you into prolific technical writers.


The course fee is Rs 49,105. The institute provides a lot of flexibility offering regular and weekend courses according to your convenience. 


You have 16 classroom sessions along with 5 live project assignments and innumerable practical sessions that help to strengthen your knowledge of the technical writing concepts. In the Hands-on sessions, you will implement and execute knowledge using all the tools that are covered in the course. 


The curriculum is as follows: 

  • Overview Of Software Technical Writing 
  • Types Of Documentation 
  • Applications, Process, Methodology In Technical Writing In Real-time 
  • Adobe RoboHelp And MS Visio 
  • Understanding Technical Writing Guidelines 
  • Darwin Information Technical Architecture 
  • XML And Arbor text Editor 
  • Introduction And Fundamentals Of Instructional Design 
  • Software Programming Languages 
  • Applications And Types Of Programming Languages 
  • Coding For Basic Application.


These comprise the first six weeks of the program. The seventh and eighth week is dedicated to projects and assignments. These include learning technical writing, authoring tools, video editing assignments.


You also have post-training support and certification in the final week of the course. Some of the important tools covered are the following: 

FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Camtasia, Captivate, MS Visio, XML Editor. 


Key features of the Institute

The course includes theoretical and practical aspects and actionable strategies, and hacks that will help you to become a competent technical writer. 


The mentors have incisive knowledge of the software technology industry. They are actively involved in creating technical writing content for clients. Also, you have post-course placement support that helps to shortlist job opportunities suited to your skills for a greatly rewarding career. 

Contact 7406 741 414, 953 8855 825


#10. iLine Structured Communication

 Last but not the least, iLine structured communication offers one of the premium technical writing courses in Bangalore. iLine structured communication is a brand that is committed to providing some of the best services in the information technology sector. 


They strive to provide solutions for communication gaps between people and companies and helps to serve as a bridge between an organization and its consumers. 


The faculty at iLine is highly experienced with more than 15 years of experience in publishing books in journals. Today they have successfully entered the education sector with website designing, technical writing, content writing, and English skills training.


Being of the top technical writing courses in Bangalore, iLine provides a comprehensive industry-validated curriculum that teaches fundamental and advanced concepts of technical writing. 


The course curriculum consists of the following topics.

  • Information Design 
  • Planning Identifying And Understanding Your Consumers 
  • Learning All About Software Usage 
  • Improving Languages And Editing Practices 
  • Understanding The Structure, Grammar, Tone, And Style Of Writing 
  • Content Layout, and Design Training 
  • Knowledge Of Different Authoring Tools Required For Successful Technical Documentation


The course provides an in-depth understanding of the whole process of technical writing. By the end of the course, you will be adept at creating content in the technical writing domains of user and training manuals, software installation guides, process documents, online help with technical documentation among others. 


Some of the important tools covered in this course are Visio, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Grammar, and Plagiarism tool. There is a hands-on training that helps with the practical implementation of all that you learn in the course. 

Contact 08023 32824, 9886 732 823


Q. What is purpose of technical writing?

Ans- The purpose of technical writing is to provide material that explains a process or make a complex concept easier to understand for a particular audience. … The principles are quality content, audience and purpose, accessibility, grammar, and writing style.

Q. What is the meaning of technical writer?

Ans- A technical writer is a professional information communicator whose task is to transfer information between two or more parties, through any medium that best facilitates the transfer and comprehension of the information. … Technical writing is sometimes defined as simplifying the complex.

Q. What is technical writing style?

Ans- Technical writing is a type of writing where the author is writing about a particular subject that requires direction, instruction, or explanation. This style of writing has a very different purpose and different characteristics than other writing styles such as creative writing, academic writing or business writing


The list above mentions all the important technical writing courses in Bangalore that provide 360 solutions for learning. You get course materials, plenty of practical assignments, post-course assistance, placement support, to guide you into becoming adroit and confident technical writers. 


Technical writing requires you to focus on the distinctive qualities that separate it from the rest of the content formats. These Technical writing courses in Bangalore conduct the training in such a way that you are provided an all-around knowledge of the technical writing domain. 


All you need is your enthusiasm, understanding of English, and basic technical knowledge. With these in place, you can apply for any of these technical writing courses, and the knowledge you glean will bolster your CV for more lucrative options.

Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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