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Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Delhi (Updated)

So you have decided on becoming a creative writer? But you are confused about which course to take? We have prepared a lot of the best creative writing courses in Delhi. Read and compare.


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Creative writing courses are increasingly becoming popular. More and more people are indulging in hobbies and taking out time to do things they love. Even after living busy schedules, or precisely due to it.


Creative writing may include writing fiction, short story, poetry, and so on. Professionally creative writers are required in writing ad copy, scripts for film and TV shows, blogs, and songwriting.


Even many businesses have adopted a creative approach to connecting with their user base. Many consumer brands like OYO, MakeMyTrip, Swiggy, Netflix, Pepsi, and others, are communicating with people on social media. But their tone of voice is casual and creative.


These brands are relying on the power of creativity to create viral posts and create buzz. The reason for this is very simple. Creativity is appreciated by everyone. A creative message provides entertainment or joy to the consumer. This way, just by reading a marketing message, a user feels a benefit.


Conventional business communication is too boring today. It is not enough to engage today’s users who have tens of other sources for entertainment and the attention span of a goldfish.


If marketing communication does not stand out today, it is not even going to get any reach. Social media platforms’ algorithms have too many posts to filter and give more visibility to only posts that users like. Marketers have no other choice to be creative.


Even with film and TV shows, there is always a need for creative writers. The film is a creative medium. India is the largest producer of movies in the world. This makes the market very competitive.


Adding on top of that, the digital medium has really democratized content production. Anyone who has a decent phone and basic editing skills can broadcast their content to the world. The popularity of on-demand platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, MX player, and such, have made the field extremely competitive.


Many popular TV shows of today, are heavily relying on extreme creativity in scriptwriting. Increased competition has made users pickier. If a content bores them, they have hundreds of other options to shift to.


But creative writing has many benefits for the writer too.


Today’s lifestyles have become extremely hectic. People have very little time to relax and gather their thoughts. This is why we are witnessing increased interest of working professionals in leisure activities.


These leisure activities include drawing, painting, poetry, short story, music, or anything that makes people feel at ease and rejuvenate. Creative writing helps people relax and helps rid them of stress.


But the purpose of these activities is not just to relax. We are seeing an upward trend in young people opting for creative professions. More students are interested in professions like film-making, professional writing, art, music, and many more.


Times have changed. Creative professionals have ways to earn money today. Ways that didn’t exist 20-30 years. Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and similar media help artists connect to the market directly.


Today, the population in India has more disposable income than ever. People are more interested in arts and crafts. Many have the means to spend on leisure activities. Things that go beyond the necessities of life like food and shelter have a market today.


There are many stable jobs for creative writers today. What could be better than earning by doing something you love? You could be working with like-minded people. Who knows you might get to meet your idol. It is not uncommon when you work the same occupation as your inspiration.


There are plenty of creative writing courses in Delhi. People who are new to creative writing can attend these courses in Delhi and get an idea of the work.


However, creative writing jobs are still jobs. There are deadlines, there are responsibilities, and you will not always like the work being done. But it is still much better than doing something you hate all the time.


Some of the major creative writing jobs give you ample opportunity to work with the veterans and learn lots of skills from them. It is also similar to mentoring because you can show your work to them and get pointers.


Today, creative professions offer a great fulfilling life. You can start your journey with one of the creative writing courses in Delhi mentioned below.


Forms of creative writing


Creative writing may include anything from novels, short stories, film or television scripts, podcasts, blog articles, poetry, ad copy, and so on.


Novels are full-length pieces of literature. They can range from anywhere between 60,000 – 90,000 words or even more. They often involve stories in various settings and chapters and involves multiple characters.


Short stories are typically between 1,500 – 5,000 words but might be a little more. They are often written in one sitting and there is not much variation in the story’s setting. They can either describe one event in detail or a long story without giving much detail for each event.


A Novella lies between novels and short stories in length. It is usually the depiction of events in one setting.


Scripts are written for movies, TV shows, web series, ads, standup comedy shows, and others. These are often written by a team of writers who brainstorm with ideas and reach a consensus.


Poetry is another creative medium of writing. Poets regularly present their work at conventions and cultural festivals.


Songwriting is similar to poetry in that there is a rhyme scheme. But in songwriting, the writer also has to keep in mind the rhythm, and the tempo of the music. Sometimes, there is a consideration of the target audience’s requirements.


All these forms of writing have a few things in common. There is a specific creative process of the writer which may be different from other writers. What writers prefer to write about also varies.


In order to develop as a creative writer, you need to practice a lot. But in addition to practice, you also need a guide or a mentor.


You can find a mentor easily on one of the content writing courses mentioned here.


Creative Writing Courses in Delhi




IIM SKILLS is one of the great creative writing courses in Delhi. It principally started as an organization offering training for digital marketing and related courses. The institute has a decade-long history and has trained more than 5000 individuals in 35 countries.

IIM SKILLS content writing course deta

The creative writing course is a part of the content writing course at IIM SKILLS. Apart from the prerequisites of content marketing, students also learn the craft of storytelling to create engaging content. This is essential for standing out amid the noise that advertising has become today.


The course highlights include:


  • The course duration is 4 weeks.
  • The faculty is experienced
  • Includes content marketing assignments and case studies
  • Certification and internship opportunities


The course has 12 modules. In these modules, students learn the various concepts in content marketing. Since this is a practical-based course, all students are required to start their own blog and practice the kind of writing that they want to do.

IIM SKILLS content writing course modules

IIM SKILLS understands the importance of publishing the work so that people can see it and offer feedback. It is not a good strategy to work in silence and try to become an expert before showing people your work.


In the first module, students learn the concept of web development and web design. In the second module, they learn the principles of UI and UX. Together, these modules help the student develop functional and beautiful websites appropriate to their niche and purpose.


The aim of learning UX is to develop a website that offers a smooth navigation experience to the user and reduces pain points in the design.


In the next module, students learn the various types of content and their peculiarities. Forms of content include ad copy, blogs, press releases, ebooks, short stories, poetry, business writing, promotional content, etc.


Students learn the creative aspects of writing, and what makes good writing. These concepts can be used to write and produce creative content or use its principles in writing creative communication for businesses.


Over the next few modules, students learn the technicalities of SEO, how search engines work, and what to do to make your content rank on top of the SERPs. As important it is to create great content, it is also essential to maximize reach. Learning the principles of SEO helps with that.


Students also learn to promote their content through various channels like social media and email. There are different principles for the different platforms but some techniques are common to all.


Using the power of sharing and providing value to the users are foundations for social media reach.


At the end of the course, students receive placement assistance and orientation for the nature of employment they seek. For professionals who wish to work with an agency full-time, they get placement assistance.


For those willing to work as freelancer content writers, receive training on how to find new clients, how to do client pitching, and prospecting.


This course is a great fit for people looking to incorporate creative aspects into their content writing work. It provides complete training as a content writer as well as a marketer.

Here’s a video that will guide you through the details of the content writing course by IIM SKILLS

You can book a free demo class by contacting the institute.


British Council


The British Council is a recognized institution for learning the English language. Principally, it is an organization that promotes cultural exchange and fosters information flow about Britain and the country of operation. It is present in more than 100 countries.


The British Council has various courses in the language. It conducts one course for teaching the English language. There are separate courses for kids, adults, and corporates.


There is a course for becoming a Cambridge certified English language teacher. The program is called CELTA and is offered as a 4-week intensive course at its premises, and a 12-week part-time online course.


There is another course for creative writing. The course teaches various forms of creative writing including fiction, poetry, short stories, plays, creative blog writing, and news reporting. All the courses are taught by expert faculty. It is offered on weekdays at the Delhi branch.


The course is also conducted as a summer program for 6 weeks or 8 weeks duration depending on the year. The total course duration is 50 hours. Before admission, candidates need to take an assessment test to show the proficiency level.


Other than creative writing courses in Delhi, the British Council also organizes the famous IELTS language proficiency test.


Himalayan Writing Retreat


This is a great option amongst creative writing courses in Delhi. This course may not be inside Delhi but it is accessible to people from Delhi. And it is worth the trouble of traveling to Nainital.


As part of the Himalayan Writing Retreat, the participant gets to stay at a residential facility in the foothills of the Himalayas and be a part of their programs for writers and artists. It is the only such facility in Asia.


The schedule at the Himalayan retreat is packed throughout the year as there are various courses being organized. It attracts people from all over India and even abroad. The programs provide a great opportunity to work on your projects and feel the artistic stimulus at the most inspiring place on Earth.


There are various workshops organized throughout the year. There are creative writing courses on different aspects like poetry, fiction writing, blogging workshop, and online writing workshop which you can access from home.


Participants also have the option of a course where they work directly with a writer as a mentor. There have been masterclasses hosted by different accomplished authors and artists as well as professionals from other fields such as Behavioral psychology.


The workshops that have been organized until now incorporate teachings from all sections of creative writing. Students learn the various elements of writing fiction. They learn to think of a story idea with potential, the process of editing, how to connect things, and how to convert those collections of ideas into a book.


Participants also learn the business of publishing. They learn various facts about traditional publishing and self-publishing. Those who want to become published authors learn about the business side of writing.


Most classes are organized outdoors, with a beautiful view surrounding you. The evening walks on the nearby misty trails amidst chirping birds bring the day to a tranquil end. Participants can also choose to stay with their families.


The Bootcamp is known for a place where several writers have completed their work or at least written it in part. You can know more on their website.


Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages

The JNA is a part of the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. It was formed with the aim of promoting students to learn foreign languages. Their programs were started as early as 1958.


The academy has courses in various foreign languages including French, Japanese, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese.


The academy has creative writing courses in English that are one of the best creative writing courses in Delhi. It aims to make candidates comfortable in the usage of language creatively and confidently.


The course duration is 5 months. It is divided into 4 parts.


In the first part, the candidates are taught the fundamentals of the language to ensure that the basics are covered first. In the next section, they learn the aspects of creative writing like plot development, characterization, setting, etc. Students also learn to write for various media and purposes like anchoring.


The third section of the course deals with lessons on soft-skills. Students are taught skills for presentation, conducting interviews, talk-shows. They are also taught the useful quality of time management.


The fourth and final section of the course deals with business communication where students learn professional communication. They learn to write emails, notices, press releases, report writing, and other forms of corporate communication,


Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC)


The SACAC or the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication is one of the finest institutes that offer creative writing courses in Delhi. It was founded in 2003 as an institute of communication and arts. The director is Ramesh Menon, who is an author and an award-winning journalist.


The course gives ample space for the candidate to explore the boundaries of fiction and writing skills. They learn the depths of fiction writing, poetry, playwriting, and non-fiction writing like travel and first-person accounts.


It also advises students to decide on a niche as a writer so that they can improve their skills at one rather than being an amateur at all.


The course duration is 3 months. This is a weekend course. The batch size is limited to 25 so you might want to register in advance. In order to get admission, candidates need to qualify for the entrance test. Check the website for more details.


The institute also has various other courses in Advertising and public relations, audio engineering, music production, documentary film-making, photography, graphic design, painting and sketching, and so on.


RK Films and Media Academy

Though this primarily a film school, the academy has one of the best creative writing courses in Delhi. The institute offers many courses in the disciplines of mass communication, advertising & public relations, Journalism, editing, animation, photography, production and post-production, acting, radio voice, and more.


This course sheds light on many aspects of creative writing. It first begins with the basics of grammar and writing conventions and enlightens on the common mistakes people make normally when writing English.


Students are taught the process of proofreading and editing, and how a person can build a career as a professional editor.


Then the course moves on to the structural elements of a novel. A novel is taken as the standard model of creative writing and then a short story and novella are taught later.


After completing these creative writing courses in Delhi successfully, students would be able to write their own scripts whether for film or shows or just a written work. They can work as a scriptwriter for other shows.


They understand the role of a director and producer from their perspective and develop a better working relationship with them.


Graduates can also work for news, radio as well as television shows.

Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi

The IGNOU project is one of the world’s largest educational projects offering courses in various disciplines. It was started in the year 1985 with 2 courses. Today, it has over 230 courses offering certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in these disciplines.


It is serving the interests of students not just in India but in many other countries.


The Diploma in creative writing in English is a 1-year program. It is one of the most popular creative writing courses in Delhi with a widely recognized diploma. Anyone who has graduated from high school is eligible for the course.


The course aims to make the candidates understand the various aspects of creative writing. It teaches the art of writing and how to develop it if they are interested in working as a freelance writer.


The curriculum is designed by notable persons and is structured so as to gradually introduce students to increasingly complex concepts of art and fiction.


The program assists students in writing about various issues and in various roles such as a TV production writer or a radio professional scriptwriter.


The diploma course has 2 compulsory and 4 elective subjects. Students have to complete the minimum credits required to obtain the degree.


FAQs Creative Writing Courses in Delhi


Q. Are there any good content writing courses in Delhi?

Ans- Delhi being the capital city has plenty of institutes offering content writing courses and IIM SKILLS among them happens to offer the finest quality content writing course as per the reviews, ratings, placement assistance and certifications are considered.

Q. What skills are needed for content writing?

Ans- The content writers are needed to have a basic understanding of how search engines respond to content, and on top of that a good hold over the language of writing (usually English) is needed.

Q, What are some certifications for content writing?

Ans- Companies do look for certified professionals for content writing and one of the very valued content writing certifications is the IIM SKILLS content writing master certificate which is internationally recognized and the course also offers HubSpot content marketing certification.

SUMMARY About Creative Writing Courses in Delhi


As we can see here, there are plenty of great creative writing courses in Delhi. This article has combined and presented some of the best creative writing courses in Delhi and made a comparison of their various features.


If you have decided to study creative writing but are confused about which course to take, here are the apt recommendations for creative writing courses in Delhi.


First, identify what you want out of a creative writing course. Your requirements must be vivid and precise. Then read about the courses again to find out which one is the best for you.

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