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Top 16 Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges

There is rising interest in entrepreneurship and increasing complexity in running a business. This has meant a huge demand for skilled professional who has expertise in business accounting and taxation. And with traditional education not living up to market needs, business accounting and taxation courses colleges have risen to help you step up and take this opportunity.


What is Business Accounting and Taxation?


Business accounting is a type of accounting that uses financial and non-financial data to assist firms in making choices in the future. It is a key part of running a company that focuses on the company’s internal demands. It assists companies with budgeting, trend analysis, and forecasting.


Taxation is the act of collecting income to cover expenses. Income tax, capital gains tax, and VAT, to mention a few, are all examples of taxes placed on both individuals and businesses. These are divided into two categories: direct taxes, such as income taxes, and indirect taxes, such as VAT or GST. ERP software, MIS reporting, SAP, Quickbooks, audits, payroll, Goods and Services Tax, and other topics are covered in business, accounting, and taxation courses.


How to Find the Best Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges?


You should find a reliable business accounting and taxation course colleges to help you to learn and to provide you with guidance. Different course colleges will have different features. You should first identify your needs and then choose an institution that can fulfill those needs. 


You have to decide whether you want to do the course with a cohort or if you want it to be self-paced. You also need to choose whether you want to do the course online, offline, or maybe even with a hybrid approach. You should also check for internship opportunities and if you will get placement assistance as these features will be massively helpful in actually landing work.


A good institution should also have good support available that is responsive. And if you plan to do the course offline, check their location on the map to see if the location would be suitable for you. Many of these course colleges will have demo videos for you to sample. You should see some of the videos to better understand their teaching style and decide if it suits you.


List of Reputable Business Accounting and Taxation Course Colleges:


1. IIM Skills


If you are looking for business accounting and taxation course colleges with good online teaching services, then IIM Skills is a top provider of online education services around the globe. In this program, you will have access to interact with industry experts who have 12+ years of experience.


There will be a focus on delivering a hands-on experience to you during the professional certifications programs. The programs of this institution have been ranked #1 by Top Education Blogs Such as Career360, CourseReport, AdvisorUncle & CourseDekho. IIM Skills have trained over 15000 people who have joined from over 35 countries worldwide.


IIM Skills has a 4 Months Live Online BAT Course which is recognized by Govt. of India. After this, internship opportunities and a dedicated placement cell are available to help you find work. There are no mandatory prerequisites for joining this program.


Course Fees: INR 49,900

Contact: [email protected]


2. National Institute Of Financial Markets (NIFM)


If you feel an online course may not be suitable for you and you are looking for business accounting and taxation course colleges with classroom-based teaching, then NIFM may be appropriate for you. They have a 6-month classroom-based course. They have over 15 centers across India where you will be doing projects that uplift your knowledge.


They also provide good placement opportunities for their students and therefore are a preferred choice for many. Their eligibility criteria for the course Diploma in Financial Accounting & Business Taxation is 10+2.


Course Fees: INR 45,000 + Tax

Contact[email protected]


3. EduPristine


Adtalem Worldwide Education (NYSE: ATGE), a global education company based in the United States, owns EduPristine. Their course is named Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT) Their training methodology is unique from many others in that they follow a hybrid model of teaching.


If you are looking for business accounting and taxation course colleges with hybrid modes of learning, then EduPristine may be ideal for you. There will be LIVE online training sessions which are a prerequisite for attending the lab-based physical classroom training, which will cover the practical application of the concepts. 


They have centers in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The duration of the PGP-BAT course is 3-4 months, after which the student can appear for the exams. And the candidate has a maximum of 1 year to complete the course and clear the exams. They have placement assistance available for the students.


Because the PGP BAT course is 3–4 months long, it is held during the weekdays. Working applicants will be unable to attend the classes as a result.  Candidates can attend the lectures after their working hours only if the lectures are held in the evening. With them, only B.Com Graduates or Graduates with a relevant degree are eligible to pursue the Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP- BAT) course. 


The PGP-BAT course comprises the training fee, and no extra fee is charged for appearing for the exams. To know about the PGP-BAT course fee, you have to contact their counselors.


Contact:  [email protected]


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4. APG Learning


APG Learning was founded in 2013 to educate students while also ensuring economic stability. It offers a wide choice of long and short-term courses, as well as workshops and seminars. It has a wide reach with more than 100,000 alumni worldwide. Its Business accounting and taxation course is conducted online for 3 months and is estimated to be of 120 hours. 


Course Fees: INR 16,500 + tax

Contact:  [email protected]


5. SLA Consultant


SLA Consultants, or Structured-Learning-Assistance Consultants, is a renowned education center that offers IT and non-IT training.  They have its headquarters and training center in Delhi, India, and two more training centers situated in Noida and Gurugram. They provide professional courses that include both classroom and online instruction.


According to SLA Consultants, over 10 years they have trained more than 7000 professionals and conducted more than 25000 interviews. To teach the applicants, they have over 150 experienced and practical skill-oriented Chartered account trainers.


The E-Accounts, E-Taxation, E-GST, Tally, ROC, and SAP training courses are designed for aspiring professionals involved in Business accountants and Taxation. Each of these courses has different durations and different prices and hence it is better to contact them for further details.


Contact:  [email protected]


6. Finprov


There is a course titled Certification in Business Accounting & Taxation (CBAT). It is a hands-on BAT course in Kochi, created by industry professionals and Chartered Accountants. CBAT provides a straight path to well-paying employment in the field of business accounting and taxes.


It is a 6-month long course with a hybrid model of instruction, both online and offline classes are held. They have teaching instruction available in two languages, English and Malayalam. They provide placement assistance.


Course Fee: INR 40,000

Contact:  [email protected]


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7. City Commerce Academy


The Institute was established in 1999, and since then they are continuously providing quality education to accounting professionals. They have an Accounts and Tax Expert course which includes providing practical training through practice projects. Their mode of instruction seems to be online video classes and there does not seem to be any placement assistance.


Course Fee: INR 17500

Contact: [email protected], [email protected]


8. Keerti Institute


They have a course that is termed K-FAT (Keerti Certified Course in Financial Accounting and Taxation). Their course is open to graduates from the stream (B.Com, BAF, BBI), Students of B.Com / BAF / BBI about to complete their graduation, and students seeking a career in Financial Accounting and Taxation. The course is specially designed for commerce students. Their course duration is 6 Months (288 Hrs.) They provide placement assistance.


Email: [email protected]


9. Laqshya Institute Of Skills Training


If you are living in Mumbai and looking for business accounting and taxation course colleges with classroom-based sessions available, then this may be for you. Laqshya Institute of Skills Training is an institute in the education sector having a practical approach to various industrial skills training requirements.


Laqshya was created in 2009 to promote technical and non-technical education in Maharashtra, with a concentration on software and information technology, accounting, taxes, finance, banking, human resources, and aviation. They have a course named Accounts and Taxation Course which is available in both modes of instruction, classroom/online.


You can choose whichever mode of teaching suits you. For classroom training, they have centers all over Mumbai. They are recognized by the Government and they have also got authorization from Microsoft. Placement assistance is available for its graduates. Their training methodology & quality standards are certified by ISO 9001:2015 accreditation by USAC LLC, Miami, Florida, USA.


Email: [email protected]


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10. IMS Preschool


If you live in Delhi and are looking for business accounting and taxation course colleges with classroom-based teaching available then you should look at IMS Preschool. Since 1977, IMS has endeavored to ensure that its students have long-term successful careers. It emerged as the fourth most trusted education brand in an AC Nielsen and Brand Equity Survey. 


The same goal is carried out through IMS Preschool. Preschool has a mentorship and skill-transfer approach to assisting individuals in realizing their full potential. They have a course named CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting. IMS Proschool’s GMA program is a unique Undergraduate program for aspiring CGMAs (designation powered by AICPA, US & CIMA, UK)


IMS Proschool’s 650+ hour live faculty-led training and ‘active learning’ methodology

  • 75% of instruction time is spent on studying cases to build a better grasp of the CIMA Knowledge Pillars. 
  • 20% of instruction time is spent on industry-specific skills which means the job-based application of the knowledge. 
  • 5% of instruction time is spent on teaching how to be a better communicator and presenter.


They have classroom programs in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kochi.


Course Fee:  INR 3,00,000

Contact: [email protected]


11. Pakistan Institute of Management


If you live in Pakistan and are looking for business accounting and taxation course colleges with classroom-based teaching in Pakistan, then PIM is the institution that you must know about. The Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) is the country’s first executive development institute, specializing in the training and development of business and industry managers.


Its principal objective is to provide training, consulting, and research to meet the rising and complicated demands of organizational managers. More than 250,000 managers have taken PIM courses since its founding in 1954. Its courses offered include a Diploma in Accounting and Finance which is recognized by the Govt. of Pakistan. It is a three-month classroom-based training. They have centers in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad


Course Fee:  Rs 36,000

Contact: [email protected]


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12. LCBS (Dhaka)


If you are currently living in Bangladesh and looking for business accounting and taxation course colleges that provide classroom training, then you need to know about LCBS (Dhaka). LCBS began in Limerick, Ireland in 2007 as Limerick College of Business Studies, LCBS Limerick, and in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2010.


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA UK), Chartered Institute of Management Accountancy (CIMA UK), and many more gave LCBS Dhaka their highest distinction in a short time. ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA, CIPS, CAMS, CISA, CGSS, CDCS, CSDG, and more Chartered and Certificate courses are available at LCBS Dhaka.


If you want to complete the Certificate in Business Accounting(CBA) there is an admission fee of 10000 BDT and then there are four courses that need to be completed, each of which cost 12000 BDT. And if you want to do the Crash Course on Income Tax and Vat Management then it will cost you 7500 BDT.


Email: [email protected]


13. Udemy


There is a wide selection of courses at various prices per individual class. However, the courses are not accredited and only provide a certificate of completion. The courses are self-paced and interaction with instructors can be minimal. Complete Accounting & Taxation Course by Urs Ravi Telugu would be helpful to some.


He is the Chief Executive officer at Vedanta Educational Academy and also the Chief Faculty at Tally Institute of Learning. It has 32 hours of on-demand video with a certificate of completion. It has a one-time payment of USD 34.99 


14. Coursera


If you are looking for business accounting and taxation course colleges that provide a wide variety of courses to help you upgrade your knowledge then you need to look at Coursera. The courses are taught by top experts in their fields from world-class universities and organizations. This is because Coursera has worked with 200+ leading universities and organizations to build its learning programs, including Imperial College, Stanford University, Google, and IBM. 


Coursera offers a large selection of courses to choose from, there are many courses to choose from about accounting and taxation such as “Introduction to Finance and Accounting” by the University of Pennsylvania, and “U.S. Federal Taxation” by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, etc.


One of the more interesting facets of this institution is that it has courses about the financial systems of various countries and regional blocs.  The course videos and materials are free, you have to pay if you want to take exams and get the certifications. The assignments are checked by peers and there is not much interaction directly with the high profile teachers.


There is however a community of learners to be found. Also, many courses including the beginner ones may require prerequisite knowledge and instructors may move through terminologies and concepts quickly. The pricing options can be a bit complicated but to simplify you can buy a course/specialization individually or subscribe to Coursera plus which cost USD 399 per year. 


Here is a guide to Tally Software


15. Alison


It is a very popular platform with a vast collection of courses to choose from such as “Introduction to Business Accounting”, “Tax Accounting Systems and Administration”, etc. You can start with a free tier but it has a lot of ads. For that, you choose to opt for the premium option which is 7.99 Euros per month. However, you need to keep in mind that even with a premium you will need to pay extra if you want certificates.


16. Henry Harvin


If you live in Kolkata and are looking for business accounting and taxation course colleges with the option for classroom-based sessions then you should know about Henry Harvin. They provide a course called Certified Company Accounting and Taxation Course (CATP) that covers important aspects of accounting such as GST, Income Tax, and TDS, all of which affect the financial business operations in India.


Individuals interested in pursuing a career in accounting or taxes should take the Business Accounting and Taxation Course. This course has an estimated duration of 172 hours with a LIVE virtual classroom starting every week. This course is offered in both online and offline modes.


You may choose whichever mode you want. This course is available in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru,  Coimbatore, Hyderabad, and Surat. They provide placement assistance.


Course Fee:  INR 34500

Contact:  [email protected]




Q.1 What are job opportunities for completing a BAT course?

A graduate from this course can hope to work in various jobs such as auditing assistant, tax assistant, analyst or a senior associate, assistant or senior manager, accounts executive, deputy general manager, etc. 


Q2. What is the cost of Business Accounting and Taxation course colleges?

The cost will vary depending on the institution, it is important to check the cost of the colleges you are interested in individually.


Q3. Are business accounting and taxation course colleges worth it?

This skill will always be of value to you because accounting and tax are fundamental to any business. You will get the opportunity to work in various fields and various roles. You could even start your consultancy firm. And this will also give you real-life knowledge because things learned in this course will be directly applicable to real-life financial scenarios.


Q4. Can one apply for a business accounting and taxation course colleges without a university degree?

While most institutions would expect that you have an undergraduate preferably in a business/ commerce-related subject, not all have a hard requirement. Some accept non-graduates and some don’t, so each institution needs to be checked individually.




If you seriously want to achieve, you need to pick useful things to learn. You can choose from a variety of accessible courses to improve your knowledge and skills which can now be done even from the comfort and safety of your own home, as many institutes now offer online programs. Becoming a business accounting and taxation expert is a profitable profession and putting your money, time, effort, time and focus into mastering it will pay you off handsomely in the long run.

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