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Top 5 Prominent Content Writing Courses in Agra

Agra is the land of beautiful monuments and has a rich history. It is very close to Delhi and is subjected to the digitalization of the new enriched world. If you are based in the city and looking for content writing courses in Agra, here is an exclusive list of the best institutes that provide prominent content writing training.


What is Content writing?


Playing with words is what content writing is all about. It entails the creation of reader-friendly and compelling material to transmit information to the intended audience. Let’s have a look at an example. A business that sells shoes has created a website to provide information about its products and services.


The content will be the information that a firm shares on its website regarding its products and services. Writing blog entries, articles, press releases, ad copy, brochures, social media postings, screenplays for videos, and podcasts, among other things, is considered content writing. Content writing is a certain strategy for companies to boost their brand equity and reputation


They can reach their specific aims and objectives by providing current and potential consumers with fascinating, focused, and relevant information. It aids in the development of a sound content writing and distribution plan for a specific period. This makes the content creation process go more smoothly, resulting in the greatest results.


Let’s Look at Why Content Writing Is So Crucial


Every company today recognizes the importance of content writing in boosting the company’s overall activity. Every business venture necessitates the development of a content writing and marketing plan. When done correctly, content has a highly good impact on the reader. It not only answers their questions but also gives them reasons to be inspired and make well-informed decisions.


Content writing aids in the evaluation of the various components of the business by the website user, which includes

  • Objectives and goals of the mission.
  • The company’s products and services are described in detail.
  • The feature of operations.
  • The company’s owners and their qualifications, among other things.


Qualified leads are interested in learning how your company will benefit them. By giving resources in the form of case studies, newsletters, eBooks, and blogs, good content writing does this.


Why More Businesses Are Looking for Content Writers?


Content writing services have existed for decades; nevertheless, their reach has gotten more worldwide in the previous few years. Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of the internet now more than they ever have. Is it, however, sufficient? With so many businesses coming up on Google, it may seem impossible to find a strategy for yours to stand out, but it isn’t.


copywriting services have established their worth for a long time, to the point that practically every successful company has grown its online presence by engaging an expert team of writers. You can save time by hiring a content writing company.


As a growing company, there’s a good chance you’ll have some employees that know how to write. You may ask them to write for you but this can’t always work like that. When you assign a complex writing task, such as content writing, to an unskilled writer, things might become a little messy.


The more changes a writer needs to make, the longer they will spend on a piece of content, resulting in lost time. Professional content writers are aware of their clients’ needs and do not spend time providing them.


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  • Google Is Well-known Among Content Writers.

So, one of your employees has written a fantastic piece, but now what? One of the numerous reasons why business owners prefer to hire expert content writers for their writing needs is that they don’t have to worry about this question. A content writing firm will be familiar with Google, which can help increase website traffic and sales.


  • Content Writers Understand How to Market Your Company Online.

The primary purpose of content writing services is to increase the number of visitors to a website. This is because many businesses will provide public online services or just wish to enhance brand exposure. Content writers know their job very well and they can engage the customers.


  • The Use of Content Writing Services Produces Positive Results.

Whether your company requires SEO writing, blogs, product descriptions, or web pages, content writing services can effectively reach and engage your target consumers.


  • Content Writing Enhances the Appearance of Your Website.

While many people have heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” most people can’t help but do so while staring at a lousy book cover or, in this case, a website. Potential customers feel more at ease when interacting with a company that has a well-designed website since they appear to be more competent and devoted.


Viewers are more likely to take seriously websites with a lot of online and blog content. Google may push your website to the bottom of the search results if you don’t add new content, leaving it with less opportunity for potential clients to locate it.


We have seen career prospects as Content Writers. Let’s look at some of the best institutes offering Content writing courses in Agra.


#1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a forward-thinking institute that is the global leader in content writing training. It is one of the best institutes providing Content writing courses in Agra. IIM Skills is committed to assisting prospective candidates in developing new skills that will lead to successful employment.


It offers relevant and up-to-date skills training via the internet. For employees who have reached a career plateau, these talents lead to profitable employment or advancement up the corporate ladder.


Content Writing Course Highlights

The four-week content writing master course includes 16 hours of live interactive instructor-led training and 60 hours of practical projects. The following people would benefit from their content writing training program.


  • Students that want to earn money on the side.
  • Entrepreneurs want to improve their online presence to turn website visitors into leads and sales.
  • Content marketing is the core of digital marketing, thus digital marketers need to understand it.
  • Homemakers, recent college graduates, bloggers, and others improve their skills and earn money as a result.


The content writing course includes hands-on learning with tasks to put what you’ve learned into practice. In the form of a Learning Management System, you will have free lifetime access to the course materials. Candidates also receive free tools worth INR 35,000. The money-back-guarantee, on the other hand, is a unique feature if a candidate is unhappy with the first session.


  • Module one of the Content Writing Master Course’s curriculum is about web building.
  • The second module is about starting a blog.
  • The third module provides an introduction to content creation.
  • The fourth module instructs students on how to conduct keyword research.
  • You begin writing material in module five.
  • Module six focuses on common content creation tools.
  • The seventh module explains how to detect duplicate content.
  • Module eight discusses how to distribute content via email.
  • The ninth session delves into the creation of Google local pages.
  • Module ten is all about using social media for content marketing.
  • Module eleven is all about learning how to use social networking tools.
  • Finally, module twelve clarifies and informs students about freelance content writing.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


The Content Writing Master Course comes with an IIM Skills credential as well as a globally recognized HubSpot Academy content marketing certification. In addition, IIM Skills has a dedicated placement cell that assists candidates throughout the recruiting process, including profile building and interview preparation.


The internship possibility is another unique aspect of the IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course. After completing the course, deserving applicants can apply for an internship to hone their writing talents. It is a fantastic opportunity for fresher’s to be associated with a well-known brand like IIM Skills. With so many advantages and a practical, job-oriented approach, IIM Skills without a doubt is comes in top content writing courses in Agra.


  • Duration– 1-month course +3-month internship.
  • Fees: 12,900 Rs +GST.
  • Phone: 9911839503.
  • Email: [email protected].


Other Courses


#2. Udemy


Udemy is a game-changer in the world of online learning. This is one of the best online institutes for Content writing courses in Agra. While MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) made online learning viable, Udemy changed the game by allowing people to teach online. It is a multi-subject platform with a single platform.


The platform is succeeding in its aim of improving people’s lives via education. Udemy is a global learning and teaching marketplace. With the following current statistics, one might imagine its global reach:

  • There are 57,700 instructors.
  • There are 150K courses available.
  • Enrolment in 295M courses.
  • There are 33 million minutes of video.
  • There are more than 65 languages available.
  • Over 5,000 business customers.
  • Udemy is trusted by 80% of Fortune 100 organizations for staff upskilling.


The finest content writing courses right now, according to ratings and students enrolled, are:


1. Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing Tools and Hacks (Bestseller)

  • 2 out of 5 stars
  • A total of 1,672 votes have been cast.
  • There are 10,954 students registered.
  • The cost is Rs 444


This course will teach you how to write better and more efficiently, as well as how to produce persuasive marketing copy, create viral headlines, and master writing tricks and tools. It comes with a completion certificate.


2. The Four Levels of Writing Mastery,” by Ninja Writing.

  • 4 out of 5 stars.
  • A total of 8,900 votes have been cast.
  • 75,227 students are enrolled.
  • The cost is Rs 486.


This course, which is also a bestseller, will teach you how to write spellbindingly, how to harness the power of story, paragraphs, phrases, and words, and how to transform yourself into a masterful writer in days. It also includes a completion certificate.


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#3. Coursera


Another online learning portal that provides good content writing courses in Agra is Coursera. It provides multi-subject courses in a range of languages. Courses on Coursera are taught by world-class professors from world-class universities and organizations. Courses are offered at various levels and cover a wide range of topics.


Coursera’s online learning provides convenience, affordability, and certification. Through 4,100+ online courses from 200 world-class colleges and corporations, Coursera now reaches 53 million individuals. From the comfort of your own home, you can learn from the top tutors on the planet.


Choosing the ideal content writing course for you has never been easier, thanks to filters for languages, levels, skills, and partner universities. You may sign up with Coursera for free and take advantage of their services. Individually, you can master the most up-to-date skills and achieve a certificate or even a bachelor’s degree. Companies upskill their talent pools and keep up with the latest skill advances at the corporate level.


Some of the greatest content writing courses are:

  • The Strategy of Content Marketing falls under the subject of content writing.
  • 5 out of 5 stars.
  • A total of 507 votes have been cast.
  • The total number of students enrolled is 71,000.
  • Copy blogger and UC Davis University of California collaborated on this course. This course, which is entirely online and includes certification, teaches applicants about content marketing’s key techniques, captivating copywriting, and writing abilities.
  • Professional Specialization Content Strategy
  • 6 out of 5 stars.
  • 971 people have voted.
  • 8378 students are enrolled.


North-western University offers this course. This specialization has five courses, all of which have received excellent reviews. It emphasizes audience engagement via storytelling, multi-channel digital marketing, content management, and content impact maximization.


#4. Skills Upgrader


This is a professional development and personal development consulting and counseling firm. This also offers Content writing courses in Agra. Skill Upgrader is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your professional objectives. Skill Upgrader guarantees that you have the greatest possible learning experience and that you obtain the intended learning outcomes.


The institute’s content writing courses in Agra is an award-winning training program that was built with the help of industry specialists. Their content writing courses in Agra provide in-depth content writing instruction. The course will teach you about different forms of content, how to optimize your content for search engines, and how to sell your material.



  • Introduction to content writing
  • Web hosting
  • Content Creation
  • Understanding the Writing Process
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Marketing Strategy is among the 15 modules included in the course curriculum.


There are also other modules available. The training covers over 20 different content authoring tools. The course includes a four-week online classroom component, as well as content writing internship and freelance writing opportunities.


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#5.  Digital Academy 360


Digital academy has one of the best content writing courses in Agra. The goal of these content writing courses in Agra is to give high-quality, industry-relevant training at a low cost. This academy has one of the best courses to help you improve your writing skills.


The Academy’s instruction is based on a structured curriculum that has lesson plans from beginner to advanced. In India, the Academy has created a Content Writing Certification program to give a thorough content writing program with industry-standard training as well as 100% placement support.


Their content writing courses in Agra cover the basics of content writing, language and grammar, and the writing process, as well as learning about different types of writing and how to make money with your writing. The training also includes website design using Word Press.


The course will last two months. Professionals will teach you industry-relevant skills. Trainers are industry specialists with a minimum of ten years of experience in active industry projects. The Academy has more than 15 locations throughout India, and the costs are extremely reasonable.




1. What are the qualifications required for enrolling in an SEO course?

Most institutes require a minimum of a 10+2 diploma in any subject. A basic understanding of computer operation and internet use is also required for enrolling in any SEO course.


2. Is content writing a viable career choice in India?

In the realm of content writing, there has been a huge need. As more organizations and marketers move their operations online, the demand for online content creation has risen.


3. Is it simple to write content?

This issue is frequently asked since many individuals believe that content writing is simple. It just entails producing essays on a variety of general topics. However, the truth is the polar opposite of that belief. It’s a lot more difficult than rehashing already published material.


4. Do I have ownership of the stuff I create?

You own the content as long as you haven’t been compensated for it. The content then becomes the property of the client to whom you sold it.



It is a wise decision if you have decided to pursue a career in Content writing. If you enjoy telling stories and being creative, content writing is a great job for you. You simply need to choose the best content writing courses in Agra to learn it properly and begin your career.


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