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Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Varanasi With Placements

 Are you looking for content writing courses in Varanasi? Are you apprehensive about not getting that quality of content writing courses? Worry no more, here’s an article to solve all your doubts related to content writing courses in Varanasi. It will help you choose from the best, and nothing less.


It can be frustrating to move from one article to another, searching for every minor information related to content writing courses in one place. Finally! you have reached there. This article contains all the details from skills required to pursue a content writing course to the scope of content writing. Not to forget, the top 5 content writing courses in Varanasi that can be pursued. Before jumping into the course details, let us understand what content writing is.


What is Content Writing?


Content writing is a way to express your ideas, thoughts, perceptions, opinions, and emotions on the internet. It consists of various kinds of writings, such as blog posts, articles, scripts, podcasts, Instagram posts, Twitter posts, etc.


The main goal of writing on the various platforms that exist on the internet is to attract the target audience, people who like and welcome your well-crafted messages. The beauty of content writing is that you can choose to write in a variety of diverse types of writings or can specialize in one style which will become your niche.


In today’s time, when we all consume various kinds of content from various platforms, there are content writers needed for each of these platforms in vast numbers. While there is substantial demand for people with skills in content writing, only the knowledge of writing is not procuring any monetary gains. People with knowledge of SEO, algorithms, diverse types of writings, and how to monetize their writings, are preferred and appreciated.


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Top 5 Institutes for Content Writing Courses in Varanasi


All the courses mentioned below can be completed through online medium and hence are accessible in Varanasi as well. The mentioned institutes provide a comprehensive approach and include everything that is needed for someone interested in learning content writing courses in Varanasi or anywhere in the world.


  1. IIM Skills


A ‘world-class education’ provider, IIM Skills offers quality in their training and courses. With a reasonable fee structure, the courses offered by the institute are skill-based. Many top education blogs, such as Careers360, CourseReport, advisorUncle, and CourseDekho have ranked the programs of IIM Skills at number 1.


They have a student-centric approach and the trainers walk extra miles, not leaving their students with a single doubt during their sessions. Not just that, the institute also offers post-course support to everyone who has enrolled for any of the courses.


It is nothing less than a blessing when an institute offers lifetime access to all the classes once attended by a student. Apart from all of this, they also offer free access to a variety of tools that prove to be a savior while working in the field. The certificate provided by IIM Skills is globally recognized and thus, carries a lot of value and quality.


Let’s talk about the structure!


Course Name: Content Writing Master Course

Duration: 4 weeks of online classes

Batches: Weekend/ Weekday

Trial Classes: One trial class is provided within a week.

Fees: 14,900 INR + 18% GST


Internship: 3 months (optional)


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. Coursera


With the vision of a world where anyone can transform their lives through learning, the online learning platform provides a wide range of different courses, paid and free. The platform has collaborated with some of the top running businesses in the world such as Google, Stanford, Facebook, IBM, Amazon, and many more.


The institute also offers financial aid to students that find it difficult to pay the fees in a lump sum. All students are provided with certificates irrespective of a free or paid course. People searching for content writing courses in Varanasi can certainly benefit from the 100% online-based service.


Let’s talk about the structure!


Course Name: The strategy of Content Marketing + Search Engine Optimization

Duration: 19 hours + 5 months

Batches: Weekend/ Weekday

Fees: Can enroll for free.

Certificate: After completion of the course.


3. ECT


The only government of India recognized institute based in Delhi, that provides online and offline training for everyone including people who are looking for content writing courses in Varanasi.


The course offers everything that includes writing, from common grammar errors to publishing your book. The comprehensive approach of the course makes it one of the topmost valued courses offered by the institute. The faculty is sincere and student-centric, which can be read through the reviews that can be read on the website.


Let’s talk about the structure!


Duration: 3 months

Batches: Weekdays/ weekend

Trial Class: Available after consultation or request

Fees: 12,712 INR + 18% GST = 15,000 INR


Types of Writings: Nonfiction writing, storytelling, business writing, technical writing, and academic writing.


4. Careers360


Apart from providing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various fields, Careers 360 also offers different content writing courses, some of which are free of cost. The combined fees of all the content writing courses are quite reasonable.


The courses that are offered by the institute are academic writing, writing successfully for the stage, certified business writing professional, certified content writer, and certified technical writer.


It is advised to try and register yourself in all the courses as it will expand your knowledge of different kinds of writings. All courses are certified, hence carrying equal value.


5. Henry Harvin


An institute with a comprehensive approach towards the benefit of its students offers prime quality courses in various fields such as IT, Management, Finance, Teaching, etc. It offers different courses based on the level of understanding and learning potential of the students including content writing courses.


The top-notch quality of the institute has made many highly respectable publishers such as Hindustan Times, Statesman, Hans India, Business World, and many more, not just recognize its sheer existence in the market but also appreciate the work done by the team.


The content writing course that the institute offers is a 9 in 1 course which includes training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership. In case you don’t want to wait for a batch to start, you can opt for one-on-one training.


They have an exclusive Learning Management System (LMS), which is like an online library that carries everything taught and told in the training sessions. LMS is also accessible on mobile through a particular app which can be found on the website.


Let’s talk about the structure!


Duration: 8 weeks

Batches: Weekend/ Weekday

Trial Class: Available after consultation

Fees: 15000 INR

Internship: 2 months


Types of Writings Offered: Business & marketing writing, technical and research writing, academic writing, creative writing, copywriting, email writing, and resume writing.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


What are the 6 Basic Skills Required to be a Content Writer?


Before you look for any content writing courses in Varanasi, make sure you carry these skills or start practicing them.


  1.   Reading/ Research Habit: When you are in the habit of reading more often, it helps you to create a vast knowledge of different genres of material and it certainly increases your vocabulary. In addition to these said benefits, a person in a habit of reading can research easily. Research is a vital part of being a content writer and requires you to keep reading a lot of material and pick the informative chunk from it.


  1.   Ability to Write in Easy-to-Understand Language: Everyone tries to include big words and complex sentences in their writings to look superior or better than a layman’s understanding. It is not a crime to use complex words and sentences, however, as content writers, you need to keep in mind that to reach maximum people, you should keep the language clear and simple.


  1.   Adaptability: In the era of some new Instagram reel going viral every day, you need to keep yourself updated with what is in the trend and how you can use it for your benefit. You must be aware of the new and fresh content to be relevant among the masses. It is important to know what people like from a writer’s and a reader’s point of view.


  1.   Dedication to Keep Learning: Every other day, a fresh writing method, a new app, a new software, or a new tool is being introduced in the market. A content writer should be smart to know which one will add value to their content. It also includes the different perceptions and opinions of people that can be used in certain writings.


  1.   Discipline: Proficient writing comes from practicing. You cannot become a good writer in a snap, there will be hours of practice and rewriting which will eventually get you those good articles.


  1.   Creativity: You do not always have to be a follower, you can be the pioneer of something new. For that, you need to be creative. You should be comfortable in trying new things and fail in some of those as it is a part of life.


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Who All Can Do Content Writing Courses in Varanasi?


  1.   Entrepreneurs: To boost a business, an entrepreneur requires good knowledge of smart writing. Knowledge of certain types of writing will help an entrepreneur market their products or services. The mentioned courses offer that exactly.


  1.   Digital Marketers: With the commencement of online shopping, YouTube, Instagram, etc., the work of digital marketers have come to the forefront. The content writing course will add more to their skill of selling on the various digital platforms.


  1.   Content Writers: These days, just having a flair for writing well does not work anymore. Everyone wants to earn out of that skill. Content writers will be able to learn several types of writing techniques after completing the content writing course.


  1.   Bloggers: Most bloggers aim to eventually get monetary benefits from their posts. With no knowledge of SEO and different techniques, an excellent blogger can suffer the loss of a great deal of money even with an above-average post on their blog. The content writing course will help them learn the strategies to be followed to monetize their blog posts.


  1.   Anyone who Wants a Career in Content Writing: Writing generally is a skill that can be learned with practice and proper guidance. A beginner carrying some basic skills that are needed to begin a career in content writing can do wonders by completing the best content writing course. If you are someone who is looking for content writing courses in Varanasi, do the course, learn the skill.


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Is Content Writing A Good Career Choice?


The lockdown helped people understand that they can manage many things from their homes without much fuss. Plenty of people started their businesses during the lockdown. To thrive in the business world, they need to reach the masses.


Any product or service review or even an online post will reach the masses with appropriate use of writing, knowledge, and technique. This is what content writing courses in Varanasi will provide. There is a massive demand for content writers if you have the skillset.


The future of content writing will go hand in hand with the future of business and entrepreneurs. Anyone who is trying to sell something needs to tell about it, write about it, and make sure that it reaches the masses.


The more techniques and strategies you get aware of, after completing a content writing course in Varanasi, the more it will help you to write for as many brands as you can. Writing for multiple brands will give you knowledge of different types of writings and expand your horizon.


The field of content writing gives you a freeway to work on a global platform with any brand you get the chance to work with. These days, there is no looking down upon a certain language, you can write in any language you are skilled in and you will attract the people who understand and appreciate that language from all around the world.


This field has a pretty lucrative income prospect given that you give the brand exactly what they want and get them the attention of the masses. It is about understanding the business, the brand, and the writing style for it. Completing a content writing course in Varanasi will help you understand the ways of doing so.


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How to Select the Best Content Writing Course?


Before enrolling in any content writing courses in Varanasi, you should be aware of the way to select the best content writing course.


  1. If you do not know anything related to content writing, choose a beginner’s content writing course. The course will create a solid foundation of understanding about everything. You can then decide to join a specialized course if you feel the need. Coursera offers 4 such courses with different contents in each of them. You can check and see which course will be good for you.


  1. Before paying for any course, always first read the curriculum. It will have everything that you will be taught, different strategies, techniques, tools, etc.


  1. Always look for the reviews of the particular course from the particular Institute. In the era of Quora, focus on the factual information that different people are giving and clear all your doubts.


  1. While looking for a content writing course in Varanasi, just teaching the said subject or course should not suffice. There should be practice assignments with proper assessment and feedback for you to practice the area you are lacking.


  1. Always look for content writing courses with certification. Getting a certification will prove that you have completed a certain course and you can apply for work based on that certificate.


  1. Ask for a trial class. It will give you a fair idea of what kind of trainer will be guiding you and you will also know the quality of teaching.


  1. It is advised for everyone looking for content writing courses in Varanasi and other parts of the country to save their time and join online classes. The fact is that you will be learning everything about internet writing and be very actively working on the internet, so why not learn about the work through the internet only and save yourselves some bucks.


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Job Titles Offered after Completing A Content Writing Course in Varanasi


  1.   SEO Writer. The person working as an SEO writer should be well aware of different keywords that are working for the domain they are writing in. A digital or web writer does the same work.


  1.   Blogger. Starting a blog is an effective way to practice writing. Choose a niche that can involve certain kinds of brands. Brands collaborate with bloggers to mention their name or their product in their blogs and get paid.


  1.   Copywriter/ Content Writer. They have a similar job to an SEO writer. They are expected to know various kinds of writings as they work on different campaigns, websites, press releases, banners, catalogs, etc.


  1.   Video Scriptwriter. The scripts of such videos need to be relevant and within the ongoing trend. These writers strive to produce a good video script that is entertaining and sends the intended message.


  1.   Subject Matter Expert. People working as an SME, usually write for a particular academic subject or a niche. They contribute their expertise to enhance a particular domain of the organization.


  1.   Academic Writer. They write academic books, academic blogs, and articles. They can be SMEs or can write for multiple subjects at the same time.


  1.   Proofreader. If you have a knack for finding the smallest of errors in an already written text, then you can be a proofreader. A proofreader is expected to be well versed with the grammar of the language that needs to be proofread.


  1.   Editor. An editor looks after the language of the text and whether it is according to the quality of the brand and product. They also make sure about what needs to be cut out and what finally reaches the people.


  1.   Freelance Content Writer. Such writers do not work for a single organization as an employee. They pitch their existing work to the brands and get recognition, hence working for themselves. They write for assorted brands and organizations at the same time.


  1. Entrepreneur. To start a business or a content writing agency, you require some experience. It is also a good way to allow new and existing content writers to show their skills. The entrepreneur should be skilled in handling clients and understand how the writing industry works.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is certification important in content writing courses?

Yes, certification is one of the mandatory things you should be looking for while looking for a content writing course or any other course. Certification provides a security shield, proof of completing a certain course and you can apply to various places based on that certificate. It is suggested to not take any course from such institutes that deny any kind of certification.


  1. What are the eligibility requirements for content writing courses?

Although there are no particular eligibility criteria to get into such a course, for people looking for content writing courses in Varanasi, or anywhere, but with some basic skills in writing and completion of 12th would be enough to start a beginner’s level content writing course. People with literature and Mass communication backgrounds are motivated to do such courses as they need such knowledge in their work. However, it is not mandatory, and anyone who wishes to do this course should do it.


  1. What is the best content writing course provider in today’s world?

IIM Skills is the only institution that can provide you with updated knowledge at an affordable cost. It is the best option to opt for.




It would be a great step to upgrade your skills and join a content writing course. It will challenge you to learn new things. It will be beneficial and will open many gates with ample work opportunities. Be alert in choosing the course and be faithful with what you choose.

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