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Top 4 Creative Writing Courses in Glasgow With Placements

Have you ever been the youngster who journaled? Has the urge to write something always been there? Have you ever scribbled down stories, poems, or even songs? Do you have the desire to be a writer but lack the skills necessary to do so? Listed below are the best creative writing courses in Glasgow that will help you excel in your skills.


Your desire to write can be aided by taking creative writing classes. Regardless of your profession or age, you can write, whether you’re a graduate, a retired officer, or a stay-at-home mom. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, you will undoubtedly find a course that best suits your needs because there are many educational institutions that offer online and offline courses on all levels.

Check out these creative writing courses in Glasgow. It would be best to gain an understanding of creative writing fundamentals before discussing creative writing courses in Glasgow.


Creative Writing: What Is It?

As its title suggests, creative writing is a type of writing that transcends the conventional boundaries of formal, academic, professional, or technical writing. Furthermore, it includes a variety of diverse genres and writing styles from both the fiction and non-fiction writing professions, including narrative, script writing, poetry, prose, journalism, and more.

By principle, every type of writing that really is creative or self-expressive could be deemed creative writing, given its often ambiguous aspect. It is usually distinguished by a focus on narrative craft, which highlights elements like character development, narrative, and storyline while also incorporating creativity, originality, and tale into its structural framework

Therefore, in view, creative writing is technically any writing that is modern and innovative since it is not constrained by rules and uses a wide variety of techniques. The sections of creative writing courses in academic settings are frequently broken down into fiction, poetry, or scriptwriting sections, with an emphasis on writing in an original style that is not constrained by pre-existing structures and genres. Keep reading to know about creative writing courses in Glasgow.


Creative Writing Formats

All types of authors can easily access creative writing, which comes in a variety of ways. While some authors dabble in creative writing throughout their time in high school, others enroll in writing programs to obtain credentials like an MFA degree. Others aspire to write the next New York Times bestseller, while some do it for fun. Whatever your motivation, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to writing creatively.


Forms of Creative Writing:

Youngsters’ Books: The same genres that adults like to read—fantasy and comedy—are frequently appealing to children. Children’s book plots, however, deal with different topics than those in adult literature and have less complicated and intense tales.

To portray accurate, nonfictional storytelling, this genre uses a variety of creative writing strategies and literary genres. In contrast to more conventional nonfiction subgenres, creative nonfiction pieces, such as personal essays, tend to use more emotion and emphasize tone and plot.


Graphic Novels: As implied by the name, a graphic novel is a book that uses graphics to narrate the entire tale. Even if they are part of a series, graphic novels provide the kind of ending that one would expect from a novel. As a result, a graphic novel becomes longer and more in-depth than a comic book, which is merely a serialized chapter from a greater story.


Memoirs and Autobiographies are two types of creative writing that are comparable. Memoirs are a format in which writers employ their personal experiences in service of a wider theme or idea, whereas autobiographies offer a platform for famous people to reveal the events about their existence through their own terms. Instead of reading a memoir to learn more about the author, a reader may choose it because of the book’s theme.


Novels: With their numerous genres and subgenres, novels have the potential to include a vast range of themes, styles, and details that authors construct in order to create real-feeling worlds. Writing fiction can give a writer a lot of creative flexibility to create a unique, inventive plot with three-dimensional, relatable fictitious characters. Although there are many examples of books that are larger or shorter than those arbitrary numbers, novels typically range in length from 50,000 to 70,000 words


Plays: Playwriting is another type of creative writing that results in plays that actors perform live on stage. A play could have a single act or several scenes in a play. Plays must use imagination to present a complete and engrossing story due to restrictions on space, effects, and live capabilities.


Poetry is a musically expressive style of rhythmic prose that can be written, performed, or both. Similar to songwriting, poetry is a flexible literary genre that lets authors use cadence and meter to improve their expressiveness. A poem may be brief or have several verses. It may not rhyme at all or may do so in a complicated, repeating manner. Make it till the end to know style-specific creative writing courses in Glasgow. 


Screenplays: Using a three-act structure, screenwriting weaves a narrative into chunks of conversation and action. Screenplays are utilized in cinema, television programs, and other audio and visual media. A collection of short stories is any work of nonlinear narrative between 1,000 and 10,000 words that use a number of the same creative writing techniques as a book. An excellent short story should be read in one sitting or within a day, instead of a novel, which should keep the reader’s attention for several days, weeks, or even months.


If you want to master the art of writing, check out the creative writing courses in Glasgow.


The Fundamentals of Creative Writing

In order to provoke a response from the reader, various components work together in creative writing. Your responsibility as a writer is to approach each and every one of them with intention. These components consist of:


  • Action
  • Character
  • Conflict
  • Dialogue
  • Genre
  • Pacing
  • Plot
  • Point of View
  • Scene
  • Setting 
  • Style
  • Tension
  • Theme


Learn in-depth about all the fundamentals from creative writing courses in Glasgow listed below.


Jobs After Creative Writing Courses:

People are always skeptical about writing and its aspects, despite the fact that great writers and their works are widely celebrated because most people are unaware of the various roles that go into publishing a piece of writing, finding and engaging an audience. When a reader picks up a trending book, they typically only consider the plot and author; very few readers consider the publisher and the media team that contributed to the book’s success.


The majority aren’t aware of how many jobs creative writing courses can lead to. Before I disclose to you creative writing courses in Glasgow, take a look at the different options that you will have after the course. 


  • Advertising Copywriter- A creative expert that creates marketing content to advertise products and services is known as an advertising copywriter.  
  • Arts Administrator- Arts administrators oversee and prepare artistic events and guarantee their success.
  • Creative Director-The duties of a creative director include planning and directing creative projects from inception to conclusion. The branding of a business or the concept of a movie is set by creative directors.
  • Digital Copywriter- Highly skilled writers with a thorough knowledge of e-commerce and how their words affect a company’s entire marketing initiatives are known as “digital copywriters.”
  • Editorial Assistant: An editorial assistant’s main duties involve providing help to an editor or editing department.
  • Lexicographer- A dictionary’s author, compiler, and/or editor is known as a lexicographer.
  • Magazine Journalist- For a wide range of publications, magazine journalists conduct research and compose news pieces and features.
  • Newspaper Journalist– For the global, provincial, and local media, newspaper journalists conduct research and compose stories. They cover news, government, games, the arts, and finance in addition to these other topics. 
  • Publishing Copy-editor- A book editor is a person who reviews a text to ascertain what the book requires, offering suggestions and actually editing the text.
  • Higher Education Lecturer- University students are taught by lecturers in their specialized fields.
  • Librarian- A librarian organizes books, journals, and other materials, orders new materials, and supervises library technicians and assistants while helping customers find materials and use research resources.


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Creative Writing Courses in Glasgow.



IIM SKILLS is one of the best and most reliable online education institutions in today’s world. All the sessions are recorded and you get access to recordings for a lifetime. They have industry experts with 12+ years of experience. No doubt, it is one of the best creative writing courses in Glasgow.


Content Writing Course:

As you are looking up for creative writing courses in Glasgow, this course should be the perfect course for you as it is a perfect blend of creativity and marketing. This course not only polishes your writing but teaches you to market it as well. In the content writing master course, you will master 30 types of writing skills with the use of tools like Canva, Mailchimp, Amazon Kindle, and many more. 


Overview of the Course:

  • Model 1- introduction to content writing 
  • Model 2- WordPress Web Development
  • Model 3- Digital Content(Articles, Blogging, WebPages)
  • Model 4- Copywriting
  • Model 5- Marketing Collaterals
  • Model 6- Email Writing
  • Model 7- social media writing and Video Scripts
  • Model 8- Creative Writing
  • Model 9- SOP and Business Listing
  • Model 10- Legal Writing
  • Model 11- Technical writing 
  • Model 12- SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • Model 13- Content Marketing
  • Model 14- Affiliate Marketing and Adsense
  • Model 15- Freelance Content Writing
  • Model 16- Resume Writing 


Contact Details:

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. University of Strathclyde Glasgow 

The University of Strathclyde, located in Glasgow, UK, is an institution for learners worldwide. It has bagged many prestigious honorary awards. This institution has attracted students from more than 100 countries and is home to 2,300 students. By offering both on-campus and off-campus courses, they also meet the needs of those over 50. When it comes to creative writing courses in Glasgow, it is definitely one of the courses that meet the needs of individuals.


BA in English and Creative Writing 



Each semester of the first year, all students take one English and Creative Writing class. These classes introduce advanced literary study with an emphasis on research methodologies and essay writing techniques, with the alternative of using both a creative and critical approach.

Shakespeare, Othello, Bronte, Jane Eyre; Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea; Woolf, Flush; Kay, Trumpet; Defoe, Robinson Crusoe, and a variety of poetry from the Renaissance to contemporary slam and rap are currently being studied.



In the second year, there are two semesters in which two core classes are to be taken. 

One or two interdisciplinary electives are to be chosen:

  • The Construction of Scotland (semester one)
  • Making the Modern Human (semester two)


Writing these core papers gives students a better understanding of the backdrop of English literature, which includes drama, novels, short stories, etc. Talking about interdisciplinary elective classes will provide students with a wide range of perspectives on literary studies in a more general setting.



The third year is when you decide whether to take three choice classes (joint honors) or six option classes (single honors), at least two of which must be in creative writing.



In Honors year, Single Honors students take five options, and the dissertation is either English or Creative Writing. Some of the options for honors include:

  • Sixties Britain: Literature, Culture, Counterculture
  • Literature, Mind, and Brain
  • Wild in the Renaissance
  •  New Narratives
  • Creative Writing Portfolio
  • Contemporary Travel Writing, etc


MLitt Creative Writing 

This course is divided into three semesters, with each class aimed at developing not just the skills required by aspiring writers, but also the skills they will need at their stage of development. With their guidance, the MLitt structure allows writers to dive deep into their preferred forms and genres not only in writing but in academics too. If one wishes to focus on a specific genre, their staff provides genre-specific tuition too. Here are the options:

Poetry, contemporary fiction, nonfiction, and screenwriting.


Blaze Creativity Writing Classes

They also provide online writing classes solely focused on creative writing, known as Blaze creativity writing classes. You can learn creative writing from the comfort of your home. They follow a credit system in which each class is worth 10 credits. One needs to have at least 30 points in order to get  Open Studies Certificate in Applied Writing which gives you all the recognition you will need for your work.


List of Classes in Blaze:




INFERNO: NOVEL WRITING-  For people who want to get into novel writing or working on a novel.

CREATIVE WRITING MENTORING PROGRAMME-  For people who want to develop or work on their style and skills.


Contact Details: 

+44 (0) 141 548 2116

[email protected]


3. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world with a wide range of courses. They have 28000 international students from 140 countries. They have been ranked 33rd in the World for English Language and Literature and have also been titled Scottish University of the Year 2022 by Times.

Their creative writing course is one of the most popular courses in Britain due to its student’s alarming success rate. In their creative writing course, they also invite authors, poets, publishers, literary judges authors, editors, literary judges, and playwrights to impart their knowledge. 

They have claimed they have good relations with publishers and literary agents which comes in handy for the students. We have tried to explain creative writing courses in Glasgow, here are the courses from the University of Glasgow.


Creative Writing (MLitt) 

Modes of study: both online and on-campus available.

Time period: 12 months (full-time) or 24 months (part-time)


Overview of the Program:

Semester 1


Semester 2


And you get to choose any one of the following: 



Creative Writing Masters of Fine Arts (MFA)  and Doctor of Fine Arts (DFA)

Modes of study: On campus.

Time period:

DFA: 3 years (full-time); 5 years (part-time).

MFA: 2 years (full-time); 4 years (part-time). 

Note: must attend two weeks of workshops and seminars.



The Edwin Morgan Writing Room, home to the University of Glasgow’s book, periodical, and audio-visual collections, is where creative writing classes are held. A comprehensive schedule of public events, seminars, and guest speakers is available. A key resource is the University Library, which houses contemporary collections and archives, including the archive for Edwin Morgan’s Papers. 

They also work along with the Mitchell Library, one of Europe’s premier public libraries. Both the MFA and DFA provide you with the resources and support you need to finish significant creative work, and the DFA also gives you the option to conduct a prolonged academic study that will inform your work and practice and result in a significant critical essay or other output.

Both programs also give you the chance to teach writing to undergraduates and apply to be a graduate teaching assistant for other literature courses. Students are guided by authors and critics like Elizabeth Reeder, Carolyn Jess- Cooke, Jane Goldman, Rob Maslen, etc.


4. Short Courses for Creative Writing

The University of Glasgow also provides many short courses which usually last upto 10weeks and they conduct these classes through Zoom. There are some exceptions in which you can conduct classes on the campus itself. This course comes in handy if you want to specialize in a certain style of writing.


Here is the List of Short Courses in Creative Writing:

  • CREATIVE WRITING: WORKSHOP (both online and offline classes available)
  • INTRODUCTION TO CREATIVE WRITING(both online and offline classes available)
  • SONGWRITING WORKSHOP(both online and offline classes available) 


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Creative Writing Courses in Glasgow


What are the qualifications to become a writer?

There are no specific qualifications needed to be a writer, but having a degree can help if you are an aspiring writer as you are competing with thousands of other writers.


What is royalty?

Royalties are payments made in exchange for the right to use the property of another person. These royalties are issued after approval and allow for the usage of the property while giving the owner a source of revenue. Additionally, royalties defend the buyer from accusations of improper use by the owner. Each royalty payment mechanism has benefits and drawbacks that each participant should consider. The property owner will go over the details of royalties with interested clients as they negotiate a contract.


Difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing.

In traditional publishing, the booking agreement belongs to the publisher. The publisher determines the terms, whereas in self-publishing writer has almost all the rights to his/her work. You get to make all the decisions but if you have a publisher their team usually makes the decisions. The major difference is that when it comes to publishing your work, if you are an independent writer, you can publish it anytime, but with publishing houses, it takes more than a year to get your work published. 


What is the most popular form of writing?

Romantic novels certainly do well in the market.


What are the other jobs I can get after creative writing courses in Glasgow other than writing?

There are many jobs one can get after this course like a professor, editor, journalist, etc.

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