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Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Bristol With Placements

All of us can very clearly understand that the time we live in is the best time for creative writers to grow and develop their skills, with all the resources and easy access to the internet. So now it’s relatively easier to have a stable and successful career in creative writing than it was ten years ago. With millions of people providing the best online creative writing courses in Bristol and beyond, the internet has made it incredibly easy to learn anything. The learning landscape is changing as the Internet takes over the standards of teaching and education.


In the past, those interested in professional learning outside of accredited education had to struggle to acquire these skills, but that is not the case today. It’s great that the world is finally acknowledging stereotyped forms of education and doing better for the next generation.

There are accredited courses for professional or non-professional skills that people want to learn, and they can earn income opportunities through these online courses. Over the next decade, online courses are expected to proliferate and the number of students in mainstream education formats is expected to decline.

This is because people want to focus only on the skills, they need to learn for the kind of job they want and don’t want to waste years learning things that don’t concern them. If at any point in your career you feel the need to learn other skills, courses are available to meet your specific needs, rather than spending years earning a degree or diploma.

Investing in online courses now is a very wise decision. Online courses provide students with assignments, tasks, learning materials, hands-on live projects, and many other facilities needed to create a great learning environment for students. Many online courses offer student placement assistance, lifelong support, and experienced trainers to help students achieve the highest quality education possible. 

A major advantage of taking online courses is that students around the world can access the best online courses and receive training from experts. The world will be saturated with online courses that will dominate the education industry in the next decade. Also, the usual format of education could be changed to participate in the game. The above points are very important points that you should consider before investing in online courses. 


Benefits of Online Courses:

  • Learn only what is important to you
  • Early placement opportunities
  • Flexibility in learning
  • Cost-effective
  • Learn from expert trainers around the world
  • Practical learning
  • Hands-on live projects


Before we dive into the best online “creative writing courses in Bristol”, let’s first understand what creative writing is.


Creative Writing:

“Creative writing”, in layman’s terms, whenever the general public moves toward this term, the foremost notion is composing fascinating topics like gags or comedies that stands valid to a certain extent. Creative writing is all about writing content that generates engagement for any brand or company through interesting content pieces written by creative writers.

Creative writing furthermore pertains to some extremely specialized elements of writing which stand extremely vital undoubtedly because after all one cannot merely scribble down fascinating concepts and cause them to arrive within the reach of millions of people. 

The arguments need to be portrayed, in a manner to seize the engagement of the target audience, and thus some writing methods and layouts should be handled with care while attempting creative writing. Creative writing is itself an exceptionally myriad type of content writing. There are enormous possibilities in creative writing.

A few of the countless roles that a person can conduct as an experienced creative writer are Copywriter, Script and sketch writer, Blogger, and several other functions. Creative writing demands a writer have creative ideas, a strong vocabulary, and a good vision or imagination. 

Along with these creative requirements, different forms of creative writing require different formats of writing, and therefore it is important to understand what kind of writing format and structure is suitable for each kind of writing. A profession in creative writing may be fairly beneficial at the exact moment but could be fairly dangerous as well.

This is due to the fact that the job of a creative writer needs the authors to keep up the levels of inventiveness all the while emerging with fresh ingenious and intriguing notions that may possibly amuse the foremost audiences. As mentioned above there are many roles one can play as a professional creative writer and some of them are Copywriting, Blogging, script, and sketch writing.

Let’s keep a profound glance at these creative writing careers to comprehend the prerequisites, options, and capability of the enterprise and how reasonable or nasty this could be as a vocation for somebody examining ahead to beginning a job in content writing.


Career Opportunities in Creative Writing:

There exist numerous roles one can conduct as a creative writer. There stand multiple other functions, but some of the most extensively widespread creative writing roles a person can conduct as a creative content writer are spoken of below:



Copywriting is a type of content writing aimed at engaging an audience through interesting and attention-grabbing content, whether it is commercials or banners, in which the words, phrases, or sentences displayed are written only by copywriters. 

Copywriting is one of the most creative occupations in the entire content writing industry. Writing creative content like this regularly requires very creative ideas and writing skills. Content created by copywriters attracts so much attention that companies rely heavily on their copywriters for online engagement.

A copywriter’s main goal is to increase brand awareness through engaging content.  We live in a world where advertising rules the market, and it’s easy to find advertising in the form of television ads, posters, banners, newspaper ads, taglines, and many more. 

We are often interested or fascinated by products and services in the way they are described, so drawing attention through this engaging content can help product manufacturers and companies that provide all kinds of services. Copywriting has become a top priority for the slogans and commercials that we usually find funny. They are the result of a serious effort by our copywriters to create as much creative content as possible. 

Copywriting is a huge responsibility for writers as they are responsible for the main involvement of the products and services offered by the company. Writers, therefore, need to be very creative and also have a good level of expertise to know which formats work well for which content formats. 

Creative writing careers can be a rewarding and nurturing experience as writers may get the chance to work with the best brands and companies. Copywriters are paid well for their assigned tasks. Creative writing is not a completely separate field from content writing, but many other forms of content writing require creative writing.

To get noticed, many brands see social media as a potential platform to engage with the market. As such, many brands create engaging content on social media platforms to capture the attention of their audience. Now that we know that the creative writing industry is expanding into various other forms of content writing, we can expect many job openings as this industry expands. 

Those wishing to pursue a serious career in creative writing should prefer learning the format of writing, which accommodates a variety of engaging content, a strong vocabulary, and many other job demands.  Anyone with a creative imagination and good writing skills can become a professional creative writer or copywriter by choosing one of the best online “creative writing courses in Bristol”. 


Screenwriter/sketch writer:

Writing screenplays and sketches are also a form of writing for the highly renowned creative. Screenwriter and Sketch’s creative writing career as a writer can be very successful, but it can also be very volatile due to the inconsistent flow of work. 

There are several ways screenwriters and sketchers make money. They create scripts from their creative imagination and submit them to media producers and content developers. This type of career requires very creative imagination and writing skills. If you are a creative writer who opens screenplays and sketches ideas, you have to be very good at it to get more clients to write screenplays for.

Another way screenwriters and sketch writers can make money as writers is that the writers have to do the same for media agencies. The Internet is growing at such a fast pace that content generation is the only way to communicate globally. From this point on, it’s clear that the next decade of content creation and consumption will be one big game, and whoever can generate the most content will win. 

For this reason, media agencies need screenwriters and sketch writers to continuously develop relevant content. Another way screenwriters and sketchwriters can make money are by writing screenplays based on other people’s ideas. A screenplay is not just about writing a plot for a movie, it is about detailing everything that influences the content that will be published.

Therefore, not everyone can write scripts. Writing and presenting a script requires certain writing skills and knowledge of the format. Therefore, someone who has an idea asks a screenwriter to help portray it exactly as they want it. Sketch writing and screenwriting as a career can be rocky at first, so every sketch writer or screenwriter should market themselves through their profile. 

We strongly encourage you to have an online presence through social media platforms. The more name recognition you have for your work, the more likely you are to get a new job or land a new gig. It can take time to gain exposure and an audience, so expecting big money and opportunities from the start may not work.

Sooner or later, a consistent, high-quality workflow will help authors work with reputable brands and media organizations. Therefore, it is important to maintain quality while adjusting the development frequency of scripts and drafts. We recommend taking a creative writing course to learn the professional skills you need. 



Blogs are one of the most popular forms of content creation. Even after years of internet development and more advanced forms of content delivery such as video and audio formats, text blogs are very much popular or even more popular than they were a decade ago.

Blogs are usually long-form written content that people can access and read, although blogs are usually about specific, selected topics such as technology, humor, entertainment, and news. Blogs became very popular after the internet became easily accessible and people could read various blog posts to find out what they were interested in. 

Blogs are now widely used to increase brand awareness and many media agencies are based on blogs. It is one of the most popular forms of content creation because it requires a certain amount of creativity.  There are clear examples of people making five to six-figure incomes from blogging alone.

Blogs open up the flow to many other sources of income such as affiliate marketing, advertising, and sponsorships. People who have a deep understanding of blogging and visualized what it will look like in the next decade started early and are now making more money than they ever imagined possible. 

Aside from making money, the hustle of blogging and other forms of creative writing is just as great as any other regular job. That’s because everything is so uncertain that you need to continuously analyze audience reactions, key keywords, and many other things to move forward. 

Running an income-generating blog is not as easy as it looks. Running a profitable blog takes a consistent effort because there’s always something to do next. As mentioned earlier, blogs play a big role in brand awareness, so companies and websites usually have a separate blog section dedicated to blog posts, usually intended to enlighten or grab the attention of their audience.

Blogging also requires a lot of skills. Especially at this time when the industry is crowded with bloggers. This is evidenced by the fact that over 2 million blog posts are created every day. Therefore, possessing the right skills is vital for the job. A career as a blogger is very profitable.

Authors can act as corporate bloggers by writing blog posts for businesses. However, now that competition is so fierce, companies expect certified writers to work for them, and for this reason, people are encouraged to learn from recognized content writing courses. 


Best Online Creative Writing Course in Bristol:

Here are some of the top recommended “creative writing courses in Bristol



IIM SKILLS offers one of the best creative writing courses in Bristol. The Content Writing Course is a four-week course and includes 16 hours of lectures, 60 hours of hands-on assignments, and 35,000 worth of tools for free.

They also offer 10+ hours of internship lectures and freelance opportunities. The internship here lasts about three months. They provide lifelong technical support and advice. They help develop portfolios for job seekers and freelancers. It’s a certified course. 


The Curriculum:

  • Web development
  • Blog creation
  • Introduction to content writing
  • Keyword research
  • Content writing
  • Duplicate content detector
  • Content distribution using email
  • Google local page set up
  • Content marketing using social media
  • Freelance content writing


This course is open to anyone who has a knack for writing and wants to show off their skills. Other topics they teach include articles, blogs, e-books, business directories, press releases, and more. This course will familiarize you with regular writing, learn to write more confidently and efficiently, learn the importance of research, and produce error-free, easy-to-understand texts. The price of this course is Rs. 14,900 (excluding GST). Considering the benefits of the course, this place comes under the top creative writing courses in Bristol. 


Five Years of Excellence:

For five years, IIM SKILLS has consistently delivered the best online creative writing courses and beyond. In fact, in the last five years, IIM SKILLS has achieved milestones that few other institutions have. In such a short time, IIM SKILLS has managed to secure a unique position in the content writing industry.

It is a highly reputable organization that not only educates students on creative writing courses in Bristol but also a variety of additional talents required for numerous other domains in the content writing enterprise. All the skills you need for most forms of content writing can be learned through a premier online creative writing course by IIM SKILLS.



The faculty is a major reason why IIM SKILLS is ranked as one of the best online creative writing courses in Bristol. Faculty members are responsible for maintaining a comfortable learning environment for students. A huge amount of research has gone into developing the modules for the course.

IM SKILLS has helped thousands of candidates get one step closer to their dream job through creative writing courses. They are rated by many students as the best. The faculty ensures that students are properly trained by completing all required assignments and other tasks while completing these premier courses.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Expert Trainers:

The trainers of the course are industry experts who have been in the industry for more than 10 years now. These coaches have operated at some of the most promising institutions and have noticed all the ups and downs of this domain. Around several of these ups and downs, these competent coaches have tended to create an admiringly durable and prosperous vocation in content writing and creative writing.

This is the rationale that they exist as the most eligible people to talk with about creative writing-related questions and perplexity. These teachers via this promising online creative writing class harbor to have assisted thousands of learners and experts to upgrade their vocations.

The coaches of this exemplary online creative writing course by IIM SKILLS stand to be admiringly trained, skilled, talented, and proficient, making it comfortable for the learners to comprehend the mandatory creative writing aptitudes. 


Course Modules:

Another such justification for IIM SKILLS to be ranked the most promising online content writing class is the breadth of subjects it coats through its curriculum. This promising online creative writing class pertains to issues meandering from the extremely basic to an exceptionally proficient grade of creative writing, assisting the pupils to turn out as skilled creative writers.

IIM SKILLS through its fairest online creative writing class retains to have trained over 4300 specialists in more than 1000 coaching programs across 33 countries. The stats obviously indicate why this is the most reasonable online creative writing class. Many thousand students amongst those who finished this online creative writing course maintain to have been placed into various corporations. 


100% Placement Support:

IIM SKILLS offers 100% placement support along with its best creative writing courses in Bristol. Students will get an interview opportunity that will help them land better creative writing jobs soon. IIM SKILLS is supported by numerous firms and industry goliaths such as Flipkart, Amazon, American Express, Facebook, and more. This is one of the best online creative writing courses in Bristol with a placement agency actively working to find fast and better placement opportunities for students. 


Access to 35+ Tools:

The use of tools is so important to any form of content creation and over 35 tools worth INR 36,000 will be provided free of charge to students who complete their creative writing courses in Bristol to help them better understand how it works in the field of creative writing. These tools are extremely useful and should be taken seriously by anyone looking to build a professional creative writing career.

These tools reduce complexity and make it very easy for authors to use their assigned skills. This is one of the main reasons why IIM SKILLS is ranked as one of the best online “\creative writing courses in Bristol.


Suitable For Everyone:

This premier online content writing course is suitable for students, aspiring content writers, job seekers, local business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs alike. This means that anyone with little or no creative writing skills can become a professional creative writer by taking these premier online creative writing courses in Bristol from IIM SKILLS. 


Globally Recognized Accreditation:

The certifications offered are recognized all over the world and are therefore highly valued. This means students can use certifications to improve their resume scores, qualify for job interviews, and be promoted regardless of the country or continent it is used. The certifications offered are very helpful and make it easier for candidates to land content creation jobs.


Lifetime Support:

Another reason why IIM SKILLS ranks as one of the best creative writing courses in Bristol is the ability to provide lifelong support to students. They are always welcome and completely free.


Course Details:

IIM SKILLS is a reputable content creation agency operating in many Indian cities. As mentioned above, in 33 countries it has managed to train over 4,300 professionals. This certification is recognized worldwide. They have played a very important role in helping professionals and students advance their careers.


Some of the Very Important Features of Creative Writing Courses in Bristol Are as Follows:


Interval: 4 Weeks 

The entire course is covered in 4 weeks. Course modules are created after extensive research to find the best topics for students. These modules cover topics from a very basic level to a very specialized level. This allows a student to become a professional creative writer in just 4 weeks. 



The premier online creative writing courses in Bristol from IIM SKILLS have 16 hours of lectures. This is only 20% of the total course duration. It is important to understand that unnecessary theory is not held in high esteem compared to practical teaching. That’s why; the emphasis is on what students need to do to make learning fun. 



IIM SKILLS includes over 60 hours of hands-on training modules. This is very important as students will get to know the real application. This will give students more work experience and make it easier for them to enter the organization as creative writers. This is one of the main reasons why IIM SKILLS is rated as one of the best online creative writing courses in Bristol.


Freelance Career Opportunities:

Through premier online creative writing courses in Bristol, IIM SKILLS educates students about the requirements of freelance work and how freelance writing alone can help them achieve their larger writing goals. They also allow students to work on live projects. This makes students more hands-on and helps them understand how the content writing or creative writing industry works. 



A student can complete an internship in only three months. This is important for students as the certificate obtained upon completion of this internship will prove important when applying for content writing or creative writing jobs. This is proof that you have experience in the content writing industry.


2. British Council: 

This course will help you out with the following:

  • Develop your writing perspective
  • Inspire creative and comprehensive thinking 
  • enhance artistic expression
  • critically understand different writing styles.


All these qualities seem to make this course one of the top creative writing courses in Bristol. This course is open to anyone with an intermediate or higher level of English. The duration of the course is 36 hours and takes place over 9 weeks. The educational medium is online. Participants are eligible for certification upon completion of the course.


Recommended Reads:


3. Coursera:

Coursera’s Creative Writing Specialization is one of the most sought-after “creative writing courses in Bristol” offered by Wesleyan University. This course is for beginners. It covers three main genres of creative writing: Short stories, narrative essays, and memoirs. 

They will teach you techniques to make your writing interesting. This is an online course where you will receive a certificate upon successful completion. Assignment deadlines stand furthermore flexible and could be revised. This course lasts 6 months. This discipline comprises the subsequent lessons: – 


Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot

Creative Writing: The Craft of Character

Creative Writing: The Art of Positioning and Representation

Creative Writing: The Craft of Style

Capstone: Your Story


The courses listed here can be taken in any order.


4. Udemy: 

Udemy offers a range of creative writing courses in Bristol that can help you enhance your write-up and drafts. The price usually ranges from Rs. 455 to Rs. 468. Their ‘Write a Book! Inventive Script Writing Mastery for Newbie Writers” is a big success currently.

This class coats different facets of fundamental penmanship like punctuation, sentences, paragraphs, and essays. It will acquaint you with varied progressive writing strategies like foreshadowing and cliffhangers. Here one could also understand how to compose brief non-fiction books faster and effortlessly.


5. Edx: 

The creative writing courses over here could be attended for enhancing one’s talents in storytelling, essay writing, grammar, business writing, etc. There exist approximately 12 classes taught by prominent institutes like the University of Cambridge, Berkeley, University of Washington, etc, over here. Considerably most of these courses stand self-paced. ‘Internationalized: Creating Digital Content for the World’ delivered by the University of Washington is complimentary while others exist open at a cost.


6. Skillshare:

Skillshare is known for providing useful learning materials on many subjects. It’s also where you can find the best creative writing courses. These courses teach students a variety of techniques, tools, and topics such as story outline, storytelling, character development, and creating interesting plots. 

Beginners and non-beginners alike can take courses here. These tutorials will help you improve your creative writing skills through practice. Some courses here are genre specific. So, if your story depicts part of life or is based on a thriller adventure, you can also take a course here.



7. Future Study:

Like Skillshare, Future Learn offers a range of creative writing courses in Bristol. Various prestigious universities offer courses here. These include York University, East Angelia University, and Huddersfield University. There are 7 creative writing courses in total. Below are the durations of these courses:


Begin composing fiction – 8 weeks; 3 hours per week

Writing style: Exploring text and meaning using linguistics – 4 weeks. 4 hours a week 

Introduction to Screenwriting – 2 weeks. 3 hours a week

Content Marketing Strategy and Promotions Week – 2 weeks. 3 hours a week

How to compose your foremost melody – 6 weeks; 3 hours a week.


8. Oxford:

Oxford is a university renowned for providing education, especially in areas related to English and Literature. The English Literature and Creative Writing Summer School is one of the courses that will help you improve your creative writing. This stands as one of the most promising creative writing courses in Bristol.

The techniques used to teach here have been tried and tested and are known to produce the best results. There are 6 courses in total, divided by age and area. Applicants can take a degree that meets their requirements. The maximum class size is 8 people. These classes are designed to allow students to observe, interact and learn. 



It delivers interactive drills for the learners to aid them to understand more about content writing. If you’re learning content writing for academic purposes, this is the right place. Here the videos are free of cost. It’s a 5-minute-long video that demonstrates what creative writing stands for in the first place, its meaning, significance, and specimens.


10. Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin presents one of the most useful creative writing courses out there. It is rated no.1 for its Certified Creative Writing Specialist course. The class is a 100% practical-based activity. Here learners get to comprehend creative writing from proficient creative writers in Asia.

Via their well-structured curriculum that is precisely concentrated on assisting authors and novelists, one can commence composing anecdotes, poems, screenplays, etc. In extra to all this, one likewise earns a year-long gold membership in a writing institute. Under this, one obtains the opportunity to work on live projects, documented videos, weekly career aid, guaranteed apprenticeship, etc.




Q1. How much is the salary package of creative writers in India? 

The median salary for creative content writers in India is Rs 46,718. 


Q2. What is the reason for learning creative writing formally?   

Earn more. When you write creatively, you are free to express your emotions. This is not possible with other forms of writing. It also helps develop creative skills that are becoming an important aspect of this competitive world. 


Q3. Is creative writing a formal or informal form of writing?  

Creative writing can be considered both formal and informal. For example, essays are often used to inform an audience. They are creative yet formal. Poetry, on the other hand, is considered informal because it does not follow the formality and usually conveys feelings and emotions.



With the above points and key specs, it is clear that these institutes offer the best creative writing courses in Bristol. Students who want to pursue a serious career in creative writing should choose these best online creative writing courses. By completing these premier courses, candidates will be able to:

  • Work from home
  • Grab a content writing job
  • Run your content marketing agency
  • Build your brand
  • Inch one step nearer to your company goals


This was all about creative writing here. Those who are truly passionate about developing creative content and building a stable and successful creative content writing career should love learning all the technical aspects and requirements of each creative writing job.

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