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Top 9 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai With Placements

In this ever-changing world, you should always strive for advancement in your field of competence. Professional courses are often updated in response to industry demands, which help both new entrants and working professionals. Professional training fulfills our ongoing desire to improve our talents. Data analytics courses in Dubai provide a wide range of benefits, which is why they are widely recommended.


What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the process of analyzing raw data to draw conclusions. A data analyst can assist a business in optimizing its performance more efficiently, maximizing profit, or making more strategic decisions.


Types of Data Analytics

  • Descriptive analytics
  • Diagnostic analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics


Examining what occurred (descriptive analytics), how or why it happened (diagnosing analytics), what might happen (forecasting analytics), or what needs to be done next are all strategies for data analytics (prescriptive analytics).


Data Analytics Techniques

While doing data analysis, a data analyst has to do the analysis using some techniques which are known to deliver the desired results. Various techniques that are used while doing data analytics are listed below:-

  1. Regression analysis
  2. Factor analysis
  3. Cohort analysis
  4. Monte Carlo simulation
  5. Time series analysis


Data Analytics Tools

For the most manipulative data, data analytics utilizes a variety of software tools, including spreadsheets, data visualization, disclosure visualization, mining programs, and open-source languages. Data analysts can use a variety of software tools to help them collect data, store information, process data, and report results. Before talking about the options available let’s look at why one should take data analytics courses in Dubai.


Why Do Data Analytics Courses in Dubai?

Data analytics is important because it allows businesses to improve their performance. Companies that incorporate it into their business models can assist in cost reduction by recognizing more efficient ways to conduct business. Data analytics can also help a company make better business choices and analyze customer dynamics which can result in new—and stronger services.

Data analytics enables you to develop a sense of past behavior and future patterns and behaviors in order to make informed decisions dependent upon what the information is showing you. Armed with data insights, businesses and organizations gain insight into their audience, industry, and firm overall, as an outcome, are significantly positioned to make choices and plan future.

Industry-specific Data Analytics training will help you advance your career and apply for the highest-paying positions. Data analytics is a very essential subject in today’s data-driven society, where 90% of data has been produced in the previous two years alone.


What Does a Data Analyst Do?

If you are one of those who are thinking of being a data analyst, you might also be wondering what exactly a data analyst needs to do. To answer this question, based on actual job requirements, below are some of the common jobs and responsibilities of a data analyst:


  • They manage the delivery of user satisfaction surveys
  • They also manage reports on results using data visualization tools with business line owners to establish needs, define success criteria, manage and execute analytical initiatives, and assess outcomes.
  • They need to develop the back-end code. They are also supposed to maintain and store the backend code that is developed.
  • They also need to establish data processes
  • They establish data quality requirements and also execute various data quality procedures.
  • Relay complicated concepts and data into visuals.
  • Work with data scientists and other members of the team to identify the best product solutions.
  • They are required to develop data validation tools and models to verify data being collected is reliable.
  • They work with a team of members to analyze important data that will be used to form future business initiatives.
  • They need to take responsibility for the codebase, including ideas for betterment and advancement.
  • Proactively engage and interact with stakeholders, business units, technical teams, and support teams to establish concepts and assess needs and functional requirements
  • Translate critical questions into tangible analytical activities
  • Apply analytical techniques and tools to extract and deliver new insights to customers using reports and/or interactive dashboards.
  • Gather new data to follow up on client inquiries,
  • Collecting and organizing the raw data into readable form.


You can learn all of these processes and gain expertise in all by taking up data analytics courses in Dubai.


Top 9 Data Analytics Courses in Dubai


Rank #1. Data Analysis Courses in Dubai

1. Learners Point Academy, Dubai

Learner Academy’s Data Science and Big Data Analytics courses in Dubai provide essential training that allows practitioners to utilize their understanding of Big Data and Analytics.


Course Name: – Data Science & Big Data Analytics

Mode: – Online/Offline/Blended

Duration: – 35 weeks/4-hour boot camp

Fees: – AED 4500


This Data Science and Big Data Analytics course introduces Big Data and Data Analytics concepts and how to apply them to address business challenges. The Data Science and Big Data Analytics training provides participants with in-depth knowledge of basic and advanced analytic methods, enabling them to apply them to real-world business challenges.

This comprehensive training, which includes plenty of hands-on practice, prepares participants to tackle any big data analytics challenge by implementing theoretical concepts and knowledge gained to the situation of the Data Analytics lifecycle.

Learners Point was founded in 2001 and since provided quality education and training services to both businesses and individuals. It offers a broad range of professional courses aimed at expanding and enhancing employees’ and corporations’ professional capabilities and skills.

Learners Point Training Institute’s programs are affordable, cutting-edge, and adaptable. You can select from several learning modules, including instructor-led training, private classes, on-site training, and mentored learning.


Rank #2. Data Analysis Courses in Dubai

2. Zabeel International Institute Of Management And Technology, Dubai

This institute offers excellent Data Science training by thought leaders in the field. You get a chance to grow into a specialist in data science and study vital technologies like Python, SQL, or Oracle, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and Artificial Intelligence.

A premier educational and training institute for executives in Dubai, Zabeel Institute was founded in 1988. The KHDA and UAE’s Ministry of Education jointly oversee Zabeel Institute.


Course Name: Data Science certification Course


The Data Science course gives participants all the tools they need to become data scientists.

  • Develop a thorough grasp of the principles of estimation, hypothesis testing, and prediction as they relate to statistical inference.
  • R: Practice dealing with statistical data in R, and learn how to master R Studio.
  • Learn how to construct and extract insights from machine learning models using R and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • Learn the science and art of data storytelling to increase the impact of your analytics.


Key takeaways from the course:-

  • Recognize data analysis and processing
  • Use techniques that apply to your sector, including classification, clustering, time series forecasting, regression, and predictive modeling.
  • Understanding how to use a variety of equipment and procedures for data cleaning and data change operations
  • knowing Python, Tableau, and other current technology and data analytics tools
  • Excellent Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Skills (NLP).
  • Information modeling techniques and various statistics are used in information analysis.
  • Utilizing Tableau or Power BI, comprehend information visualization


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Rank #3. Data Analysis Courses in Dubai

3. Intellipaat

Intellipaat is a global supplier of online professional training. They provide some of the most up-to-date, industry-designed certification training programs, including Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and 150 other top emerging technologies.

In this program, Learners will be guided by mentors via Intellipaat’s Data Analytics program to understand all the competencies of a professional Data Analyst, including Deep Learning, Qlik Sense, regression model, RStudio, statistical analysis, Big Data Hadoop, and many more advanced topics. It provides a self-paced module-based program along with 7 months of instructor-led training.


Course Name: Data Analytics Course

Duration: – 218 hours of learning videos.

Fees: – AED 1936

Mode: Online (with 16 modules)


Key Takeaways:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • SAS-based advanced analytics.
  • Random forests and decision trees.
  • The life cycle and domain of data analytics.
  • Sample data.
  • Probability and statistics.
  • R is used for statistical computation.
  • Data visualization with Tableau’s assistance.
  • Cases of data analytics


They also assist professionals in making the best career choices, choose trainers with over a decade of industry expertise, give significant hands-on projects, carefully evaluate student progress, and deliver industry-recognized certifications.


Rank #4. Data Analysis Courses in Dubai

4. Edvicons Middle East, Dubai

One of the certification programs offered by Microsoft is the Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI certification training course. It is designed for modern professionals who want to develop the knowledge and abilities necessary to analyze data with Power BI and produce data visualization reports.

By linking people with information, opportunities, and ideas in the MENA area, Edvicons intelligence and knowledgeable industry experts help professionals and businesses flourish. Additionally, their curriculum provides thorough instruction in the qualitative, quantitative, and creative facets of technology and innovation management.


Course Name: Analyze data with power BI certification

Duration: – 32 hours

Mode: – offline


Attend this instructor-led certification course if you’re a business intelligence specialist who wants to use Microsoft Power BI to make the most of their data assets. There is no need to go further if you want to earn a certification in the Microsoft Power BI course: Analyzing Data. Participants in the Microsoft Power BI Certification Program will gain knowledge of:


  • Defining the self-service BI’s essential characteristics
  • Introducing Power BI and the range of its offerings
  • Integrating several data sources to improve data models
  • An explanation of Power BI data visualization
  • The Power BI developer API is described.
  • Introducing the Power BI Mobile app
  • Combining and transforming information from several sources
  • Using Power BI, you can manage solutions and create reports.


Rank #5. Data Analysis Courses in Dubai

5. My Learning key Training Institute LLC, Dubai

My learning key Training Institute LLC, Dubai is a one-stop destination for a range of accredited training programs in the UAE. You can learn the Big data foundation course under the supervision and guidance of knowledgeable and certified professors, also projects are provided while staying in close contact with industry norms.


Course Name:  Big data foundation course

Duration:-3 days

Fees:-AED 3255

Mode: – Offline


The purpose of this thorough training is to provide students with a firm grasp of big data and various data sources that can be used to address actual business challenges. Additionally, you will get an introduction to data mining and a rundown of all the instruments that are employed in it.


Rank #6. Data Analysis Courses in Dubai

6. IBM

IBM, founded in 1911, is a global technology and consulting business with over 350,000 workers serving clients in 170 countries. It has teamed with Simplilearn to provide students with experience and to assist them in excelling in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.


Course Name: data analytics master’s program in collaboration with IBM


Fees: – AED 4720

Mode: – online


Simplilearn’s Data Analyst Master’s program, which was designed in partnership with IBM, seeks to give professionals with knowledge in rising data analytics. The Data Analytics courses in Dubai will help you grasp inferential and descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, data blending, forecasting, regression analysis, and data extraction.

With experience, one may also develop data visualization methods utilizing Power BI and Tableau, as well as learn how to organize data and build dashboards. People with a basic comprehension of mathematical principles can also complete the course and become data analytics specialists with the aid of such a course. This learning experience aids in the integration of Data Analytics knowledge with demos and projects.


Key Takeaways:-

This Data Analytics course is designed to teach the tools required to be successful in the field of Data Analysis. By the end of the course, one will be able to: Comprehend important statistical topics such as measures of central tendency, regression, correlation, and dispersion.

Develop a deep understanding of the basics of learning to write one’s R scripts. Become proficient with Tableau statistics by grasping the concepts of Tableau Desktop 10 and, after that, building enticing dashboards.


Rank #7. Data Analytics Courses in Dubai

7. Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai

Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai provides a variety of Data Analytics training. The certification confirms your data analysis abilities and allows you to utilize the most up-to-date analytics tools and approaches. This course’s comprehensive curriculum will assist you in gaining industry-relevant information, professional values, and abilities.


Course Name: Data analytics using altrix/MySQL/python/tableau/power BI/MS excel/R programming

Duration: – Depends on the course selected

Fees: – Depends on the course selected

Mode: – offline


This institute provides training that is intensive, detailed, and subject-oriented Classes that are personalized to the student’s preferences. Students are given a variety of study tools and skills that will help them in the workplace. Edoxi offers rigorous training techniques tailored to your learning style in order to enhance your skills and knowledge for a fundamental career path in Data Analysis.


The Key Takeaways from the Edoxi’s Data Analytics Courses:-

  • Extensive knowledge in the booming subject of data analytics
  • Know how to perform regression analysis, data blending, data extraction, and forecasting.
  • Develop knowledge of data visualization techniques.
  • Learn how to use Tableau and Power BI, among other tools.
  • Discover how to organize the data and create dashboards.
  • Easily gain work-ready data analytics skills


Rank #8. Data Analytics Courses in Dubai

8. Virginia Institute Of Finance, Dubai

You will learn about business analysis principles, activities, tools, strategies, and skills in this course. The fundamental ideas of business analysis are demonstrated in this course. The Virginia Institute of Finance offers cutting-edge business training to support businesses and individuals in thriving in an environment that is becoming more and more competitive.

They license to conduct business from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai and are an LLC established with DMCC Dubai.


Course Name: Certification in Business Data Analysis

Duration: – 5days

Fees: – AED4950 (for live classes)/AED2350 (for virtual classes)

Mode: – online and offline both options are available


Key Takeaways:-

You will become proficient in the six knowledge areas included in the BABOK Guide Version 3 and use BABOK V3 while undertaking cutting-edge and original business analysis methodologies. Case studies from the real world, personalized individualized seminars, and group presentations from participants


Rank #9. Data Analytics Courses in Dubai

9. Khawarizmi Training Institution

Khawarizmi International College (KIC), a higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates, was established in 1985 and recognized by the Ministry of Education. Since its founding, KIC has offered students a range of possibilities designed to further their education and pave the way for a prosperous future.


Course Name: – Certification course in big data and data analysis

Duration:- 40 hours

Fees: – 4000

Mode: – Offline


KIC provides a variety of program delivery options to accommodate students from different backgrounds. Evening and weekend sessions are timetabled in addition to the typical morning sessions so that students can choose study times that are convenient for them.

Participants who complete the data analyst course will be more comfortable explaining big data architectures to enable analytics-driven solutions inside their businesses. This course offers practical experience with the main big data technologies that are employed to address data-intensive issues.

Finally, participants will learn about the data structures that underlie machine learning algorithms and applications of artificial intelligence conceptually. The participants will seek to determine the sorts of changes that can be achieved through analytical processes as well as the areas within their business that can be enhanced through big data-driven solutions.

Hands-on activities and workshops will be used to guide participants through a range of test methodologies and practical approaches that they are learning during the course. Participants will create an executable big data strategy and architectural model of the course, which they can use as a blueprint proposal within their respective organizations.


Frequently Asked Questions About Data Analytics Courses in Dubai:-


Q1. Is it profitable to do data analytics courses in Dubai?

Ans. Yes, it is profitable to do data analytics courses in Dubai. On GulfTalent, there are presently 699 live data analyst jobs in the UAE. Data Analyst jobs in Dubai account for the majority of these positions, accompanied by job positions in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.


Q2. How to become a successful data analyst in Dubai?

Ans2. If you want to become a data analyst, first you have to take up data analyst courses in Dubai. You need to have good quantitative and analytical abilities to succeed as a data analyst. You need to be able to really, solve difficulties, and pay close attention to detail. You also need to be able to explain your results clearly to people who will base their judgments on them.


Q3. What is the average salary of a data analyst in Dubai?

Ans3. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the average compensation for a Data Analyst is AED 8,000 per month. A Data Analyst’s typical supplemental cash compensation in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates Area is AED 23,250, with a salary range of AED 1,803 – AED 57,000. This is the perfect reason why you should do data analytics courses in Dubai.


Q4. What are subjects included in data analytics courses?

Ans4. Every data analytics program usually covers all the fundamentals related to data and its analysis. Types of Data Analytics, Statistical Analysis, Excel, SQL, Tableau, Power BI, and other major subjects in Data Analytics are covered in practically every Data Analytics curriculum.


Q5. What does a Data Analyst do?

Ans5. A data analyst collects raw data, arranges it, and then analyzes it, and works his way into converting it from unintelligible numbers to logical, understandable information. After interpreting the data collected by the data analysts and experts, the data reports will imply the results in the form of recommendations regarding the plan of action of the company for the future.



The global data analytics market was valued at USD 49 billion in 2019. From 2020 to 2023, the market is expected to expand at a rate of 30% per annum. According to one of the reports of the World Economic Forum, data analysts will be one of the most demanded professionals in the coming years due to the hike in data usage in the world. The data analytics industry is advancing day by day. There is a lot of growth scope in the data analytics field.

Taking up Data analytics courses in Dubai can prove to be a big breakthrough in your career. If you’re interested in making a career in data analytics, there has never been a better time to take up data analytics courses in Dubai. As the industry expands and organizations confront a substantial skills shortage, data analysts will profit from strong demand, a diverse range of possibilities, and competitive pay.

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