6 Best Platforms to Learn Tally Online With Practical Training

Gone are the days when you had to wait for a semester to learn any new subject. Any talent can now be learned at your fingertips. These days, you can always learn tally online anytime. Let’s learn Tally online step by step. 


What is Tally?

Tally is top-rated accounting software used to record purchases, sales, and invoices and to keep records of all the accounting entries. It is widely used in medium and small-scale businesses in India. The complete form of Tally is Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yard. 


What is the Main Purpose of Using Tally? 

A tally is primarily used for accounting purposes. It serves three purposes. 


Record Keeping

Traditionally, records were maintained in a notebook. This kind of recording was inconvenient to the accounting process. Sharing data took a lot of work, and creating reports would take months. With the advent of technology and computers, keeping records of entries became easy. Tally enables the company or individual to keep a record of all the book entries. It is very convenient and easy to share and create reports as well. 



The accounting entries that are entered in the Tally generate various reports. These reports function as data for the companies to check their growth rate. Record keeping also reduces the chance of human error and increases reliability. In addition, this record-keeping is handy whenever the company wants to compare past and current performances. 



The reports that are generated help in analyzing various aspects of accounting. These reports can determine the company’s health or if any area needs special attention. This analysis increases the efficiency of the company. 


Career Opportunities 

You can learn Tally online and it can help you develop the necessary abilities for work in banking, bookkeeping, inventory management, billing and taxation, and other related fields. 


1. Inventory Supervisor

Tracking, regulating, and managing inventory movement, stocking, consumption, order processing, and production are all part of inventory management. Tally enables inventory managers to prevent overstocking or understocking, guarantee a sufficient supply of the correct materials at the right time, and lower handling costs.

The program makes stock administration easier, aids in location or warehouse management, manufacturing, batch- and lot-wise inventory organization, correct report-making, managing the expenses from other parties, and accurately creates and delivers online business reports. Learn Tally online and you will become an inventory supervisor. 


2. Bookkeeper

Recording every type of business transaction that involves the transfer of money or money’s worth is known as bookkeeping. Chronological recordings and classifications offer the crucial information needed for accounting. With the aid of Tally, bookkeepers can accurately record financial transactions, post debits, and credits, and keep ledgers, accounts, and subsidiaries balanced.

Tally enables the customization of invoices, banking automation, payment reminders, and remote access to the data based on the revenue, expense, matching, cost, and objectivity principles. It offers thorough, customized reports, assists bookkeepers in keeping track of employee’s working hours, fills out payroll automatically, and computes taxes.

Through Tally, tasks like streamlining purchase orders, collecting and storing bills, making bill payments, and tracking the nature of business expenditures are automatically completed.


3. Accountant

Accounting is the practice of documenting, overseeing, and summarising a company’s financial actions. Following bookkeeping, accounting is the next step that aids organizations in understanding their position, profit and loss for a specific time period, and financial performance.

The use of Tally accounting software enhances accuracy and efficiency, prevents errors, and encourages the use of time for beneficial administrative, strategy- and execution-related tasks. Accountancy procedures are facilitated by the software’s multi-user access, automation, online support, data security, affordability, and scalability.

A tally is a tool used by accountants to analyze and validate data, make adjustments to entries, gather information for audits, and create tax returns and income statements. The software is also useful for producing financial reports for ratio analysis, bash book and bank book, trial balance, cash flow, funds flow, outstanding receivables and payables, and outstanding receivables and payables.


4. Billing Executive

Billing entails the production, administration, and distribution of receipts and invoices to internal or external company stakeholders. Businesses typically work with a variety of current and potential clients under time constraints, and they need documentation of all payments made or received to strengthen their professional connections and help them determine their profit or loss.

Billing executives frequently use Tally to minimize manual data entry, ensure precise numbers, and get rid of mistakes while creating receipts and invoices. It facilitates the creation of new bills, the addition, search, and summarization of client records, the conversion of different currencies, and the processing of credit cards.

Billing is facilitated by the tool’s inclusion of financial calendars, database and records management, hours monitoring, reminders, and reporting options.


5. Tally Freelancers

Experts who want to work with multiple organizations rather than just one have a modern, dynamic employment opportunity with freelancing in Tally. Freelancers work for several clients and are paid on a per-service or per-installation basis.

Tally specialists put in between two and five hours a day performing fundamental bookkeeping and accounting tasks, providing daily work reports, generating and distributing GST reports, paying TDS, creating receivables and payable statements, and creating bank reconciliation statements. Mid-size or big organizations can also hire Tally expertise on a contract basis or for consultations. 

People who have a knack for teaching and a passion for Tally might combine their abilities and educate young students while honing their expertise. Thanks to Internshala Trainings, an online learning platform where you may gain cutting-edge skills.


What Do You Need to Learn Tally Online?

To learn Tally online, all you need is a 

  • desktop or laptop 
  • Tally software 
  • Desire to learn 


Is Tally Free for Everyone, or Do You Need to Buy It?

Tally is free for students. Yes, you heard it right. You can download the software from the official website without worrying about piracy. Indeed, the student version comes with some limitations. For learning purposes, it will be sufficient. To download the student version, you need to 


  • Visit the official website www.tallysolutions.com.
  • Go to download 
  • Click on download Tally prime.
  • Once you click the download, the setup file will be downloaded into your system.
  • Run the setup by clicking twice 
  • Install the software in your system 
  • Click on the Tally icon on your system. 
  • Open the software through education mode. You can access Tally through the education mode if you’re a student. 
  • If you already have a Tally older version, open the software through reactivation mode. Selecting this method will update the new version of your system.
  • Open the software through activation mode if you bought the licensed version. Selecting this method will install the latest version in your system. 
  • For the licensed version of Tally, you need to pay 18,000/- to install it in your system.


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It is a must-learn program for any student who wants to pursue commerce or accounting as a career. The student should have finished junior college, preferably with a commerce background, so that the student will have some clarity on the basics of business functions and accounting terminology. If you’re not a commerce student, you can also learn Tally online without worrying about the basics. Many learn Tally online without any prior knowledge. Let this criterion never stop you from learning



It takes a minimum of 3 months to learn the basics of accounting in Tally. If you want to pursue it further, some courses offer an in-depth understanding of Tally. Those courses range from 12 months to 24 months. 


Learning Levels of Tally online

It is easy to learn Tally online. To learn Tally, you need to know and understand the accounting fundamentals. Most of the course will cover the following topics 


1. Fundamentals of Tally 

  • Introduction to the world of Tally 
  • The golden rules of accounts 
  • Maintaining accounts 
  • Banking transaction 
  • Generating financial transaction 
  • MIS 
  • Inventory management 
  • Data storage 
  • Purchase and Sales order 


2. TDS 

  • Concept of TDS
  • Application and Registration 
  • TDS deduction on salary 
  • Filing returns 
  • TDS entries 
  • Online TDS payment 
  • TDS certificate 


3. GST

  • GST Implementation 
  • GST return preparation 
  • Cost center 
  • Budget 
  • Voucher numbering 
  • BOM 
  • Manufacturing voucher 


Learn Tally Online 

There are many websites that offer opportunities to learn Tally online. Some of them are 


1. Internshala Trainings 

Internshala Training is one of the fastest-growing online education institutions in India. They have various online courses, but their Tally course will be apt for someone who wants to pursue an accounting and taxation career. This course will teach you Tally and give you a holistic approach to learning accounts by giving you practical assignments. 


The topics covered in this course are 

  • Basics of Accounting 
  • Learn GST, 
  • TDS & TCS, 
  • Balance Sheet, 
  • Data Extraction from Tally,  
  • Payroll, 


Course Name: Tally

The course can be found in Internshala Trainings 

Course Duration: 6 weeks / 1 hr each day 

Course Fees: INR 1349/-  

Learning Model: Self-learning through videos 

Completion Certificate: Yes 


Internshala Training provides placement assistance, which enables the student to get the right opportunity to work in a good organization. The course also comes with internship opportunities. You can definitely opt to learn Tally online from Internshala Training.


2. Tally Education

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Tally. If you’re an absolute beginner, this course can guide you step by step into the world of Tally. In this course, you will learn.

  • TallyPrime Basics, 
  • Recording Day to Day Transactions, 
  • Bills-wise Accounts, 
  • Bills Receivable & Payable Management, 
  • TallyPrime with Banking-Cheque Books, 
  • Post Dated Cheques and 
  • Bank Reconciliation.


Course Name: Tally Prime Basics 

Course Duration: 5hrs 

Course Fees: INR 1200/- 

Learning Model: Self-learning through videos 

Completion Certificate: Yes 


You can access the content for six months from the time of enrollment. In addition, the website also provides specialization courses in Tally. The modules are divided into 5 parts. 


Module 1: A quick lesson on how to install the software on your laptop or desktop 

Module 2: Learn the basics of Tally. This module covers creating a company or group company and learning the basics of the ledger, vouchers, stocks, and so on. 

Module 3: Learn the basics of day-to-day transactions in a company. You will learn the golden rules of accounts, and entries like purchase, sales, voucher entries, and journal entries will be discovered in this module. 

Module 4: Bill-wise entries will be covered in this chapter 

Module 5: Part of accounting is to deal with banks as well. This course also covers banking entries in detail. 


3. Tally Training

If you’re comfortable with Hindi, you can learn Tally from www.tally training.in. This website covers about 50 topics, each in detail. The topics are 


  1. User Interface and Company Management
  2. Masters – Ledgers
  3. Masters – Groups
  4. Masters – Bill wise Debtors and Creditors Ledger
  5. Payment Voucher
  6. Day Book in Tally
  7. Pre-Allocation of Bills
  8. Receipt Voucher
  9. Contra and Journal Voucher
  10. Cheque Printing in Tally ERP
  11. Masters: Inventory
  12. Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  13. Purchase Voucher with GST
  14. Sales Voucher with GST
  15. GST Returns and Payment
  16. Billing Features in Tally
  17. Purchase Order Processing
  18. Sales Order Processing
  19. Debit and Credit Notes
  20. Bank Reconciliation in Tally
  21. Price List in Tally
  22. Credit Limit
  23. Stock Transfers
  24. Manufacturing Vouchers
  25. Batch Wise Details
  26. Re-Order Level in Tally
  27. Interest Calculations (Auto Mode)
  28. Voucher Types and Class
  29. Point of Sales
  30. Scenarios and Optional Vouchers
  31. Budgets and Controls in Tally
  32. Cost Centres and Cost Categories
  33. Party Ledger Analysis
  34. Purchase and Sales Reporting
  35. Stock Analysis and Reports
  36. Cash and Bank Reports
  37. Search, Filter, and Sorting
  38. Financial Reports
  39. Multi-Language
  40. Export, Import, Backup, and Restore
  41. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) in Tally
  42. Payroll Accounting in Tally
  43. Finalization Entries
  44. Data Security
  45. Tally Audit
  46. Data Synchronisation
  47. Multi-Currency
  48. Printing Reports
  49. Miscellaneous
  50. Shortcut Keys


Course Name: Tally ERP9 Expert Course (Hindi)

The course can be found at: http://www.tallytraining.in/


Course Fees: 1800/-  

Learning Model: video and ebook 

Completion Certificate: Yes


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4. Udemy

Tally Prime: Beginner to Advance GST accounting using Tally 

If you want a course that covers everything from the fundamentals to the advanced, this Udemy course is for you. You don’t need any essential, fundamental learning to join this course. All the basic concepts are covered in this course. However, if you’re a complete beginner who wants to start your career in accounts and wants to learn Tally, then this course is for you. 


Course Name: Tally Prime: Beginner to Advance GST accounting using Tally 

The course can be found at: www.udemy.com

Course Duration: 13.5 hrs

Course Fees: INR 449/- 

Learning Model: videos and articles 

Completion Certificate: Yes


Topic covered in this course are 

  • Basics of accounts 
  • How to use Tally? 
  • Setup stocks 
  • Bank reconciliation 
  • GST
  • Corporate Payroll 
  • Learn manufacturing cost in accounting 
  • GSTR1 and GSTR3B
  • Bookkeeping practices 


5. Coursera

Coursera took the initiative to launch a course with financial aid to support any student willing to learn Tally online but unable to afford it. This course is for beginners and includes a certificate. It will take 15 days to review the application for financial aid. 


Course Name: Tally Bookkeeper Professional Certificate 

Course Duration: 20 hrs 

Course Fees: Free to 4800/- 

Learning Model: self-paced learning 

Completion Certificate: Yes


Learn Tally online with financial aid and you can learn the following topics  

  • How to close Financial Year Books of Accounts and begin the following Financial Year
  • How to work on Accounts Payable and Receivable Management
  • The fundamentals of Banking Solutions, Budgets and Control Management, the workings of Goods and Services Tax (GST), and the calculations of Tax Deducted at Sources (TDS)
  • To create MIS Reports.
  • Purchase and sales order processing
  • Stock keeping unit maintenance (SKU)


6. Henry Harvin 

Hendry Harvin offers many courses on accounting and taxation. They also specially curated a course on Tally called the Advance Tally ERP course. If you have already gained some knowledge about Tally and want to learn more, you can opt for this course. 


Course Name: Advance Tally ERP Course

Course Duration: 28 hrs

Course Fees: approximately 8,500/-  to 9,500/-  

Learning Model: self-learning 

Completion Certificate: Yes




  • Can I get a job after Tally?

Learning Tally will enable you to get a job in the accounting profession. Tally is used by many small and medium-sized businesses to record their transactions. After learning Tally, depending on the knowledge and conceptual understanding of accounts will enable you to get better salary packages


  •  How much salary will I earn after learning Tally?

There is a demand for someone who has learned Tally ERP. Tally experts can earn between 5 lakhs and 10 lakhs as a beginner. 


  • Is Tally better or excel?

Tally can prevent manual errors and save a lot of time by automating repetitive entries. Of course, Excel is also used professionally, but the benefits of using Tally for accounts definitely outweigh those of any other software. 


  • Can Tally be learned on my own?

Yes, Tally can be learned on your own. If you have a basic understanding of accounts, you can download the software on your system and start learning on your own with many free online courses. This is a very effective way for many people to learn new skills. Once you’ve mastered it, you can enroll in a classroom or online course to learn Tally in greater depth. 


  • How many versions of Tally?

There are many versions of Tally released from the time it was launched on 1990

  • First version: Tally 4.5
  • Second version: Tally 5.4
  • Third version: Tally 6.3
  • Fourth version: Tally 7.2
  • Fifth version: Tally 8.1 
  • Sixth version: Tally 9
  • Latest version: Tally ERP 9



Accounting is the heart and soul of any business. Whether the company is big or small, everyone needs an accounts department to handle journal entries, ledger, cash flow, balance sheet, procurement to sales. There is always a demand for someone with Tally skills. It is one of the must-have skills for anyone who starts a career in accounts. Learning Tally is only a starting point in the accounting career. Once you learn Tally, you can go for higher education like Charter Accountant or MBA in finance to further grow into the finance team.

After learning Tally, you can join any company as an account executive, junior accountant, the data entry operator, accounts assistant, or as tally operator. To conclude any skill one needs to have a willing heart and be ready to invest time to learn the new skill. It is not only about enrolling in the course but following it through and imbibing the new skill so that when the opportunity presents itself you will be ready to ace it. Learning tally online could be one of the small steps before taking any big steps like enrolling yourself in an MBA in finance or dreaming to become a chartered accountant.

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