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Top 5 Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses

Have done with graduation and still don’t have any idea what to opt for in your career? Or confused between the old options that have been here for generations – MBA or MCom? Do not worry then, grab your favorite drink. What if I tell you that you can have a thriving career in commerce with your graduation degree. Yes, you read it right! Online business accounting and taxation courses are the ones that you need opt to have an amazing career in commerce.


Those whose interest lies in finance and tax, business accounting and taxation are for them. Students who are freshly graduated can opt for online business accounting and taxation courses to learn the concept of accounting and tax.


Let Us Understand What Business Accounting Is —


Every business either on a small scale or on a large scale has several day-to-day transactions which need to be recorded. That’s what accounting is to do, it keeps a record of all financial and non-financial transactions of a business. The knowledge of how your business is performing gets from the business records. Organizing and understanding where your business stands financially are all gained by accounting.


Accounting tells you your position in the market as well as it also opens apart for your business to make plans and decisions to grow. A proper record of debtors, creditors, drawings, revenue, profits, loss, depreciation, and every single thing is recorded to have a keen eye on the expenses and expenditures of a business.


It tells us how much money is being used and do we need that much money or can we reduce the amount or in which we need to invest more amount. Accounting is an Encyclopaedia of the business.


Let Us Understand What Taxation Is — 


The government provides a lot of services, schemes, subsidies, and a lot more to the public, and for doing all these expenditures government needs money. To raise money for all this, the government charges taxes. Taxes are important because the government can only provide these crucial services if they get the tax money.


Its true government has more income sources but taxes are its main income source for it. And who pays these taxes? Indian citizens. If anyone fancies a career in finance then having ample knowledge and hold on business accounting and taxation is a must. In today’s time, online business accounting and taxation courses are all you need to understand how to apply this knowledge practically.


Reasons to Opt for Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses — 


There are many reasons one can convince themselves to do online business accounting and taxation courses. Some of the reasons are listed below — 


  • As a graduate with no job and no vision in particular, after completing the BAT course you get ample opportunities that do have a good pay scale.
  • A career in accounting is fascinating and friendly to your bank account. But there is a dearth in the market for Account professionals. High demand in the market.
  • If a 9 to 5 job scares you, but if accounting is your passion then you can work as a freelancer in the comfort of your home, time, or your choice of work.
  • For a person who is not familiar with commerce, who does not have a commerce background, this course would help them immensely.
  • When one does online business accounting and taxation courses, the person not only gets theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. Students learn to implement their knowledge and also to convert their experience into hyping skill  


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Skills Required to do Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses — 


Accounting — Accounting is a subject you’ll gonna need in every business. Businesses have to track their growth and what is stopping them to grow. How much profit they’ve earned or loss they’ve incurred. Practical accounting is one of the most essential skills to do online business accounting and taxation courses. Profit and loss accounts, cash flow statements, balance sheets, and a lot more are needed with correct numbers and information to run a business.


Excel — Basic excel functions are important for an individual who wants to do a BAT course. For recording, creating reports, analyzing data, and creating financial strategies, excel plays a vital role in accounting. Although, it’s fine if you don’t know the experts and specialized features of excel, basic would do just fine but knowing the specialized features may ease up your job.


Reporting Skills — It is pretty clear by now, what the basic and foremost job of accounting is. An accountant professional must know how to properly record and create reports to make further financial strategies. 


Careers One Can Look After Completing An Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses — 


  • Finance Managers 
  • Auditing Assistant 
  • Company Secretary 
  • GST Consultant 
  • Financial Accounting Executive 
  • Public Accountant 
  • Tally Expert 
  • Budget Analyst 
  • Chartered Management Accountant 
  • Financial Controllers 
  • Tax Accountant 
  • Industrial Accountant 
  • Accounting Assistant 


Top Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses — 




IIM SKILLS, founded in 2015, used to be an education blog, but currently is the number one institute in the digital world. The teachers have experience of more than a decade in their respective fields. IIM  SKILLS aims to provide quality education to students from the comfort of their homes.


Course NameMaster BAT Course 


Modules Covered in the Course and the Period—

  • Module one covers accounting and accounting in tally in 25 hours
  • Module two covers GST and GST in tally in 22 hours.
  • Module three covers TDS and TDS and tally in 20 hours.
  • Module four covers payroll and payroll with a tally in only 12 hours.
  • Module five covers income tax with a tally in 23 hours.
  • Module six covers advanced Excel and MIS reporting in 18 hours.          


Total Time Required to Finnish The Course – 4 months 


Highlights of the Course

  • IIM SKILLS Offers lifetime support to its students.
  • Students are assured about the job because they provide 100% placement assistance.
  • If students do not feel that the course has helped them then they can ask for 100% of their money back and the institution would not ask any questions.
  • Students will get a master’s certificate from IIM SKILLS which is globally recognized.
  • The entire training period is tool-driven.
  • The course is designed in a way to provide practical learning and hands-on experience with all the case studies, weekly tasks, and assignments.


Mode — Online 


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2. EduPristine 


EduPristine has experience in teaching for More than 10 years. They offer training in certification courses like CPA, ACCA, FRM, BAT et cetera. They have refined their training programs in a way to create a robust impact on the ambitious individual. So, that they can lead a well-planned and successful career.


Course – PG- BAT


Module Covered in the Course —

  • Module one covers the basics of accounting and accounting in tally.
  • Module two covers the basics of GST and GST in tally.
  • Module three covers the basics of income tax and tally and income tax.
  • Module four covers the basics of payroll and payroll in tally and excel.
  • Module five covers excel and MIS reporting and MS Excel for accountants.
  • module six covers maths or financials and financials on Excel.
  • Module seven covers the setting up of busy software and the extraction of the GST report.
  • Model covers sales and purchases process, and practitioners simulation.


Duration — 5 months 


Highlights of the Course — 

  • Course content is as per the industry.
  • There is a dedicated computer lab for this course.
  • The training is project-based and practical. Students will get a chance to understand the practical aspects of the industry.
  • Students will be trained by industry experts.
  • Students will work on MS Excel, busy software, tally, and SAP.
  • There will be dedicated discussion forums for students.
  • Training on soft skills will be given, such as interpersonal communication and effective business communication, email and Virtual communication          
  • Students will also get an interview preparation workshop and presentation Boot Camp.
  • A certificate of excellence will be provided to the students.


Mode — online | Classroom sessions 


3. Udemy 


Udemy is an online course provider which aims at adult students and professionals. On Udemy thousands of courses are available which can be pursued to either earn a skill or Hone skills. Udemy was founded by Eren Bali in 2010.


Course — Accounting and Taxation course 2022


Modules Covered in the Course —

  • Telly prime is covered in module one.
  • Module two covers GST and the GST portal concepts.
  • Module three covers income tax and TDS.
  • Module four covers the double-entry accounting system, its elements, Steps, and its structure.
  • Module five covers tally, its introduction, history, and its advantages.
  • Module six covers the Golden rules of accounts.


Duration — 31 Hours


Highlights of the Course — 

  • Students will have lifetime access to the course.
  • A certificate of completion will be provided.
  • It can be done either on the phone or on the television.
  • There would be a quiz after every chapter.
  • Assignments would be given to the students.
  • The student has to give a practice test.
  • The trainers are experts in their fields.
  • The classes of GST are based on real-time data.
  • An explanation of the case studies is given.
  • Reference questions or soft copy material is available for the students


Mode — Online 


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4. APG Learning 


Formed in the year 2013 to provide quality education to up-skill the skill set of students. APG learning has over 1,00,000+ alumni worldwide. They desire to empower everyone with seemingly effortless education. They till now have conducted successful long-term courses, workshops, seminars, and short-term programs as well.


Course — Certificate course in Business Accounting and Taxation


Modules covered in the Course —

  • Module 1 covers industrial accounting.
  • Module 2 covers Tally.
  • Module 3 covers direct taxation.
  • Module 4 covers goods and services tax
  • Module 5 covers payroll and its components.
  • Module 6 covers Excel and MIS.
  • Module 7 covers business computer applications.


Duration – 3 Months (90 hours)


Highlights of the course — 

  • Students get in-depth knowledge about the course.
  • Students will get a tally certificate after the completion of the course.
  • Students will get practical exposure.


Mode — Online 


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5. Henry Harvin 


Henry Harvin is an online and offline institution. They offer certification, diploma, and degree programs.


Course-BAT course


The module is Covered in the Course-

  • module one covers the GST practitioner course.
  • Module Two covers the income tax course.
  • Module three covers financial statement analysis.
  • Module four covers advancing to tally ERP9.
  • Module five covers advanced Excel.
  • Module six covers HR payroll management.


There are two more complementary modules — 


Duration of the Course — 170 hours


Highlights of the Course-

  • The course is based on a hundred percent practical training with hands-on experience.
  • There Certificate was ranked #1 by the Tribune in 2021.
  • It is a 9-to-1 course that includes training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning, boot camps, gold membership, and hackathons.    
  • Henry Harvin focuses on industry-graded projects, and the training’s curriculum is based on practical learning and has in-depth learning of the subject matter.
  • Students get free access to #AskHarry, Hackathons, and competitions.
  • Students will get access to recorded materials such as games, case studies, projects et cetera.


Mode – Online 




Q. Is there an eligibility criterion to do online business accounting and taxation courses?

Answer. The only eligibility Required to do an online business accounting and taxation course is graduation. A BAT course is the best option for a graduate with zero experience. Generally, this course is a bit easier for commerce graduates as it covers in-depth knowledge in accounting and taxation. Students from other streams can opt for the course, there are no such barriers to doing a BAT course but it will be difficult for those who do not have a commerce background. The BAT course requires not only theoretical knowledge but a lot of practical first-hand experience in the industry. So, a, BBA, or BAF graduate can take this course.          


Q. Does doing online business accounting and taxation courses worth it?

Answer. Is doing online business accounting and taxation course worth it? Definitely yes! Usually, students do not have experience and enough understanding of the industry as well as they are confused with the ample career options they can opt for. Doing a BAT course can give them many opportunities to kickstart their careers. After doing the course, students can either work in the private or public sector.


The course is designed in a way that it focuses on practical learning more than theoretical knowledge. Students can do an internship for a month or 2 to gain confidence before applying for jobs. We have already mentioned the career options in the article, look at it and understand what resonates with you the most. So, yes the course is worth doing it.


Q. Is online BAT courses more expensive than traditional classroom learnings?

Answer. BAT courses can be considered a bit expensive whether it is online courses or classroom courses. The fees vary from Institute to institute. There are courses which will cost you a sum as small as Rs.3000 to a sum as high as a lakh. Now, is online courses more expensive than traditional classroom learning? We already discussed that in monetary terms it differs and it depends on the courses you have selected. But, in different terms online is a lot cheaper than offline. When it comes to students, there are a lot of skills to learn and then monetize those skills to have a thriving career.


This means there are two of the most important things; one being money and the other being time. Students have a lot of work to do which makes them time-poor. Doing online courses gives you the flexibility to learn it while you are traveling or in your bed. It depends on you. Another thing is in off-line learning you are supposed to be at a location. And transportation is another factor to be considered. Prices of gas are high as hell and it consumes a lot of time to reach there. Hence, online courses or good for your pockets and for your precious time.


Conclusion —


To summarise, in this article we discussed business accounting and taxation in depth. We discussed the reason to opt for a BAT course and the skills it requires. We further talked about the career options one can consider after completing the course. In this article, we have mentioned the five best online Business accounting and taxation courses, the modules, and the learnings one can expect from them. Now, if there are still any doubts dangling in your mind then don’t hesitate and leave your query in the comment section below, and will be glad to assist you in any way. 

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