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Top 8 Online GST Courses in India With Placements

There are a lot of online GST courses in India, and for students aspiring to become GST professionals here are some of the best GST courses that you can find. Go through the details, and then go with the one that pleases you the most.


Before jumping right into the best online GST courses in India, let’s first try and understand in detail GST and its concept of it.


GST- Goods and Service Tax

GST or Goods and Service Tax is a powerful tax implemented in India as a great move. The implementation of this text has marked a significant restructuring of the tax system in the country. This is a single tax payable at the state and Central levels, which is a combination of all the other taxes.

After the issue of this text, there is no cascading effect of other taxation. There is one common market for all Indian businesses. It is also paid a way for Indian goods at both National and international markets.

From a consumer’s perspective, there is a significant dropping of taxes levied upon him, and his overall tax burden has been reduced from 30 to 20%. Esu GST is very transparent in its working, and one can monitor his taxes whenever they​ get levied upon him.

GST had been implemented in various countries much before it was implemented in the Indian national market. In Australia, the federal wholesale tax was replaced with GST in 2000. In Singapore, GST was implemented back in 1994. In Canada, GST was implemented in 1991 by replacing the hidden manufacturers’ tax to allow one common text for all Canadian citizens. In Malaysia, that value-added GST was implemented in 2015.


GST in India

In India, implementing GST was suggested in the year 2000 under the Governance of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government. An Empowered Committee was made to structure the GST plan based upon the experience of Designing state VAT. This committee was formed under the guidance of the State’s finance ministers.

Representatives from the state and the center joined together to create reports on the thresholds, taxation of inter-state supplies, exemptions, and taxation of services. This committee was headed by Asim Das Gupta, the then finance minister of West Bengal who served as head of the committee until 2011.

In 2004 at task force was created headed by Vijay L. Kelkar, who advised the Finance ministry and addressed​ the issues created by the then tax system, which could be mitigated by implementing a uniform GST tax.

In the year 2005, Finance Minister P Chidambaram discussed implementing a uniform GST tax which was necessary to implement GST for overcoming the issues created by the previous tax system. The implementation of GST was also discussed in the financial year of 2005-6.

April 1st, 2005 was declared as the introduction date for the implementation of GST. The states were then asked to Reform that tax structure and implement a uniform GST structure. In 2009 Pranab Mukherjee, the then finance minister of India, proposed the basic skeleton of the GST structure.

In March 2011, the bill was put forward for the introduction of the GST. Finally, after lots of ups and downs and protests against the implementation of the GST Bill, it was passed in the year 2017, and four acts were approved in the Parliament and with the President’s assent- Central GST Bill, Integrated GST Bill, Union Territory GST Bill, and GST (Compensation to States) Bill.

Before the implementation of GST, the earlier tax system was not properly structured, and there was a huge burden of taxes on the commoner. Sooner or later, after looking at other developed nations’ financial aspects, the implementation of GST had become a necessity to ensure smooth working of the whole Nation’s economic system.

The previous tax system was not uniform, and there were hidden taxes levied upon the commoner, which are now removed by implementing one uniform tax- GST.


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In this article, we have committed a list of the best online GST courses in India. After pursuing this course, you will become an expert in advising anything related to GST and the upcoming tax system. Also, these courses will give you a brief knowledge about the current taxation of the nation and how you can save money. So now let us have a look at the top online GST courses in India-


Top 8 Online GST courses in India


1.  GST Certification course at IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the leading online education institutes​ in India. So far, this institute has trained several professionals and top GST experts in India through its GST course. The course comprises several models in which you will have a deep understanding of the GST structure and even know how it works. With an advanced module structure, they top the chart of online GST courses.


The course has opened up for many years, and one can even update freelancing. The company’s e-portal also allows access to the learning management system, a storehouse of much important information regarding GST, which includes study material case study and even the recorded sessions of the classes.


Because it is working in close collaboration with many different applications that help implement GST, this is a great way to handle a lot of clients.


Eligibility- The Eligibility of this course includes freshers, lawyers, tax analysts, entrepreneurs, homemakers, accounting professionals, professionals who are in the finance department


Course fee- the fee of the course is INR 2900



  • TDS compliance
  • Concept and structure of GST
  • Direct and indirect tax
  • Benefits of GST
  • Amendments of GST
  • GST Returns
  • Different forms in GST
  • Fundamentals of the GST act
  • GST registration and invoicing


Course duration- 4 weeks

The student will be awarded the practitioner master certifications after the completion of the course.


Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo


2) GST course at the Institute of Charted Accountants of India (ICAI)


ICAI governing body of the chartered accountants in India working for more than 64 years. Every year lots and lots of CA aspirants become CA under the Government of this Institute. ICAI is also well-revered across the globe for its amazing contribution to education, professional development, accounts, auditing, and ethical standards.


Globally it is the second-largest accounting body headquartered in New Delhi. It is the most prestigious institute for GST practitioners. If you look at the website, you will find many useful resources on GST, such as the act, laws, rules, and many more about the GST.


You can even get access to the E-lectures and E-resources.


Types of courses​- Currently, the ICAI first to GST courses are a certificate course and an advanced certificate course on GST.


Eligibility- The eligible students who are eligible to pursue this course are only Chartered Accountants


Course fee- The certificate course fee is INR 10000 + 18% GST, and for the advanced certificate course, it is INR 14000 only.


Course Duration- The certificate course is for 72 hours, and the advanced course is for 40 hours


Syllabus- The course covers every NOOK and cranny of the GST course right from the Act to implement the tax and its effects. The course’s main objective is to provide updated information about the GST structure to the chartered accountants so that they can implement it in their practice.


3. GST Course at ICT Academy


With its headquarters based in Chennai, ICT Academy is one of the leading training institutes across the whole country. It has been a major platform for the training for skill India, Digital India, make in India, startup India, and many more. With its playful approach and extensive training programs, it is now a well-revered institute for GST training and certification.


Types of Courses​- The ICT Academy provides three different GST courses- GST in 90 minutes, an online certificate course in GST, and a Course on goods and service tax.


Course fee– NA


Eligibility of the course– This course can be pursued by the candidate who is entrepreneurs, interns, marketing professionals, CA, practitioners in the finance department, management professionals, lawyers, and many more


Syllabus- The course amalgamates all the necessary details regarding GST, such as registration, income tax returns, refunds, TDS compliance, and many more


4. Comprehensive e-learning certification on new GST at ClearTax


ClearTax is a Bangalore-based Tech firm that deals in GST, income tax filings, mutual fund investments, and many more. The farm helps a good list of investors and mentors who assist in the tax filing process to a common person and has made this platform one of the most significant consumer tax filing platforms across the whole country.


The company is also one of the largest cloud platforms​ for GST. It’s a mutual fund investment platform that is also one of the most popular investing platforms for young people.


Eligibility- The Eligibility of this course includes CA or tax practitioner, legal consultants or lawyers, company Secretary, legal advisor, students, and other interested candidates


Course fee- INR 3600


Course Duration- The duration of this certificate course is more than 8 hours of depth training which deals with every highlight about the major errors and mismatches occurring while filing for income tax returns. The person may also get an opportunity to solve GST queries of other practitioners. Thus, it is considered one of the best online GST courses.


Syllabus- The course amalgamates various basics of the new GST return system, the transition from the old to the new system, changes in finance, experts sections, creation of GST bill, claiming ITC, GST returns filings, and man more.


5. GST training course at Arun Jaitley National Institute of financial management (AJNIFM)


AJNIFM is an autonomous Institution of the Indian ministry of finance set up in 1993 to provide excellent financial management techniques to aspiring individuals. The course is one of the premier and GOI institutes for offering various postgraduate programs in financial management.


The institute works closely with the central and the state government, including the country’s bank and other financial sectors. The institute is now offering an e-training GST program to interested candidates.


Course name- GST e-Training program


Eligibility- The training program includes a broad category of people with government officials, policymakers, GST practitioners, academicians, researchers, lawyers, and other interested candidates.


Course fee- The fee of the course is INR 10000 + GST.


Duration- The duration of the course is 3 days write from Wednesday to Friday. Dekho scatters to providing a virtual classroom program to every individual pursuing the course. The course commences its batches every month of the year.


Syllabus- The course covers all the basic GST functioning details​ like the registration, filing of Returns, examination, feedback, and other knowledge.


6. GST Course at EduPristine


EduPristine is a premier finished training institute providing training programs in accounting, analytics, Healthcare, marketing, and Finance. The institute now offers an online platform for individuals aspiring to gain deep knowledge in the GST sector. This course covers all the necessary information which is needed.


Course name- GST Course


Eligibility- Graduates, working professionals, postgraduates undergraduates, researchers, professionals in accounts and taxation


Duration of the course- The duration of this course is 32 hours.


Syllabus- The course covers all the major skills that the individual requires to learn about the GST structure.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo


7. GST Course at VSkills


VSkills is the largest certification body in India that conducts test and provide certifications for increasing employability and knowledge of working professionals. The institute is highly resourceful and has many tutorials, blogs, jobs, questions, resume writing assistance, and many others. The institute has started an online GST certification course for working professionals to amp up their knowledge related to GST. Thus, it is one of the best online GST courses.


Course name- Certified GST Professionals.


Course fee- The fee of the course is INR 3499 + GST per candidate.


Eligibility- The certification courses are eligible for accounting professionals, tax Consultants, students of the finance and accounts sector.


Syllabus- The course caters to cover all the basics of GST registration, invoicing, returns, legal provisions, and many more. This is a government certified course that, when included in the person’s CV, increases his employability.


8. GST Course at CAclubindia


GST course by the CA Club India is an online platform that provides knowledge and deep information about GST. Initially design exclusively for professionals in the finance and taxation sector, this certificate course is now open to all. And it has established a top place in the best online GST courses in India.


This is an advanced course with certification from the Ministry of MSME Government of India. The course incorporates discussions, webinars, videos, and other online learning resources to provide deep knowledge to the candidates.


Course name- GST Certification course


Course duration- The course duration is 40 hours extending for 4 days with 9 hours east and 4 hours which is pre-recorded for real estate and GSTR-3B. The online classes are held on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, from 9 AM to 5.30 PM.


Syllabus– The course covers all the essential models and E-waybill in GST. The course also has a feature that provides two practical classes on GST refund and GST return.


Course fee- The fee of the course is INR 9999.

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FAQs related to Online GST Courses

Q1. Which is the best GST certification course online?

IIM Skills is the best GST certification course pan India. What makes it the best course is its advanced interactive session learning, practical exposure, free ebooks, and internship training programs.


Q2. What is the salary of a GST practitioner?

An average salary packet for a GST PRactitioner Accountant, with less than 1-year of experience, is INR 2.2lakh. However, it increases with the gaining experience and skillsets.

An average salary for GST Practitioner Accounts Manager is INR 4.9- 6.4lakh.


Q3. Is the GST Practitioner exam easy? 

The GST Practitioner exam is not a hard nut to crack, but you must be proficient with the GST compliances, registration process, and other GST aspects.




This was little from a lot about the finest online GST courses that you can find, and considering the details, course modules, resources offered, and reviews and ratings by the students we can conclude that IIM SKILLS makes it to the top of the list for a reason.


IIM SKILLS as an institute offers very comprehensive and detailed training into the very practical aspects of GST practices. If you’re willing to become a GST practitioner and looking for a course that will guide you through the


Online GST courses are a wonderful option for all those looking forward to increasing their knowledge and skills. With minimal course duration and fees, some of the courses are even Certified by the Government of India. After pursuing the GST Course, the employability and the credibility of the person are increased many times.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pursue any of the above-mentioned online GST courses depending upon the eligibility and increase your employment opportunities.

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