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5 Best Digital Marketing Course in Tambaram With Placements

India is crawling with digital marketing courses and institutes, and if you’re someone looking for the best digital marketing course in Tambaram, here are some of the best options for you.


Browse through the mentioned details of some of the finest courses and figure out which one is the best digital marketing course in Tambaram.


The use of different digital platforms to promote our products and services and create awareness amongst our targeted customers to generate sales and growth for the company and ourselves is defined as a process of digital marketing. Before digital marketing was introduced, traditional methods of marketing were used.


But now, promoting the company’s brand with the help of digital marketing opens many options for us and makes it easy for us to promote with a lot of new methods and techniques. Not only cost-effective, but it helps to reach a large number of audiences at once. Let us understand the importance of digital marketing in brief-


Importance of Digital Marketing


When we speak about digital marketing, India is considered one of the most important parts for the usage of digital platforms in a great manner. As time increases, this figure is estimated to increase in a double-digit number. This also signifies that the scope of digital marketing is also increasing day by day. And not only in India but worldwide too. Be it an existing business or a new start-up implementing different marketing methods is very important.


This is because gathering new customers for products and services is important to retain the old customers. This is because old customers already have a piece of knowledge about our brand and digital marketing helps build a relationship with them on a long-term basis. Along with generating profits, in these modern times, it is equally important to create our online presence as well.


Because nowadays, everyone shops, works online, and also during this pandemic has also created a situation in such a way that students are also studying online. This also means that people spend 80% of their time on digital platforms. This also means that it creates more opportunities for digital marketers, which means more job options.


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Best Digital Marketing Course in Tambaram


Digital Marketing Course in Tambaram


After getting a brief understanding of the importance of digital marketing, let us know about 5 digital marketing courses to choose from in Tambaram-


Rank #1 Digital Marketing Course in Tambaram



IIM SKILLS is considered to be on the top list to learn this course when it comes to digital marketing. And not only digital marketing, but IIM SKILLS also specializes in providing other courses, including content writing courses, training for CAT exams, and providing knowledge about GST. IIM SKILLS focuses on providing knowledge by way of practical case studies in comparison to theoretical knowledge as well.


Tools and Modules

The course comprises of covering more than 40 modules covering all the aspects of digital marketing. The course duration is 5 months, divided into 180+ hours for the first 3 months. Not only this, IIM SKILLS gives us access to free tools required for digital marketing, which is worth RS 79,000. Classes attended by the students enrolling for it get lifetime access to the classes done during the full course.


Premium tools that students get access to:

Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course


Internship Opportunity and Placement Assistance

After completing the digital marketing course, Students get master certification from IIM SKILLS and also an opportunity to get a certificate from leading platforms such as GOOGLE. Not only this, they get a chance of 100% internship (paid) opportunity with placement assistance if they performed well. Apart from this, after the course, completion students will get various other advantages such as launching their first digital marketing agency, writing their first blog with a brand like TIMES OF INDIA, and launching their first podcast.


Students from IIM SKILLS are now working at:

Placement partners of IIM SKILLS


This video will give you a glimpse of the course and help you understand what exactly to expect from the course:


You may also read the reviews of IIM SKILLS digital marketing course and come to a conclusion about the course if it is worth spending your time energy and money or not.


Other Courses:

Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


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Rank #2 Digital Marketing Course in Tambaram



Besant technologies tend to provide training not only for digital marketing but in other domains as well, which includes software testing, cloud computing, mobile applications, robotic process, and many more courses are also included in the list. This is defined to be one of the finest institutes to provide digital marketing training in Tambaram.


Besant technologies help candidates enroll for the coutrse to prepare resumes for their jobs and have a history of more than 92% in providing placement to the candidates. They also provide online training and offline training facilities as well, which can be chosen as per the requirements.


This course comprises of completing more than 14 modules of digital marketing. The trainers teaching in this institute pursue the experience of more than 8 years and tend to provide hands-on training to the students. After the course completion, candidates get master certification from an institute and an internship opportunity.


Rank #3 Digital Marketing Course in Tambaram



With its successful establishment in 2011, in the year 2020, Zuan education continues to keep its brand name in the market at a huge pace. They provide training for digital marketing and other courses as well, which include web designing, development courses, programming courses, and other courses.


Zuan education is defined to be an academic or training arm for Zuan technologies. Services provided by Zuan technologies include design, development, and online marketing. Zuan education tends to focus on providing training and education on a real-time basis with hands-on experience also to the students enrolling for this course in this institute.


Under this institute, students get the option of enrolling into two types of batches. One is the advanced batch, and the other includes the premium batch. The advanced batch covers 11 modules of digital marketing in detail, while the premium batch covers 18 modules of digital marketing comprehensively.


This institute provides a facility of 100% job assistance along with an internship opportunity as well. Not only this, students are given one on one doubt sessions as well so that they don’t face any problem shortly when they land up for a job or freelance work. After completing the course, candidates get a certificate from the institute, which is very helpful for them in their career ahead.


Rank #4 Digital Marketing Course in Tambaram



Skartec digital marketing academy is defined as creative and very different from other institutes when it comes to digital marketing. From the past five years of its experience, SKARTEC ensures that productive training is given to its students enrolling for it. They also ensure that after completion of the course, employment opportunity is also given to their candidates.


The course includes 14 modules, including search engine optimization, search engine marketing, sales funnel, mobile marketing, digital marketing, and many other subjects.


After completing the course, students get a certificate from the institute and an opportunity to earn certificates from big brands, including GOOGLE, HUBSPOT, BING, FACEBOOK, etc. Candidates enrolling for the course get guidance even after the duration of the course is completed. They have also been trained on various parameters such as resume preparation, interview preparation, and many more things. That is why students enrolling in this course will have great scope shortly.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank #5 Digital Marketing Course in Tambaram



In the field of Information Technology, peridot systems are one of the leading training institutes. It gives the facility of both offline and online training to their students as per their requirements. Peridot systems are known as one of the leading institutes in providing training for a digital marketing course.


Peridot systems are known to be a very trusted brand in the sector of Information Technology. This institute gives the facility of skilled faculty having experience of more than 10 years. They have affordable labs, a fee structure that is affordable for the students enrolling in it.


Not only this, it provides employment assistance as well. In total it offers 50 different types of courses to the students. Institute also provides corporate training and is involved in recruitment training as well. The regular batch comprises 45 hours in total with the flexibility of weekend and weekdays batches. Not only this, but timing flexibility is also given to their candidates.


The weekend batch is for nine weeks, and fast- track course is for two weeks, divided into more than 5 hours. The course comprises eight modules of digital marketing. After completing the course, candidates get CDMM certification (Certification Digital Marketing Master) from the institute. It also provides other certifications as well, which include certification from top brands like GOOGLE.


Candidates get an opportunity for placement assistance along with internship opportunities as well. Live projects and one on one guidance are given to the candidates. They also conduct batches with a short number of students so that more focus is given to each student separately.




Q. Why should I learn digital marketing?

Ans- Because it is an emerging industry with a lot of opportunities and can be a rewarding career if done well with the right set of knowledge and skills.


Q. What is the importance of digital marketing tools?

Ans- Digital marketing has to do a lot with research and gathering data and tools make it very easy to conduct keyword research SEO audit and more.


Q. What are some of the best digital marketing tools?

Ans- Some of the best digital marketing tools are UBERSuggest, Canva, SEMRush, etc.



There are many institutes available from where candidates wishing to learn digital marketing courses and choosing digital marketer as their career option. After having a brief understanding of all the top 5 institutes that offer digital marketing course in Tambaram, I would personally recommend IIM SKILLS to choose to pursue a digital marketing course.

This is because IIM SKILLS not only provides training at low cost, which is one of the most important factors for any candidate, but they never leave their students after completion of the course and getting certified worldwide too as we can see from the above article, that there are a lot of opportunities as a digital marketer in the field of digital marketing.

Therefore, any candidate going for a digital marketing course in Tambaram and completing it also gets lots of options to work even as a freelancer or even as a full-time employee in any particular organization.

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