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5 Best Digital Marketing Course in Adyar With Placements

Finding the best digital marketing course in Adyar can be very difficult, here are some of the best options to consider. Browse through their details to know which one of them is best for you.


There are a lot of institutes that claim to offer the best digital marketing course in Adyar, but how do you decide which one to go for?


Well, mentioned below are the details of some of the finest institutes offering digital marketing courses in Adyar. Go through the details to understand what those courses have for you and then decide which is the best of all those courses.


With the increasing demand for the internet, the scope of digital marketing has also increased a lot which means job opportunities for a person as a digital marketer have also increased. This also signifies that any candidate who has completed their course can have a variety of options to choose from and move in their career ahead.


A digital marketer should pursue excellent skills to understand the needs and demands of the customers they are willing to target ahead. Let us understand some of the roles and responsibilities of a digital marketer in brief-


  • Should have the ability to create and optimize different digital marketing strategies after analyzing completely in detail what our competitors are doing.
  • Should share daily updates with their regular customers and also try and connect with a different set of customers as well.
  • Optimizing websites as per the requirement to sustain the attention of the customers continuously.
  • Ability to work in a team form and collaborate with another marketing team to improvise the ROI and growth of the company together.


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Nowadays, the use of social media has increased a lot. Therefore, it becomes easy for an organization and people working there as a digital marketer to have a lot of options to promote their product and services and create awareness too amongst the customers. But before that, as a digital marketer one needs to also analyze the target customers and along with it also know what strategy competitors are using so that organization can also grow and develop new methods to stand out in the market.


Best 5 Digital Marketing Course in Adyar


Digital Marketing Course in Adyar


After getting a brief understanding about what is the scope of digital marketer and digital marketing course let us know about the top 5 digital marketing courses in Adyar to choose from in detail-


Rank #1 Digital Marketing Course in Adyar



Any candidate who wishes to pursue their career in the field of digital marketing then IIM SKILLS is an institute which they can choose to complete this course comprehensively and step into the career of a digital marketer. This is an institute which candidates can choose without even giving a second thought to it. They practically provide training with less focus on theoretical knowledge.


Not only digital marketing, but IIM SKILLS also tends to provide other courses as well such as content writing courses, preparation for CAT exams, and provide knowledge about GST too. They provide the facility giving more case studies so that students enrolling get more practical on-field knowledge so that they don’t face any problems when they get a job in this field.


Duration and Fees

The duration of the course is of 5 months which comprises more than 180+ hours of the session. Fees of course are INR 34900+GST with an opportunity to master more than 40 modules.


Placement Assistance

After completing the digital marketing course, candidates get an opportunity of 2 months guaranteed paid internship with 100% placement assistance. Not only this they also get an opportunity of setting up their first digital marketing agency. Work with brands like Times of India, launch their first podcast as well.



Placement partners of IIM SKILLS


Lifetime Access

Apart from all the facilities mentioned above, they get lifetime access to the sessions attended by the students and complete guidance from the faculty all their life.


Here’s a video to give you a better glimpse of the experience of learning digital marketing from IIM SKILLS:


Reviews suggest a lot about the courses and you may consider going through the detailed review of the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course and then make a call if the course is worth it or not.


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IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank #2 Digital Marketing Course in Adyar



Digital scholar is an institute that has been formatted in the year 2019 and tends to provide the best digital marketing course for candidates who wish to enroll in the course. The founder of the institute pursues an experience of more than 12 hours and has also worked with more than 100 clients which is a big achievement. It is considered to be the only institute that tends to provide hands-on experience to its students in comparison to other training institutes.


This online course of digital marketing specializes in three categories, affiliate marketing, analyzing, and copywriting. For every module been taught, it provides 10 live case studies to its candidates. It allows its candidates to run different types of campaigns on various platforms. Lifetime access to the education training is given to the students. Not only this lifetime guidance is provided to the students so that they don’t face any problems in their near future as a digital marketer.


Apart from all the facilities mentioned above students completing the course gets to intern and they also provide 100% placement assistance as well to the students.


Rank #3 Digital Marketing Course in Adyar



This institute provides training to their students in a very new and creative way in a digital marketing course. Within a short period, it tends to provide professional training in which students enrolling can become an expert in the field of digital marketing.


This institute gives the flexibility of taking classes on weekdays as well as weekend classes too. Time duration for weekdays is a total of 10 hours which is divided into 2 hours of classes every day. And on the weekend the total class is of 4 hours duration which is again divided into 2 hours each. Along with this flexible time facilities are also given.


During the full duration of the courses, it covers more than 16 modules. Within this duration, more practical assignments are given with access to more than 25 tools required for digital marketing. After completion of certification, master certification is given with 100% placement assistance.


Rank #4 Digital Marketing Course in Adyar


This academy provides very in-depth knowledge about digital marketing to the candidates enrolling for the course. This institute is designed to provide training primarily in the subjects that are marketing, development, programming development, and software training as well.

This curriculum includes an opportunity to master more than 36 modules. Trainers in this institute are all top industry experts with many years of experience in the digital marketing area. The course provides training for usage of more than 100 digital marketing tools which makes candidates enrolling for it efficient enough for the course and become an expert in the field of digital marketing. Post completion it provides 100% placement assistance and internship opportunity as well.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank #5 Digital Marketing Course in Adyar


After its inception in 2014, Web D School tends to provide high-quality training in various short-term courses at a very low price. From the very beginning, it has grown enormously in the field of digital marketing. It is one of the best institutes providing digital marketing courses in Adyar. The main target of all the courses provided at Web D School is career progress and employment opportunity. The institute gives training only one batch a month with just about six students per batch to maintain high-quality training standards.


The extensive course syllabus has 18 modules covering all core aspects as well as various digital marketing tools. An understanding of marketing campaigns is through live projects. Photoshop is also a part of the curriculum. This enables students to create their designs for campaigns and advertisements. Trainees learn content writing in-depth as well. The institute provides 100% placement support.

FAQs for Digital Marketing Course in Adyar

Q. Which is the best institute for digital marketing?

Ans- IIM SKILLS is the best digital marketing training institute that has helped over 10,000 students from 30 countries with amazing reviews, ratings, features, and highlights in the last 7 years.


Q. What are the roles of a digital marketer?

Ans- There can be several roles and responsibilities of a digital marketer including taking part in the creative process of a campaign, managing ad campaigns, designing social media posts, strategizing website and social media content, and preparing funnels as well.


Q. Are there enough jobs out there in the digital marketing industry for freshers?

Ans- Yes, there are plenty of jobs in the digital marketing industry and there will be more of these since it is an evolving industry with massive potential growing at an extraordinary pace.



In the above article, one can have a brief knowledge about the digital marketing courses, types, how to proceed further, and which institute to choose. Above all the institutes mentioned above, I would personally recommend candidates looking forward to proceeding with their career option in digital marketing should go for IIM SKILLS.

For any student enrolling for any course ahead, the first important factor for them is the fees and they are interested in other features provided. And second is that who will guide them after completion of the course. And IIM SKILLS is an institute that satisfies both the factor and makes it easier for students to choose.

Therefore, along with all the key essentials required for completion of the course IIM SKILLS is an institute that not only provides comprehensive training to its students but also guides them lifelong.

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  • Hello. I am a marketing student, pursuing MBA. I am from a tier 3 college. I want to get a job in this field. I’m thinking to do a professional course. Will these courses be helpful in getting internships. I am in the first year only, so I want to prepare well for the placements. Thanks

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  • Hello, I am Saarthi. I have completed MBA. Your article is very well explained. After completion of Digital Marketing course successfully , Will I be able to open my own Digital Marketing Agency? Will you also provide assistance in the successful operation of the agency, just as you offer your assistance for job placements.

  • Hi, I am Srijan. I am a small restaurant owner. I want to acquire marketing skills needed for different social media platforms. This will help me boost my sales and band visibility to larger audience, enabling to createmore clients. Can my wife apply for the course? She has done MA in English with basic knowledge ofcomputer and internet operations.


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