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Best Digital Marketing Course in Borivali With Placements

If you’re looking for the best digital marketing course in Borivali, try browsing through the mentioned institutes and their descriptions to decide which one you should be going for.


Nowadays, when everything is digitalized, especially in these pandemic times, even all the little operational activities have turned into online. Therefore, almost every company follows digital marketing methods to promote their products and service in the market. In comparison to traditional methods, digital methods have been chosen to be more cost-effective and also help to generate more profit for the organization.


With the high-speed digital market, every organization needs to integrate a digital marketing strategy into its marketing methods. Otherwise, it will be very tough for them to survive in the market. Through different digital marketing methods, it becomes easier for the company to reach their targeted customers within and reach their target.


Since the scope of digital marketing is increasing day by day, the requirement of digital marketers is also increasing; therefore, complete knowledge about digital marketing is also essential. This is why many training institutes of digital marketing have been opened in various cities of India. With the increasing scope, job opportunities have also increased a lot; therefore, it becomes straightforward for someone to get an internship and job in this field.


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Best Digital Marketing Course in Borivali

After getting a brief understanding of digital marketing, let us now know about the top 6 digital marketing courses in Borivali to choose from-


Digital Marketing Course in Borivali


Rank #1 Digital Marketing Course in Borivali


Whenever the word digital marketing is heard, IIM SKILLS is a renowned name for learning digital marketing in Borivali. They comprehensively provide training and theoretical knowledge practical experience by solving case studies and completing assignments on time students get to learn a lot. With digital marketing courses, IIM SKILLS also provides training in different other courses and content writing, technical writing, GST, and CAT preparation to all the candidates all over India.


Comprehensive Training and Fee Structure

Digital Marketing course comprises 180+ hours of comprehensive long training and more than 15 live projects, and more than 10 case studies are given to be solved. One gets a chance to master more than 40+ digital marketing modules. It is a 53 monthly program, and the fee of the course is INR 34900+GST.


Guaranteed Internship

One of the biggest advantages of enrolling in a digital marketing course is that after completing the course, students get a guaranteed 2 month paid internship as well. Students get an opportunity of launching their first digital marketing agency. Not only this, but they also get a chance to write their first blog for Times of India.


Placement Assistance

The students at IIM SKILLS receive complete placement assistance where they get to learn about the best practices to scale a successful career in digital marketing. Many of the students from IIM SKILLS are now working at some of the very reputed companies like BMW, Accenture, American Express, and more.


The image suggests the trusted brand partners of IIM Skills


Podcasting and Branding Practices

Doing this course from IIM SKILLS also helps launch your first podcast with Apple, Google, and Spotify, which are well-known brands to everyone. It helps to launch our first youtube channel and also go live with the affiliating marketing as well.



Once a candidate enrolls for this course, they not only get access to tools for free, which is worth Rs 79,000, but they also get lifetime free access to the class recording sessions and practical sessions as well so that they can refer to it whenever they have stuck anywhere or need any help in the future.

Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course



Lifetime Access

IIM SKILLS is the institute that helps their students all his life even when the course is completed. They guide their students in every step until they are successfully settled with their job.

If you are willing to learn more in detail about the digital marketing course in Borivali by IIM SKILLS, this video can be really helpful, consider watching this:



You may also go through the review of the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course that gives you a clear idea about the course details and helps you decide better if the course is worth it or not.


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GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank #2 Digital Marketing Course in Borivali



Digital Gurukulam is a fine digital marketing course in Borivali that helps you to delve into the science behind digital marketing. The courses are best suited to entrepreneurs, students, working professionals, homemakers, and career aspirants who want to make a mark in the digital world.


The advanced digital marketing certification covers 40+ important modules. The course fee is Rs 30,000. The modules are customized according to the latest trends and developments in the online domain. You also have soft skills development and placement assistance with support to create the best resume possible. You have 200 + hours of learning with 70 plus hours of hands-on practical training. The faculty comprises industry experts having more than a decade of experience.


Rank #3 Digital Marketing Course in Borivali



Lavenir Institute of Professional Studies or LIPS India is one of the most well-rated digital marketing courses in Borivali. They offer a wide variety of learning programs. The courses are offered both in-classroom and online live training sessions with options to choose from in the weekend and weekday batches. The faculty members make sure that you get ample digital training to bolster your existing skills. They help you get an overview of the industry expectations and become successful by providing value to the clients.


Some of the salient features are that you get unlimited server space for your website creation and learning. You get access to paid website creation tools for free, create paid campaigns, and have platform access to Google Analytics, Search Console, Mailchimp account, paid infographics, and others. Furthermore, free trials for platforms such as Semrush, Spyfu, Pushcrew, Kwfinder, and others.


Rank #4 Digital Marketing Course in Borivali



They have been actively involved in providing education to students across all fields since 2013. You have experienced mentors who understand the demands of the industry and formulate the courses according to the developments and changes in the web domain.


They are regarded as one of the top institutes offering digital marketing courses in Borivali. This is because their training is in-depth and offers key modules important to excel in the online domain. Visionary Classes Borivali offers several classes, the most popular being advance digital marketing courses in Borivali with Google certification. They also provide many certification courses such as WordPress, Java, Android, C, C++, etc.


Key concepts like SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Google Adwords, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Optimization, And Marketing, Content Writing, Blogging, Copywriting, Creating WordPress Websites are covered in the digital marketing courses. They offer exceptional student support, making them one of the most distinguished institutes for Digital Marketing courses in Borivali.


Rank #5 Digital Marketing Course in Borivali



With 1200 successful batches, Operating Media has excellently performed digital marketing training and knowledge. Operating Media is a renowned training institute offering a plethora of digital marketing courses in Borivali. They have trained more than 7500 professionals and have so far conducted 50 + corporate seminars.


The digital marketing excellence certificate is a program that helps you to garner knowledge on all aspects of online marketing and digital media. You can incorporate all the learnings in your business and career to fulfill the objectives and generate great results. The course fee for the program is Rs 35000, and the duration is 90 hours.


The training on specialized modules helps to understand the modules better. You can maximize your productivity and work on your strategy to grow your career.


All of the modules will help in showing the right path to succeed in your goals. Whether you are a freelancer running a digital marketing agency, a new career aspirant waiting for a rewarding career in the online medium, you should take up a digital marketing course to prosper.


Their most prominent features are personalized attention and mentoring sessions, flexible timings, training for different certifications, including Google. There is Job assistance and lifetime training support after completion of the course.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank #6 Digital Marketing Course in Borivali



Apex Online Academy offers one of the most distinguished digital marketing courses.. Apart from the Digital marketing course in Borivali, they also provide SEO training, WordPress Creation and conduct digital marketing workshops.


The Digital marketing crash course is for a duration of 15 days conducted in Borivali. Here, you learn about the essentials of the digital marketing process and how it can help you enhance your overall performance.


They conduct digital marketing workshops from time to time to apprise students, professionals, and people who want to start a career in digital marketing of the various trends and developments happening in the web domain.


The Search engine optimization training helps you to understand the fundamentals and advanced concepts of search engines. Learn how to create a website and maximize its performance to rank on search engines and get the desired benefit from the visibility you get. All the mentors help you understand your strengths and give you direction on starting and excelling in your digital marketing career.



Q. Why should I learn digital marketing?

Ans- Considering the scope in the digital marketing industry at this point in time looks like a very valid option to consider.


Q. What are the job roles in digital marketing?

Ans- There are many job roles in digital marketing and some of them are digital marketing manager, head of digital marketing, chief marketing officer, social media manager, content analyst, content writing associate, digital marketing executive, and more.


Q. Is digital marketing a rewarding career?

Ans- Yes, it is. Since it is a booming industry and is growing at an extraordinary pace, the companies are willing to invest a lot of money into digital marketing making it a very fruitful career option to consider.





After studying the details of the top 6 institutes to learn digital marketing, in my opinion, I would recommend someone to pursue a digital marketing Course from IIM SKILLS. As we compare all the institutes, we can see that IIM SKILLS not only provides certification from their institute but allows the students who go through training to be certified by leading institutions such as Google. They also give free tools, and the most important factor which is important to every candidate enrolling is the course fees which is lesser compared to other institutes.

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    Hi, I am very interested in digital marketing. But I am very inclined to content, Seo, and social media. I am confused about which to go after my courses. Should I do internships in them all to find out? Or with courses and assignments, I will be able to settle to any one of them?

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