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Best Digital Marketing Course in Goregaon With Placements

There is plenty of digital marketing course in Goregaon that claim to offer the best training around digital marketing, well here are some of them and their details.


There is abundance of digital marketing course in Goregaon, and before we figure out the best option for us, lets try and learn a little about digital marketing. Digital marketing can be defined as a process wherein any electronic medium is been used to pass on a certain message or communication. This method is also used for the promotion of any brand for proper marketing process as well. So, now let’s know how can someone become a digital marketer?



Nowadays, when everything is digital half of the entire world is on the internet. They can easily access the internet from any corner of the world. This digital access was made easily available to human beings almost 10 years ago but now with the changing times, this has become a survival point for everyone. As per the research, almost 42% of the people access the internet through mobile phone only while another half operates through different electronic devices.


With a lot of people shopping, playing, and working online, promoting their brand online is the key option for the marketing departments and different companies all over the world. From engaging the customer, to also keeping to maintain the profits as well almost all other organizations have started investing in digital marketing strategy.


If any person chooses to take their career as a digital marketer there are a lot of opportunities available for them to work whether they choose to become a freelancer or as an employee in an organization. 


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So, now let’s read about what are the steps one can take to become a digital marketer-

  1. Attending different networking affairs- Even though there is a lot of knowledge about digital marketing, a lot of information on how to become a digital marketer is available on different internet channels. But just gathering information through different video channels is not enough. Attending different seminars, conferences, workshops, and listening live to the industry experts as well as interacting with them live to clear doubts helps to generate a clear understanding of how to choose digital marketing as a career option too.
  2. Learning from digital marketing labels and different business tycoons- If someone is starting their career as a digital marketer as a fresher then starting to invest in any high professional business company can be very expensive and risky too. But to start your career as a digital marketer one should choose to start working as a junior digital marketer under an experienced digital marketer will help someone to gain experience as well as knowledge too on how to become a leader as well in any esteemed organization they choose to work.
  3. Building a strong connection with Like-Minded individuals- In the field of digital marketing, many famous communities of digital marketers are on online platforms. Starting your career as a digital marketer and creating your presence in the industry is very difficult. Therefore, being connected with the famous communities of digital marketers helps to create an online presence of the projects done and grow further.
  4. Finding a digital marketing internship- Before taking up a job in the digital marketing field as a digital marketer it is better to go for an internship program. Going for an internship job helps us to recognize our mistakes and learn from them as well. It also guides on what exactly is the job profile and how to work in an esteemed organization as well.
  5. Staying updated about all the information regarding digital marketing- Just being a digital marketer is not enough. With changing times, one needs to be updated with the new changes as well or else they can be replaced very easily. Different podcast channels, different youtube channels, and attending different seminars as mentioned before help us to stay updated. Also, reading different books on digital marketing helps us to stay updated. 


5 Digital Marketing Courses in Goregaon to Choose From-

Digital Marketing Course in Goregaon


#Rank 1: Digital Marketing Course in Goregaon



If a candidate chooses to pursue a course in digital marketing then IIM SKILLS can be the first institute to choose. This is because any candidate enrolling for a digital marketing course gets an opportunity to learn digital marketing in a very detailed manner. Not only through theoretical assignments but also, through different practical approaches as well. Apart from the digital marketing course, many other different courses are also been taught like content writing, technical writing, GST and CAT preparations as well.


One of the major benefits any students get enrolling for this course in IIM SKILLS is the 2 months guaranteed paid internship. This is considered to be very important because as mentioned earlier that before getting into any job directly having an internship opportunity is very important for a fresher to start up. 



Candidates enrolling get free access to tools worth RS 79,000. This course comprises of long 180+ hours of training. It is a 5 monthly program and the course fee is 34,900+GST. After completing this digital marketing course in Goregaon students get an opportunity to launch their first digital marketing agency and also write their first blog with an esteemed newspaper TIMES OF INDIA. 

Some of the premium tools that students get to learn through this course are:

Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course


Students enrolling for digital marketing course in IIM SKILLS also gets a great opportunity to launch their first podcast with brands like GOOGLE and SPOTIFY. Choosing IIM SKILLS benefits a lot as teachers teaching there does not guide students while they are pursuing the course but they also guide them ahead after completing the course as well so that they get proper way on how to settle their career in a good manner. 


Here’s a video for a better understanding of the digital marketing course in Goregaon by IIM SKILLS:

Other Courses:

Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank#2: Digital Marketing Course in Goregaon



In the year 2000, ICIT a computer institute was launched. This institute is known as one of the most reputed institutes in providing training related to information technologies, and many other important factors as well. They also provide training in many other courses such as business analytics, computer accounting, hardware, networking, graphics, interior designing, and digital marketing. 


ICIT is also known as one of the leading computer institutes which are famously known for computer technology. Every individual be it a student or a working professional they need a proper understanding of the internet domain so that they can work efficiently in their organization as well. 


ICIT provides training in two types of digital marketing courses. One is an advanced diploma in a digital marketing course while the other is a master in social media marketing. In the advanced level of training, the course fee is Rs. 20,000 while the duration of the course is 2 months. In this course, all the levels of fundamentals, as well as advanced concepts of online marketing, is been taught to the students enrolling for it. 


The candidate enrolling for this digital marketing course in Goregaon from ICIT gets an experience of theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge too by solving different case studies. They tend to give full guidance and placement support to students enrolling for it after they complete their course. They help students get placed in different IT companies. Along with this student also gets the benefit of having a live experience working on projects with different known brands such as Swiggy. 


#Rank 3: Digital Marketing Course in Goregaon



In the year 2007, media pasta a 360 degrees digital marketing company was established. It aims to provide different digital marketing services to different companies. Over the past few years, this company has grown exceptionally well in the field of digital marketing, and now along with providing digital marketing services, they have also started providing training as well to students who want to learn digital marketing in detail. They tend to focus more on practical learning in comparison to theoretical knowledge. 


Media pasta provides different types of courses covering various aspects of digital marketing. This program is divided into two types one is the basic level and the other is the advanced level wherein students can choose to enroll as per their own requirements and need. 


Students enrolling for digital marketing courses in Media pasta can be existing digital marketers, students, entrepreneurs, other working professionals as well. One of the great benefits that a student has is that they get to learn from an institute that is already a brand in the industry.


Students enrolling for digital marketing course in Goregaon here also gets to learn from renowned teachers there who teach students as per their experience in their respective fields of digital marketing.  This course covers every aspect of digital marketing in detail. From setting up the website to building up the relationship with the customer’s everything is been taught in detail. 


#Rank 4: Digital Marketing Course in Goregaon


 Optron academy is also one of the leading institutes providing training in a digital marketing course in Goregaon. Students enrolling for it get detailed training comprehensively by teachers who almost have experience of more than 10 years in this industry. 


They provide practical training as well to the students and also provide them with hands-on experience as well. They provide different types of digital marketing courses like- They provide a 3- month duration program for e-commerce facility wherein students enrolling for it gets an opportunity of a guaranteed internship opportunity. 


They provide 45 days of program as well at beginner’s level wherein all the basics of digital marketing are covered in detail.  There is also a 6 monthly digital marketing course wherein all the advanced levels of digital marketing concepts are been taught in detail to increase your knowledge.


Optron academy also provides a course of 12 months duration which is a master program that provides training for getting certified with global certifications as well. 


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


#Rank 5: Digital Marketing Course in Goregaon


In the field of information technology, quickxpert is one of the leading companies providing training and consultancy services to their customers. They are experts in the field of technology and provide different solutions. Their priority is their clients and students enrolling for different pieces of training provided by them. 


Amongst all the courses provided by them, they are also known as one of the leading institutes in providing training for digital marketing courses as well. They teach students enrolling for it in a detailed manner focusing 80% on the practical approach and 20% on the theoretical approach. 


They tend to cover each topic and sub-topic which needs to be covered in the digital marketing course. After completion of the course students gets an opportunity of getting certified in 5 google certifications as well as getting trained to get HubSpot certification as well. 


Candidates also get access to different types of tools that they can use as per their requirements. Many practical projects are also assigned to the students so that they get a live experience of what needs to be done once they get into the field of digital marketing, whether as a freelancer or a digital marketer in an esteemed organization whichever they choose. 


Students enrolling for digital marketing courses in this institute are also provided with soft skills training and along with this, they are also provided training to prepare a resume which is very important for applying for jobs in any industry or to apply to different sites as a freelancer too.


After completion of the course, candidates can also opt to go for an internship program. But in case a candidate gets a job by himself or herself then they can also choose to opt-out from an internship program as well. They also tend to guide students in getting placed who want to opt for it. Proper hand-holding is been done so that students getting enrolled for it should not be mishandled. 


Are you looking for digital marketing courses that can help you master the craft of marketing online? Read about the Best Digital Marketing Course in India here.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What are the fees for the digital marketing course? 

A. The fees of the course vary as per the institute, course type, and specializations. On a broader scale, the course fees for digital marketing ranges between 30K to 1lakh.


Q2. Which is the best institute for digital marketing? 

A. IIM Skills is the best go-to institute for digital marketing. It offers a comprehensive 5-month digital marketing program which includes 2 months paid internship. More practical exposure and diversified curriculum make it the best among the courses.


Q3. Can 12th pass do Digital marketing? 

A. Yes. Anyone with a zeal to step into the industry can opt for digital marketing. The industry gives preference to skills and expertise.



After getting an in-depth detail about the top 5 institutes wherein students can enroll for a digital marketing course in Goregaon, amongst all I would personally recommend anyone to choose IIM SKILLS for pursuing this course. This is because IIM SKILLS not only provides training and certifications but they also hand holds the students very well. Giving various advantages of presenting yourself in the field is very vital.


With the low amount of fees as well they guide students on how to start their career as a digital marketer as a fresher so that they don’t be misguided and lost. Even after the course is completed IIM SKILLS also guides them lifetime even when they need their help and guidance at any point in life.

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  • Hello, I am Shilpi. I am working in Ad agency.My task involves assisting in creating, planning, and handling advertising and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing for the clients. I want to gain thorough knowledge to be able to properly do my work , so I want to take admission to the Digital marketing course. I have gone through the IIMskills digital marketing course video, and choose to get admission to the course with them.


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