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Best Digital Marketing Course in Malad With Placements

Do you know which is the best digital marketing course in Malad? Well, it won’t be very difficult because Malad has some of the finest institutes offering digital marketing courses.


Before getting to learn about the best digital marketing course in Malad, let’s first try and learn about digital marketing and its types.




Digital marketing can be defined as a method of spreading awareness and also creating trust in our targeted audience through any medium of the electronic device. This process of creating awareness amongst the audience does not limit to only online channels but also offline channels as well. Different offline mode of channel like TV, Radio, Newspaper also plays a major role in the process of marketing. Many people consider digital marketing as only to promote their brand their online mode like email marketing or any other way of marketing which is not true. 


Let’s have a brief understanding about what are the different types of digital marketing in detail-


  • Search engine optimization (SEO)-  As the name defines SEO stands for Search Engine optimization. It can also be defined as the art of getting a high rank to your web pages created. SEO is of two types on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The ultimate goal of SEO is to get the number of visitors to your website. 


  • Pay-per-Click (PPC)- Pay-per-click deals with the paid results and involves bidding on the same. But this depends on the specific keywords that are been used. Pay per click depends on the type of business which is been done whether it be a small business or large business. Digital marketing is not for small businesses. Pay per click is the method that is used to generate a high amount of income as well.


  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)- Social media platforms can be defined as the usage of social media platforms to connect with the targeted audience and promote your brand in the market. Buying paid ads helps to set up a brand image and also helps to interact directly with the customers and also receive their feedbacks as well on products and services been offered. 


  • Content Marketing- Content marketing can be defined as a method of creating content in a consistent way to attract a targeted set of customers. Providing content marketing services is the root of digital marketing and the webpage created or the social media page made is easily visible to their customers. Once quality content is created then people won’t spend most of their time reading it and also sharing it with their respective contacts and on various other social platforms as well. 


  • Email marketing- Email marketing is the process of sending business messages to a group of people together via mail. Many people may not make the process of email marketing a primary method of digital marketing as the outcome of this method is not much in comparison to other methods of digital marketing. But nowadays, with updated technology people involved in business can also conduct suitable email marketing campaigns. Keeping in constant touch with the customers and letting them know about the latest developments helps to be in constant touch with the customers to promote products and services being offered. 


  • Affiliate marketing– Affiliate marketing also named influencer marketing can be defined as a method of advertising using networks that help to influence an influencer to endorse the products or services been offered. Many organizations partner with such influencers to create brand awareness amongst their targeted customers and also convert some profitable leads for their customers. 


  • Mobile Marketing- Mobile marketing can be defined as the marketing of products and services through Short Message Service (SMS). Sending regular marketing messages to the customers helps companies to engage with their targeted customers more largely. This is because 90% of the people open the messages as soon as they receive them therefore, any set of people requiring any service or product requirement can directly contact the customer care of a particular product or service they want.


  • Radio and TV Ads- This is a source of marketing wherein customers are informed about the messages to be provided about their products and services through radio and tv advertisements. Even today in this modern technology, many people listen to the radio while they are traveling and they even tend to spend quality of their time in front of the television as well. Therefore, it becomes easier for companies to market their product and gain brand image for their company. 


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After having a brief understanding of different types of digital marketing let us learn about 5 best digital marketing institutes in Malad to choose digital marketing course and start their career with prospective opportunities-


Best Digital Marketing Course in Malad


Digital Marketing Course in Malad


Rank #1 Digital Marketing Course in Malad


IIM SKILLS is known to be the most popular institute when to comes to learning digital marketing course, not only in Malad but all over India. They provide training to students enrolling for it in a very detailed manner. They train students not only in a theoretical way but also in a practical manner by assigning projects and case studies to the students so that they get a brief idea about how to deal with it when they join an organization or as choose to work as a freelance content writer as well.


Course Details & Fees

The duration of the course is more than 180+ hours. It provides training not only for digital marketing but also for many other courses like content writing, GST, and they also prepare for CAT exams as well. One gets to master 40+ modules of digital marketing. The fees of the course are INR 34,900 + GST. 


Get your first blog to be published at Times of India

On successful completion of the course, 2 months guaranteed paid internship is provided to their students. Not only this candidate enrolled for this course gets to write their first blog with one of the esteemed newspaper TIMES OF INDIA. They also get to launch their first digital marketing agency as well along with starting their first podcast as well. 

Along with all the features mentioned above, even after completion of the course students are been guided lifelong. They are not left on their own so that they get stable in their career head whether as a full-time employee or even a freelance writer depending on their choice of career. 


Placement Assistance

Most students who join such digital marketing courses mainly aim to find a job in digital marketing, however, many of them lack the knowledge to understand how to go about building a career in digital marketing. To help such students, IIM SKILLS provides complete placement assistance around the right ways to build a career around digital marketing.


These are the brands our students are working at:

The image suggests the trusted brand partners of IIM Skills



The tools play a very important role in digital marketing practices and IIM SKILLS provides free access to premium tools worth INR 79,000 to the students. This helps the students learn about the applications and operations of such premium tools. The expertise in operating such tools is very essential when it comes to a job.

Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course


This video can be very helpful if you’re looking for a glimpse of how this course is going to be and what you can expect from the course.


The reviews and ratings of the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course are very convincing and suggest that the students are quite satisfied with the kind of training they received from this course.


Other Courses:

Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


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Rank #2 Digital Marketing Course in Malad



ICIT Computer institute is known to be a top-rated institute for providing training for digital marketing course in Malad. They tend to focus more on practical approaches rather than theoretical knowledge. 


After completion of the course, students get a certificate or diploma in digital marketing along with a master’s certification in social media marketing. They provide training in different subjects like hardware networking, web designing, graphic designing, business analytics, industrial designing as well as cloud computing too. The fees of this diploma course are INR 20,000.

They tend to cover various aspects of digital marketing and candidates enrolling for it become an expert after completing the course. It covers certifications related to Google and Facebook. Students tend to learn approx. 41 modules of digital marketing during the course. 


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Rank #3 Digital Marketing Course in Malad



Raj computer academy is famously known for its discipline structure while training its students enrolling for digital marketing courses in their institute. They are one of the top digital marketing institutes in Malad which aims to provide in-depth training to their students. 


The duration of the course is 4 months and the course is prepared in such a way that any person be it a working professional or a fresher student can enroll for this course without having a second thought about it. The course is structured in such a way that any candidate enrolling for it can easily understand the course along with the latest developments which they need to know with time. 


They provide placement assistance too and also provide practical assignments as well to the students so that they don’t face any problems in the future. All the important topics are covered in this course in a very detailed manner. To know about the fee structure of the course candidate needs to log in to the website of an institute. 


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Rank #4 Digital Marketing Course in Malad



IIEDM provides training and certification to the candidates enrolling for digital marketing courses in their institute at a very advanced level covering all the different modules of this course. 


IIEDM is also considered to be one of the top institutes of digital marketing in Malad. The duration of the course is 4 months covering all the 25 important modules which consist of 25 topics in total. Candidates enrolling for this course get access to the content library along with an opportunity to study further for attaining google certifications as well. 


It provides more than 70 hours of live training and 40 hours of video training. The fees of the course are INR 67,795+GST. Students enrolling for it get to cover 7 modular assignments and 8 branded projects as well. 


Students facing any additional doubts are also given one on one attention by the experts in this industry and they are also handled very gently too so that they don’t face any problem shortly in their career ahead. 


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank #5 Digital Marketing Course in Malad



CM Techno Solutions provides training in digital marketing which is divided into three types- job-oriented courses, trending courses, and popular courses.  They provide training both through online mode as well as classroom training too. Students enrolling for digital marketing courses can enroll for any type of course as per their suitability. 


Students enrolling in the course get to learn from industry experts who are qualified with almost more than 10 years of experience. Candidates get an opportunity to work on real-time projects as well. The training session provided is also very flexible. 


Job assistance is also provided to the students. Not only this after completion of the course students are also provided with guaranteed internship opportunities as well. 


So far, they have conducted almost more than 1500 sessions. Along with this, they have also tied up with many esteemed organizations and also tend to conduct corporate training with esteemed companies like Google, Microsoft, etc. 


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FAQs about Digital Marketing Course in Malad


Q. Is digital marketing easy?

Ans- Digital marketing is easy yet very important skill and therefore, it is very important to understand the minute details of the craft which many people often fail to understand.


Q. Is digital marketing a tough job?

Ans- Digital marketing is not really a tough job however, it is a job of responsibility since the online growth of an organization largely relies on it. The job demands a lot of creativity and a strategical approach which one can easily learn through the internet, courses, and other resources.


Q.  How long is the digital marketing course?

Ans- The average duration of the digital marketing course is 3 months, however, depending on the nature of the course and the modules covered, the course duration may vary. There are diploma and degree programs in which the course duration can be as much as 6 months or even a year.



So, these were some really important and interesting facts about the best digital marketing course in Malad.


In the above article, one can have a brief knowledge about the digital marketing courses, types, how to proceed further, and which institute to choose. Above all the institutes mentioned above, I would personally recommend candidates looking forward to proceeding with their career option in digital marketing should go for IIM SKILLS.


For any student enrolling for any course ahead, the first important factor for them is the fees and they are interested in other features provided. And second is that who will guide them after completion of the course. And IIM SKILLS is an institute that satisfies both the factor and makes it easier for students to choose.


Therefore, along with all the key essentials required for completion of the digital marketing course, IIM SKILLS is an institute that not only provides comprehensive training to its students but also guides them lifelong. 

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