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How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Course in 2022

Do you know how to choose the best digital marketing course? Choosing the best digital marketing course can be quite a hassle until you know the right way to look for it.

If you browse the web, you’ll find plenty of digital marketing courses and pieces of training. Well, then how exactly do you decide which digital marketing course you shall go for?

The internet is loaded with institutes and individuals offering digital marketing courses. This makes it very difficult for people to learn digital marketing to pick the best course for them. There are a lot of institutes offering digital marketing courses which claim to offer way more than they actually do.

Digital marketing has become one of the key operations for almost every business, thus making it extremely important. The digital marketing practices and strategies, if implemented properly can yield amazing results.

Until recently, digital marketing wasn’t recognized as a mainstream industry but in the last few years, it has grown wildly popular. The industry was said to have a market size of $50 billion by 2020 and the projected digital ad spend for the year 2021 is over $400 Billion.

So, it is not very surprising to find so many people interested in learning digital marketing. The industry is undoubtedly crowded, but there is still good space and opportunities. One needs to have the right set of skills to make the best use of such opportunities.

Moreover, the industry is expanding, thus creating more employment opportunities for people. Since businesses need digital marketing the most, the industry has managed to expand its reach to every sector.

Starting from consulting to education, healthcare, travel, fashion, e-commerce, technology, and even the fitness sector needs the use of digital marketing. The need for every business to follow digital marketing practices is quite obvious.

As of now, close to 60% of the world’s population has access to the internet, making it one of the biggest marketplaces. People read and see things on the internet that influences their buying decisions. So, the better you reach on the internet, the more likely you’re to drive your business to success.

Social media has turned out to be one of the key strengths for digital marketers. With billions of daily active users, it is one of the very potential platforms to reach out to any corner of the world and create brand awareness.

So, clearly, the internet is one of the superpowers that we have and making the best use of it and yield beautiful results. Well, how exactly do we make the best use of the internet? We might not be aware of the practices followed for advertising and marketing on the web.

Well, businesses do look for professionals with digital marketing skills that will help the business in building an online presence. So, it is quite clear that it has become very important to learn digital marketing.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Course?

How to choose the best digital marketing course

There are several points you need to keep in mind before going for any digital marketing course. It will help you find and choose the best digital marketing course. Let’s discuss some of the points ahead in this and learn how to choose digital marketing courses and pieces of training that are best for you.

There are certain parameters to judge any course and those parameters will help you to choose the best digital marketing course. Some of such parameters are:

  1. Course Modules
  2. Trainers
  3. Resources
  4. Certifications
  5. Duration of the course
  6. Alumni Status
  7. Placement Assistance
  8. Number of students trained
  9. Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials
  10. Brand Presence

Let’s know more about the mentioned points in detail so that you know exactly what to look for in a digital marketing course and how to choose digital marketing courses and training.

  • Course Modules

The course modules speak a lot about the course. These basically contain the actual content of the course and therefore, it becomes very important to go through the course modules. Going through them gives you a very clear idea about what to expect from the course.

A digital marketing, course shall consist of all types of marketing practices including social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Several courses focus on just one particular skill, and if you mistake the course for a complete digital marketing course without checking the course modules, it might end up in a bad way for you.

So, it is a very suggested practice that one shall go through the course modules before opting for a course and gather as many details as possible about the course to understand if it fits your requirements or not.

So, to make sure that the course is correct to your requirements or not, the first step you shall take is going through the course modules and understand what exactly the course has to offer. This helps you make more informed decisions and be clear about your expectations from the course.

  • Trainers

The course trainers happen to be one of the most important things to consider while looking for the best digital marketing course. No matter which course you go for, the trainers are the ones you’ll be interacting with and they’re responsible for how you learn the subject.

So, it is always good to learn from experienced professionals who have actually worked in the industry for a while and hold a good level of expertise in the craft. So, every time you browse through the details of any course, you must go through the trainer profile and see how experienced they are.

There are plenty of digital marketing courses where the students get to learn from industry experts and professionals with over 10 years of experience. Their experience and expertise are two things that one must consider before going for any course.

You might as well attend demo sessions to interact with the trainer or get in touch with the institution and enquire about your queries related to the trainer so that you have better clarity about the course. Hence, looking into the trainer details is a crucial step for knowing how to choose digital marketing courses and training.

  • Resources

Digital marketing involves a lot of additional things that actually help you learn and practice digital marketing in a better way. One cannot learn digital marketing entirely through theory rather it takes a good amount of practice and interaction with actual digital marketing concepts to master the craft. There are several tools, software, and knowledgeable resources that are very important while trying to learn digital marketing.

So, to know how to look for the best digital marketing course, you must first understand what resources you shall be expecting from any course. There are some very common resources that pretty much every institute offering a digital marketing course shall provide their students with. Some of those resources include study materials, e-books, interview preparation, and more.

One very interesting digital marketing course offered by IIM SKILLS is a great example of what resources an institute shall offer. The digital marketing master course by IIM SKILLS offers free access to premium tools worth INR 79,000+ along with pdfs, study material, and more.

Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course

Next time you’re in search of the best digital marketing course, do not forget to check if the course is providing you with plenty of resources of just mere theories. This will help you in filtering through institutes and find the best digital marketing course.

  • Certifications

Certifications are very important documents when it comes to any skill you are trying to learn. They’re proof that one has been through formal training and can is a potential candidate for the job. Certifications can prove to be highly valuable when it comes to applying for jobs and even while getting clients to trust you for freelancing assignments, etc.

The likeliness of you getting a job increases depending upon how valuable of a certification you have in your resume. The world is witnessing a digital revolution and software companies like Google and Facebook happen to be some of the biggest companies in the world. If you’re looking for a digital marketing course, you must look for one that offers Google, Facebook, and HubSpot certification.

Becoming a Google-certified candidate or one with Facebook or HubSpot certification can help you immensely with landing high-paying clients or jobs. Next time you’re looking for a digital marketing course, make sure you look at the certifications and how valuable they are.

8 Google certifications offers in the IIM SKILLS digital marketing master course

This is a very important step to know how to choose digital marketing courses and training.

  • Duration of course

Duration of course as a matter of fact is an important thing to notice when it comes to choosing a digital marketing course. The duration of the course actually helps you understand some tiny details that we usually do not pay attention to. You’ll have to see the number of modules you’ll go through in a certain duration of time.

Let’s suppose an institute is offering complete digital marketing training in just a matter of 1 month, and then it is likely to be a course that rushes students through the theory without any practical approach. This is because, considering how vast of a subject digital is marketing, it is nearly impossible for one to guide students through every aspect of digital marketing in a period of one month.

So, make sure you pay a little attention to the duration of the course along with the kind of training you’ll go through to know how to choose digital marketing courses and training that fits your requirements the best.

  • Alumni Status

The Alumni status speaks a lot about the nature of courses and training offered by a certain institute. An alumnus basically refers to the students from previous batches who successfully graduated completing the course. So, having a look at where the Alumni are in terms of their professional status will help you understand if a course will be actually helpful.

If you’re referring to Alumni status, it’s always good to see what kind of organizations did they manage to find jobs in, if any of them are doing freelancing, and how successful they’re doing so. If a good majority of students have managed to have a good professional career so far, then there are good chances that the course has actually benefitted those students and is potentially a good choice to go with.

Next time you go through a course page or an institution’s details, make sure you pay a visit to the Alumni section and see for details so that you can be sure about the kind of course and assistance provided by the institute.

So, considering the Alumni status is a very important practice that you must keep in mind while trying to know how to choose digital marketing courses and training that is best for you.

  • Placement Assistance

Most of the students who look for digital marketing courses mainly intend to find jobs, placement, or freelancing opportunities. Learning a skill gets them one step closer to this goal, however, finding jobs and employment opportunities is entirely another story.

So, students often look forward to institutions helping them with getting jobs, and many institutes do offer placement assistance while a lot of institutes don’t.  Placement assistance basically means that the institute will provide you guidance that helps you decide how to go about your digital marketing career. So, if you’re quite serious about having a career in digital marketing and want to find the best advice for getting jobs, freelancing clients, and more, then you must check if the institute offers placement assistance.

You may also pay attention to which all are their placement partners to get an idea about the kind of guidance they offer. So, to know how to choose digital marketing courses and training, you must ensure that the course offers placement assistance and support.

Students who have completed their digital marketing training from IIM SKILLS are now working at some of the really bug organizations such as Accenture, Barclays, American Express, BMW and more.

Placement partners of IIM SKILLS

  • Number of Students Trained

One of the very common ways to make a judgment for any course is by looking at the number of students any institute has trained. So, more the number of students clearly means the institute is trusted by more number of students and thus there is a good possibility that the course could be of very good quality.

One very important suggestion you shall consider is that, while looking at the number of students an institute has trained, make sure you also look for how long has the institute been operating. This is because, if an institute has been offering courses for very long, it is natural for it to have a decent alumni base. So, you’ll have to observe if the number of students is slightly higher than it shall be considering the number of years an institute has been offering courses.

Having more number of trained students is always a great indication towards the fact that the institute could be a very trustable option for you to consider. So, you must pay close attention to the statistical part also to know how to choose digital marketing courses and training that is perfectly suitable for you.

  • Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials

The reviews and ratings are a very crucial part of judging a course. Since reviews are a clear reflection of how the students felt about the course, it gives a really good insight into how good or mediocre a course is.

So always make sure to go through the reviews section to get a detailed idea about the student’s experience. The better the testimonials are the more likely it is that a course offers good quality.

Read the reviews of IIM SKILLS digital marketing course here

  • Brand Presence

Brand presence is a very important factor when it comes to considering a course as a potential option for learning digital marketing. It takes a good course that offers great amounts of value, proper placement assistance, and appropriate course duration with the right course modules to build a good brand presence.

So, over time, an institute has to remain consistent to build a brand that people can trust. Once that trust relationship with the audience is built, it becomes a reliable option since many people trust the brand, and thus it has a responsibility to offer a good quality course.

However, it is very much suggested that one shall not blindly believe a course just because of the brand presence but go through the details and ensure if the mentioned features and offerings are fit for their requirements.


Q. How to learn digital marketing?

Ans- The Internet is the biggest free resource you can use to learn digital marketing, but it will take some time for any beginner to understand what to look for on the web. This is the reason, it is often suggested to learn through a course in a very small amount of time.

Q. What to look for in a digital marketing course?

Ans- Many things starting from instructor profile to modules, placement assistance, certifications, resources, reviews, and ratings, etc.

Q. Are there any good digital marketing courses out there?

Ans- Yes, one of the best digital marketing courses in IIM SKILLS considering the reviews, ratings, and features & highlights.


These were some of the lesser-known details that one must keep in mind to know how to choose digital marketing courses and training that are suitable for them. The mentioned list contains just some parameters of judging a course while there are a lot many courses.

If you’re willing to learn digital marketing at least try browsing through IIM SKILLS digital marketing course page or simply attend the free live online demo sessions and get to know more about the course. This video will guide you through the fine details of the course:

If you’re wondering how to choose the best digital marketing course then make a checklist of the mentioned points and go through potential digital marketing course options to find which one of them stands good on most of the parameters. Well, that one is likely to be the best option for you to consider.

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