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Best Digital Marketing Course in Malleshwaram With Placements

Are you looking for the best digital marketing courses in Malleshwaram? Well, here are the best options for you to consider.


It’s not at all difficult to find a digital marketing course in Malleshwaram, however, to know which of them is the best can be quite tough. Mentioned below are some of the best digital marketing courses in Malleshwaram. Go through the details and then decide which one of them is the best.


In today’s time, everything being digital and on online platforms digital marketing has made things very easy for the organizations and other companies as well as for single individuals too. Therefore, every company has started using digital marketing as their sole method of creating awareness about their products and services.


Now since every company is using methods of digital marketing, the scope and demand for the digital marketers is also increasing day by day. So, any candidate who wishes to develop their career in the field of digital marketing they have lot of opportunities and options to advance their career level and also for freshers who are starting their career with digital marketing it will give them a kick-start to their career as they will have lot of options to take up jobs in various sectors of the company.


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Best Digital Marketing Course in Malleshwaram

Digital Marketing Course in Malleshwaram


Since we have got a brief idea about the scope and demand of digital marketing lets know about top digital marketing course in Malleshwaram to choose from-


Rank #1


When it comes to digital marketing the first institute which comes into the mind of the people is IIM SKILLS. IIM SKILLS is known to be a top reputed institute for providing training in various subjects which includes content writing training, technical writing training, preparation for CAT exams, and also tend to provide training for gaining knowledge about GST as well.


The duration of the course is 5 months, which covers more than 40 modules of digital marketing in a comprehensive manner. They also tend to provide flexibility of taking classes on weekdays as well as weekends too. Since the mode of teaching is online so it becomes convenient for any student enrolling for it to take classes from this institute.


Tools and Fee Structure

Students enrolling for digital marketing course gets lifetime access to LMS wherein they can access the live classes taken during the class at any point of their time. They are also offered tools required for digital marketing which is worth INR 79,000. IIM SKILLS tends to focus more on practical assignments along with theoretical knowledge too. The fee for the course is 34900+GST.

Some of the premium tools access granted to the students are:

Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course


After completion of the course, students get master certification from IIM SKILLS and also an opportunity of getting 14 more certifications as well which includes certification from Google, HubSpot, etc.

8 Google certifications offers in the IIM SKILLS digital marketing master course

Internship and Placement Assistance

Candidates completing their course successfully get to launch their first digital marketing agency also of their own. Apart from all the features mentioned above candidates passing out from IIM SKILLS gets an opportunity of 2 months guaranteed paid internship as well along with the placement assistance too which is obviously an add on advantage for candidates to start their journey ahead as a digital marketer.

Students who have completed their digital marketing training from IIM SKILLS are now working at:

The image suggests the trusted brand partners of IIM Skills


Try going through this video to know more in-depth about the digital marketing course by IIM SKILLS:


The reviews and ratings of the course are pretty good and suggest that it is very valuable for money and the time invested in the course, and many students found positive results after completing the course. You may read the review of the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course here.


Other Courses:

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Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank #2


IIDE is defined to be one of the leading institutes of digital marketing. The impact of this institute is global and has created a good rapport amongst the students who wish to enroll in a digital marketing course. IIDE provides training to their students focusing more on practical and live sessions rather than just blindly going through the presentations prepared during the class as this only creates confusion amongst the students and they don’t end up learning anything.

The duration of the course is between 3 to 4 months which is divided into 12 hours per week. The fee of the course is INR 67,795+GST. They also provide the facility of 0% EMI option too for students who cannot afford to pay lumpsum fees at once to the institute.

IIDE provides more than 70 hours of live sessions and more than 40 hours of video sessions as well. They give their students access to more than 20 tools that are required for digital marketing courses. 8 practical assignments are given to the students with one on mentoring as well.

After completion of the course, candidates gets a certificate from the institute itself along with an opportunity to get certified with 13 more certifications and get highly qualified digital marketers to work for reputed brands. Along with all the facilities mentioned above, it also provides with an opportunity of providing internship as well as job assistance too to their students so that they can be guided well ahead to in their career.


Rank #3


A group of digital marketing professionals together form a digital academy 360. All the digital marketing professionals have almost an experience of more than 10 years. The instructors working in this institute have helped many of the candidates enrolling for digital marketing courses be it from any category of students which includes from students to housewives and even to working professionals as well. Their main focus is to provide high-quality training at an affordable price for students.

Till now they have trained more than 20,000 students in their career which has been a very successful journey for them. They provide training for digital marketing in two halves. One is a professional certification in digital marketing which includes 2 courses in 1 program and the other includes 6 courses in 1 program. So, it is evident that professional certification which includes 6 courses in nature is more comprehensive in nature as compared to the first one. But it is not a compulsion to choose both. Students enrolling can appear to choose any one of them.

The duration for 2 courses in 1 program is 2.5 months wherein for 6 courses in 1 program is 5 months. For the fee structure candidates needs to visit the website on their own. After completion of the course, students are given the opportunity of internship assistance as well as job assistance too. They have been also provided with master certifications from the institute and also an opportunity of getting more certifications from brands like Google which will definitely be an add-on advantage to their resume. Any person be it a fresher, a housewife, or a working professional everyone has an equal opportunity of getting enrolled for this course and start their journey ahead as a digital marketer.


Rank #4


Digital Roy Academy is an institute with a hardcore passion for digital marketing. Their passion for digital marketing and the digital world encourages them to provide training to the students in a very comprehensive manner. The goal of each module taught by them is to provide an update with each and every insight of digital marketing to their students. They tend to focus more on practical approaches rather than theoretical ones.

The course is designed for those candidates only who are willing to give their time to learn something new and be updated with the latest trends too. Students enrolling for the course get an opportunity of being an expert in the field of digital marketing as well as web analytics too. For students who successfully complete their course also gets an option of 100% job assistance too from the institute itself.

The duration of the course is between 2 to 3 months wherein they cover all the 65 modules from basic to advanced level. After completion of the course students gets an internship opportunity of 3 months. They are been trained with the use of practical assignments and more project work so that they get an option of on-the-job experience and also learn from it. Students completing the course get master certification from the institute along with an opportunity to get certification from brands like Google, HubSpot, etc.

With the facility of flexible batches, students are also given access to tools worth Rs 52,000 which is very important for digital marketing. To know more about the fees of the course candidates need to log in to their website and get more information about it.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite

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Q. Is digital marketing difficult to understand?

Ans- Not at all, though one has to pay attention to the details and strategies but to learn digital marketing is not difficult at all.

Q. What is the course fees of digital marketing course?

Ans- The course fees of digital marketing courses largely depend on the institute offering it and how good and renowned it is for offering quality courses. In India, the average course fees of digital marketing courses on average is anywhere between INR 32,000 to INR 50,000

Q. What is the duration of digital marketing course?

Ans- The usual course duration is of 3 months however, it may increase or decrease depending upon the course modules, certification and more.



After getting a brief knowledge about the top institutes mentioned above in the article my personal recommendation would be to choose IIM SKILLS. This is because IIM SKILLS not only guides the students post completion of the course but they also provide with features which is very important for them to learn for digital marketing. Apart from this as compared to all other institutes they provide this facility charging low fees so that students don’t feel any burden to pay at once or go for an EMI option which is an add on advantage for them to choose an institute and move ahead with their career as a digital marketer.

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