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Best 3 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore With Placement

Digital marketing has become the new normal of marketers in Bangalore. It is also known as online marketing. A wide practice amongst people to browse and research about products and services online is increasing. This practice has given rise to dramatic changes in conventional marketing practices. These changes are nothing but marketing styles like digital marketing, inbound marketing, etc.


To master and practice such disciplines of marketing, one has to equip themselves with the tips and tricks of the subject by attending Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore. These Digital marketing courses in Bangalore are deemed as worthwhile professional courses in the city. This article will elaborate on the 3 best Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore.


What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is a form of marketing that happens on an online platform. It is done on channels like social media, search engines, and websites. Digital marketing uses these platforms as tools and achieves marketing goals. Though its operations seem very similar to that of inbound marketing, there are differences between the two.


Inbound marketing involves marketing strategies that target a group of people and works towards gaining their attraction. Digital marketing is “how” the marketing is done and inbound marketing is “what” is done in the marketing. Nevertheless, both work hand-in-hand and form strategies that seldom fail. These days one needs to learn both digital and inbound marketing as a whole process to achieve success in this field. Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore are comprehensive and cover both concepts widely.


Mediums of Digital Marketing


To understand the critical concepts of Digital marketing, one has to know how to put the various channels to use. To do this, one has to acquire a good understanding of these channels and how they work.


§  Content Marketing


Content marketing not only aims at a good response. Its main motive is to educate and provide valuable information to those who seek them. Effective content marketing can provide information relevant to the target audience and establish a trustworthy relationship with them. Through this trust, all the other forms of marketing done by the same marketer succeed.


More than any other type of marketing, Content marketing attracts numerous leads. There are various types of content developed by a content marketer. Blogs, pamphlets, video content, infographics, etc., are some of the content used in digital marketing. One of the major challenges in content marketing is to increase the rank of the content in the search engines’ results. For this, a sound knowledge of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is necessary.


§  Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation, widely known as SEO, is considered an influential means to achieve visibility, which is the first step in Digital marketing. SEO increases the rank of content in a search engine and increases its visibility, and therefore increases the organic traffic of the website bearing the content. SEO uses keywords and similar terms to increase the reach of the content and that of the products.


Since most of the people who search for products and brands do not possess any bias towards a particular brand or product, Search Engine Optimised content attracts potential customers towards these products or brands and hence establishes trust between them. This trust leads to the purchase of the product and thereby increases sales, which is the ultimate goal of any marketing.


§  Pay-per-click Advertising


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in other words paid research is the process of putting up an ad on platforms like a search engine’s results page, for which one has to pay if clicked by a target customer. This might help an ad to reach the targeted audience when they search for a particular product or service using a specific keyword. These ads are posted on platforms by search engines according to the individual browsing behavior of every user.


The ads to be displayed are chosen by search engines based on criteria like the quality of the ad, the relevance to the keyword searched, the quality of the landing page, and the amount that has been bid by the marketer for that ad on a spontaneous auction held by the search engines. PPCs scale up organic traffic of websites by helping relevant ads reach the researchers who lookout for particular information.


§  Social Media marketing


Social Media Marketing is a powerful and popular form of digital marketing used to attract leads these days. The main concept behind social media marketing is active involvement from the targeted audience. It is also termed peer-to-peer sharing. It means that once an ad is placed on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.,


If the targeted audience finds the content posted engaging, they involve in peer-to-peer sharing and even their peers end up as leads to the ad. Campaigns that are created on social media platforms in the form of images, videos, and textual content are in line with a business’s goals. It helps create a brand image and boosts traffic to websites owing to the interaction between the audiences.


§  Email marketing


Email marketing is considered a very important aspect of digital marketing that is said to generate many leads. It is nothing but making potential customers aware of new products or services or reminding them of the prevailing ones through attractive and engaging emails. Many of today’s digital marketers prefer email marketing as it proves to be a cost-effective and direct way to reach potential customers.


The only challenge in email marketing is that the emails should be designed in a way that the target audience has to value the service and don’t consider them as yet another promotional tactic. This might make the emails get buried in a pool of other emails which the user considers invaluable. There are different types of emails that can be used for marketing purposes. Newsletters, Welcome emails, Promotional emails, Follow-up emails, etc., are some of them. But every email sent for marketing purposes has to bear an option enabling the receiver to unsubscribe anytime he wants to.


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§  Marketing Automation

Many marketing firms, especially the ones that focus on digital marketing, automate the periodic and repetitive tasks of their marketing campaigns i.e., emails and social media ads and posts. This is done to improve efficiency and to avoid missing out on any of the above tasks.


These marketers use software to execute their strategies. This software makes their jobs easier and more effective. These days, marketing automation software is sophisticated and efficient enough to generate leads through personalization and increased productivity.


§  Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is the business relationship between two people, the merchant, and the affiliate. The affiliate promotes the products of one or more merchants and in turn, gets paid by the merchant for every purchase of his products made by the end-user. This can even be done at a very basic level through promotions and reviews in personal blogs or videos.


All these are the important components of digital marketing. To go miles ahead in this field, one has to master these components and the tools and software used in each of them. Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore ensure that every student who enrolls in the course gets a good hang of the above topics.


The Role of Digital Marketing in Brand Awareness


Digital Marketing happens on an online platform. It is necessary to make customers aware of businesses and their brands and products. The target audience of digital marketing is people who search for products or services online.


This could increase the reach of the brands dramatically. Digital Marketing is a much-needed aspect to develop the prospects of a business. The above components work together simultaneously or one after the other to attract potential customers. For example, a content writer develops posters and pamphlets with info graphical content that is very attractive and can capture the attention of the target audience.


The SEO analyst then makes sure the content is optimized for search engines and is displayed in the first 2 results pages. Next, with the help of social media, the content is circulated to many identical groups of people of whom many might be potential customers.


This might be paid or unpaid promotion. But the results of promoting the content on social media help the promotion of the brand immensely. Marketing Automation helps to automate many repetitive tasks like emails and messages to be sent to the target audience periodically, reminding them of the content and in turn, the product.


This whole process is done continuously and meticulously to ensure the brand awareness is kept alive among the minds of the target audience.


Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore


Updated list of the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore


Several institutes provide professional courses mainly digital marketing courses in Bangalore such as IIM Skills, IIDE, Digital Vidya, and many more. Bangalore is a fast-paced city with its demands for growth and development. Bangalore is one of those cities in India that never cease to develop. Many opportunities are always open to those who aspire to grow and achieve. The 3 best digital marketing courses in Bangalore are listed below with the details of the institutes providing them.


1.  IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of India’s top institutes providing many courses that develop one’s professional aptitude. The Digital Marketing course offered by IIM Skills is the most popular Digital Marketing course in Bangalore. The candidates who enroll are provided hands-on training about all the aspects of digital marketing. The course duration is 3 months. Certifications preparation training includes include hubspot, Facebook Blueprint, and Google Digital Marketing Course.


The areas covered expansively in the course are:


  • Inbound marketing
  • Social Media marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email marketing
  • Paid Research
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing Automation


The course offers:

  • 180 hours of live classes
  • Lectures by experts
  • 15 live projects
  • Assignments and case studies
  • 3-month internship
  • Online mode
  • Lifetime placement assistance
  • Certification
  • Letter of recommendation



Also, IIM Skills offers the most comprehensive and hands-on digital marketing course in Bangalore at an unbeatable price. They also offer many professional courses that are popular around the world like Content Writing Master Course and GST Practitioner Course.


Trusted Brand Partners of IIM Skills


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Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews for IIM Skills Content writing course


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For more details, visit


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IIDE or the Indian Institute of Digital Education was established in 2016 with the motto of training students in various professional courses. The course for which the institute is popular is the Digital marketing course. There are four centers of IIDE which are Mulund, Churchgate, Andheri, and Navi Mumbai, which provides the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai. IIDE provides a short-term course as well as long-term digital marketing courses in Bangalore.


  • The short-term course is about a week long. It covers the fundamentals of digital marketing. It is suitable for those who wish to have a trial version of the long-term courses.
  • The advanced certification course is a 3 months course that provides adequate training in the field of digital marketing. The course also offers 70 hours of live lectures, lifetime placement assistance, 8 live projects, many assignments on weekly basis, etc.
  • The post-graduate course in digital marketing is an elaborate course that covers the nook and corner of digital marketing. The course duration is 11 months. The course curriculum covers the main areas of digital marketing like social media marketing, search engine optimization, etc., extensively. A post-graduation in digital marketing certificate will be awarded to the candidates who complete the course successfully. A 2-month internship is compulsory for those who wish to obtain the industry-accepted certificate. There are almost 12 live projects and nearly 600 hours of live training by expert instructors. IIDE offers a 100% placement guarantee to the candidates.


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3. Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya provides professional courses in Bangalore and many major cities of India. The institute offers all its courses online also due to the pandemic, so, learning is just a click away for those who wish to attend digital marketing courses in Bangalore.


  • The institute offers many short-term courses in various branches of digital marketing such as social media marketing, marketing automation, etc. These are mostly 3 to 4 days long courses. The certification is awarded to all the students who clear the qualifying quiz at the end of each course.
  • The institute provides an elaborate course in digital marketing with the intent of covering all the necessary areas of digital marketing. As said earlier, this course is conducted online for the convenience of candidates from Bangalore. The online course is conducted as a weekday batch (course duration: 4 months) as well as a weekend batch (course duration: 7 months). The course offers 100 hours of hands-on training in topics like:


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing and
  • Content Marketing


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Frequently Asked Questions:


1.     What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic of a website is a term used to signify visitors or users who land on the website directly through search engines’ search results that are not paid. They do not land on a site using referrals from other sites. It is a milestone achieved because of sound search engine optimization.


2.     What should I do to become an affiliate?

The answer is very simple. Contact the merchant site. Fill out their forms for becoming an affiliate. Check if their terms and conditions suit you. Provide your bank account details and your GST number (if the merchant is an Indian company) or fill out necessary forms stating that you are not a US citizen (if the merchant is a US-based company) and you are an affiliate for that merchant. Repeat the same procedure for every merchant company you wish to do business with.


3.     How much do digital marketing courses in Bangalore cost?

The price depends on many factors like the duration of the course, whether an internship is provided or not, the number of live projects offered, and so on. Generally, a digital marketing course in Bangalore that is roughly 3 months long varies from INR 15000 to INR 30000.


4.     Can a business flourish without Digital Marketing?

In earlier days, businesses flourished and people were aware of brands and products through traditional marketing practices like billboards and television ads. But the recent times have changed a lot. The pandemic days have contributed to the changes considerably. Digital marketing has become an essential part of developing the prospects of a business and increase its awareness among people. Not to worry, Digital Marketing is considered to be the most cost-effective form of marketing.




  • Digital marketing is a dynamic and rapidly growing industry with loads of opportunities out in the open for aspirants from Bangalore.
  • Earning money through Affiliate marketing is not as difficult as it sounds.
  • Achieving success is no longer a tough task for anyone who masters digital marketing through digital marketing courses in Bangalore.
  • Last but not the least, the pandemic has put a seal on many of our activities but it cannot stop us from learning and earning.

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