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Best Digital Marketing Courses in Koramangala With Placements

There are lots of institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Koramangala, and all of them claim to be the best at it. In this article, we’ll browse through some of the details of each of the courses that will help us decide which one of them is actually the best digital marketing course in Koramangala.




With the growing digital requirements, the scope of digital marketing is also increasing day by day. This also means that job opportunities in the field of digital marketing are also wide. As per the research, career options are more in comparison to the other sectors in India as well as worldwide too.


Nowadays, more than traditional methods of marketing, promoting products and services and creating awareness amongst the targeted customers is done through different methods of digital marketing. This is because in this modern world every organization and company wants to create their presence across the country over the internet. This is because nowadays everyone spends most of their time on the internet only.


From shopping to buying groceries, from doing office work, and even studying and everything is on the online platform. Apart from this, people also spend most of their time browsing on social media platforms, and with growing time there are more than 10 social media platforms wherein people log in and spend their time.


Some of the famous social media channels are Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. And since people are on the internet the whole day then why not companies and organizations as well.


The field of digital marketing is growing at a fast pace and it is also becoming very challenging day by day. In this sector, there are fewer chances of not succeeding. And this is because people tend to follow only certain methods of digital marketing to move forward.


Following digital marketing methods, helps to attract a large number of customers who are suitable to be targeted as per the business which is set up and also as per the products and services which are been offered.


There are new updates every day so new methods are also been learned. Digital marketing not only helps in promoting our brands or services and spreading awareness but it also helps to reduce the cost of the company to great measure.


Like earlier when traditional methods were used it was an expensive method to pursue further and it was also difficult to understand the need of the customers and make improvements accordingly.


Reaching a large number of customers through traditional methods of marketing was not at all cost-effective and it may also lead to affect the profit of the company as well. But with digital marketing, everything becomes cost-effective and it does not hamper the profit of the company as well. Therefore, any person who successfully learns all about digital marketing will surely excel in his or her career ahead.


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Best Digital Marketing Courses in Koramangala


Digital Marketing Course in Kormangala


After having a brief understanding of the scope of digital marketing let us know about top digital marketing institutes in Koramangala to choose from-



With more than 5 years of experience in the education sector, IIM SKILLS is defined to be a very reputed institute when it comes to learning different online and offline courses. Learning from IIM SKILLS boosts the career of the students enrolling for it in a big way.


The trainers are very experienced and provide training to the students in a very comprehensive manner. They tend to provide not only digital marketing course but for other courses as well which include content writing, technical writing, GST course, as well as training about CAT exams too.


The duration for the digital marketing program is more than 5 months which can be segregated further into more than 180 hours of sessions. Not only these practical live case studies are also given to the students to solve so that they have a live experience too.


All the sessions attended by the students enrolling for the course have lifetime access to their LMS so that they can further use it for reference if required.



Along with these students are also given access to free tools required for digital marketing which is worth Rs 79,000. After completing the course students gets to launch their first digital marketing agency, write their first blog for a brand like TIMES OF INDIA and launch their first podcast as well.


Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course



Post completion they receive a master certification from IIM SKILLS and also an opportunity to receive 13 more certifications from brands like GOOGLE, HUBSPOT, etc. Along with this, there is a paid internship guarantee of 2 months and 100% placement assistance on completing the course.

8 Google certifications offers in the IIM SKILLS digital marketing master course


You may get a detailed idea of what to expect from the course through this video

You may also read the reviews of the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course here 


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite




Indras Academy is also one of the leading institutes in providing digital marketing courses in Koramangala. This institute is also defined as a training center that focuses to give quality training to the students focusing on important things and every minute of the course. Apart from digital marketing, they provide training for many other courses which include data science, Web development, Java, etc.


In total, they have four centers that are spread across Bangalore, out of which one is Koramangala. Therefore, it is easily accessible to the students wishing to enroll for the same. The duration of the course is for 45 days along with a continuous internship opportunity so that students learning course from this institute is in the regular practice of writing.


The trainers providing training to the students enrolling for it are very friendly and the facilities given to the students to study online are also great and comfortable for students. They also tend to prepare students on how to prepare a resume, how to apply for a job etc.

After completion of the course, certification of completing the course and the opportunity to get 15 more additional certifications in the field of digital marketing are also given. Along with this internship opportunity on course completion and 100% placement assistance is given to the students.


The mentioned details clearly justify why Indra’s Academy made it to the list of best digital marketing courses in Koramangala.




Next on the list of best digital marketing courses in Koramangala is Digital Kora, a renowned training institute for digital marketing courses. In the field of digital marketing, the digital kora is known to be a very famous name. It not only provides training but also provides services too for digital marketing to someone in need of it. Digital kora offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Koramangala.


This course provides the facility of both the options of registering for the class whether on weekends or weekdays as per the convenience of the students enrolling for the class. This means with this option this course is available for both freshers as well as working professionals, which is add-on advantage.


It covers all the essential modules required for a digital marketing course which covers different topics like how to grab different freelance opportunities, SMS marketing, Blogging, etc.


It also provides free tools which are more than 50 for free of cost. They provide training in a way wherein 2 hours is given to theoretical training and 4 hours is given to practical approach. Trainees get to work with both Indian as well as practical assignments too.


Flexibility for both the days and timing is given to the students. After completion of the course students gets master certification from the institute as well as an opportunity to secure 15 more certifications along with it. Digital kora has a tie-up with big brands too. Therefore, there is 100% internship and placement assistance to the candidates enrolling for it.




Online Idea lab not only provides training for courses taught by them but also provides services as well for these courses to their clients. It offers different types of courses such as digital marketing courses, content creation, amazon web services, programming using python as well.


Trainers providing training in this institute have almost 5 years of experience in this field. With this, they are well-reputed business coaches too. For all the types of courses been taught dedicated trainers are also there.


Courses are divided into segments. One is the Digital marketing foundation course and Advanced digital marketing course. They provide the facility of online as well as online classes for students.


Also, weekend batches are available along with weekdays batches too. The duration for the foundation course is 2 months and for the advanced course is 4 months. Fees for the foundation course are INR 10,900 and for the advanced course is INR 17,900.


The students get to master more than 30 modules with 30 free and paid modules too. After completion of the course, students get certification from the institute along with placement and internship assistance as well. They also get an opportunity to secure 13 more certifications from the institute to enhance their resume and apply for a job in the digital marketing industry.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite



Q1. What are the fees for the digital marketing course?

A. A digital marketing course costs between 30K to 1 lakh depending upon the institute, specialization offered, and other relevant factors.


Q2. Can 12th pass do digital marketing?

A. Yes, the 12th can opt for digital marketing. Moreover, they get the benefit of earl exposure to the industry, which has a lot to offer.


Q3. Is digital marketing a good career?

A. Given the surplus demand for qualified digital marketers, the career is a lucrative option with a fresher salary of 25-30K. The industry has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and expertise.




This was little from a lot about the best digital marketing courses in Koramangala. In the above-mentioned article, we read about the top 4 digital marketing institutes from where we can choose to take training in Koramangala. After getting comprehensive information it is on the different individuals what they opt for. But as per my recommendation, I would highly recommend a candidate to pursue training from IIM SKILLS.


This is because the first thing amongst all the institutes is the fee, they charge which is the lowest in IIM SKILLS. Not only do they not only give access to free tools and lectures but they also give guaranteed internship opportunities, other certifications which are widely accepted even abroad.


Many other advantages such as writing blogs, creating youtube channels, launching its first podcast, etc. that too low price. Students enrolling in IIM SKILLS are not been left on their own after they complete their training.


They are been guided for their life until they are been settled in their respective choice of field so that they are been shown the right path to move ahead. So, let’s choose the top institute to take comprehensive training on digital marketing and learn something new and innovative.

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  • Jessican Singh

    Hi, Jessica this side! I am a second-year BA student, and I am very passionate about making a career in digital marketing. These courses you have mentioned in this blog seem excellent, which are ideal to learn and grow. I really like the digital marketing course by IIM Skills. I would like to know more about the internship details. It’s a three months internship. Can students participate? Is it full-time?

  • Noice! With the help of this list, I came to know about IIM Skills. I attended their demo class last week. Now, I am going to start with my classes. Thanks for providing informative content. Hope this works out well and get my dream job in digital marketing. Fingers crossed!!!

  • Amazing course, and great content.
    Thanks for this detailed content.

  • Umesh

    Hi. My store is very popular in Koramangala. Because of rush in the store sometimes, I lose customers. So I decided to learn digital marketing and launch an app. I am planning to learn basic, at least, marketing so far now. Please suggest me a good course that isn’t tough for me because I don’t know much technical stuff.

  • Pragya

    Amazing blog, Your work is very impressive. The content is very well constructed for our understanding, specially the people who are new to this field.

  • I am interested in handling social media.How much scope does a Digital marketing person would have in Social media jobs?

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    Hi, This is Kuntal. I am a Videographer I want to learn more about my field. Do you think digital marketing will be of any use to me in this field.

  • Hi, This is Sumit. I am into affiliate marketing but I want to gain more knowledge and tactics in this field. Let me know what is the duration of this course.

  • Hi, I m Samidha, i wanted to know the curriculum of IIM skills as i m interested to join it, also plz share the installment system and enrollment procedure so that i can join asap.

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  • Hello, I am a computer teacher in school. Looking to advance in my career. On being convinced with the huge scope of digital marketing I plan to enrol in the course at IIM skills. Can I have flexibility in the batches?

  • Hi, I am Vineeth. I was looking for available certificate courses after graduation. Digital Marketing seems viable choice to me. I have Commerce background and done a diploma course in Computers. Hoping this course help me create permanency and future security , I am planning to participate in the program.


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