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Top 10 GST Certification Courses In India (Free and Paid)

The Goods and Services Tax popularly known as GST is one of the most advanced and dynamic tax reforms that this country has seen in a long time. This tax has been in existence for other countries around the world and India implemented it from the 1st July 2017 to bring about an important change in the way taxes are levied.


Today, we are going to look at the top 10 Online GST Certification Courses in India to help you understand which institutes you can consider when you want to learn GST and its application in-depth.


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The Purpose of GST

Today, we have a plethora of Online GST Certification Courses In India for people from all walks of life. But lets look at how the tax came into existence in the first place.


The main motive behind bringing such a monumental change in the tax system is to do away with the various taxes that burden consumers as well as business entities on various levels. 


GST is a single tax structure for the manufacturing as well as the selling department of goods both at the center as well as the state. It becomes easier for the consumers to understand and make payment of taxes since it’s only going to be one single tax payment that they have to pay for. 


Before moving to our list of the top Online GST Certification courses In India both free, and paid let’s look at what GST is. 


GST or Goods and Services Tax In India is the indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services in India. It is an exemplary step towards integrating the economy, consolidating the tax structure, and doing away with the hurdle of inter-state trade and taxation.


The goods and services tax has replaced the taxes that were previously levied by the state as well as the central governments. The different taxes that have been eliminated in the process are:


  • CenVat 
  • Service Tax 
  • The Excise Duty Levied Under Excise Duties Act 1955 
  • Countervailing Duty 
  • Special Additional Duty Of Customs 
  • Additional Excise Duty
  •  Entertainment Tax 
  • Purchase Tax 
  • Luxury Tax


Now coming to the people of the country, everyone needs to understand GST. A lot of us become apprehensive as soon as taxation is mentioned. But, we have to be aware of GST to successfully continue business activities. Therefore, there are several Online GST Certification Courses in India today at our disposal. They breakdown the complex elements into simplified terms and help to grasp the different concepts.


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Since we have covered the main concepts of GST, we also have to understand the three main concepts of GST, the CGST, SGST, and IGST. Every Online GST Certification Courses In India covers these fundamental concepts. 


  • CGST: CGST is the central goods and services tax. It is levied by the central government on any intrastate transaction.
  • SGST: SGST is the state goods and services tax that is levied by the state government for an intrastate transaction.
  • IGST: IGST is the third form of GST, and stands for integrated goods and services tax. It is the revenue generated from interstate transactions. The central government divides the revenue between the center and the state subject to the rates specified. 


There is another very important concept which is the input tax credit. Input tax credit in its simplest form is the tax that a business enterprise pays when they make a purchase. this tax can then be used to reduce the tax liability when they make a sale. these businesses can then claim credit to the extent that they paid the GST on the purchases they made. 


The knowledge of GST is extremely essential as industries of different nature require the services of GST practitioners to maintain proper accounts. it is an important part of the entire finance and accounting department and hence you need to possess an understanding of GST and related elements. Be it manufacturing, production, or simply service-related industries understanding GST is an absolute prerequisite. 


Here is a detailed list of the top 10 online GST certification courses in India in reverse order.


#10. Veer Tutorial (Free)

This is also a free GST course that teaches you the fundamentals as well as some of the advanced concepts and implementation of goods and services tax. It is one of the comprehensive free Online GST certification Courses in India. 

The topics covered are as follows:

  • Benefits Of GST 
  • How GST Will Be Implemented In India 
  • How To Update Tally For GST 
  • How To Create And Generate Invoice 
  • Sales Bill For GST In Tally 
  • Creating An Invoice For Retail Stores Under GST 
  • Creating GST Bill With Freight Charges.


This course can be beneficial for small and medium business owners shopkeeper tax consultants and anyone who wants to acquire knowledge of the GST system. the course is also highly recommended for consumers to understand how the goods and services tax will be implemented in the country. 


#9. Udemy (Free)

Udemy is an institute known for its varied offerings on different important courses and subjects. Their free GST course by Chartered Accountant Piyush Gupta is one of the finest free online GST certification courses in India. He provides absolute clarity on the fundamentals of GST so that it is easy to comprehend even for a layman. 


It has a rating of 4.1 and consists of one hour 12 minutes of video. The distinctive factor of this course is that it is conducted in Hindi, so anyone who wants to learn about the fundamentals of GST in Hindi will benefit from the course. 


The topics covered in this free course is as follows

  • Understanding Of GST And How To Implement It In Your Life 
  • Types Of GST 
  • Tax Calculation
  • Rules and Regulations Governing GST

However, Since It Is A Free Course You Don’t Get A Certificate Of Completion. You Can Get An Overview Of GST Through This Course. 


#8. VSkills 

VSkills is one of the most reputed names in the e-Learning industry. Their certifications are highly desired by candidates and help to make efficient industry-ready professionals after completion of the courses.


There are a variety of courses out of which the Online GST certification course is highly rated. Infact, it is one of the most intensive online GST Certification Courses in India. VSkills certification examinations are conducted by ICSIL which is the government of India undertaking and hence has a lot of value. 

Course Name – Certified GST professional

Course fee Rs 3499. 

The course curriculum includes the following topics

  • The Fundamentals Of GST 
  • GST Benefits 
  • Drawbacks, Challenges, History Of GST 
  • Concepts And Basics Registration Of GST 
  • GST Invoicing 
  • GST Returns 
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Legal Provisions 
  • SGST Act 
  • Different Industries Of Sectors And GST 
  • GST Updates, Amendments, Rules, And Regulations


This course is greatly helpful for accounting professionals people involved in tax consultancy as well as people from the finance sectors in different industries.


Some of the benefits of this Online GST Certification Course are as follows

VSkills certification is valid forever and you have lifetime access to the e-Learning portal. You also have Free practice tests and get the tag of VSkills certified on


#7. Consulteas

Consultease has a GST Course for beginners that covers all the important elements of GST in Hindi. It is one of the top online GST Certification Courses In India that offer comprehensive solutions to all your GST-related queries.


Course – GST Certification Course

The course fee is Rs 1500

The topics include:

  • Meaning, terms, and importance of GST 
  • GST Returns
  • How to practically apply GST 
  • Meaning of Supply
  • GST requirements
  • Annual and Audit Reports


Some of the salient features of this Online GST course are:

You get unlimited views of the course once you enroll. It is more than 12 hours of extensive online videos explaining the concept. There is an online exam and you also get a certification of completion. 


You can contact them by emailing them from their contact us page.



The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India previously known as ICWAI (Institute of Cost and Works Accountants in India) is a top-rated Institute that offers several professional courses in the department of finance accounting and taxation. 


the greatest advantage of enrolling for an institute like ICMAI is that they work with the government and regulatory authorities of India. This will enable students to have greater job opportunities in the government and public sector with job stability and prosperity. 


ICMAI offers two courses on GST

  • Certificate Course on GST
  • Advanced certificate course on GST

Certificate course on GST is available both online and offline and the course fee is 10000 + 18% GST. The duration of the course is 72 hours. 


Certificate Course on GST is available only online and is for the duration of 40 hours. Course fee is 14000 + 18% GST. 


Let’s look at the curriculum for these two courses in detail:


Certificate Course on GST

Curriculum includes

  • Constitutional Background Of GST 
  • Concepts And Definitions 
  • Applicability Of TDS And TCS Under GST
  •  Zero-rated Supplies 
  • Imports Exports 
  • Taxable Event 
  • Advance Ruling 
  • Adjudication, Appeal, Assessment, And Audit 
  • Miscellaneous Provisions 
  • Case Studies On Real-life Projects


Advanced certificate course on GST


  • Overview Of GST 
  • Basic Procedures Of GST Implementation
  • Records And Returns 
  • Prototype With Practical Learning Assessment 
  • Auditing And Practical Implications 
  • Zero-rated Supplies 
  • Invoicing Reconciliation Of Credit


The course is extremely helpful for people who want to ask skills and upgrade their understanding of finance and accounting and want to make a successful career as a GST practitioner. it is also beneficial for industrial is small and medium business owners entrepreneurs new career experience this field opens up great job opportunities with a lucrative income. 


Some of the Other Online GST Certification courses In India available at the institute are

Advanced course on GST audit assessment process. It is available for online mode only and comprises 30 hours of intensive training. The course fee is 12000 + 18% GST. 


The course content includes a theoretical and practical understanding of GST R9 relation between GST and income tax. It also delves into how to relate the two to the theoretical and practical approach of GST assessment. You also lean about auditing, reviewing, drafting, and uploading of appeal under GST understanding of GSTR-9c maintenance of accounts.


The course is eligible for the members of the institute of cost accountants of India executives from different industries and sectors and finance practitioners. It is also greatly useful for lawyers, company secretaries, chartered accountants, business administrators, students, and postgraduates with an M.Com Degree. 


Contact 18001 10910


#5.ISEL Global 

ISEL Global offers extensive training in goods and services tax regime rules regulations structure and other facets of GST. 

The course fee is Rs 7600 inclusive of taxes

Course name GST Practitioner Course duration 3 months. 

The curriculum is divided into 10 comprehensive modules covering all the aspects of GST in depth. The 10 modules are as follows:

  • Taxation And Gst Fundamentals 
  • GST Concepts 
  • GST Registration 
  • Invoicing 
  • GST Returns 
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Legal Provisions 
  • GST Valuation 
  • Miscellaneous 
  • GST Practitioner Certification Examination


Some of the important topics covered in these modules include:

  • Overview Of The Taxation And GST Fundamentals 
  • Direct And Indirect Tax 
  • Drawbacks Of GST 
  • Destination Consumption 
  • GST Types 
  • Deposit Chain 
  • Calculating GST 
  • Input Service Distributor 
  • GST Value Of Supply 
  • Aggregate Turnover 
  • Taxable Event 
  • GST Amendments 
  • Tax Invoice 
  • GST Invoicing  
  • GST Outward Supplies 
  • Input Tax Credit Rules 
  • GST Valuation 
  • Audit Recovery 
  • Provisional Assessment And Anti-profiteering 


The key features of the course are:

You have access to premium course material and resources that comprise 35 + hours of content. There is opportunity of interactive live sessions with the faculty to eliminate any chance of confusion. The course has been designed and structured by industry practitioners with more than two decades of experience in the field. You have technical support and email updates. Along with them the advantage of taking an online examination from anywhere you want. 

Contact 9582 676 175


#4.Taxguru Edu

Tax Guru is one of the most eminent educational Institutes that provides comprehensive courses in finance accounting taxes and corporate law. all the courses are formulated by industry experts with years of experience in the field and provide high-quality education with an emphasis on practical implementation and learning. 


Course Name Online Live GST Certification Course

It is a professional development certification on GST by tax guru edu which is the branch of tax guru that provides courses on GST incisively.


The course is conducted for approximately a month. It is 30 hours of detailed course with 9 classes that are roughly 3.5 hours each. 


The fee for the GST course is 10,000 plus GST 18%. You also have the option of applying for EMI from selected banks. 


The course covers all aspects of GST as well as the recent developments and amendments in our budget for 2021. It  is conducted by an eminent speaker and chartered accountant himself Raman Singla.


The curriculum is divided into 9 sessions. Some of the topics covered include the following: 

  • Introductory Session – GST Laws And Concepts 
  • Constitutional Aspects Of GST 
  • Concept Of Central Sales Tax 
  • GST Return Filing 
  • Customs And GST 
  • Import Of Goods 
  • Levy And Collection 
  • Definition Of Goods And Services 
  • Input Tax Credit 
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism 
  • Transitional Scheme Demand And Recovery 
  • Advance Ruling 
  • Total Concept Of GST Laws For Returns And Audit


Salient features of the Institute

It is an interactive learning platform where will be live streaming so that you can experience learning in a real class setup.


You get a certificate of completion from tax guru a do after passing the examination you also have free access to the interactive query resolution forum that addresses all your concerns, confusions, and questions. The materials are provided in soft copy format and the batteries are generally conducted on weekends for your convenience. The recorded sessions are available albeit for a limited period. 


The Tax Guru GST Certification Course online is ideally suited to chartered accountants company secretaries lawyers Business finance managers and directors financial analysts department heads small and medium entrepreneur as tax officials. It can also be greatly beneficial for people who want to move from finance to the taxation sector. 


The other course at tax guru is the self-learning online GST certification course. The course is Rs 10000 + GST. You also have a combined income tax + GST course that costs 20000 plus GST.


You have access to the learning management system and online tests are conducted through the LMS. One of the distinctive features of the self-learning course is that is provided in both English and Hindi for people who are more comfortable with our national language. 


Contact 889 9117 701



The Institute of company secretaries of India or popularly known as ICSE is one of the most reputed national institutes. Today, it provides one of the top-notch Online GST Certification Courses in India an extensive focus on helping students to focus on the important core concepts.


They are headquartered in Delhi and have a presence in all the major cities of India. 

Course Name – Certificate Course In GST  

The eligibility for this course is that you have to be a member and professional program student of the institute. 

The course duration is 5 weeks with online classes of 6 hours held on weekends.

The fee is Rs 7500 plus GST and should be paid online.

The certification is jointly provided by ICSE and BSE institute limited.


The course curriculum comprises the following

  • Insight Into Principles Of GST 
  • Understanding Of The Indirect Tax Regime 
  • Implementation Of GST 
  • Rules And Regulations And Development In GST


Study material is provided in soft copy format after registration and there is an online multiple-choice examination that can be taken from anywhere according to your convenience. 


#2. OXFORD School Of Accounting

Oxford school of accounting is the chief learning Institute of Hindustan Soft education limited which is an ISO Certified company. The main vision is to offer high-grade courses with a comfortable and interactive learning environment. 


The learning resources are detailed with a great focused training methodology by industry experts. 


The Institute has partnered up with a national skill Development corporation to provide you with an intensive course on accounting e-accounting and GST.


It is today one of the top Online GST Certification Courses in India. Ever since its Inception in 1997, Oxford school of accounting has aims to provide some of the best education in different courses. 


We have a plethora of courses that provide exhaustive knowledge on accounting commerce tally Excel MS office.


Course name – Certified Computerized Accounting, e-accounting, and GST professional course


The curriculum comprises the following

Computer basics – MS Windows Word Excel PowerPoint

GST introduction building and e way bill return filing rules and regulations updates

  • Online Return Filing
  •  Overview Of Registration Of Company 
  • Computerized Accounting 
  • Manual Accounting 
  • Online Banking 
  • Soft Skills 
  • Forex And The Stock Market.

With over 5,000 + batches, Oxford School of Accounting has trained more than 80000 individuals making them astute professionals in different domains. 


Some of the key features are the state-of-the-art e-learning technology, industry-ready curriculum, impeccable teaching methodologies, and industry tie-ups. They also provide soft skills training in the form of job interview preparations, resume creation, communication, and personality development skills.


Contact 7827 533 533



IIM SKILLS is the top online training provider with several prominent courses today in the online domain. IIM SKILLS is known for the high-quality curriculum and student support along with course materials and resources available for access anytime anywhere. They have one of the best Online GST Certification Courses In India today with an exhaustive curriculum, and great mentors.  


The GST Practitioners Course is one of the most comprehensive online GST Certification Courses in India from the institute. It also provides the leading content writing course, digital marketing course, and CAT coaching. 


The GST practitioner certification program of IIM Skills is one of the most comprehensive online GST Certification Courses In India.


With four weeks of online classroom training and 16 hours of lecture, the course is ideal for new graduates, students, entrepreneurs, people with a finance background, professionals in the accounting, and finance sectors.


This GST certification course is comprised of a curriculum formulated by GST experts that helps you to understand the fundamentals as well as the advanced concepts of implementation of GST. 


The salient features of the course are 

You get free lifetime access to updated content as well as recorded lectures. You also get thorough knowledge of the various tools and software required for GST invoicing. All students will get 24/7 online support and access to a dedicated community of GST practitioners of more than 2000+ people. 


The course fee is 12900 + 18% GST


The curriculum for the course is as follows

  • Concept Of GST 
  • Impact Of GST On Your Business 
  • Types Of GST 
  • Structure Of GST 
  • GST Invoicing 
  • The Rules And Regulations 
  • GST Returns Filing 
  • Input Tax Credit 
  • Modes Of Payment 
  • Electronic Credit And Cash Ledger Composition Scheme 
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • E Way Bill 
  • The Process Of Online Registration Of GST And Related Elements


After the completion of the course, you will become adept at understanding the core concepts of the goods and services tax. That will enable you to start or continue your business smoothly and help you to eliminate any confusion regarding the tax structure and payment modules. Moreover, the course will help you to become industry-ready with confidence to apply for GST Practitioner Job positions.  


Contact 9911 839 503

Online GST Certification Courses In India


Q. Is GST a good career option?

Ans- Well, for commerce graduates and people from a finance background, becoming a GST practitioner can be a really good career option since GST is something a lot of people are not well versed with and thus need professionals to handle it.

Q. What is the average salary of a GST practitioner?

Ans- The average salary of a GST practitioner can be anywhere between INR 4.9 lakhs to INR 6.4 lakhs in India.

Q. Is learning GST very difficult?

Ans- GST has a lot of details to keep in mind, however, it is not a very difficult thing to learn and there are several courses that can help you learn GST in a matter of weeks.


So here, you have the top 10 Online GST Certification Courses In India, free and paid that would help you to acquire intensive knowledge on the different concepts terms, application, and implication of GST. 


It opens up new career avenues and GST practitioners can have a very rewarding career by first upskilling themselves with GST knowledge and then applying for the appropriate jobs suited to their acumen. Remember as long as you are willing to learn these high-quality Online GST Certification Courses in India can be of great help. 

Vaibhav Kakkar

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