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Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata

We live in a digital world that now has become highly competitive. To survive and thrive in this digital age, individuals must have experience and knowledge of some professional courses and skills. Courses like the financial modeling courses in Kolkata are highly in demand nowadays. As the world is growing, it is shaping itself around technology. And to make a full-filled career in this tech-preferred field, financial modeling courses in Kolkata are what will make you stand out.


Financial modeling represents a company’s past, present, and future forecast numbers. This is used as a decision-making tool for the company. A lot of assumptions are made by financial models to predict future trends and numbers. In financial modeling, it is one of the most complex fields, even the slightest unawareness or a silly mistake can completely change the results. The financial modeler has to study past and present numbers, going back and forth to have a thorough understanding to make assumptions that will be the base of the company’s future planning.

Skills Required to do Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata —


1. Accounting – Accounting by definition means, the “ process of recording and summarising business and financial transaction and analyzing, verifying and reporting the results of a company or an organization “.  In simple words, accounting means keeping all records of financial and non-financial transactions of a firm or an individual. To do financial modeling courses in Kolkata, one must have good accounting skills. A thorough understanding of accounting fundamentals is very much required.


2. Communication – Not only in financial modeling but good communication skills are required everywhere. Soft skill in my opinion is one of the most important skills that should be there on your resume. Your communication skills can work as an icebreaker and can give you an upper hand compared to the other candidates. Because you know how to represent yourself.


3. English-language- India is the second-largest English-speaking nation in the world. So, having good control of your English language is needed nowadays. Don’t stress yourself much, you aren’t supposed to write books on it. But articulation is very important. To hold a conversation, Verbally and in writing is all you need.


4. Problem-solving – Another important skill needed in the financial modeling courses in Kolkata is having a problem-solving mindset. One who wants to excel in financial modeling must have a logical and knowledgeable attitude toward problems and have a solution-oriented mindset always.


5. Industrial knowledge- This is something very important for individuals who are new to the financial world. We live in a digital world, so it makes it easy to have the skill. Research as much as you can about the finance industry. Having a thorough knowledge of it and knowing how things work in this industry makes it easy for you to settle and grow individually and helps your firm to grow as well.


6. Analyzing- After accounting, Analysis is very crucial for an organization. Every record, financial transaction, or non-financial transaction or analyzed by professionals. It helps a company to know its actual position. To a person wishing to make a career in financial modeling, analyzing skills are very much needed.


7. Basic Knowledge of Technology- We function in this digital world where everything is preferred to be done digitally, from paying bills to making accounts. You aren’t supposed to be an expert but make sure you have an idea of how to use a computer. Because you are going to use a computer all the time once you are in this industry.


Jobs after Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata —


Financial modeling is known as the best career option in finance. A field, as competitive as finance, offers various opportunities to grow. A job in financial modeling means the candidate is supposed to predict and create models of coming trends. Financial modeling is highly demanded does the option increases rapidly.


A Few of the Options You Can Consider Are as Follows – 


1. Financial Analyst- A financial analyst’s job is to guide decision-making by investing money in businesses and individuals.


2. The Business Analyst- The job of a business analyst is to improve decision-making by analyzing previous and current data of the business. The primary goal is to improve the quality of decision-making basis on the facts and planning.


3. Junior Research Analyst- As the name suggests, a junior research analyst’s job is to research the Data and relevant information from trustworthy and dependable resources.


4. Investment Banking Associate- A job of an investment banking associate is somewhat similar to an analyst but they have to be more involved with clients. Even sometimes have to sit in on client meetings with other people who are involved in the particular project.


5. Equity Research Associate- A job of an equity research associate is to provide a detailed analysis of all the security data and to inform the fund managers about it. Also to help fund managers in the process of investment.


Moreover, an individual who has done financial modeling course in Kolkata can also work as a merger and acquisition associate, financial planning and analysis junior manager, or debt syndication-junior executive. As it is clear from the above information that doing financial modeling courses in Kolkata opens great an important part of your career


Here are a few other good courses in Kolkata


Salary after Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata —


Financial modeling pays a lot of money. The average salary of an employer who is a financial model is a hefty amount of Rs.21.8 lakhs. The average being said is Rs.21.8 lakhs which starts with Rs.17.0 lakhs ranging as high as 50.0 lakhs rupees. Being one of the best career options in this competitive world, it has the potential to make a lot of money.


If an average employer can earn money up to 21,00,00 and that too in one field then the added experience and knowledge can open more portals for you. The field of finance gives ample opportunities for you where you can grow your skills gradually and efficiently. You can use your honed skills and better industrial knowledge to generate a few passive incomes alongside the job you have.


Therefore, doing financial modeling courses in Kolkata teaches you all about the world. Simultaneously, helping you to hone your skills. So, after completing the financial modeling course in Kolkata you find yourself in the same league as the other employers in the field and you like them can earn an average income of Rs.21.8 lakh.


Types of Financial Models


Financial modeling is a broad topic. It has so many types in it but here I will talk about only 10 types of common models used by professionals in financial modeling.


  • Three statement model
  • Discounted cash flow (DCF)model
  • Merger model (M&A)
  • Initial public offering (IPO)  model
  • Leveraged buyout (LBO) model
  • Sum of the parts model
  • Consolidation model
  • Budget model
  • Forecasting model
  • Option pricing model


Top 8  Institutes Offering Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata




IIM SKILLS was founded by Vaibhav Kakkar in 2015. It was initiated as an education blog and now it is considered the number one Institute by top educational blogs such as career 360, course report, advisor uncle, and coursedekho. The prime reason IIM SKILLS is considered number one is its expert faculty who have years of experience and are highly passionate to make their students experts.


Course – Financial Modeling Master Course 


Key Features of Financial Modeling Course

  • In the three-month duration of the course, students get 50+ hours of lectures, 100+ hours of practical assignments, and 5+ case studies.
  • This is a master certification course from IIM SKILLS which is recognized by the government of India.
  • Students get 24*7 support from the expert faculty.
  • The best thing is that IIM SKILLS offers 100% placement assistance and trains students for the interview.
  • The course provides hands-on experience.
  • The institute offers lifetime access to all its resources for its students.


Duration 3 Months 

Mode Online learning 


More Available Courses


Contact Details — 

Phone Number – +91 9911839503

Email – [email protected]


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. Edudelphi


Esudelphi was founded in 2017 and it is a KHD licensed and an ISO certified company. The trainers have more than 15+ years of experience in different fields. EduDelphi provides a unique environment where every training can grow and learn by professional trainers who share their practical understanding and experiences.


Course — Financial Modelling Certification 


Key Features of the Course — 

  • Students get 24*7 access to the course material like presentations, unlocked excel models, and many more.
  • If the students have any queries related to their course, they can interact with their fellow students and the faculty at any time. The trainers are available for the students all the time.
  • Students work on real cases from different domains providing a hands-on experience that will boost the resume as well as the confidence of the student.
  •  Soft copies of the study material with the presentation, case studies, and practical exercises will be available with the explanation.


Duration — 2 or 4 days of Masterclass 

Mode — Self-paced | Live online | In-house live 


Contact Details — 

Phone number – +91 9932120098

Email – [email protected]

Website – 


3. Trident Academy 


Trident Academy was established in 2008 with a mission to teach the people of India about the field of finance in an easy way. It conducts courses in every possible course related to finance. From basic to high levels like stock market investing, fundamental, and many more. Trident academy has educated more than 10,000 students and helped them to have a secure future.


Course — Certification in Equity Valuation and Financial Modeling


Key Features of the Course — 

  • Students will get a certificate of completion.
  • Students will have access to knowledgeable content like blogs and videos.
  • Students enrolling in the program will get practical exposure and attend 10 hours of internship with the faculty.
  • The academy provides placement assistance to its students however they do not guarantee it.
  • The President Academy has an incredible infrastructure that helps in live market training. Also, it has computers, a projector screen et cetera.
  • Students get access to the credit academy’s library which has books related to the subjects and many more materials.


Duration — 8 sessions of 3 hours each (approximately 1 month)

Mode — Classroom Learning 


Contact Details — 

Phone number – +91 9748222555

Email – [email protected] 

Website – 


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4. The Wallstreet School 


The Wallstreet School was established in 2009 after observing the lack of practical knowledge and skilled professionals. Looking at the students who entered this competitive world with only theoretical knowledge and wasted their talents to only fit in. The Wall Street school made it their mission to give practical learning to the students. Honing their skills with expert guidance and experiences to thrive in their career.


Course – Financial Modeling and Valuation


Key Features of the Course —

  • Staying true to their mission, their training program is based on practical learning, to prepare the students for jobs.
  • Trainers of the institute have already worked with major investment banks.
  • Students get access to precise and updated training material consisting of real case studies and discussions.
  • The best part of this is that students have to pay only 40% of the fees at the time of enrolment and the rest 60% can be paid after the student has got the job
  • Batches are available in two forms

             — Full time 

             — weekend modes 


Duration- Three months

Mode – Classroom learning | Live online classes | online self-paced video 


Contact details —

Phone number – +91 9953729651


5. Corporate Finance Institute


Corporate Finance Institute was founded in 2016 and since then it has become the largest and most recognized institution in the world. Its goal is to guide with the best resources and material to its students so that they can be prepared for the real world of finance and will have enough practical training to thrive in the industry.


Course- Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst


Key Features of the Course-

  • Students will be provided block chain certificate to verify their skills.
  • There are 30 courses available with 1620+ lessons in it.
  • More than 180 interactive exercises will be given with guidance.
  • All the instructors or experts in the field guide students with their knowledge, experiences, and understanding of the market.
  • every month, new courses are added.
  • The student has to choose 14 courses from the 29 courses available.


Duration – 4-6 months 

Mode – online (self-paced and full immersion)


Contact Details —

Phone number — 1-(800)-817-7539


6. GT Academy 


Learning and Development Academy by Grant Thorton In India provides customized programs to students to help them to get more of the course. They focus on result-oriented courses. They highly believe in classroom learning and focus on individual queries. Their trainers are experts who share their expertise in the industry to provide a better picture for the students.


Course- Financial Modeling and Valuation


Key Features of the Course-

  • In the program, all the doubts related to MS Excel will be sorted out.
  • It will focus on the designing of financial models.
  • Students will get access to Grant Thorton LMS for a year.
  • Students will be provided with the certificate of completion after passing the final assessment.
  • The presentation of reports will be done by using models.
  • Students will be taught techniques on valuation.


Duration – 70 hours of study 

(40 hours of live sessions and 30 hours of recorded sessions with case studies) 


Mode – Online 


Contact Details — 

Mobile number – +91 9654190274



7. Udemy 


Udemy is an educational institution that provides multiple courses on different topics. All the courses are provided by different institutions across the globe. So, students can learn any skill in the comfort of their home by just downloading their app. And the student will have lifelong access to the courses they have chosen.


Course- Financial Modeling: Build a complete DCF valuation model.


Key Features of the Course-

  • Students will learn to build a cash flow statement.
  • An understanding of to value of a company.
  • Students will learn to create professional and attractive charts.
  • Students will get lifetime access to the course.
  • Certification of completion will be provided.
  • There will be 134 resources that can be downloaded.
  • The courses can be done by phone or a TV.


Duration — 5hours 

Mode — Online 


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8. Henry Harvin


Named after the first president “Mr. Henry Duster” of the Harvard University of the ed-tech industry. Henry Harvin was founded by Kunal Gupta in 2013, it is a global education technology company that offers both online and offline certification, diploma, and degree programs.


Course —  Financial Modeling Course 


Key Features of the Course — 

  • The certification given by Henry Harvin is affiliated with MSME and the government of India.
  • The course syllabus is designed by the experts in such a manner that it makes students industry-ready.
  • The courses are 100% dependent on practical learning.
  • They provide job assistance and students also get a chance to increase their professional network by getting connected to 3,00,00+ Henry Harvin former students.
  • If Students do not consider the course worth it, they can claim the money back after the first session.
  • The trainers are internationally recognized pupils who have more than a decade of teaching experience.


Duration — 40 hours of live training

Mode — Self-paced | Online learning 


Contact Details — 

Phone number – +91 9891953953


Frequently Asked Questions—


Q1. Is the financial modeling courses in Kolkata difficult?

Answer. Financial modeling comes under a very competitive and complicated field of finance. And it is considered one of the most complex tasks to do in the financial field. Financial modeling requires in-depth detail to form decisions which is a strenuous task because it requires data from the Past and the current as well. From going back and forth between the data comes other complexity.


Which is an assumption which sometimes also well hidden that nobody is aware of. Hence, financial modeling is a very difficult course but it can be learned with the help of experienced and professional teachers. Who can make things as complex as financial modeling easy for you with their knowledge, tricks, and shortcuts?


Q2. Is financial modeling courses in Kolkata worth paying for?

Answer. A course like financial modeling is great for your resume. As I have already stated multiple times that it opens various profitable parts for an individual to earn a hefty amount and have a thriving career in the finance industry. If an individual is genuinely ambitious to gain the skills then financial modeling courses in Kolkata are worth it.


But, a course like financial modeling requires expert guidance and experience. One cannot learn it by oneself considering it is one of the most complex fields and finance. And as we all know that finance itself is a very competitive and complex field. So, you are spending money on financial modeling courses in Kolkata is worth it. 


Q3. What is the average duration of the financial modeling courses in Kolkata?

Answer. While it is possible to do a degree program or a diploma in financial modeling it will take an individual 2 to 3 years for graduation and a year for a diploma. But, a certification course on average would take 20 days to a month. The expertise of the course depends on the individual and how much they take from the course.


We will recommend you to go for the certification courses for three reasons. The first is it is high time convenient to compare the degrees. It will take you only a month to acquire the skill. The second being it is A lot cheaper to opt for certification courses. Third, it gives you more freedom with your choices and your time.

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