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Top 9 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai

Business Accounting and Taxation Courses provide vital knowledge and abilities for areas such as sales, accounting, and taxation. The course will be a bonus that will help you earn the pay you seek. Undergraduates, graduates, and accounting professionals can enroll in the certification program to become market-ready professionals who are up to date on industry trends. Business Accounting and Taxation courses are available in both online and offline formats in Chennai. Let’s get acquainted with Business Accounting and Taxation before we look into the details of the colleges that offer “Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai.”


What is Business Accounting and Taxation?


Business Accounting and Taxation entails Accounting Concepts, payroll policies, taxation, accounting software, GST, SAP, MIS Reporting, payroll, TDS, TCS, Litigation Management, and income tax. These components affect the mode of functioning of Financial Business operations. Business accounting helps businesses understand their cash flows and financial performance of the companies through the process of recording, analyzing, and summarizing transactions of an organization. 


Also, concepts such as tax, filing returns, Goods and Service Tax, and functioning of the economy are included in the BAT courses in Chennai. The financial and economic information of the company is recorded, analyzed, interpreted, and presented. Income statements help companies track gains and losses, the balance sheet depicts the financial status of the company on a specific date, and the cash flow statement shows the inflow and outflow of cash during a period.


Business accounting in a nutshell involves bookKeeping, drafting financial reports, and preparing and filing tax returns. The monthly accounting tasks for a company include balancing a business checkbook, analyzing inventory status, reviewing past due receivables, reviewing payroll, reviewing actual and budgeted profit &Loss, and reviewing the balance sheet.


The quarterly accounting tasks include reviewing quarterly payroll reports, preparing a revised P&L statement, computing estimated income tax and making payments, reviewing sales tax, and making payments. The annual business tasks include reviewing inventory, reviewing due deliverables, and filling out IRS forms W2 and 1099-MISC.


Why BAT Courses in Chennai? 


Accounting helps businesses track their financial position. It helps businesses better manage their finances and analyze their performance and growth opportunities. The reports of Profit & Loss, Liabilities and Assets, and Cost & Earnings help companies with budgeting by projecting records of financial transactions which would guide on how to use resources appropriately, forecasting by comparing current data to historic data and controlling operations using financial and non-financial information.


Companies can manage their costs; check the health status of their company and detect frauds through Accounting. Businesses can manage different accounting, inventory, payroll, and banking functions in one place. Taxation helps businesses meet tax obligations as an entity.  It helps companies track their revenues, dividends, and operating costs.


Companies make strategic decisions based on changing revenues, operating costs, and dividends. It provides valuable financial information to investors, helps companies adhere to laws and monitor income and disbursement of finances and provide an appropriate financial assessment to the investors and concerned stakeholders.


A professional with the knowledge of Business Accounting and Taxation plays a very important role in an organization’s financial expansion of the company. With the knowledge of current industry trends and knowledge of the functioning of the Indian Economy, the course would enable professionals to solve the business problems and upgrade the financial position of the company.


Here are a few other best courses in Chennai for a reading career:


Career and Scope


Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai offer a plethora of opportunities to the aspirants. As every business is interested in knowing the financial management of the business and measuring their efficiency of business to their competitors, the course has a great scope for the aspirants.


Aspirants are expected to make journal entries, compose balance sheets, design financial statements, and tax credits, and make e-filing of income tax returns. Aspirants can go for profiles like Accounting Managers, Tally Expert, Financial Controllers, Company Secretary, Chief Financial Officer, Management Accountant, Financial Advisors, GST Consultant, Public accountants, and Industrial accountants to name a few.


As a BAT professional, a person is responsible for maintaining books of Accounts for transactions relating to Finance, Inventory, payables, and receivables. A professional is accountable for internal auditing of the company’s internal system. The professional is accountable for filing tax payment documents, paying taxes on time, filing tax returns, and advising companies on reducing the tax burden.


The professional is expected to analyze the cost structure of the company and allocate funds appropriately across processes and activities. The course would help aspirants gain better opportunities and pay scale, increasing their competency to thrive in organizations.


The course would open doors for professionals in businesses, Govt. jobs, and banking Institutions. After completion of the course, students can also go for work-from-home jobs, small businesses, or teach students as a flexible career option. The course has a lot of opportunities for freelance accountants, working professionals, and students.


The professionals from this course have a higher percentage of hiring in Professional and Technical Services followed by the administrative sector, Insurance, Healthcare, Banking, educational services, and Legislative and Real Estate. The course is an ideal choice for Commerce Graduates, Tax Experts, Finance Professionals, Entrepreneurs, MBA Aspirants, CA’s, and start-ups.


Salary After BAT Courses in Chennai:


An account Executive can expect a salary ranging from 1.2 Lakhs P.A to 1.8 Lakhs P.A. An accounting assistant can expect a salary range from 1.8 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs. A senior assistant can expect a salary range from 3 Lakhs to 4.2 Lakhs. An account manager can expect a salary range from 4.2 Lakhs to 8.4 Lakhs. A senior Manager can expect a salary range from 8.4 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs.


A General Manager can expect a salary range of above 10 Lakhs. An assistant finance Manager can expect a salary range from INR 3,00,000 to 1,000,000. The internal Auditor can expect a salary ranging from INR 3, 00,000 to 1,000,000. The salary will vary according to location, skill, and education. The average pay scale of a tax accountant is INR 3, 50,000.


The average pay scale of Financial advisors is INR 6,30,000.  The average salary for Certified Management Accountants is INR 5,00,000. The average salary for a senior finance manager is INR 2,048,410and the salary for a Senior Finance Analyst is around INR 7,00,000.  A tax consultant can expect a salary ranging from INR 2, 00,000 to 7, 50,000. Professionals who are well-equipped with advanced skills and tools are offered good compensation by the companies.


Top Institutes Offering Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai:


1. IIM Skills:


BAT Course Curriculum

The course curriculum includes Accounting, advanced accounting standards, financial auditing and reporting, GST, TDS, payroll, bookkeeping and account keeping, disciplines of economics, and income tax.  It also includes advanced Excel and MIS Reporting. The institute provides knowledge about tools such as QuickBooks, Tally, Excel, and BUSY. 


Key Highlights

The institute provides internship opportunities and has a placement cell. The institute provides a 100% interview guarantee, tool-based practical learning, lifetime access to live classes, and recording and mentorship by top-notch CA. The institute provides learnings using case studies, assignments, and weekly tasks. It provides interactive sessions, flexible scheduling for batches, course training by subject matter experts, who are trained professionals who would be taking the sessions, online classes, with master certification, and learning resources.


Duration and Fees

It is a 4 months online course. 


Mode of Teaching

The institute offers 120+hours of lectures and 60+ hours of practical assignments. IIM Skills is a good choice for those who want to Pursue Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai.


2. National Institute of Financial Markets


The Curriculum of BAT Courses in Chennai


The course Curriculum includes modules on GST, TDS, Tally ERP 9 with GST, Income-tax, auditing, e-filing, procedures related to accounting including analyzing balance sheets and making decisions, rules of State and Centre relating to taxation for Individuals, Businesses, and Corporates.


Fee Structure and Duration

The fee structure for the course is INR 45000+GST. The course is for 6 months.


Key Highlights

The learning is provided on the Govt. portal through practical training. Flexible schedules for classes to opt from, as the classes are for 6 hours on Sundays, 3 hours each on weekends, and 2 hours each on weekdays. 80% of the class is based on practical training.


Mode of Teaching

The institute has 15 centers in India. The institute provides classroom training as well as online training. The institute is a good choice for those who want to avail of classroom training for the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai.


3. EduPristine


The Curriculum of BAT Courses in Chennai

The course Curriculum includes Financial Reporting using Tally which includes filing returns and refunds, making payments, and recording transactions in the software. It includes Valuation and registration of GST, Accounting for TDS, Tax Returns and filing TDS returns, Accounting, registration, and returns for payroll components. It also includes excel and MIS Reporting, SAP module, and BUSY Software. 


Key Highlights

Students get trained on hard skills and soft skills including industry-relevant content, case -studies, hands-on training, presentation skills, resume building, mock interviews, and business etiquettes. The institute gives placement assistance including career counseling, interview coordination, and frequent job updates. The institute provides self-study packages, access to online material, free mock tests, and training by industrial professionals


Duration and Fees

The duration of the course is 3-4 months.


Mode of Teaching

They provide online and classroom training. The institute has centers in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The institute remains a good option for those who want to avail of classroom training for Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai.


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4. Institute of Professional Accountants


Course Curriculum

They offer Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation Course which includes practical knowledge of Income Tax and GST. The course is well well-matched for the aspirants who want to work as a Tax Practitioners and Tax consultants. It includes TDS, e-filing, income tax, and GST.


Key Highlights

The institute offers flexible timing options to the students including daily sessions, weekend sessions, and alternate-day sessions. The trainers have experienced Chartered Accountants. It provides practical knowledge of the course module.  They provide placement assistance to the aspirants too.


Duration and Fees

The duration of the course is 3 months. 


Mode of Teaching

The mode of teaching includes both online and classroom modes of training on weekends for 6 hours, alternate days for 2 hours, and on daily basis for an hour. It is one of the recognized institutes for availing of Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai.


5. NIMB (National Institute of Management and Business Studies)


Course Curriculum

The course is divided into six different modules and two practical projects.


Key Highlights

The institute provides a flexible class schedule with classes on daily, alternate, and weekends. They provide an industry-recognized certificate and placement assistance, and classes are taken by industry veterans.


Duration and Fees

The course is for 2 months.


Mode of Teaching

The institute provides online interactive sessions and classroom training.

The institute is a good choice for those who want to avail of classroom training on Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai.


6. Udemy



The curriculum for Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai includes financial statements, analyzing business transactions, Accounting Regulations, Investments, Bank Reconciliation, income statements, cash flows, stocks and dividends, journals, data analysis, TDS,  Tally ERP 9, and many more.


Key Highlights

The trainers are highly experienced. The curriculum covered by them is diverse. They provide certification post-course. They provide on-demand videos which are easy to understand with full-time access.


Duration and Fees

The fee structure for the course is INR 8640 and the duration varies according to the topics covered.


Mode of Teaching

They provide training online training. The institute could be an option for those who want to avail Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Chennai through online mode.


7. City Commerce Academy


The curriculum of BAT Courses in Chennai

The institute offers four courses under BAT Course. The free accounting course includes Accounting theories, journal entries, Business Accounting, Double –Entry, and the concept of Finance. The Accounting expert course includes credit notes, debit notes, Inventory Accounting, reconciliation, balance sheets, and Tally ERP 9. The tax expert course includes GST, indirect tax, income tax, payrolls, EPF, and ESI. The accounting and Tax expert course includes taxation expert, accounts expert, and business accounting.


Key Highlights

The course curriculum is rich. Real-life projects, online students discussion forums, and some of the topics are delivered free of cost, and printed material and recorded videos are given to the aspirants.


Duration and Fees

The fee structure of the course is INR 6200, INR 6800, and INR 10800.


Mode of Teaching

The mode of teaching includes both online and offline.


8. SAI Infosys, Chennai


The curriculum of BAT Courses in Chennai

The course Curriculum includes Tally, Contra, Inventory Basics, Accounting Vouchers, inventory management, Tally and ERP, Manufacturing and Branch maintenance, value-added tax, central sales tax, service tax, TDS, Payroll, Goods, and Service Tax.


Key Highlights

The course timings and duration is flexible. They provide practical training and placement assistance. The Institute is a part of State Projects and has operations across South India.


Mode of Learning

They provide online and offline classes. They provide certification courses and have a student aid center. They provide weekend and fast track options for classes. The institute is a good choice for those who want to avail of classroom training in Business Accounting and taxation Course in Chennai.


9. Henry Harvin:


The curriculum of BAT Courses in Chennai

Their rich course curriculum includes projects in GST, Excel, HR Payroll, TDS, litigation Management, financial strategies, and Advanced Tally ERP9.  The institute provides training of 172 hours with access to hackathons, competitions, videos, assessments, tools, and techniques along with a certificate and placement guarantee. The institute also offers complimentary modules on soft skills development and resume writing. With one-year gold membership, the institute also provides monthly boot camps, internship opportunities, and placement assistance.


Key Highlights

The trainers of the program hold sound academic backgrounds with rich work experience across domains of Litigation, GST, Compliance Management, advisory, consultancy, and direct and indirect taxation. They have robust training experience across verticals including GST,  Company Law, Income Tax, strategic advisory, tax planning on GST, compliance management, litigation operations, departmental representation, filing appeals, and other indirect taxation. The institute has received several accolades and awards with high ratings and testimonials.


Fee Structure

The fee structure for a self-placed course is INR 31050. The fee structure for the live online classroom is INR 34500.


Mode of Teaching

Self-Placed Learning: In this mode of learning, the aspirants get lifetime access to pre-recorded videos and a lifetime free upgrade service. In the live online classroom session, an aspirant gets one-year gold membership, weekly boot camp sessions, lifetime access to recordings, and unlimited live sessions in addition to the features of the live online classroom sessions. Aspirants can pursue Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai from the institute.




Q1. What are the fees of BAT courses in Chennai?

The fees for the course range from INR 5500- to INR 45000 in India.


Q2. How to pursue BAT courses in Chennai?

Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai can be pursued through online mode and classroom training. Some of the top Institutes for pursuing this course include IIM Skills, NIFM, EduPristine, Udemy, IALM Academy, ICA, Expert Academy, Henry Harvin, and many more.


Q3. What are Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai Duration?

The average duration of a Business Accounting and Taxation Course is 2 months -6 months in India


Q4. Are there any Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai free online?

There are some of the free courses for Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai offered by UDEMY online, entrepreneurship and Innovation, Home Study Centre, City Commerce Academy, Coursera, edX, FutureLearn, and many more.




Businesses and Organizations have realized the importance of accounting for their expansion. The knowledge of advanced software is in huge demand by organizations for accuracy. The course offers a lot of opportunities in varied industries. The practical skills gained through the course will help the professional keep up with the recent market trends, making the candidate competent enough in the field of Accountancy.  The course is best suited for commerce Graduates and professionals from commerce backgrounds. The short-term certification course in Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai will improve the chances of one getting high-paying jobs in top MNCs.

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