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Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Chennai With Placements

Having the skills to express yourself through write-ups and being able to make people understand things in a better way is a power only a few have. So, if you are someone who can play through words and is better at explaining things in your own way, that too with clarity, then the content writing profile is the right choice for you. With deep subject understanding and learning the right skill sets, you can adapt to this career path easily.


Content writing is much more than you could think. It’s not just about writing blogs or articles but if you have knowledge of different technical domains then there is an option for you to go for the technical writing field.


Technical writing is in demand and a globally accepted career. This blog article will guide you to understand the basic knowledge of What technical writing is and how to move forward with it. It will also list some of the best technical writing courses in Chennai.


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What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing involves writing all the technical documentation and complex processes in a simple manner to guide and help customers use a product or service. These writings include the records, user manuals, how-to guides, reports, handbooks, press releases, emails, executive summary statements, API documentation, or any other technology-based documentation required by any firm or company.


The technical writers are the ones who help ordinary citizens to understand the working of gadgets and even assist engineers to get the knowledge of industrial-scale machines. These play the role of the middle-man between the common and the developers by explaining their work to the consumers.


Therefore, technical domain knowledge becomes a chief priority for someone wanting to adapt technical writing as a career. Technical writers also need to know certain skill sets as required by the writers of any other niche.


Important Skills Required for Technical Writing:

Technical writing is on the tougher side than the other writings. It requires some special skills that are:


  • General Writing Skills

This is one of the most basic requirements for all the writers in the house. The basic writing skills include correct spelling, grammar knowledge, and proper vocab usage. The main key to writing documentation processes with clarity is the way you explain the technical things with easy yet technical language. There are many apps and software like Grammarly that help you achieve the goal of writing complicated ideas simply and correctly. You can use these online sources to improve your writing skills.


  • Knowledge of Technical Domain

To be able to describe technical things, the technical writers must have a background in technical domains. The technical background can be any industry-related like medical, engineering, aerospace, or other industries based on the education criteria of the candidate. The technical background is a very important aspect because a person having deep knowledge about a subject can easily write and understand the challenges of documentation.


A technical writer has to work more technically than the other writers. They must have some understanding of how the tools for documentation management, layout designing, editing, and writing work and of course should also have a keen interest in technology and must know the latest trends in the field. They also require knowledge of the technical fields they will write upon and other technical stuff required by the firm.


  • Problem-solving Skills

One of the major aspects of being a technical writer is that they have to work closely with the IT team of the firm. So, having the patience to collaborate on technical terms with understandable yet good language is one of the main skills that a technical content writer requires. Thus problem-solving and critical thinking is the major skillsets for content writers.


  • Good Research Skills

The skill to research and explore any topic before writing is a great way to understand the competition and make strategies and plan the content accordingly. Writing a documentation process is not an easy task, it requires a lot of patience, time, and skills to explore the internet and understand the process, and get started with enough information to prove your expertise on the topic.


  • Proofreading Skills

Proofreading is a very common and most primitive skill that any content writer requires. It helps them to review and correct errors from their work before publishing and ensures error-free and solid content. Generally, there are editors for this purpose but before final editing of the content, it’s good and best practice to proofread your content first.


  • Teamwork

Like any other work profile, a content writer should also be a team player. The coordination of the content team plays a key role in the productivity of the team. A team that plans and discusses the ideas has a great chance to succeed. Even the coordination of technical writers with the IT domain team also matters.


Different Types of Technical Writings:

Technical communication can be done in many ways. These depend upon the requirements of the firm, style of writing, and demand in the industry. Basically, technical writing can be broadly classified into three main categories:


  • Traditional
  • End-user documentation
  • Technical marketing content


Traditional writing:

These experts follow traditional techniques of technical writing to make content for informational documents, research papers, etc.


End-user documentation:

End-user documents are the technical content written solely for the users of the products. These are the explanation content about the product or the services that the firm is offering. These are written in somewhat simple languages with just the necessary technical vocabulary. These can be user manuals, product booklets, assembly guides, technical booklets, installation guides, setup manuals, how-tos, or description documents.


Technical marketing content:

The technical content written for the marketing purpose comes under this category. Sometimes, technical writers are involved in the process of marketing some technology-oriented stuff. They have to write about the product in such a way that any common user can understand and use the product. These include case studies, white papers, proposals, sales pitches, technical specs, API documentation, FAQs, brochures, and others.


Best Technical Writing Courses in Chennai


1.   Technical Writing Course at IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the most popular training institutes offering technical writing courses in Chennai for skill development. It offers courses designed for all kinds of people be it a professional, students, entrepreneurs, or fresher. It started as an educational blog but now is counted as the best training institute. They offer a variety of courses like GST Course, Digital Marketing Course, Content Writing Course, CAT Preparation Course, Technical Writing Course, etc.


About the technical writing course at IIM Skills, it is one of the best technical writing courses in Chennai. This course is specially designed by industry professionals for the applicants to improve their writing skills and have a blasting career ahead.


It mainly focuses on the overall skill development of the students from the basic to advanced level. It helps them to gain practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge and provides lifelong access to the course material.


The course covers practical assignments related to affiliate marketing, technical content writing that includes reports, API documentation, datasheets, user manuals, research writings, and other important aspects of technical writing.


Perks of joining IIM Skills:

  • Globally accepted certification
  • Detailed course module
  • Practical learning
  • Lifetime access
  • Technical support
  • Affordable Price 14900 INR + GST
  • Practical application of tools
  • Weekdays and Weekend Batches
  • Live assignments


Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


2.     Technical Writing Course at Greens Technology


Greens Technology is a famous IT training center in Chennai. It offers a variety of technical language courses like Java, .net, Python, and others for those who want to master their technical background.


The technical writing course at Greens Technologies is designed to provide detailed knowledge about technical writing. It provides detailed training modules for all those individuals that want to make their career in the technical writing field.


Perks of joining Greens Technology:

  • Practical assignments
  • Resume building
  • Mock Interviews
  • Flexible timings and Weekend batches
  • Different office locations
  • Overall content writing training
  • Internships
  • Small batches


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3.     Technical Writing Training at The Tech Scribe


The Tech Scribe is its kind technical training institute in Chennai. It provides services to clients worldwide in different niches and technical backgrounds and also trains the students in different technical domains. They train the individuals in crafting and creating engaging and concise technical documentation.


Its main focus is to provide education and training in the field of technical documentation. They conduct seminars, and workshops and arrange various events to encourage the craze of technology among the youngsters.


Perks of joining Tech Scribe:


  • 120 hours training
  • Classroom batches
  • Expert trainers and senior tech writer guidance
  • Fundamental concepts explanation
  • Detailed modules
  • Placement opportunities
  • Certifications


4.      Technical Writing Courses at Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin Education is one of the finest training institutions that help you attain your career goal with proper guidance and support. The courses provided by them help you gain complete knowledge of the field and prepare you for the job.


Their technical writing course is one of the best technical writing courses in Chennai. It is designed to provide basic writing knowledge as well as advanced technology domains. This course helps to develop an understanding of the technical world and focuses on the practical learning of individuals.


Perks of joining Henry Harvin technical writing course:

  • 50+ hours of learning
  • Best mentors and guidance
  • Live projects
  • Practical and timely assignments
  • Expert faculties
  • Membership
  • Job and internship support
  • Hands-on sessions


5.      Technical Writing Courses at JPA Solutions


JPA Solutions is one of the most prestigious and recognized software training institutes in Chennai, established in 2010. It is a leading institute to provides world-class technical training in different domains.


The technical writing course at JPA Solutions is one of the best technical writing courses in Chennai. It focuses on providing the best practical learning modules from the basic to the advanced level.


Perks of joining the technical writing course at JPA Solutions:

  • Few weeks of intense training
  • Live projects
  • Detailed module
  • Tasks and assignments
  • Presentations and Seminars
  • Exams and Mock interviews
  • Expert Faculty
  • Job guidance


6.      Poke Yoke Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Poke yoke Technologies is a leading management consultancy that trains and encourages individuals in the field of different technical writing domains. They conduct seminars and sessions to help people know about the latest technology trends in the market.


It provides one of the finest technical writing courses in Chennai and helps individuals to get in-depth knowledge of different technical domains. The technical writing course at Poke Yoke Technologies is detailed and advanced and helps the students get job-ready at the end of the training. They believe in practical training sessions and provide their students access to all the latest technical tools.


Perks of joining Poke Yoke Technologies:

  • Diploma in technical writing
  • Detailed course curriculum
  • Practical hands-on experiments
  • Placement support
  • Expert trainers
  • Timely assignments and live projects


7.      University of Madaras


The university of Madaras is one of the highly prestigious universities in India. It offers more than 230 courses under 87 different academic disciplines. It is one of such institutes that is highly recommended and has the best placement records.


The technical writing course at the University of Madaras comes under the Department of English and teaches the students from the basics of English to the advanced technological domains. It offers various postgraduate, diploma, and certification courses in technical writing.


Perks of joining the University of Madaras:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in technical writing
  • One year full-time course duration
  • Admission is based on graduation-level performance.
  • Best faculty and infrastructure
  • Placement assurance
  • Highly valued certification


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8.      Technical Writing Course at Write Academy


Write Academy has been one of the leading institutes for training in technical domains since 2009. It offers detailed job-oriented training to the individuals despite their academic backgrounds. Their courses are designed for everyone be it students, entrepreneurs, business professionals, etc. The technical writing course at Write Academy focuses on the detailed training module and sessions and provides practical skills development.


Perks of joining Write Academy:

  • One month course duration
  • Flexible timings
  • Practical sessions and assignments
  • Valuable certification
  • Expert trainers


9.      Technical Writing Training at Techtotal Systems


Techtotal Institute is a leading technical documentation service provider and training institute that trains on a very professional level. The technical writing course is designed by industry experts and is guided by them as well. The course focuses on the latest technological trends in the market and is customized accordingly from time to time.


Perks of joining Techtotal Systems:

  • Various course options; Certificate, Crashe, Full-time diploma
  • Flexible durations and slots
  • Detailed course module
  • Career-oriented
  • Hands-on experiments
  • Live projects and assignments


10.  Technical Writing Training at IT Documentum Chennai


IT Documentum is a leading technical training center in Chennai. The institute provides intensive training in various technical aspects. It is a technical writing consulting institute training hundreds of individuals in different technical domains.


The technical writing course at IT Documentum is one of the best technical writing courses in Chennai which focuses on getting its students job-ready. The industry experts having experience in this field help students learn and implement the theoretical parts practically on live projects.


Key Perks of joining IT Documentum Chennai:

  • Online technical writing training
  • 100 hours of extensive training
  • Practical and hands-on assignments
  • Placement support


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Which are the best technical writing courses in Chennai?

This article lists several technical writing courses that are best in quality and provide intensive training in different technical domains. You can join any of these based on your convenience and wish.


2. Who can apply for technical writing courses?

Anyone who is interested in pursuing technical writing as a career and has an interest and background in technical domains can apply for these technical writing courses. You need to have some knowledge about technical terms and must have decent English writing skills.


3. Which is the best institute that provides technical writing courses in Chennai?

There are many institutes in Chennai that provide training in technical fields. Some of the institutes that offer the best technical writing courses in Chennai are IIM Skills, The Tech Scribe, Greens Technology, IT Documentum, the University of Madaras, and Writes Academy. The students here are trained and guided by industry experts and professionals.


4. What are the job options after pursuing technical writing courses?

There are various career options that a technical writer can opt for. Some of them are Technical content developers, Information designers, Documentation specialists, Policy writers, Technical communicators, Technical illustrators, Web writers, and Technical trainers. All these profiles are among highly paid career options.


5. What is the average salary of Technical writers in India and Chennai?

The salary for the technical writers depends upon the skills, knowledge, experience, firm, and city of the individual. An average tech writer in India earns around  6 lakhs per year.




These institutes are well recognized for their intensive training and practical sessions. These institutes have trained some of the best tech writers in the past. Any of these can be the right choice for someone willing to put effort and learn tech writing from the basic level. These institutes can become a turning point in anyone’s career.

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