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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Germany With Placements

Germany is a dream destination for many students. They offer great international exposure, industry-relevant courses, etc. Most students love pursuing higher education abroad. One of the best programs offered today is data analytics courses in Germany. The German universities not only have good public ranking globally, but they offer very affordable courses, even though they don’t have any tuition fees for most of their public universities. They are also known to provide good employment opportunities.


Data analytics is the process of gathering, transforming, and organizing data to generate inferences and forecasts, and lead well-informed decisions. Data analytics includes artificial intelligence, statistical models, and large data.


Where is Data Analytics Used?

Honestly, these days data analytics is used everywhere irrespective of any field. Whether it is giant telecom companies like Reliance, Airtel, or even a small to medium company, everyone is dependent on data. These data not only act as a guide to companies but also help in planning the future roadmap for the business.

Whether it is media, financial, healthcare, or e-commerce websites, all of them get an upper hand in decision-making. These data explain the likes and dislikes of the public. Does it answer many questions like What’s the current market demand? How can things be improved?

Here data means both raw and unorganized. Usually, management collects information with the help of data analytics tools like Phyton, Tableau, etc. Then the in-depth analysis is done. All the factors are cross-checked one by one. Finally, with the help of the final output, the management concludes. They align their decisions to the new change and make sure to change their strategies, policies, revenue, sales, etc as per customers’ choice.


How Does Data Analytics Help Business?

Enterprises can make better judgments, thanks to data analytics. It increases effectiveness, lowers risk, aids in the analysis of new market trends, etc. It enables us to target more suitable clients. Authentic data helps in the prevention of logistical issues by preventing shipping breakdowns.

The finest part is that it aids in locating fresh business prospects that may have gone unnoticed or untapped. These data aid businesses in streamlining their internal operations. They are made aware of their errors and are allowed to correct them.


Data Analytics – Types

Different data analytics are as follows: 


1. Descriptive Analytics: 

They describe the relationships, patterns, and connections between the data. They use both recent and old data. Firms use these analytics in many divisions within the organization to measure how successfully they are operating and whether or not they’re on track to meet their long-term goals. These data answer questions like when this might happen, and how it might affect the company. It’s used to uncover insights, scorecards, and metrics that let businesses monitor performance and other trends.


2. Diagnostic Analytics:

It helps to diagnose the root cause of the problem. It tries to figure out why there have been variations in the data, for example, trends, regression, etc. Companies need to continuously evaluate data to examine market trends, demands, etc. They need data to study and analyze customer behavior.

Diagnostic data helps in decision-making. It guides the management in right and wrong. This data answers question like why this has happened and how can the situation be improved.


3. Predictive Analytics:

It makes projections about future events. They quickly envision the potential outcomes and identify them. It takes into account every component that can have an impact on the circumstance. It enables businesses to make better-informed business decisions while also reducing business risk. Thanks to the predictive data analytics model, firms do a lot of stuff, for example, resolve problems, boost output, and seize great possibilities. 


4. Prescriptive Analytics:

This kind of analytics helps in prescribing a further course of action. All the data, machine learning, and computer-aided learning combined help the companies to conclude. They can take hold of their situation by analyzing their policies, strategies, etc. It also answers – Does it guide the management as to what they should do? What’s best for the company? 


Here is a Comprehensive List of the Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Germany


Rank# 1. Data Analysis Courses in Germany

1. Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

This university offers the best data analytics courses in Germany. It was established in 1472 and is perhaps one of the top institutions for education and research. The prestigious Data Science master’s program has a structured course.

Students learn how to acquire, organize, and analyze big and complex data sets using computational intelligence techniques while also learning how to draw ideas and insights from these data samples.

In this course, students will get trained by industry experts to handle real-life problems. Graduates of the master’s degree will be creative and responsible academicians with a wide range of job options in business, economics, technology, and innovation.


Course Offered: Master of Science degree

Study Period: Four semesters

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: A bachelor’s degree in Science, Statistics, Informatics, or a related field


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

  1. A multidisciplinary curriculum
  2. A good blend of theoretical and practical modules.
  3. Training programs for honing transferable skills
  4. Collaboration with world-class industry partners
  5. Mentoring program for individuals


Course Module Offered:

  1. Statistics: Inference and Sampling (Core Module)
  2. Big Data Management and Knowledge Discovery in Informatics (Core Module)
  3. Data science guiding principles (Individual Modules)
  4. Analytics of Big Data and Human Computation
  5. Modeling Statistics
  6. Voluntary Modules 
  7. Research in Data Analytics
  8. Data Science and Analytics Research Master’s thesis and dissertation


Website: [email protected]


Rank# 2. Data Analysis Courses in Germany

2. Arden University, Berlin 

Germany is famous for its outstanding educational system. Those seeking to advance their careers in a wide range of industries can get top-notch business education at Arden University. They provide the best postgraduate data analytics courses in Germany, conducted by an experienced faculty.

Having this fundamental knowledge will enable you to use data-handling techniques to support business choices, and it will also help you with knowledge management at your company in line with operational objectives.


Course Offered: MSc Data Analytics and Information Systems Management

Study Period: 12-24 months

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Tuition Fees: EUR 15,000



  1. You need to have at least two to three years of professional job experience in addition to a third-class (3rd) UK honors degree or an equivalent certificate.
  2. If you have studied in Pakistan, then you should have a four-year bachelor’s degree and at least three to four years of managerial experience, as well as a GPA of at least 60%.
  3. IELTS 6.5 or higher and a minimum grade of 6.0 in every element, or a similar grade if you’ve never had an English education.


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

  1. The UK government and England’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) are in charge of regulating Arden University.
  2. Intensive, interesting, and in-person instruction from experts.
  3. Over 40 nations are represented among the international student body.
  4. There are payment alternatives and discounts for early registration.
  5. Strategically situated in the heart of Berlin, it’s close to significant corporate players.
  6. Over the past 26 years, Arden has assisted 50,000 higher education students.
  7. Six months right after their graduation, ninety-six percent of the students were working.
  8. According to 79% of the students, their degrees directly improved their careers.


Course Module Offered:

  • Decision-making and Data Handling
  • Data interpretation and Visualisation
  • Business Strategy Alignment and IS
  • Trend Monitoring and Technology
  • Portfolio and Project Management


Contact Number: +49 30 235901000


Arden Study Centre Berlin, 

Dessauer Str. 3-5 10963 Berlin, 



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Rank# 3. Data Analysis Courses in Germany

3. Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation

With the help of the Steinbeis Master of Science in Business Management program, you will have the skills and information necessary to successfully progress your career. With the four specializations available in this customized program, you can tailor your degree to best suit your objectives and future professional path.

This curriculum will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the issues with a focus on the most recent innovations in areas including corporate transformation, online marketing, data science, and technology management. For future challenges, they train CEOs, professionals, and young people.

Their study programs help students develop their personalities and get ready for the next phase of their careers by bringing the most recent business developments and insights into the classroom while also giving them the rare chance to put the ideas they learn in class into practice. This is perhaps one of the finest data analytics courses in Germany.


Course Offered: Master of Science in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Study Period: Four semesters

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Tuition fees: EUR 5,700/Semester



  • Any Bachelor Degree with 180 ECTS earned from an approved university.
  • Proof of six years of Academic literacy in English IELTS 6.0, PTE 56, Duolingo 100, TOEFL 80 or Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency.


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

  • Profile Evaluation
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Personal branding education
  • Norms of German culture
  • Profile on LinkedIn, resume, and cover letter
  • Getting ready for a test or interview
  • German employment agreements and wage negotiations
  • looking for a job in Germany
  • German classes at a discount
  • Networking event invitations


Course Module Offered:

  • Entrepreneurship & Management
  • Project management
  • Consumer Behavior & Marketing
  • Politics & Society, Economics
  • Science & Quantitative Methods, Research


Contact Number: +49 30 398850520




10587 Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Rank# 4. Data Analysis Courses in Germany

4. Berlin School of Business & Innovation

BSBI offers the best data analytics courses in Germany. The mission of BSBI is to prepare students to lead in an ever-evolving business environment and effectively establish their future. With enterprise and success at its center, BSBI offers industry-relevant courses that concentrate on building the effective business requisite skills to guarantee success in the workplace.

The new postgraduate program in data analytics at the BSBI Berlin Campus is the 18-month MSc in Data Analytics. Students will graduate with the necessary skills and confidence to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations in addition to the fundamental knowledge needed to work in data analytics.

The most crucial task for a data analyst is typically developing predictive models. Since businesses have become more dependent on data science for understanding business, interpreting data, and preparing data for modeling, evaluation, and implementation, the demand for data analytics expertise has grown dramatically.


Course offered: MSc in Data Analytics

Study period: Eighteen months

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Tuition fees: EUR 12,000



Age: Twenty One


Academic Qualifications:

  1. It’s important to have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
  2. A candidate’s ability to pursue postgraduate education will also be taken into account if they have at least three relevant managerial job experiences.
  3. Official English tests are required for English language requirements. Minimum requirements include the following: IELTS overall score of 6.0 (with a minimum of 5.5 in each component); Password test overall score of 6.0 (with a minimum of 5.5 in each component); PTE (Academic) overall score of 56 (with a minimum of 51 in each component); Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) or Cambridge English Proficiency OS 69 (minimum of 162 in each component).
  4. West African Certificates (WAEC AND NECO ONLY) issued within the last 5 years, with a minimum of C6 in English. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with an overall grade of C or higher is also acceptable. IELTS scores are required for Tanzania and Cameroon.
  5. If issued more than 5 years ago, WAEC/NECO must be supplemented with a successful (50%+) Internal English Assessment.
  6. Applicants who have a substandard score in one component (e.g., 5.0 instead of 5.5) but meet the total requirement can take an English diagnostic test online. 
  7. Additionally, free internal exams with a passing rate of at least 50% will be offered to students residing in Germany.


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

  • Teaching will be done on campus.
  • It will guide the students to solve problems and clear decision-making about data analytics.


Course Module Offered:

  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Analytics – Predictive
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning


Contact Number: +49 30 585840959


Address: Potsdamer Str. 182, 10783 Berlin, Germany


Rank# 5. Data Analysis Courses in Germany

5. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management also offers the best data analytics courses in Germany. You are equipped with the knowledge and abilities to steer data-driven organizations through periods of digital and business transformation, thanks to the Master in Data Analytics & Management program.

Using cutting-edge, disruptive technologies, managers must encourage this kind of goal-driven innovation and inspire organizational change to manage digital transformation in a world that is always changing. You will gain knowledge and skills in big data, digitalization, new operating models, communication, and leadership


Course offered: Master in Data Analytics & Management

Study Period: Four Semesters

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Tuition Fees: EUR 33,000



  1. An undergraduate degree* (Bachelor, Diploma, or equivalent)
  2. The minimum relevant experience required is of one year
  3. English language proficiency, both written and spoken** (IELTS 7.0 or equivalent; TOEFL iBT 90)
  4. Candidate should participate successfully in our admission interview
  5. Applicants who don’t have their first academic degree, must complete an eligibility evaluation and show they have the necessary background knowledge for the desired course of study.
  6. Candidates who have already earned a degree in English, have spent more than a year abroad, or whose primary language of employment is English may be eligible for language competency waivers.


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

  1. Suitable for full-time employment
  2. According to The Times Higher Education (THE) report, the university is ranked number one in Germany and number twelve globally for Best Business Schools for Digital Transformation.
  3. The instructors are experts in cutting-edge scientific fields and have hands-on expertise leading digital transformation.
  4. Join Incubator or Entrepreneurship Accelerator for individualized mentoring.
  5. A vast network of business professionals and future employers.
  6. A set of organizational skills that are data-driven, strategic, and technically sound.


Course Module Offered:

  • Week 1: Bootcamp – Data
  • Week 2: Bootcamp – Machine Learning
  • Week 3: Business Models – Disruptive
  • Week 4: Business Model – Optimisation
  • Week 5: Transformation – Organizational
  • Week 6: Experiential LearnTransformation Transformation
  • Week 7: Blockchain or Digital Strategy in business.


Contact Number: 069154008-565


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Rank# 6. Data Analysis Courses in Germany

6. University of Hildesheim

This university offers great education and comes in our list of the best data analytics courses in Germany. One of Germany’s top universities for studying data science is the University of Hildesheim. Founded in 1946, the University of Hildesheim is a public institution of higher learning.

The master’s program provides a comprehensive education in gathering and handling sizable statistical data sets. In addition, the course gives students a thorough understanding of interdisciplinary subjects with a concentration on data analytics. The University makes sure to provide individualized attention and customized learning. 


Course Offered: MSc. In Data Analytics

Study Period: 2 years

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Tuition fees: EUR 398.89 per semester



  1. Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, mathematics, or in an equivalent field.
  2. The students who are best qualified for this degree typically have strong analytical, mathematical, and statistical backgrounds as well as strong programming skills.
  3. The International Master’s program in Data Analytics requires competency in the English language.
  4. A certificate (TOEFL computer-based test score of 61 or above; IELTS band of 6 or above; or an equivalent certificate) or a German Abitur can serve as proof that the bearer has sufficient English language proficiency.


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

  1. The Data Analytics program uses tools and strategies for processing Big Data to solve problems from an application domain utilizing sophisticated statistical and mathematical models and techniques from machine learning.
  2. The curriculum is designed so that students may apply their knowledge of fundamental data modeling and data analytics to a sizable amount of real-world data using cutting-edge big data technologies like Apache Hadoop, etc.
  3. All program participants will gain practical experience handling massive amounts of real-world data using cutting-edge compute clusters and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Services. 


Course Module offered:

  • Machine Learning
  • Modern – Optimization Techniques
  • Programming – Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics/Seminar


Contact Number: +49 5121 8830

Address: Universitätspl. 1, 31141 Hildesheim, Germany


Rank# 7. Data Analysis Courses in Germany

7. TUM School of Computation, Information, and Technology

In many fields of research and industry, handling and interpreting extremely huge amounts of data is an urgent problem that calls for new ideas and methodologies. There are many changes that have contributed to the “Big Data” movement, including first off, the cost of storage capacity, sensor systems, devices, networking sites, and many others.

Furthermore, technological developments like multi-core systems and cloud computing allow for the large-scale analysis of data sets. Lastly, such massive amounts of data are being produced across a wide range of spheres of existence, rather than just the “traditional” ones like corporate data. Their data analytics courses in Germany offer an outstanding curriculum.


Course Offered: Master’s degree program in Data Engineering and Analytics

Study Period: 4 semesters

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Tuition Fees: EUR 138.00 per semester



  1. Degree, diploma, or subject and grade transcript of research up to now
  2. Records Transcript
  3. Evidence of English language competency
  4. Motivational Letter, Curriculum, Essay (e.g., module description)
  5. Academic analysis
  6. Complete and up-to-date résumé
  7. If the prerequisite degree for graduate courses (such as a bachelor’s) was earned outside the EU/EEA, a passport preliminary documentation (VPD).


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

  • After earning your degree, you can start your career.
  • Institute offers placement cell that helps students in getting placed.


Course Module Offered:

Module – Mandatory – 31 Credits

Module – Elective     –   53 ECTS

Module – Elective Interdisciplinary – 6 ECTS


Contact Number: +49 89 28901

Address: Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München, Germany


Rank# 8. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

8. Deakin University – Great Learning – The University of Texas at Austin

This online course comes next in our list of the top data analytics courses in Germany. By gaining future-ready skills, professionals may now capitalize on the potential to become data science experts. The data science sector is dynamic, ever-expanding, and increasingly important for corporate success. There is a huge demand for qualified experts as a result of this expanding demand.


Course Offered: Master of Data Science (Global)

Study Period: 24 months – Online

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Tuition Fees: USD 7500



Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree minimum 3-year program in a related field of study or a bachelor’s degree in any field with at least two years of relevant work experience.


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

  1. Obtain a worldwide master’s degree from a globally recognized university
  2. Gain knowledge from prominent professors through live, interactive lectures online.
  3. Get industry-ready skills through expert mentorship
  4. Acquire hands-on experience through project-based learning


Course Module offered:

  • Trimester 1 – Engineering – AI solutions
  • Trimester 1 – Mathematics – Artificial Intelligence
  • Trimester 2 – Machine Learning
  • Trimester 2 – Modern – Data Science
  • Trimester 3 –  World Analytics – Real
  • Trimester 3 –  Data – Wrangling


Contact Number: 080 4711 1120



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Rank# 9. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

9. UpGrad – Caltech CTME – Data Analytics 

To meet the needs of the business sector,  Caltech and Fullstack Academy have launched data analytics courses in Germany. This college offers the best online courses. Along with NLP, ML, and AI, it also discusses Tableau, Python, and SQL. The topics are thoroughly addressed over the 70+ hours of live classes, and the students can apply their knowledge in practical settings.

For the capstone project, students are encouraged to bring their project. With specialized help from a resume-building service, mock interview practice, one-on-one mentoring, and employability exams, you can receive five guaranteed interview opportunities.


Course Offered: Data analytics certificate program

Study Period: 9 months – Online

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Tuition Fees: INR 3,00,000( inclusive of taxes)



  • Proficiency in the English language and computer literacy.
  • Prior programming knowledge is not necessary.


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

  1. Aimed at working professionals, this course includes preparation for Tableau and AWS Certification.
  2. Live training at Fullstack Academy.
  3. Expert-led Masterclasses at Caltech
  4. . Individuals get to have one-to-one career mentoring meetings with mentors.
  5. Throughout the learning process, a student mentor will be present to answer all non-academic and non-technical questions.


Course Module Offered:

  • Phyton
  • Phyton – Bootcamp
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Machine Learning
  • AWS
  • Capstone project


Contact Number:  022 6156 2111 / 022 6156 2153



Address: Ground Floor, Nishuvi

7Drr. Annie Besant Road

Worli, Mumbai – 400018


Rank# 10. Data Analytics Courses in Germany

10) Coursera

Our list of the best data analytics courses in Germany concludes with Coursera. A Professional Certificate from Google can help you get started in the industry. Gain in-demand skills that will position you as an entry-level data analyst. The course offers eight modules that will help the students in learning how to handle and analyze data, use key analysis tools, use R programming, and produce visualizations that can influence important business decisions.


Course Offered: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Study Period: 6 months – Online

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Tuition Fees: INR 3,348 



You don’t require any prior experience. A Google Career Certificate is the ideal curriculum for students irrespective of whether they have relevant work experience or not. 


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

  1. Become well-familiarized with the procedures and methods that a junior or associate data analyst employs daily.
  2. Learn important data analytics techniques.
  3. Discover how to visualize and convey data results via dashboards, presentations, and popular visualization tools.


Course Module Offered:

  1. Foundations
  2. Ask Questions Data-driven decisions
  3. Prepare Data – Exploration
  4. Process Data – Dirty to Clean
  5. Analyze Data – Answer Questions 
  6. Share Data – Visualization
  7. Data Analysis – R Programming
  8. Google Data Analysis – Capstone Project – Complete a Case Study  


FAQs About Data Analytics Courses in Germany


Q1) Are there no fees for higher education in Germany?

Except for universities located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, attending a public university in Germany typically comes without any tuition costs. However, each student is required to pay a semester fee of anything between 200 to 500 euros. This fee often covers transportation expenses for the trimester, student association dues, and additional administrative fees. These fees are applicable for data analytics courses in Germany.


Q2) Who can enroll in data analytics courses in Germany?

Students with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, mathematics, or a related field are eligible to apply. In general, candidates for this degree are better equipped if they have solid analytical, mathematical, and statistical backgrounds in addition to strong programming abilities.


Q3) Does Germany have a job market for data analysts?

Almost all universities offer data analytics courses in Germany. They provide high-quality education. They have reasonable fees and are a pleasant, welcoming nation. In Germany, there is a job market, and practically all colleges provide placements.


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