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Top 7 Data Analytics Courses in India With Placements

Data has now become a global necessity. It powers everything in the world, and industries have created a number of tools to manage and analyze that data. Data-related job opportunities are currently in high demand. Choosing a profession in data science or data analytics is thus a wise decision at this moment. Along with getting monetary advantages, you can advance your profession in an impeccable manner. Because of the larger spectrum of data science and analytics, many experts are eager to shift their working domain. In this article, we will learn more about data analytics courses in India and the career opportunities available.


What is the Meaning of Data Analytics?


Data analytics is the act of organizing and analyzing obtained data in order to draw meaningful conclusions. The data analytics conclusions will be in the form of metrics that project the data’s past, present, and future patterns. Business models in an industry will be built using this scrutinized data.


Flow Chart – 1 (Flow of Data Analysis)


Why Data Analytics is Important?


Every organization is currently striving to develop viable business models for their organization, and data analytics plays a crucial part in delivering extensive analyses of available data. Many critical actions can be solved and inspected based on the analyses to improve organizational performance.


Types of Data Analytics


Data analytics are classified into 4 types,


Descriptive Data Analytics: This method provides an answer to the question, “What has happened so far?” Ex. Annual performance reports, survey reports, and so on.


Diagnostic Data Analytics: This approach answers the question, “How did this happen?”


Predictive Data Analytics: This method tackles the issue of “What might befall us in the future?”


Prescriptive Data Analytics:  Using this strategy, we can find the solution to the question, “How do we solve it?” Prescriptive analytics provides answers or suggestions for a previously occurring problem or to prevent a problem from occurring in the future. For example, decision-making, management, and development of a production line, etc.,


Career Opportunities in Data Analytics


You can be on the crest of a wave if you master data analytics. If we hear from a successful data analyst, he may tell us a list of the challenges he overcame to get to where he is today. So you must understand that it takes a lot of hard effort to get to the point where a person earns lakhs of rupees per month.


In fact, it is possible to earn quite a wealth after completing a master’s degree in data analytics, but consistency and hard work are required to achieve that level. For a fresher to experienced individual in this industry, the salary of data analysts typically ranges from 6 lakhs to 40 lakhs.


There are endless opportunities for you to excel in this particular field. Some of the highly paid career suggestions are given below,


  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Data Consultant
  • Data Administrator


Basic Tools Used in Data Analytics


There are endless tools available in the market for performing data analytics. Some of the common tools are,


  • Excel
  • Python
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • R
  • Jupyter
  • SQL
  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • Numpy
  • Kmean
  • Pandas


Capstone Project:


Capstone projects are designed for students who are pursuing a skill development program. This work includes a candidate to engage in real-time projects and handle tasks based on industrial specifications. This project provides an opportunity for a candidate to gain extensive knowledge and expertise in the profession. They won’t have any trouble choosing a work structure when they switch to a new profile as a result.


Why Should You Enroll in Data Analytics Courses in India


Data analytics is a professional course that can bring to you a rewarding career ahead as there is a huge scope for it at present, and will be in the future to the great extent. These courses are designed by extremely experienced professionals who know the nuances of the subject, hence learning from these guys will boost your skills and confidence level. The data analytics courses include multiple tools and projects to make you aware of them that how they work in making a structure of the organization’s health in coming days, months, and years.


There are multiple benefits of enrolling in these professional courses, which include, practical training, working on real-life projects, and of course, interaction with highly renowned professionals. You can upgrade your career with these high-class training programs.


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Data Analytics Courses in India Along With Placements Are Given Below;


Rank# 1. Data Analytics Courses in India


1. Simplilearn


When compared to other data analysis courses in India, Simplilearn is quite well-known. This is due to their availability throughout India, and they even provide hands-on training after the course, as well as career assistance. They offer courses for both experienced and fresh graduate students.


Course Details Are Given Below,


ELIGIBILITY●      Bachelor’s degree with a 50% average

●      No prior work experience is needed

●      Coding knowledge is not mandatory

MODE OF CLASSOnline live classes / self-paced learning videos will be available in LMS.
FEE STRUCTURE2,12,415 /- (Inclusive of taxes) (EMI and installment options available)
SKILLS COVERED●      Data Analytics

●      Statistical Analysis using Excel

●      Data Analysis Python and R

●      Data Visualization Tableau and Power BI

●      Linear and logistic regression modules

●      Clustering using kmeans

●      Supervised Learning


TOOLS Excel, Python, R, Power BI, Tableau, Scipy, Scikit learn, Pandas, Numpy
PROJECTS ●      Capstone projects from 3 domains

●      14+ Data analytics projects with real-time industry data sets.

PLACEMENTSAvailable along with Career guidance and resume development.
LOCATIONS AVAILABLEAhmedabad, Anantpur, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Mysore, Noida, Pune, Shimla, Thiruvananthapuram, Vijayawada
 (SWITCH UP RATING – 4.5 / 5)


Rank# 2. Data Analytics Courses in India


2. Intellipat:


Intellipat is an established organization that has been in existence since 2011. They deliver in-depth and knowledge-filled lessons in all of the courses provided here. Further, each student will get a personal career assistantship throughout the program. Intellipat provides 50+ live sessions, and 1:1 sessions with industrial experts. A flexible schedule, a lifetime free upgrade, and 200+ self-paced videos are all provided.


More Details About Data Analysis Courses in India Are Given Below,


ELIGIBILITY●      Non-IT professionals in sectors such as HR, banking, marketing, and sales, etc.

●      BI Professionals

●      Software Developers

●      Information Architects

●      Data Analytics Professionals

●      Project Managers


FEE STRUCTURE75,012 + GST (No cost EMI starts at 8000)

●      Data Wrangling

●      Data Analysis

●      Prediction Algorithms

●      Data Visualization

●      Time Series

●      Machine Learning

●      Power BI

●      Advanced Statistics

●      Data Mining

●      R Programming

TOOLS ●      R

●      Excel

●      SQL

●      Presto

●      Power BI

●      Python

●      Knime

PROJECTS Hands-on training will be given in Industry Based projects
CERTIFICATIONBelhaven University
PLACEMENTSGuaranteed placements along with career guidance will be provided




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Rank# 3. Data Analytics Courses in India


3. Imarticus


Imarticus Institute provides classes in both online and offline modes. They have two curriculums for beginners and experienced candidates. Their training is precisely designed, as they allow students to participate in capstone projects and industry-based projects. If you want to become an expert in data science tools, data analytics, and machine learning, this course is for you. Because data analytics courses in India are very inexpensive, this course offers candidates flexible payment and EMI alternatives.


In comparison to other institutes, Imarticus offers placements in top companies as well as the development of a high profile for candidates. The courses provided are highly professional since they involve you in live and challenging projects.


ELIGIBILITY●      Individuals with graduate or post-graduate degrees, preferably in Information Technology,

●      Engineering or Mathematics.

●      Applicants should have achieved 60% or above in Xth, XIIth, and Bachelor’s degrees.

●      Working professionals with 0 – 5 years of work experience, ready to transition to the analytics industry.

MODE OF CLASSOnline (self-paced videos also available) / Offline Classroom
FEE STRUCTURE●      2,25,000/-  : single payment

●      12,072/-  : 12 months EMI

●      67,650/-  : 3 installments



●      SQL Programming

●      Python Programming

●      Statistics

●      Machine Learning with Python

●      R and Data Science

●      Big Data & Hadoop

●      Big Data Analytics with Spark

●      Data Visualization with Tableau

●      Data Visualization with PowerBI



●      SQL Programming

●      Python Programming

●      Statistics

●      Machine Learning with Python

●      Neural Network & Deep Learning

●      Machine Learning on Cloud

●      AI: Natural Language Processing

●      AI: Computer Vision

●      Data Visualization with Tableau

PROJECTS Hands-on projects, assessments, hackathons,s and a personalized Capstone project,
CERTIFICATIONN.S.D.C Certified program
PLACEMENTSGuaranteed placement will be provided in top companies.
LOCATIONS AVAILABLEMumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Noida, Chennai, Thane, Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad,  Coimbatore, Bangalore Koramangala, Bangalore Marathahalli.
 (STUDENT RATING – 4.8 / 5)


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Rank# 4. Data Analytics Courses in India


4. Edu Bridge


Edubridge is a comprehensive online platform that provides a variety of skill development courses for both new and experienced students. Edu Bridge stands out from other data analytics courses in India since it includes additional training in both interpersonal and aptitude skills. They offer industry-based training and capstone projects to students so that they can obtain hands-on experience and expertise in the domain areas.


This training guarantees 110% job placement with a money-back guarantee. They offer one-on-one career counseling with professionals from renowned industries.


ELIGIBILITY●      All engineering streams, BCA, MCA, BSc, MSc, or any other degree with a major in Maths/Statistics from an accredited institution with a score of 50% and above.

●      Good Communication in English is a must as training conducted in English only


MODE OF CLASSCompletely Online
FEE STRUCTURE59000/- (EMI Options available)
DURATION488 hours


●      Excel

●      Hadoop

●      R

●      Python

●      SAS

●      Tableau

●      SQL Server

INFRA REQUIREMENTS●      Laptop / Desktop with webcam, 8GB RAM & 500GB HDD

●      Internet speed of more than 4MBPS

●      Mobile phones are not allowed


PROJECTS Hands-on training and industry-based learning through Capstone projects
CERTIFICATIONEdubridge certified program
PLACEMENTS110% guaranteed placement
LOCATIONS AVAILABLEAll over India through online
 (AMBITION BOX – 4.4 / 5)


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Rank# 5. Data Analytics Courses in India


5. Analytix Labs


Analytix Labs offers the most cost-effective courses in India. They are active in three major Indian cities. This course is unique in that it can be taken in one of three formats, including online, offline, and self-paced learning, depending on the needs of the candidate. Following the completion of the program, complete career assistance will be offered to ensure that all applicants are placed in reputable firms.


Among other data analytics courses in India, this institute offers boot camps for offline batches. This course is developed in such a way that a candidate will be eligible for a range of high-paying positions.


More Details About the Course and Its Structure Are Represented in the Form Table Below,


ELIGIBILITYGraduates in maths and engineering degree
MODE OF CLASSOnline / Self-Paced / Offline
FEE STRUCTURE16000/- + taxes (Self-Paced) | 20,000/-  + taxes( Online / Offline)  (EMI and Installment options available)
SKILLS COVERED●      MIS Reporting Analytics

●      Data Visualization

●      Data Mining & Analysis

●      Data Blending & Manipulation

TOOLS ●      Excel

●      VBA

●      SQL

●      Tableau

PROJECTS ●       4 Basic exercises ( Excel, VBA, SQL & Tableau)

●      Airlines data analysis and reporting

●      Marketing & Sales data manipulation and analysis

●      Sports equipment retail data analysis and visualization

●      Consumer electronics pricing data analysis & visualization

●      Sports event analysis and reporting

CERTIFICATIONAnalytix labs Certified
PLACEMENTS●      6 Assignments and projects

●      Capstone projects will be done to provide industrial experience.

LOCATIONS AVAILABLEGurgaon, Bangalore, Noida


Rank# 6. Data Analytics Courses in India


6. LearnBay


LearnBay provides classes in a variety of skill development programs. They are currently based in Bangalore. They provide artificial intelligence, data science, and data analytics courses. We will now learn about the data analytics course provided by them. Their course structure is clear, and they provide an adequate amount of projects and practices for the required course.


The institute’s primary goal is to train graduates with more than six months of experience. They guarantee a substantial income increase upon completion of the course. They even provide 100% and 1:1 interactions and doubt-clearing sessions by industrial experts and guaranteed interview calls.


Elaborate Details About the Data Analysis Courses in India Are Given Below.


ELIGIBILITY●      Working professional having more than 6 months of experience in the Non-Technical Domain

●      Qualification: BE/B.Tech (from any branch), BBA/MBA, MCA/M.Tech, B. Com, B. Sc (in any branch)

MODE OF CLASSHybrid ( Online + Classroom projects in 7+ cities)

(Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore)

FEE STRUCTURE●      76,700 /- (inclusive of taxes)

●      6392/- Monthly

DURATIONWeekday – 5 Months (2 hrs/day)

Weekend – 6.5 Months (3.5 hrs/day)



●      Anaconda

●      Jupyter

●      Git

●      Github

●      Numpy

●      Pandas

●      Matplotlib

●      Seaborn

●      Power BI

●      Spark

●      SQL

●      Hadoop

●      Pyspark

●      Tableau

●      Mango DB

●      Tensor flow

●      AWS

●      Statistics

●      Pytorch’

●      Python

PROJECTS ●      8+ live projects

●      Capstone projects

CERTIFICATIONIBM certified course
PLACEMENTS●      100% placement guarantee

●      5 guaranteed interview calls

 (SWITCH UP – 4.8 / 5)


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Rank# 7. Data Analytics Courses in India


7. Greens Technology


Greens Technology is a Chennai-based institute that provides training for various skill development courses. They provide four different modes of training which include, online, offline, one-to-one, and team or corporate training. They are candidate friendly and provide personal attention through 24/7 career and placement assistance. They guarantee 2 live projects and capstone projects in a reputed organization.


They are located in 8 different locations in Chennai and are available through phone calls and online mode as well. People who live in and around Chennai can visit directly for any inquiry regarding the course details and fee structure. The data analytics courses in India are widespread and this is a budding institute among the other major institutes.


Some Mandatory Information Regarding the Data Analysis Courses in India is Given Below:


ELIGIBILITY●      Individuals from any domain who possess logical thinking about mathematical and analytical skills.

●      People who work on business intelligence tools, data warehousing, and reporting tools.

●      Statisticians, Economists, Mathematicians

●      Software programmers

●      Business analysts

●      Six Sigma Consultants

●      Digital Marketing professionals

●      Freshers from any stream with good analytical and logical skills.


MODE OF CLASSOnline | Classroom | 1:1 | Team or Corporate Training
FEE STRUCTURE15000/- (single payment)
DURATION200+ hours


●      EXCEL

●      SQL

●      No SQL databases

●      Tableau

●      Power BI
Google Analytics

●      ETL Talend

●      Python

●      Machine learning

●      SAS

●      R

PROJECTS ●      2 live projects

●      Capstone projects

CERTIFICATIONProfessional certification
PLACEMENTS24/7 placement assistance will be provided.
LOCATIONS AVAILABLEChennai  – Adayar, OMR, Tambaram, Navalur, Anna nagar, Porur, Perumbakkam
 (GOOGLE – 4.7 / 5)




1. What are the highly paid job roles in data analytics?

Data analysts have the chance of earning 20-25 lakhs per annum, among which 1% of them will earn more than 35-45 lakhs per annum.


2. What is the difference between data science and data analytics?

DATA SCIENCE: It is the method of processing data with relevant algorithms through the use of mathematical and strategic methodologies. Data science provides ways for working with a data set and obtaining the desired result from it.


DATA SCIENTIST: A data scientist’s primary responsibility is to collect data by asking relevant and meaningful questions. A data scientist will acquire various information about the data and guarantee its accuracy before beginning the analytical process. He would also prepare the data for analysis by cleaning it and making it uniform.


DATA ANALYTICS: It is the process of gathering raw data and converting it into relevant insights. This procedure can be carried out using a variety of mathematical tools and algorithms.


DATA ANALYST: A data analyst will work on the raw data provided by the team. The raw data will be collected, cleaned, transformed, and presented at the end. A data analyst plays a major role in taking the company to the next level since the company designs and plans work based on the insights provided by the data analyst. Some of the common tools used by data analysts are Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, SQL, Tableau, R or Python, SAS, Microsoft Power BI, and Jupyter Notebooks.


3. Why is it important to learn data analysis courses in India?

Data is the backbone of every industry right now. Learning to manipulate data will provide a higher job profile with a decent salary. In addition, becoming an expert in the subject of analytics enhances your profession and transforms your lifestyle. Any interested person can enroll in a course that is appropriate for their field and should have expertise in it.


The current nature of any profession is regarded as a continuous learning process; in order to sustain yourself in your domain, it is necessary to acquire relevant skills; in the field of data science and AI, periodic skill gradation is the key to holding a successful career. So learning about data analytics will help you perform better and, eventually, reduce your workload if you master all of the tools.


4. What is the eligibility to apply for data analysis courses in India?

  • Any graduate in the field of engineering
  • Graduates in computer science and mathematics




So, you must be wondering what is the basic information to be known before choosing data analytics courses in India. Each person must be aware of the course brochure and the list of skills they will be offering before enrolling in a course. It is essential to understand what skills are required to be developed. If you are a data analyst, your course should include all of the necessary tools for data analysis.


Many institutes will only provide an overview of a specific tool and list that tool in the brochure as the one that you will master. Before enrolling, contact the representative and schedule a counseling appointment to discuss the course pricing, payments, skills, and tools covered, and, most importantly, the mode of training. Compare the institutes in terms of duration, mode of teaching, and cost.


There are endless opportunities available for data analytics courses in India. It is important to analyze the placement opportunities provided by the institute and should check the possible information beforehand. Apart from placements, another important factor is the project training provided. Any tool you master will require adequate training to sustain real-time working conditions. Capstone projects and industry-based projects create a great impact on the learner before he enters a company with a profile.

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