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Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in India

IT automation has ensnarled every field of life. Technological advances are constantly creeping into our daily routine like paying bills or buying gadgets online. To do so, we have to teach or learn about them before adopting. Technical writing is the answer to all such queries we usually have. This article will help you understand the landscape of technical writing and opt for one of the best technical writing courses in India, especially when you want to build a career as a technical writer. Professional technical writers have become omnipresent in both product and service-based industries and are seamlessly in demand.


Need for Technical Writers


Technical Writing is needed to communicate and convey the logic, idea, observations, suggestions, and instructions related to any technical information in simply readable and written language. Such content is written so that the information is not only understood by the readers but they get additional useful knowledge pertinent to that technical product or service.


The most common technical writing we come across in our day-to-day life is used to be in the form of product manuals, software or hardware installation manuals, user manuals for home utility electronic gadgets, mobile user manuals, etc. It’s mostly used to instruct people about how to do something or to equip them for further usage of a technology-based product or service.


But now technical writing is emerging as an essential part of marketing with online product descriptions or product reviews for e-commerce platforms, as well as in Augmented and Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence related products or services.


Technical Writing is now a budding Industry


Initially, technical writing was referred to as a piece of written information by a technical professional having in-depth knowledge of the technology which he or she is writing about. Presently, technical writing has evolved into a separate domain area comprising all technical documents written to explain complex technical processes simply and easily.


Hence it includes manuals, reports, case studies, executive summaries, user manuals, and a lot more. Technical writing is no more limited to software or hardware technology documents but has evolved as an effective communication platform across various sectors like Manufacturing, Automobile, Finance & Banking, Biotechnology, Aeronautics, IT & ITES, Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Care, Education & Training, etc.


So, technical writing is now an interface providing core technical inputs with written language simply and easily to make it understood by its readers or users. The crux is where ever there is technology involved in any sector there is a need for technical writing and we all admit that now there is no field across industries that can survive without the inclusion of technology.


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Who can become a Technical Writer?


Anyone interested in technical stuff with a flair for writing can become a technical writer. But the pragmatic way to pursue a technical writing career is to have a bachelor’s degree and then take up a technical writing professional course with some industry-driven certification.


Thereafter, start taking small writing assignments initially, so that you can open to taking industry-specific professional technical writing assignments from established clients of your domain area.  A technical writer must possess a good command of written and communicative English with basic IT skills.


So, if you are planning to become a technical writer and still have doubts about its sustainability or longevity, have faith and develop your technical writing skills as the sky is the limit for proficient technical writers not only in India but globally there is no dearth of work. Pick from one of the best technical writing courses in India mentioned below to suit your need and move ahead.


Easy steps to become a Technical Writer


  • Research about technical content writing


This is the stepping stone for technical writing to know what are the facts, figures, and published material already available. It can be done by going through online platforms, interviews, published books, journals, reports, videos, etc. It provides a genuine foundation for getting a better perception of the topic and then conceptualizing it into a technical write-up.


  • Knowing your Audience/Readers before content writing


It’s an extremely important trait to know your reader’s persona before writing anything. It’s a famous saying that you should cut the coat as per cloth and it’s completely applicable here. If you are writing for students its tone is instructional but if you are writing for users its tone is suggestive or informative.


  • Hone your Technical Skills


It’s always good if a person knowing the technology writes about it because the writer needs to work only on writing skills as he/she is aware of the technical aspects of the topic. But if it’s vice versa then you have to develop a basic understanding of the topic through research and might need the help of technical experts to understand and then write about it.


In addition to this, a technical writer always needs to use technical tools available in the market to make his or her writing contemporary.


  • Improvise your Writing Skills


A technical writer in any field must be a good storyteller because then only they will be able to narrate the story about any new information, product, or services for its readers engagingly and interestingly. The writing skills must be comprised of how to tell a nice story, keep the language simple and easy, write grammatically correct and seamless narration, and make the readers one with the thoughts of the writer.


  • Develop Impressive Document Designing Skills


Any technical writer should always try to design a clear and effective document so that the readability of the document is enhanced. A proper and simple document is useful for readers of both print and digital platforms. The appropriate use of various visual elements in any document like font, color, spacing, pictures, and infographics always plays a significant role in making a presentable and attractive design.


An efficient document design helps in not only increases its readability and reach to a larger audience but also conveys its explicit message for the readers to achieve its ultimate goal of being convex.


  • Proficiently using Technical Writing Tools


A technical writer must be adept in using the basic technical writing tools such as a document editor like MsWord, a document design software like Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker, Canva, a grammar and spelling checker like Grammarly, and a plagiarism checker like Duplichecker, Quitext to ensure the originality of a written piece of technical content.


The above skill set can be polished by taking up any one of the following courses in India.


Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in India


1. IIMSkills


IIM Skills is a leading online training platform offering technical writing courses in India. It offers comprehensive technical writing training with both live sessions and internships to upskill its trainees with various aspects indispensable in technical or content writing.


This technical writing course from IIM Skills is well researched and designed in a way that is suitable for professionals to upskill and amateur content writers to develop the technical knowledge that is required to build a career in technical writing. It is based in Delhi, India but offers online courses to access from anywhere.


Due to its modular approach and flexible timings, it perfectly suits working professionals in imparting them technical and content writing skills. The birds-eye-view of its course is as follows:


  • Article & Blog Writing
  • eBook
  • Ad copy
  • Business Listing
  • Business Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Press Release
  • Video Script
  • Brochure
  • Social Media Post
  • Infographics


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

GST Certification Course

Advanced SEO Course


2. Coursera


Coursera is another eminent platform offering online technical writing courses in India. It’s a flexible online technical program with about 20 hours, of course, stretching into 4 modules. These courses are well designed to suit different levels of users like Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced technical writing. The writing skillset offered through their courses helps to enhance in the following areas:


  • Communicative Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and Management
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Computer Networking
  • Marketing
  • Strategy & Operations


The highlight of their courses is Certifications from various University tie-ups and guided projects offered with selected courses.


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3. Udemy


Udemy is one of the best stopovers for industry demand-driven technical writing courses in India. It’s a robust online platform offering thousands of courses for beginners, intermediate, and expert-level technical writers. The course fee ranges from approximately Rs 500 Rs to Rs 15000 as per the course curriculum covered.


It offers apt courses for specific industry-driven technical writing modules like Telecom, Engineering business writing, API documentation, and a lot more at affordable cost.


The course overview is as follows:


  • Technical writing techniques
  • Document Template creation
  • Documentation Plan
  • Components of Technical Documents
  • Using Flowcharts and Infographics
  • Analyzing Trends


In addition to technical writing, they also offer writing courses for the following genre of writers:


  • Screenplay Writers
  • Fiction Writers
  • Software Developers
  • Journalism Writing
  • Academic Writers
  • Teachers and Librarians
  • Artists and Presenters


4. Information Developers Foundation


InfoDev or Information Developers Foundation is an Indian institute of repute in the technical writing domain since 2009. They help in upskilling through their technical writing courses in India with necessary technical document development inputs. The entire course is modular and divided into 25 sessions with certification post-training completion.


The overview of the course curriculum is as follows:


  • Introduction to the Technical Writing industry
  • Why are technical writers are needed?
  • Agile Documentation
  • Copywriting
  • API Writing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Strategy, Writing & Marketing


Anyone with a flair for writing, basic working knowledge of computers and good command of English can take up these courses. You are provided with an opportunity of attending a trial class before taking up their actual course.


5. Knowledge Buffer


K Buffer is an e-Learning expert offering online technical writing courses in India with job-oriented skills to have in-depth knowledge of specific content writing. Their courses are suitable for the following group of writers:


  • Associate and Senior Technical Writers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Engineering graduates
  • Freelance Technical Content Writers


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6. TechnoKraftIndia


It is a futuristic technology training and services platform offering online technical writing courses in India. The key features of their course are as follows:


  • Writing clear, concise, and easy documents
  • Use English effectively
  • Impactful communication skills
  • Competent presentation skills
  • FAQ mode of writing
  • Using proper Visual and design tools in writing
  • Reasoning and Analytical thinking
  • Time management
  • Breaking complex information into simply readable documents.


In addition to individual technical writing courses, they also offer Corporate Technical Writing Training services for developing in-house technical writing capacity by training the technical staff within large technology-based organizations.


7. TechTotal Systems


TechTotal Systems is a group of engineers and technical writers based in Hyderabad, providing technical writing courses in India along with technical writing services for small and large Indian Corporates. They have technical writers and editors from engineering and scientific backgrounds to understand technical aspects of any product or service better from their clients before offering them easy documentation.


They also partner with peer technical writers and domain experts to provide technical writing services in advanced programming languages. The in-house group of scientists can talk to developers directly and understand to write content related to difficult concepts into easy and readable user manuals.


They provide interactive online sessions for technical writing courses in India. Their course also provides free technical mentoring, notes to study, and support from online discussion forums. It’s a multilingual eLearning platform to develop typical technical writer job roles and skillsets.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


8. Symbiosis


Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning offers Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management (PGDTWBM). This course is approved by AICTE and is considered as one of the best professional technical writing courses in India, which can cater to industry demands post-course completion.


A graduate in any discipline can pursue this course for upskilling technical writing skills. The course duration is of 2 years and can be completed in a maximum of 4 years. It spans over four semesters with the following topics covered:


  • Introduction to Technical Communication
  • Information Development Lifecycle
  • Technical Writing Style and Editing
  • English Grammar
  • Technical Communication Software Tools
  • Advance Concepts in Technical Communication
  • Technical Communication Project Management
  • Principles and Practices of Management
  • Business Communication
  • Instructional Design for Business Communication
  • Creative Writing in Business Communication
  • Advance Documentation
  • Research Methodology
  • Project


9. Blue Dots Consultancy


It’s an education consulting, training, and capacity development company providing technical writing courses in India. Based in the Indian Silicon Valley, Bangalore the company is included among the most promising training and services consultancy groups in India.


Industry Partnerships has made more than 2000 students avail of its 15000 hours of training sessions in technical writing with 50 plus live projects. They are also into Staffing solutions and therefore offer better placement support to their trainees.


10. Henry Harvin


It’s a popular online platform offering technical writing courses in India with 32 hours of classroom sessions and the following features:


  • Online Interactive Classroom Training Sessions
  • Live projects to undergo technical writing, documentation, and use of software tools
  • Internship opportunities for practical exposure
  • Technical Writing certification by Henry Harvin
  • Placement support up to a year post-training completion
  • Participation in regular Bootcamps
  • Access to Henry Hackathons


The above-mentioned technical writing courses in India are the best option for any aspiring technical writer to choose as per his or her niche area of writing and hone their technical writing skills. As the courses are mostly online with flexible timing options it becomes easier to opt for any of them.




1. What are some work options for technical Writers?

Technical Writers are increasingly needed across the globe and thus in India as well because of ever-increasing technical and scientific innovations happening across sectors. The advent of artificial intelligence is constantly opening technical writing options in many new sectors like consulting, telecommunication, online education, telemedicine, advertising, and surveillance systems, and the list is endless.


Technical writers in all such domains help to create quality content to appropriately communicate with their audience or clients thus making it a demanding career option for all budding technical writers. So, there is a soaring demand for Technical Writers across all technology-driven industries in India.


2. What is the salary of Technical Writers?

There are no fixed norms for salaries of Technical Writers in India because they are mostly working on freelancing assignments. Therefore, it depends upon the scale of the project and the needs of clients. However, we have a broad idea of the remuneration ranging from INR 2.5 lakhs per annum up to INR 12 lakhs per annum.


It also indicates that the average salary of Indian Technical Writers at the middle level is between 5 to 6 lakhs per annum which is dependent on various external parameters. There are exceptions to the above broad fact as some of the experienced and professional technical writers earn even up to 20 lakhs per annum depending upon the companies they are working with.


So, it’s up to you to make this a second option for income and do it on a part-time basis or opt for it as a fully professional technical writing career, the choice is all yours. In both ways it’s beneficial.


3. Why do a lot of people consider Technical Writing difficult?

Technical Writing from its name creates an impression of any work which is related to technology or high technical skills. So, it seems to be difficult as the first impression for non-technology-based professionals. However, when you dig deep and analyze it, it’s one of the writing domains where we write about technology or technical information into easy and readable content.


4. What are some trends in Technical Writing?

Technical Writing has become a trending industry now and is mostly dominated by good freelance content and technical writers in specific domains. It’s ideal for freelancers to enjoy decent remuneration with freedom of time and place to work.


The emerging trends opening up several opportunities in this space are for writers doing:

  • Technical Writing for Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Technical Writing for Automation and Artificial Intelligence
  • Technical Writing in Cloud-Based languages
  • Technical Writing for Interactive contents
  • Technical Writing for Marketing of products and Services



Any professional career needs an average investment of at least 10 years including 5 years of academics (Graduation and Post-graduation) along with a minimum of 3 to 5 years of working experience for making a professional profile and earning decently. Whereas technical writing is one of the fields in which you can become a professional technical writer in only 2 to 5 years depending upon your capacity and hard work.

There is no specific educational background required to enter into this field as your career. Any graduate with a flair for writing and basic knowledge of English and Computers can upskill themself by enrolling in any of the above technical writing courses in India. After completing the course and getting some industry certification you are good to go. You must begin with some free or paid internship, followed by taking up freelance writing assignments to build your portfolio and fly.

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